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best electric trimmers

Grass trimmers are used in hard-to-reach places where wheeled lawnmowers are difficult to move: in small meadows and lawns with complex landscapes, in gardens around trees, bushes, near fences and hedges, etc. д. Our ranking of the best electric grass trimmers that are popular with gardeners and have earned positive reviews from experts and buyers.

When buying an electric grass trimmer, choosing the best model is determined by your goals:

  • Electric grass trimmer up to 600 watts is good for mowing soft grass. For mowing dense weeds, choose a model under 1000 watts. For young growth and thin shrub branches, an electric grass trimmer with more than 1 kW power is the best choice.
  • Low-power electric mowers with an electric wire tend to be lightweight. Cordless models don’t have a long, tangled electrical cord, but immediately add weight and price.
  • Rotation from the engine to the cutting head in powerful trimmers can be transmitted through a rigid shaft (these are grass trimmers with a straight boom) or a flexible shaft (devices with a curved boom). Models with a rigid shaft are considered more reliable, with the flexible shaft less vibration is transmitted to the hands when working.
  • Cutting tool type of an electric grass trimmer: line, blade. Mowing heads with light fishing line are suitable for cutting grass in hard to reach places: fences, trees, walls, etc.д. The multi-blade circular blade is effective for tall grass with stiff stems, small bushes.
  • The diameter of the line used is indicated on the data sheet and corresponds to the power of the grass trimmer. Cable 1,2-1,6 mm is for permanent lawn care, 2-2,5 mm for occasional mowing, good for tougher grass.
  • D-shaped handle is convenient when cutting grass in hard-to-reach places, such a handle is typical for low-power devices. The J-shaped handle is designed for a comfortable grip when mowing tough stems and tall grass.
  • For compact storage and transportation choose an electric grass trimmer with telescopic or collapsible boom.

best electric trimmers

Many owners of private houses and dachas take care of the garden plot. When the grass begins to grow actively, there is a need for special equipment. Modern market offers a choice of lawn mowers, lawn trimmers, electric trimmers for grass. The latter are favorably priced, that’s why they are still in steady demand. Electric grass trimmers are especially effective in small areas, where it is not difficult to pull an extension cord. But difficulties also arise at the stage of purchase. The range of electric tools is very diverse, so a few tips from the experts are relevant and appropriate. What parameters you should pay the closest attention to?

  • First of all, you need to determine the capacity. It depends on the power and speed of the motor. For well-groomed areas where you have to mow the growing grass, power up to 1 000 watts will be enough. Chasing high performance is not worth it for another reason. The stronger the motor, the greater the weight of the grass trimmer.
  • Price and usability are affected by the location of the motor. Cheap low-power models have bottom-mounted electric motor. But such a design has serious disadvantages, such as clogging with grass and poor cooling.
  • For models with a top-mounted engine, the necessary equipment will be shoulder straps. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers complete grass trimmers with these accessories.
  • Electric grass trimmers differ in the shape of the handle. Lightweight machines are equipped with D-holders that give the trimmer maneuverability. And more powerful units are controlled by a handle in the form of a bicycle handlebar.

Our pick of the best electric grass trimmers. The following criteria were taken into account in the rating:


It is a professional lawn mower. the STIHL FS is powerful enough to manage areas of up to 30 acres. The four-stroke engine quickly tackles young growth, tough grasses and even long-standing growth. Easy cold start thanks to its simplified start function. And it does so with low exhaust emissions and consumes less fuel.

With this gasoline grass trimmer you can work in the same mode as a conventional mower (without stopping), but many times more effective. The long drill bar covers a large area, the vibration damping system puts less strain on your hands, and the wide, soft shoulder straps make it possible to feel virtually no weight during use. Unlike the classic lawnmower, this equipment with a 4-stroke engine is more maneuverable, functional and economical.

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best electric trimmers. Rating 2021

Lawn care requires constant attention, because the beautiful and well-groomed appearance of the outdoor area largely depends on the state of the vegetation on the site. To lawn grass always pleased the eyes of residents and guests of the country house should be regularly “trimmed”: an ordinary grass trimmer for this purpose is not suitable, and gasoline grass trimmers have a number of disadvantages. Currently the leader among the gardening equipment for the care of the lawn is an electric trimmer for the grass, which has certain design features and functionality that allows you to quickly and easily carry out all the necessary care of the lawn. Electric grass trimmer can be used not only for lawn care, but also for making hay for farm animals, weeding the garden and removing unwanted vegetation in the garden.

