I wanted to take my first step and learn the kana. Kana are the two syllable based Japanese writing systems, the hiragana and the katakana. I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but I’m new to the sub. Has anyone used this booklet before? Is it effective? I’m currently using memrise. I was thinking of waiting till after Kanji to do Kana but I was thinking it might be better to But I don’t know Heisig-sensei’s kana books at all.

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If it wasn’t for tones I’d be doing Chinese, if it wasn’t for sizable numbers of letters that in English kqna just alike and a script which is both complex and lacks memory games to help I’d be doing Hindi. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Description Following on the phenomenal success of “”Remembering the Kanji””, the author has prepared a hejsig volume for learning the Hiragana and Katakana syllabaries of modern Japanese.

It feels kind of surreal. Views Read Edit View history. If you don’t like those mnemonics I listed, Tofugu made their own as well.

Remembering the Kana

Kana really aren’t a big thing and there are a ton of free worksheets and things online. Romaji is an entirely unnecessary crutch that should be avoided. It’d make sense to me to start studying the Kana and practice reading and writing simple words and sentences now, heisjg that when you finish RTK, the Kana will be in your long term memory. Sep 19, oxana added it Shelves: The book has heieig been sent along with a copy of English Grammar for students of Japanese. Heisig, I look forward to devouring your Remembering the Kanji books.

So too late for that. Books by James W. If you’re learning Lana, I’d highly recommend. I’d assume the same would apply for Kana. It was first published inwith the sixth edition of the book released in Jan 02, dk rated it it was amazing Shelves: Play some Japanese games and make out a bunch of imported words?


For the first 3 lessons there aren’t any useful mnemonics and that’s about half of the syllabary. Nov 16, Nikolaus Trixner rated it liked it. Paperbackpages.

Japanese Journey

It’s something like “well, we had something like this, if you remember that, you’ll remember this. Thusly I cannot comment whether Heisig’s method is effective of not and heiaig the mnemonics work, or if you’d be better off making your own when needed, and learning the rest by good ol’ repetition.

Each kanji and each non-kanji primitive is assigned a unique keyword. The latter is the Japanese name for our western alphabet. However, it is and admits to beingjust a first step that can and must be improved on by the repeated application, which will eventually tend itself towards brute force to achieve the speed to both read and write in a normal capacity. I’m really amazed by this book, and am looking forward to my work in Remember the Kanji.

I ordered the book on January 1st and had it in my hands a couple of days later. There’s a good chance that you’re in the minority by learning Kanji first and then moving on to Kana. Using the same basic self-taught method devised for learning the kanji, and in collaboration with Helmut Morsbach and Kazue Kurebayashi, the author breaks the shapes of the two syllabaries into their heidig parts and draws on what he calls “”imaginative memory”” to aid the student in reassembling them into images that fix the sound of each particular kana to its writing.

The book has two parts, the first is about the hiragana, the second about the katakana. All RTK and no heisg else make a Dudeist go something something. The additional kanji has been included in response to the changes to the “general use” kanji list in December Excited to read the Kanji companion from Heisig, which made this book recommended.


I have nothing to read. I would caution against learning katakana and hiragana in parallel kxna each other however as they are easy to get confused with each other. This volume was co-authored by Tanya Sienko. Great book and great methods.

But I can conceive the possibility that this could create some friction. This article heisjg content heisiig is written like an advertisement. If heusig, You’re hesig better off just using your own image associations for learning. Kanji are adopted Chinese characters, of which about 2, are necessary in order to be able to read a Japanese newspaper.

Book ratings by Goodreads. To my unpractised eye and I admit I have never tried the Heisig method so I may be missing something hereit seems that, however surreal it may seem, if you are going to learn the kanji before starting Japanese, then Dudeist-san’s approach is in fact the rational one. The method requires the student to invent their own stories to associate the keyword meaning with the written form.

Sep 28, Jayson Virissimo rated it really liked it. If you are struggling learning the kana or have the feeling that your method is not as effective as it could be, maybe the book is a good fit for you too.

The only reason I didn’t vote it as low as possible is because it did help me learn a few of the characters. Learn kana, both hiragana and katakana.

It can be read from either side and has a shared middle part.