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Gasoline grass trimmer: device, types, working principle

A grass trimmer is a modern gasoline or electric garden tool designed for mowing grass and weeds. Today in the market you can find a large number of models with different technical characteristics. A wide range of equipment is capable of confusing not only beginners, but also experienced gardeners. To avoid complications, you need to determine the requirements for the tool in advance, as well as study its basic factory parameters. This will give you the opportunity to choose the model that will quickly cope with the tasks assigned to it.

In the concept of “grass trimmer” is a kind of lawnmower, but more compact and lightweight. This tool is designed for processing smaller areas and complex landscapes: with irregularities, bushes, trees, flowerbeds, buildings and paths between them. In such conditions, a full-size mower is inappropriate, and many buyers cannot afford a large unit.

grass trimmer

For grass trimmers use cord (string, line for trimmer), for branches. disk with blades or nozzles-knives. Working parts rotate at high speed, so that the sharp ends of the fishing line or the sharpened edges of the discs cut the stems of plants. The grass cuttings are thrown to the left because the spindle, on which the mowing head is mounted, rotates in an anti-clockwise direction. The power source in trimmers can be gasoline or electricity.

Please note! Many machines need to be held in the air, but there are models with 2, 3 or 4 wheels.

Process of Creation

The initial stage of making a lawn mower yourself is to select the parts. The most important thing is the motor. It can be taken from an already unused household appliance, it can be taken from some electric tool:

Minimum required motor parameter is 500 V. preferably 1000 V. So it will be possible to work at a low speed. And sharpening the blades is less likely to be a chore. The choice of motor is influenced by the diameter of the blade and the overall dimensions of this equipment. The larger the working area for it, the higher the power of the engine should be.

Other options

There are many other units, from which you can make a grass trimmer for grass. As the basis use a vacuum cleaner, a drill or a chainsaw.

From the vacuum cleaner

In the manufacture of homemade trimmer for grass from a vacuum cleaner motor, the latter is mounted on a boom. The blades are installed on the motor shaft and covered with a protective cover. A metal disc with a fishing line can be used instead of the blades. The engine is also covered with a casing, it will protect it from dust and dirt. To create additional cooling, you need to install a cooling device. It is made from a disk with curved blades (fan) and mount it under the washer, through which the line for the grass trimmer trimmer. Air enters from above through the hose and cools the engine.

From a drill

If you need to quickly make a trimmer for the grass, a drill can help. to do this, a knife is made from a metal plate and sharpened. Then a hole is made in the center, a bolt is inserted and locked with a nut. The finished knife is inserted into the drill chuck and gently clamped.

It is made from a plastic tube and put on the tool body.

From a chainsaw

Since the chainsaw engine is heavy, you can not make a grass trimmer with a lower drive, but you can make a lawn mower on wheels. The process of making:

  • First make a cart from a 25×25 mm angle. Its dimensions are 500×600 mm.
  • The wheels are set at the corners of the structure.
  • The gas cable and fuel hose are extended.
  • Unscrew the bar and the handwheel. From a water pipe make a handle, on which mount the hand wheel.
  • When mounting the engine to the frame, the shaft must be at the bottom of the structure. In doing so the gearbox is at a 90° angle.
  • Then the cutting assembly is mounted on the tool shaft.
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The tool is ready to use. A shoulder strap or backpack strap for the grass trimmer is available in stores to make it easier to use.


Attach tool handle

Unscrew thumbscrew 2. Remove the top mounting cover

To adjust the handle, you have to loosen the lamb and move it. Then tighten the screw.

FUBAG electric grass trimmers are equipped with rubberized handles, which increases comfort and safety of use. They allow you to hold the tool firmly, even in moist hands.

Install the protective cover

Align the holes in the protective cap and the mounting bracket.

Secure the cover to the boom with screws and washers using the wrench in the kit.

On this model, the housing is held in place with metal plates on both sides. This ensures extra reliability and durability of the grass trimmer.

Body itself is made of strong, but flexible plastic. This material does not break when hitting small obstacles. We advise you to pay attention to this if you’re just going to choose an electric grass trimmer or gasoline grass trimmer.

Put the shoulder strap on

One of the easiest manipulations when assembling an electric weed trimmer. Many people will understand how the shoulder strap attaches intuitively. For those who aren’t sure, we decided to add a few important points to the manual:

Attach the carabiner to the strap ring 2. Adjust the position of the mounting ring on the rod 3. Secure the ring with the captive screw.

Install the spool of fishing line

First, connect the hole in the washer to the hole in the gear cup and secure it with the special rod.

Unscrew the fastening nut from the hub in a clockwise direction. 3. Remove the cup from the clamping shaft and washer

Turn the line reel counterclockwise as far as it will go, holding the rod.