Best cheap electric grass trimmers for country houses
1 place Bosch EasyGrassCut 23 (0.600.8C1.H00) 9,4 Lightest trimmer for grass. 1.9 kg 2480 р.
2nd site Huter GET-1000S 9,2 Intelligent design 3790 р.
3 place PATRIOT PT 500 8,7 Good price 2990 р.
Best electric trimmers for grass price-quality
1 place Makita UR3501 9,8 Customers’ choice 6350 р.
2nd place Bosch AFS 23-37 (0.600.8A9.020) 9,3 Quality construction 8240 р.
3 place Huter GET-1500SL 9,1 Mowing width. 42 cm 5090 р.
The best powerful electric trimmers for the grass
1 seat STIHL FSE 71 9,7 High reliability 9990 р.
2 place Denzel TE-1200 (96611) 9,5 Small weight and dimensions 5650 р.
3rd place DAEWOO Power Products DATR 1250E 8,8 Good price-performance ratio 4745 р.
Best cordless electric trimmers for grass
1 position Makita DUR364LZ 9,3 Reliable manufacturer 10200 р.
2 place Bosch EasyGrassCut 18-26 (0.600.8C1.C00) 9,0 Ergonomic handle 8470 р.
#3 STIHL FSA 45 8,8 Battery charge indicator 9990 р.

Petrol or battery-powered. which grass trimmer is best??

Cordless models have a number of advantages over gasoline models:

  • No unpleasant smell of exhaust;
  • low weight;
  • Good value in small spaces;
  • does not require refuelling;
  • The ability to replace batteries to keep it running for a long time;
  • convenience when used by women and teenagers, t.к. No need to use foul-smelling gasoline and dilute it in the right proportion with oil.

Top 12 cordless grass trimmers ranking

LocationModel Price
Top 7 cordless grass trimmers for value for money
#1 Makita DUR181RF See price
#2 Bosch EasyGrassCut 18-26 (0.600.8C1.C00) Check price
#3 Makita DUR181Z Find out the price
#4 Bosch EasyGrassCut 18-230 (0.600.8C1.A00) Not up to date price
#5 Greenworks 1301507 G-MAX 40V GD40BC Learn the price
#6 Worx WG163E.2 Check out the price
#7 Husqvarna 115iL (967 09 88-01) Learn the price
Top 5 inexpensive cordless grass trimmers
#1 AL-KO 113330 GT 36 See price
#2 Bosch EasyGrassCut 18 (0.600.8C1.C01) Learn the price
#3 Huter GET-18-2Li You can see the price
#4 Greenworks 2101507 GD40LT30 Learn the price
#5 GARDENA EasyCut Li-18/23R without battery You can find out the price

The following budget devices can not boast a high power, but they are lightweight, compact and mobile. It’s the best option for a small area.

Rating and review of low-priced models.

Bosch EasyGrassCut 26 (0.600.8C1.J00)

Model Bosch EasyGrassCut 26 (0.600.8C1.J00), equipped with a 280-watt electric motor located on the bottom.

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Great choice for users who need to mow grass in a small area.

grass, trimmers, electric, review

Gearbox is equipped with a D-shaped crank, traditional for this type of tool.

Handle optional folding, straight boom type.

the electric grass trimmer has a cutting width of 26 cm, the use of a fishing line with a maximum diameter of 1.6 mm is allowed.

Securely protected by robust blade guard for operator’s safety. Presented grass trimmer stands out for its low weight and attractive appearance.

Technical specifications:

  • version. with a bottom-mounted engine;
  • 12500 rpm./min;
  • The noise level is 95 dB;
  • maximum power. 280 watts;
  • design. handle with adjustable height, straight boom, D-shaped handle;
  • Additional cord included in the kit;
  • weight. 1.9 kg.

Bosch EasyGrassCut 23 (0.600.8C1.H00)

Bosch EasyGrassCut 23 (0).600.8C1.With the 250 Watt handheld tool H00) you can turn unkempt plants near your home into a well-tended lawn or clear an overgrown garden in a small countryside.

This unit accepts a 1.6-mm line.

Working width for mowing is 230 mm. The electric motor is located on the bottom of the device; the motor reaches up to 12,500 rpm at idle speed.

Grass trimmer’s folding handle has the most popular D-shape for this type of equipment.

Special safety clamp prevents the grass from being thrown in different directions.

The device weighs less than two kilograms, so it is easy to work with it on the site for a user of any build.


  • Bottom-mounted design;
  • rotation speed. 12500 rpm./min;
  • Noise level. 95 dB;
  • The maximum power is 280 watts;
  • Folding handle, straight boom, D-handle;
  • with vibration-reduction system and filament set;
  • weight. 1,9 kg.

