Mitsubishi HC projector specs, projector reviews and current street prices. Mitsubishi HC Review HIGHLY RECOMMENDED User Manual. The best in true p ( x ) home theatre projectors just keeps getting better. Our HC(BL) LCD projector brings you more performance than ever. HumidiClean Series HC offers native MODBUS .. Note: For all Series HC- units: Please contact factory for duct Manual Stop for quick shut down.

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Page 11 Setting up your projector continued Adjusting the projection angle This projector is provided with two feet for adjusting the projection angle on the bottom surface.

Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. Use two size-AA batteries R6P. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Connecting the projector to a computer Preparation: The pump stays on while the water is between the sensors 5. View the Installation Instructions for more information. Plug the power cord into the wall outlet. Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable. If the lamp has deteriorated, it may go out after a while it illuminates.

This is not a malfunction. Page 42 Troubleshooting continued Images are not displayed correctly. Viewing computer images A. Preparing your projector Checking accessories The following accessories are provided with this projector.


This makes the Hi-Lo Pump Switch many times more reliable than float switches and, because it’s electronic, it has features that just aren’t available in mechanical switches, such as the alarms that are described below. Attach the lamp cover on the bottom.

It may burn out or its brightness may decrease during use. No image appears on the screen. Be sure to replace the lamp with a new lamp sold separately that is exclusive to this projector.

Preparing your projector, 23 checking accessories – MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC HC6000 User Manual

Setting up your projector continued Important: How the Hi-Lo Pump Switch Works The setting of the sensors determine when the control module turns the pump on, and when it turns it off.

It may take about one minute for the lamp to light up. No image appears on the screen. Menu operation continued 3. The hc600 offer solutions to possible problems. Page 41 Troubleshooting continued No image appears on the screen.

Page 23 Viewing computer images continued C. Advanced Features Advanced features Password function To cancel the password function: Viewing video images A. If any objects are blocking the air inlet or outlet grille, remove them.

Mitsubishi Electric HC Manuals

Used for projector control by computer. Pump can’t keep up with water coming in Discharge plumbing blocked Debris on sensor. The pump is turned off when the water drops below the lower sensor back to top Alarms and Indicators The Hi-Lo Pump Switch has a number of built in alarms that warn of problems with the pump or gc6000 plumbing.


It figures that out automatically so the operation of the pump is always correct. Replace the two batteries with new ones when the remote control is slow to respond. Replace the lamp in this case. When the water is below both sensors, the pump is off 2.

Please read it before using your projector. Otherwise, Rear of projector Front of projector the hv6000 control may malfunction.

The pump is turned off when the water drops below the lower sensor. Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable.

Troubleshooting, En | MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC HC User Manual | Page 40 / 47

Wait at least 10 minutes. However, some video signals may not be projected, mnual on the type of the computer. If this condition exists for more than 30 seconds the high-level alarm will be sounded.