Design of the Grass Trimmer Electric Boom. Design Features

It should be noted. that the cutting head for the grass trimmer has special arrows. They allow you to rotate the spool in different directions. electric grass trimmer consists of a boom, a good electric grass trimmer will last. If it is necessary to wind the line for the trimmer in the direction of rotation of the shaft, it turns in a particular position. A large number of wound filament can cause a machine breakdown. Two arrows are found only on imported models. Now there are heads with one arrow on the market.

If the cord is not wound after striking the semiautomatic head, the previous winding was not done correctly. That is, after the grass trimmer head has been installed, the user has not pulled the ends of the line from the grooves. The bobbin winding can be another nuisance when mowing grass.

Why it happens? It occurs when the filament hits a hard object and the bobbin loses its nerve. At the same time, it brakes sharply and the trimmer line starts to go inside the device during the following movement. The filament then hits the bobbin and clings to the bobbin. Because of this, the worker has to take a break and correct the situation. However, this can be avoided. Before installing the reel, the line for the trimmer must be treated with a special silicone substance.

For different models of trimmers use a semi-automatic head, consisting of two parts. the body and the bobbin. Both elements contain springs. The second part can be performed in several variants:

  • Single-section. both parts of the line are wound together;
  • two-sectional. each end is wound on a certain part; this type is the most effective, because the line for the trimmer does not get tangled and sintered.

There is an easy and cheap way to turn a one-piece bobbin into a two-piece. To do this, you will need a sturdy plate. From it you need to cut a circle, the diameter of which should be equal to the thickness of the bobbin. This takes the thickness near the place where the line for the trimmer is wound. This circle moves freely. Next, a cut is made on the ring, put on the bobbin and connected with glue or tape.

As a result, you can wind the line for the trimmer on the necessary section. The head for the universal grass trimmer can have from two to four holes, which are opposite each other. The mowing ends come out of them. In addition to the presented spools, there are heads, where a certain size of line is inserted. In this case, the number of whiskers is increased to twelve. Many users believe that such a device is quite convenient. However, not all people hold this opinion.

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They believe that in this situation, more fishing line will have to be consumed. In addition, in order to replace it, it is necessary to stop the work process. Electric grass trimmer. Electric grass trimmer consists of an electric motor, handle. The head for the grass trimmer, the Caliber of which can be varied, is suitable for cutting grass, shrubs and trees. Before you buy a grass trimmer. It is necessary to study the terrain, as well as the peculiarities of the equipment. So, we have found out what the universal grass trimmer head is for and how to properly fuel it.

Inspection of the lawnmower gearbox and its lubrication

Checking the gearbox before starting a gasoline grass trimmer should be done on a regular basis. The lack of lubrication or a small amount of it increases the friction of the gear transmission, which operates at quite high speeds. As a result, the gears also overheat. Gear reducer of a brushcutter fails. Prevent the occurrence of such a breakdown during operation and regular inspection helps.

If you find, before starting the gasoline grass trimmer, an insufficient amount of lubricant in the gearbox or its absence, put “LITOL” in the housing. To do this, unscrew the screw on the bend of the gear housing and pour “LITOL” in an amount of 1-2 ml.

Working with gasoline trimmer for a long time, every 8-10 hours add grease to the gearbox boom.

Famous manufacturers do not always produce high-quality models, so it is worth carefully studying the specifications of a particular instance. To simplify the choice and not to read a lot of contradictory reviews, we have prepared for you a rating of the best, according to the reviews of owners, gasoline trimmers.

Mobil K XT141C Premium

The lightest gasoline grass trimmer in our ranking. It weighs only 4 kg 490 g, so it can also be used by women. Equipped with the high-tech HIGH PERFOMANCE engine, which is 20% more powerful, with minimal vibration and noise. Producer also claims even more reliability, service life is increased by 3.5 times.

Vibration is also reduced by the new MOBIL K HIGHSPEED CONICAL GEER CG1 gearbox, equipped with quality bearings and a hardened bevel pair. A distinguishing feature is the Comfort-Start system, which makes starting up two times easier. No jerky movements and no backlash. Ergonomic handle and shoulder strap make it possible to distribute the weight of the tool as evenly as possible.

Huter GGT-2500T

Straight rigid shaft makes it possible to mow neglected areas with dense grass using a line or a knife at 9,500 rpm. Cutting unit has a cutting width of 255 mm. No need to disassemble the spool to lengthen the line for the trimmer, just at high speeds of the device not to hit the ground strongly. The blade guard has a swath length adjustment for the mowing area. Top-mounted motor doesn’t overheat and doesn’t clog vegetation. Comes with a shoulder strap to spare your back from the 7kg weight.

