I Ching Hexagram 51 – Discover the meaning and interpretation of Hexagram 51 Zhen (Shocking) from the I Ching Book of Changes. I Ching Reference: Hexagram # The I Ching symbol meaning ‘A Jolt’. Just as a clap of thunder brings a jolt to the sky, this hexagram signifies the imminence. Malka brought up something I had never thought would bode well for love thangs , and that's hex I was shocked pun intended &#

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There is no misplacement of the ladle or sacrificial wine. We have an obstruction in our thinking.

Changes to 54 Propriety. If those movements excite her to right action, there will be no mistake.

Love Interpretation of I-Ching Hexagram #51 –

This turns the shock of inner enlightenment into awareness of the patterns that mark real ends and beginnings. This is a time to accept life without any hesitations.

Although a pitfall, without fault. Thunder comes — dangerous.

I Ching, the Book of Changes – Yi Jing I.

hexagramx This dynamic process is expressed as thunder, the spark of yang born in the breast of yin, the thunder rituals and incantations that inspire both terror and joy. Shake comes and goes. Something important is returning now.


Il semble effectivement qu’il le faille, mais avec prudence This field should be left blank. Like children laughing in enthusiastic fear on a roller coaster ride, the amusement park is coming to you. Forum Friends’ Area Archives Being in love and Circle of Meanings A disturbing and fertilizing shock; thunder, earthquake, male sexual 511 arouse, inspire, wake up, shake up, stir up, quicken; break through the shell, come out of the bud, the return of life in early spring.

Harding — Psychic Energy. Do not focus on expressing your own great idea now What is said on line one is little more than a repetition of the principal part of the Judgment. Fear is followed by relief. The time now is If she takes action, there will be evil.

51 Shake/Groundbreaker ZHEN

Changes to 17 Following. You are immobilized by ignorance and lack of clarity. But even a nimble mind can become mired in muddled or jarring circumstances.

The first sentence implies that danger threatens our activities. If he withdraws from the affair in time, he remains free of mistakes and injury. Movement within the mind depends for its success partly on circumstances. Peace, love and understanding, Val. All content copyright iFate. Thunder is so slow; thunder moves without inspection. This is called the Double Injury and of those who sustain it, none live out their natural span.


Something shocking or reinvigorating is in the air. The critical factor is the ability to make yourself immune to fear, enabling you to transform anxiety into laser-sharp perception.

Thunder comes — ho ho! When startling events are at their peak, clarity of vision and perspective can be lost. In such instances there hexarama often an element of wry humor in the situation — usually at the ego’s expense.

Make necessary changes to agreements. Tranquility in disturbance means perfection. Wake up, shake things up, break through the shell.

Nature is a Teacher.