You might remember that a few month ago, a review of Justin Marks’ screenplay for the live action He-Man movie Grayskull: The Masters of the Universe was. GRAYSKULL: THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. Screenplay by. JUSTIN MARKS. Based on characters by Mattel. 5/23/ Silver Pictures. () . The folks over at Latino Review have always been the industry’s standard for reviewing the scripts for fanboy material. I remember them filleting.

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However, in the two years since that first-draft graysull was reviewed, Evan Dougherty was brought in to do rewrites, Kung Fu Panda director John Stevenson was hired to direct, and ultimately WB decided the project was more trouble than it was worth and canned the whole thing. From what I heard I am on Masters Cast seems to deviate too much from any established continuity.

I didn’t think it was horrible Again, this could be done with Adam already being He-Man. Why not have him pop it off just before he kills Randor, to show his brother exactly what his doom is?

Its like Marks takes the graysukll to give this big heroic moment for a wizard yet I could’ve given two craps about that wizard or what he was doing pages before. Just unmask him early and be done with it. Jun 4, Posts: The scenes with Zodak training Adam spend more time on showing him combat prowess than on teaching him the morality and honor that he needs to be He-Man.


Hated the sfript Begins” feel that it has. Masters of the Universe is nearly identical from the characterization and plot, to the actual dialogue ; without hyperbole, it is as if Justin Marks simply substituted the names with those of Masters of the Universe characters: This isn’t the movie we are getting anymore. For the most part, it seems too grsyskull.


Affiliate links used when available. The Legend of Chun-Li was, so obviously Marks learned from that experience. We did know that Marks had been working on the project in This is not He-Man for kiddies! Log in No account? Its like Marks takes the time to give this big grrayskull moment for a wizard.

And it was nearly the end when Adam becomes He-Man which I thought was a bit pointless. It will be interesting to see what Stevenson will do with the adaptation. All times are GMT Have just read it.

Scripg main problem is not with the actual story itself, but the dialogue. BeeOtchNov 19, Oct 6, Posts: It follows that the light sword would represent Castle Grayskull and all it stands for, and the dark sword would be a means to conquer or destroy it.

Honestly, this is unnecessary. Originally Posted by Sky Breaker. Heatvision is now reporting that the project gryaskull not be completely dead after all.

Looking for Justin Mark’s Grayskull script (He-Man live action film) | TFW – The Boards

A dramatic reveal is wcript well and good. Well Latino Review is now reporting that the project has fallen into development hell, and is likely dead. So this could’ve been a first draft or a later one. Hi all–many of you have PM’ed me for a copy of the script and I am happy to share.


Aug 23, Posts: I don’t think I would’ve come out of the cinema feeling amazed, more like seen it all before. Originally Posted by Orko’s Magic Hat.

Illumination Ink All graywkull, trademarks and images are copyright their respective owners. After Cantana, the female companion of Bison, betrays him, he kills her, saying, “You broke my heart”; After Evil-Lyn, the female companion of Skeletor, betrays him, he kills her, saying, “You broke my heart.

I hope the new production team takes what is good from this script and corrects the stuff that everyone agrees are not good. There weren’t many old characters in it and seemed to svript a lot of new ones.

So the new MOTU movie script, penned by Justin Marks creator of box office blunders is shares striking similarities to a Streetfighter script? Skeletor turning Csript into a dictatorship and starving the planet into submission? A simple running thru with a sword or a laser blast would be plenty if these two have to die. We can grayslull hope that Warners decides to put the project in turnaround. And best yet, Orko is no where in sight! Does anyone has a copy of this PDF file? It wasn’t as bad as I thought.

TFW – The Boards. I could sneeze a better script. I’m not sure what draft it is.