  • Great to cope with dry grass of different lengths. And also with bushes.
  • Fast start-up.
  • Easy to hold in hands.
  • Inexpensive price.

Interskol KB-25/52B

The most inexpensive gasoline grass trimmer in our rating with a cutting width of 43 cm. This device is not inferior in performance to famous brands. The blade is capable of speed up to 7500 rpm./min. Fuel tank capacity of 1 liter of fuel. Half a liter of mix is enough for half an hour of active work. Comes with belt, blade and fishing line.

Fubag FPT 43

This gasoline grass trimmer belongs to the medium price category. The “Primer and Easy Start” option allows a quick start of the engine. Power 1.75 л.с. Enough to cut even large grass, thereby saving fuel. Folds handle for easy transportation. Plus, you can choose the size of the main shaft that suits you.

The blade width of 255 mm increases the mowing speed. The cover has a metal attachment, which increases its reliability. Adjustment is possible by means of an adjusting screw, without the use of tools. One-piece boom for extra durability.

Hammer MTK25B

This model is designed for mowing in difficult places: near walls, stairs, trees. The fuel pump makes it possible to pump gasoline to the carburetor, which enables jerky starting even after standstill periods. Large shroud protects from flying vegetation. Cutting system. a fishing line for trimmer, ideal for uneven ground, as it won’t get damaged if touched by a hard object. Low weight of 5, so it can be effortlessly operated.6 kg.

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Curved boom allows you to position the machine at different angles and reach hard-to-reach places. Protection against accidental start-up with a fuse button. Gasoline grass trimmer easily fits in the trunk thanks to its collapsible design. Fuel tank lid is connected to the tank by a special holder. Rubber buffers absorb vibrations.

  • Lightweight, no fatigue on arms and back.
  • Handy design with a curved boom.
  • Cutting width of 38 cm.
  • The grass does not clog during mowing.


This model has earned many positive reviews from petrol trimmer owners. Engine capacity of 52 cc. 4 mm stiff shaft, which means that even real weeds can be mowed with the bundled blade. Easy access to the filter makes the machine easy to service.

  • Good configuration.
  • High power allows you to mow even difficult terrain.
  • Vibration damping system.
  • High quality build.
  • Rigid shaft.

Champion T523

Good gasoline grass trimmer with 1.9 liter capacity.with which you can mow almost any kind of grass. The shaft is collapsible and can therefore be easily carried in the trunk of a small car.

Fuel consumption at maximum load. 0.62 l/h. Automatic line feed. Filament supply for trimmer 2 is included.4 mm and blade.

Makita EM2500U

Lightweight design weighing only 4.5 kg will mow brush with a girth of 42 cm. Grass trimmer is stored in the original bag included in the package. Replaceable cutting element: a knife or fishing line for the trimmer. It is possible to install a shrub trimmer/chopper. When winding dense grass, a brake is activated, allowing the motor not to burn out. Thanks to the Robin engine, the amount of toxic gases is minimized.

Recommendations for repairing the electric grass trimmer

In most cases, malfunctions can be eliminated at home, the main thing is to identify the causes of their occurrence and strictly follow the instructions for use of the equipment.

The design of an electric grass trimmer is simpler than that of a device that has a built-in drive. Malfunctions can occur in the mechanical part of the device, the motor itself, or the power cable.

  • Trimmer line gets tangled. In this case, you need to unwind it, and then install a new bobbin (if the previous one is damaged).
  • the trimmer line is sticking together. This occurs when the grass trimmer overheats after prolonged operation. In this case, the line for the trimmer simply needs to be rewound.
  • Coil breakage. It is best to replace the coil with a new one.
  • No head rotation. If the coil is undamaged and the motor does not appear to be broken, it could be due to a breakage of the drive shaft. Contact your Service Center in this situation.
  • Damage to the power cable. Do not use improvised means to solve this problem, it is better and safer to replace the power cable with a new one.
  • Engine failure. Most often associated with damage to the fork, which must be disassembled and replaced with a new one.
  • Sometimes the breakage is related to the control knob. To determine this, use an indicator screwdriver, and if there is damage to the wiring, it is necessary to make the appropriate replacement.
  • Another cause of motor stoppage may relate to the stator winding. The multimeter checks the connections (minimum resistance mode) and if a faulty winding is found, either the damaged connection is brazed or a new motor is installed if the winding is burned.

Every device can detect malfunctions during use and it is easier to prevent them in advance by following the recommendations in your trimmer’s instruction manual. Proper care, storage and maintenance of your machine will considerably reduce the risk of necessary repairs. Therefore, before you start using the purchased trimmer, you should not forget about the importance of the recommendations described in the instructions for the device.

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