Grass trimmer Huter how to start. Why don’t the lawnmower start?

What you need to know before using a new lawnmower

The question of how to start the trimmer for grass, if the grass trimmer does not start or start badly arises, if the engine gasoline trimmer for grass is worn, unregulated or when, because of violations of the sequence of operations when starting the engine into the combustion chamber got a lot of fuel (when the engine is “sucked”). To help the engine start, a little fuel can be poured into the cylinder through the spark plug hole. It is best to use a special starting fluid, but you can also use regular fuel from the tank of a starting grass trimmer or lawnmower.

Check the gearbox before starting a gasoline trimmer for grass should create a permanent basis. Lack of lubricant or too little lubricant increases friction in the pinion gear running at relatively high speeds. The gears will overheat as a result. Gearbox of brushcutter fails. To prevent the appearance of such a breakdown in the process of use and helps constant inspection.

If it is detected before starting the gasoline grass trimmer, lack of lubricant in the gearbox, or its absence in the housing is laid “LITOL”. To do this, you need to unscrew the screw on the curve of the gear housing and fill it with 1-2 ml of LITOL.

Working with a gasoline trimmer for a long time, every 8-10 hours, add grease to the gearbox boom.

Gasoline grass trimmer Huter GGT-2500S. Model parameters

This professional Huter hedge trimmer is one of the most powerful garden tools of the German manufacturer. The model successfully combines high quality construction, maximum endurance, which at a fairly modest fuel consumption allows you to use it for the care of large garden areas.

Hedgetrimmer is based on a gasoline one-cylinder internal combustion engine with a working volume of the cylinder 51.7 cm3. The increased stroke capacity of the standard forged piston greatly increases the torque reserve, which makes the grass trimmer a reliable helper in the fight against many large weeds.

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Factory versions of this professional mower include:

  • Built-in motor power. 3,3 л. Inclusion. At 9,500 rpm;
  • Fuel tank. 0,7 л;
  • Possible coverage when mowing with cord/blade. 43 / 25.5 cm;
  • Maximum sound exposure. 96 dB;
  • Weight. 7 kg.

The grass trimmer’s basic equipment includes a split bar that can be folded for easy transport or storage.

Huter GGT-1000S gasoline grass trimmer. Three-dimensional equipment

Huter’s domestic brush trimmer in this popular configuration differs from most of its market counterparts in its increased durability, as well as its resistance to harsh weather conditions.

The manufacturer has included a durable 1-cylinder gasoline engine as a standard feature of the model, complete with an effective anti-vibration system, an electronic ignition system for smoother starting, and a modified muffler.

To improve maneuverability and ease of use, the tool has included a 2-hand bicycle handle in its factory equipment, the starting position of which can be adjusted along the entire length of the metal rod. The right handle handle has all the switches you need for operation and a button that prevents the engine from turning on arbitrarily.

Factory settings for this mower include:

  • Built-in motor power. 1,3 л. With. At 9,500 rpm;
  • Fuel tank. 0,7 л;
  • Possible coverage when mowing with a line/blade. 43 / 25,5 cc;
  • Maximum sonic exposure. 96 dB;
  • Weight. 6.6 kg.

This garden tool’s efficient pruning system allows the operator to mow large, wild weeds without risking damage to important parts of the hedge trimmer.

Inspecting the mower gearbox and lubricating it

Checking the gearbox before starting the petrol grass trimmer should be done on a regular basis. Lack of or little lubricant increases friction in gear drives operating at quite high speeds. As a result, the gears are overheated. Gearbox of brushcutter fails. To prevent the occurrence of such a failure in the process of operation and helps regular inspection.

grass, trimmer, huter, start, lawnmower

If it is found before starting the petrol grass trimmer that the amount of grease in the gearbox is insufficient or there is no grease, “LITOL” should be added to the housing. For this purpose, it is necessary to unscrew the screw on the bend of the gear housing and pour “LITOL” in an amount of 1-2 ml.

Working with a gasoline trimmer for a long time, every 8-10 hours add grease to the boom gearbox.

Running in the Chinese lawnmower and operating issues. Practice

In this video we’ll show you the most common mistake made while running-in power tools and chain saws. Buying spare parts.

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Running in of the Chinese lawnmower and operating issues. Practice

I continue to share my first impressions about tatra brushcutter. In this video I will briefly talk about the first start.

First start-up and running-in of the Tatra brush BCU-73

How to properly run in lawn mowers and chainsaws.

grass, trimmer, huter, start, lawnmower

Mechanical. Do not store or leave gasoline to be run in metal containers for more than one (1) month, otherwise it will oxidize and lose its characteristics;

chemical. no impurities and additives should be present (they have different rates, degrees and temperatures of combustion). Old gasoline turns yellow or red, and the impurities have pungent odors of bitterness (such as creosote) or acid (such as methyl alcohol).

fuel mixture proportion. 1:50 (2%) or 20 ml/cm3 of oil per 1 liter of gasoline. For example, pour half a measure of gasoline in a clear plastic bottle (1 liter), then use a medical syringe (20 ml/cm3) to inject two-stroke oil and mix it, pour the gasoline and mix it thoroughly. If the quality of gasoline is questionable or working conditions are difficult, the amount of oil can be increased to 22-25 ml/cm3. Shake the mixture before every filling! Store the resulting fuel for no more than two weeks! If the color of the mixture has changed (from a sea wave color to brown, for example), it is not recommended to use it!

The main thing is the fuel mixture!

In this case the remainders of the plastic dissolved in the brutal environment make such awful things in the combustion chamber that you will not manage to do without a complete overhaul of the mechanism. But you will definitely forever remember how to properly store fuel.

What to do when the fuel was exactly the same, the spark is there, but the grass trimmer gasoline does not start? It is possible that you have simply filled the spark plug with petrol. In this case you need to unscrew it, wipe it with a clean rag and dry it. In general, when the trimmer for grass began to be capricious and stall, why not start the trimmer for grass. By the way, it would be useful to check plug itself for serviceability.

When to call a workshop

If the machine is under warranty, at the first sign of malfunction you can safely take it to a specialized repair shop. Repair will be made free of charge, regardless of the nature of the damage, if it was not the fault of the owner. In the event of damage to the engine, it is better for a person who is not technically proficient to immediately contact a specialist. In any case, the degree of seriousness of problems with the machine is determined by the user himself.

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To summarize. Both gasoline and electric trimmers for grass is designed for many years of reliable operation. Most of the problems described above are caused by lack of attention of the owner to his helper. With strict adherence to the manufacturer’s specifications and regular maintenance, the hand-held mower will operate smoothly and without interruption.

How to start a moped after winter with ether

How to start the moped after the winter, it is easy enough to do with ether, provided that the iron horse is not struck by another, more extensive breakdown. For this procedure it is necessary to remove the lid of the air filter and spray ether directly on the filtering part in a large volume. Then quickly close the lid so that the ether does not escape.

Well and start trying to start, if the third time you can not start the engine, then you need the help of a good mechanic and the only way is the way to the service station. Well, if the iron horse “made an attempt” to sneeze, you can repeat this procedure.

It is also worth remembering that if the moped started and worked flawlessly in the fall, then all of the above methods will help run your iron friend in the spring. Well, if the moped in the fall had problems with the course, it is not worth wasting time, you need to take it to the station self-service.

Of course, every owner of an iron friend should prepare his moped for winter, but not always it turns out that way, because of the banal negligence. And since in the spring there is no chance that the iron friend will start up immediately, so it is worth remembering all of the above methods that will help cope with this task.

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