Grinding wheels for stainless steel.

Tips on the choice of material for hard abrasive tools

The choice of grinding wheel material depends on the tasks to be performed, the processed material and its hardness, the equipment used. Most often for the production of abrasive wheels are used the following abrasive materials:

Electrocorundum normal (12A16A) is widely used for the production of abrasive tools, grinding abrasives with different types of binder, pastes. Fields of application: processing of materials with high tensile strength, roughing steel castings, rolled products, high-strength irons, semi-finishing machining of carbon and alloy steels, bronze, nickel and aluminum alloys. Also, such a tool shows excellent results in processing glass, leather, wood.

Silicon carbide black (53C55C) Its hardness is second only to diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN). Widely used in abrasive blasting in processes such as grinding, honing, water-jet cutting and sandblasting. Designed for: handling hard, brittle and very viscous materials, hard alloys, gray and bleached cast iron, bronze and brass castings, copper, non-metallic materials (minerals, glass, leather, faora, etc.), etc.).

Green silicon carbide (63C64C) differs slightly in its composition and properties from black silicon carbide. Green silicon carbide has a higher hardness and lower density than black silicon carbide. Has the following properties: refractory, high resistance to fire, high cutting ability. Applications: working of hard materials with low fracture strength (cast iron, bronze, brass, hard alloys, glass, gemstones, marble, granite, faure) and very ductile materials (heat-resistant steels, copper, aluminium and alloys based on these materials). Freely used in processing brittle materials such as quartz, ceramics, optical and plain glass, etc.д.

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Synthetic diamond is used for production of diamond grinding wheels, used for sharpening and finishing of hard-alloy tools, processing of hard alloys, glass, ceramics, wood. Suitable for dressing of grinding wheels made of other abrasive materials. Applications: grinding and finishing of hard and brittle materials and alloys (cast iron, tungsten carbide, ceramic, silicon, glass). Finishing grinding, sharpening and finishing of carbide cutting tools.

Cubic boron nitride (CBN, CBN, borazon, elbor, etc.).) is a cubic modification of boron nitride. Approximated to diamond in hardness, but considerably exceeds it in heat resistance. Area of application: grinding and finishing of hard-to-machine steels and alloys; finishing grinding, sharpening and finishing of tools from high-speed steels; finishing and finish grinding of high-precision workpieces of heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant and high-alloy constructional steels; finishing and finish grinding of machine guides, propellers, whose processing is difficult due to large thermal deformations by conventional abrasive tools. The main advantage of cubic boron nitride over diamond is its inertness towards iron and other chemical elements found in steel. Due to this fact, unlike diamond, it is not subject to intensive adhesive wear when machining steels.

Ceramic bond. suitable for most types of grinding, cutting and cutting of narrow grooves, flat grinding with segmented discs and grinding grooves of ball bearing rings. As a result of their brittle nature, they are not suitable for rough grinding because of the shock loading they impose on the workpiece.

Bakelite bond. for roughing work performed by hand and on overhead machines; flat grinding with wheel face; high speed and power grinding, cutting and slotting; sharpening of cutting tools; grinding of intermittent surfaces; finishing grinding of cylinders, cams and rollers; thread grinding; honing.

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Vulcanite bonding. for surface finishing, centerless grinding (mainly master discs), finishing grinding and polishing with flexible discs, diamond stones for finish honing.

grinding, wheels, stainless, steel

Polyvinyl formal bond. for grinding and polishing, precise and delicate material removal from metal, stainless steel, glass, wood and plastic. Flexible wheel material allows you to work on narrow and curved surfaces.

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grinding, wheels, stainless, steel

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