GARDENA EasyCut 450/25 (9870-20)

The light and compact GARDENA Electric Lawn Trimmer EasyCut 450/25 (9870-20) is ideal for cutting lawns and lawns in private gardens and country houses.

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With the adjustable telescopic handle, the Grass Trimmer can be adjusted to the individual physical shape of the operator.

Additional handle provides even more ergonomic use of the unit.

The line reel can be quickly and easily adjusted to the desired angle of working position.

With fixed settings the blade can be angled at 0/10/60 degrees.

Removable guard helps to protect flowers and bushes from damage during mowing.

Technical features:

  • version. with the bottom-mounted motor;
  • rotation speed. 11800 rpm./min;
  • noise level. 95 dB;
  • The maximum power is 450 watts;
  • Designed for: folding handle with adjustable height, straight boom, D-shaped handle;
  • additional cord included;
  • weight. 2,5 kg.

Denzel TE-650

Budget device Denzel TE-650 with 650-watt electric motor.

Has the perfect balance of great features and excellent ergonomics, making it ideal for cottage use.

High cutting element speed allows to cut any vegetation effectively on open countryside and hard-to-reach places.

The diameter of the tooling in this model is 1.3 mm. Equipped with automatic line feed system, it makes easy to install the latter in the trimmer head.

Telescopic handle is height-adjustable, boom tilt can be changed in relation to the engine.

Standard D-handle for extra comfort.

Technical specifications:

  • design. with bottom-mounted motor;
  • rotation speed. 9000 rpm./min;
  • noise level. 95 dB;
  • maximum power. 650 W;
  • design. folding handle with adjustable height, straight boom, D-shaped handle;
  • additional. a fishing line in the kit;
  • weight. 3,45 kg.

TOP 21 best trimmers for the grass: rating 2021-2022 years and what trimmer for the grass is better to buy for dacha

grass trimmer is the collective name of the devices, which are designed for mowing weeds, dry flowers, trimming lawns and removing all vegetation that prevents the normal growth of the crop.

Choosing this unit, you should consider its weight and dimensions, power, engine type, mowing mechanism and many other technical parameters determine how well the unit will perform its work.

We’ve studied user reviews online and ranked powerful and reliable grass trimmers for 2021-2022.

With a machine like this, you can quickly mow your lawn, mow around fences, and even remove young trees. It does not occupy much space, unlike lawnmowers, has an affordable price and ease of operation. Selected electric trimmers for grass in the list were selected on the basis of price-quality ratio and by

Interskol MKE-20/300

Lightweight and maneuverable model of electric grass trimmer, weighing less than 2 kg, so even women can use it. The convenient structure of the rotating mechanism allows you to cut the grass even in hard-to-reach places. between bushes, in the flower bed or on the fence edge. The area covered by the line is 26 cm. The motor is located at the bottom of the grass trimmer.

D-shaped handle rests comfortably in your hand, allowing you to maneuver between tree trunks in the garden. Safety guard prevents stones or small sharp objects from touching your shoes. Wear rubber boots and safety glasses for added protection.

  • Lightweight design ensures hands and shoulders don’t get tired.
  • Not noisy.
  • Low price.
  • Long boom, fits any height.

Hammer ETR300

Inexpensive electric grass trimmer with low weight and comfortable design. You will quickly bring your lawn to well-groomed look with this device. Light weight and straight boom design, make this trimmer easy to maneuver. You can easily remove weeds from your flowerbeds, trim the grass around fences and tree trunks. Mowing width of 20 cm.

The device is equipped with a hood that protects against grass, small rocks and soil. With the bottom-mounted motor it is not recommended to mow wet grass.

Huter GET-600

Handy grass trimmer for keeping the grass in the garden tidy. Thanks to the low weight and functional design, the device can handle both men and women. With 600 watts of power, it is powerful enough to mow smaller lawns or trim more fruit-bearing bushes and trees. The Grass Trimmer cuts up to 32 cm at a time.

D-handle makes mowing more maneuverable, and there’s an auxiliary handle for even more comfort. Synthetic line can be changed in no time thanks to a simple and intuitive mechanism. Features a rust-resistant plastic guard to prevent stones, rusty nails and other potential debris from getting caught.

  • Folding, ergonomic handle with adjustment.
  • Locked against accidental start-up.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Light and compact.


Powerful electric top mounted grass trimmer for fast mowing over large areas. Used for thorough mowing and keeping up a well groomed appearance. The length of the shoulder straps can be adjusted to suit your needs.

The trimmer mows between bushes, under tree trunks, around fences and in hard-to-reach places. Easy to change the line and keep on working. The device is equipped with a safety staple, which reduces the area of the grass to be thrown.

  • Powerful engine (1400 W) enables you to mow all kinds of weeds.
  • Comfortable, ergonomic handles.
  • Good quality materials and workmanship.
  • Can be mowed with a knife (included).


Handy cordless grass trimmer for use in the grass, so you don’t have to be tied to a power socket. Takes about an hour to charge, enough on average for 30 minutes. Good balance enables you to clean up grass growth quickly and accurately. Light enough to work not only a man but also a woman.

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Easy to assemble, easy to operate. Easy telescopic movement, D-shaped handle is adjustable. Due to its high maneuverability, this trimmer mows easily around tree trunks, in hollows and between bushes. Large plastic clip protects you from grass clippings, small rocks and other hazards. Tight foot wear and safety glasses are recommended when working.

  • Working from the battery, no need for wires.
  • Lawn mower mode.
  • Easy and straightforward assembly.
  • Light weight, can be handled by anyone.

Denzel 96612 TE-1400

Modern electric grass trimmer, which will be an indispensable assistant in the care of the lawn. Ergonomic design allows long hours of work without fatigue. Comes with shoulder straps that can be adjusted to individual parameters. Handle like a bicycle handlebar for comfortable mowing.

Large diameter of the line enables large areas of lawn to be mowed in the shortest possible time. Top-mounted motor prevents rapid failure, as there is no mechanical damage.

  • High power (1400 watts).
  • Conveniently located handles, allowing you to work for a long time.
  • Manufacturer gives 3 years warranty.
  • You can mow with a knife or fishing line.

Makita UR3502

Portable electric trimmer model on a straight leg. Equipped with a powerful 1000W motor that can quickly mow lawns and tidy up your garden. The grass trimmer mows a strip of 35 cm at a time. Ergonomic D-handle gives easy maneuverability.

Also, thanks to the power of the engine and the cutting part speed, the grass trimmer copes with dry and tall grass. Robust plastic cover protects you. The device is quite lightweight (4 kg).9kg), you can work for a long time without feeling tired.

Best String Trimmer EVER Tested. 2021 [ NEW EGO POWERLOAD ]

grass, trimmers, electric, review
  • High power allows for cutting dry wood and large grass.
  • Good protective cover.
  • Can be mowed with a knife (not included).
  • Grass does not get wound up on the roller.
grass, trimmers, electric, review

Bosch AFS 23-37 (0).600.8A9.020)

By. it’s one of the best electric trimmers in terms of price-performance ratio. The ingenious ergonomic design allows you to work for extended periods without straining your back or shoulders. The straight boom has an adjustable D-handle. You can adjust the device to your needs. The trimmer is easy to operate, thanks to its low weight and handy cutting part design. Mow around fences, curbs and bushes with ease.

Powerful motor (950 watts) cuts not only low grass, but also dead wood. Line and blade changes are simple thanks to the simple design. The motor is located on the top, ensuring a long service life. The protective cover is made of thick plastic.

  • RPM motor with good performance.
  • Blades and a thick fishing line (3.5 mm).
  • Good build quality.
  • Mow hard-to-reach places with ease.

Champion TB360

Convenient cordless grass trimmer so you don’t have to worry about cords when you mow. One charge lasts for one hour of continuous use. Plenty of time to get your garden looking neat and tidy. The straight boom has an ergonomically formed ‘D’ handle which gives it great manoeuvrability.

Safety guard protects against grass, dirt or sharp objects. Wear protection for feet, hands and eyes when working.

  • No wires, no need to be tied to a power outlet.
  • Light weight (2.3 kg).
  • Convenient to mow in hard-to-reach places.
  • Battery lasts for up to an hour of use.

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Great electric grass trimmer that makes it easy to get your lawn looking neat. European quality ensures a long service life. Lightweight and easy to use, it does not take up much space when stored. Makes light work of tall grass, cuts quickly and easily when you need to keep your lawn looking tidy. Can be mowed with a fishing line or replaced with cutting blades.

Ergonomic D-handle gives easy maneuverability. Mows grass around fences, curbs and hard-to-reach places with pinpoint accuracy.


Kruger Electric Grass Trimmer is comfortable to use. Maneuverable model of the German brand with a reinforced and durable body. It can treat areas with an impressive area of up to 10 acres. Additional lines, blades, knives, cable lengths, etc., are included with the tool. ч. and the pobedite blade, which not only mow grass, but also shrubs or young trees.

Users can adjust the height of the handle. Vibrations are low, so you can work with the machine for a long time.

  • Shoulder strap that evenly distributes the load.
  • Increased power to handle larger areas.
  • Good mowing width. up to 380 mm.
  • Practically no operating noise.

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