Grass trimmer does not start when cold

Checking the fuel mixture used

To understand why the previously serviceable trimmer for grass does not start, it is necessary at the very first stage to evaluate the oil and gasoline used. The machine can only work properly with high-quality fuel. Gasoline brand must correspond to engine needs. If the device will run on low-quality fuel, it is fraught with frequent malfunctions of the grass trimmer. If this problem is not solved in time, the cylinder-piston system may eventually break down. The cost of repairing such a machine often exceeds the price of the machine itself.

The lawnmower must not be filled with an improperly prepared fuel mixture. In the instruction manual of the device manufacturers necessarily indicate the exact proportions in which high-quality gasoline and mineral oil should be combined. It is not recommended to prepare a mixture in large quantities, because during prolonged storage loss of certain properties inevitably occurs. If the gasoline mower does not start, then you should carefully drain the old fuel to be able to use a freshly prepared fuel mixture.

What is the life expectancy of a Chinese brushcutter??

A Chinese or Russian lawn mower is capable of 500 hours. But this is with the right mixture, good oil, not bad factory assembly. If a person pours gasoline from one good filling station, precisely measures the same oil on the beaker, adjusts the carburetor to the same mixture, the fuel burns correctly, then the coveted half a thousand hours of motoresource is quite an affordable bar.

But we can not forget about the Chinese marriage. They even balance shafts on a crank, put the cheapest bearings, carburetors are stamped with clogged channels. If a man understands the principle of the two-stroke motor and carburetor, understands how to rebuild it, he can eventually assemble an almost perfect trimmer for grass.

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In general, if we consider the Chinese brushcutter as a space for creativity, then even its failure is an excuse to learn something new, it is a construction set for a man.

If you need exactly the tool, then it is worth looking for a Japanese analogue, or to switch to an electric model.

In no case you can not store gasoline in a plastic container from under the water. When mixing the fuel mixture a static charge is accumulated, you can get a spark.

That’s why gas stations don’t allow you to fill up your gasoline in plastic canisters, only in metal canisters. Before pouring gasoline into a metal canister, it is better to put it on the ground, so it removes static from the body.

My weedeater has spark and fuel but it still won’t start

But there are situations when the simple manipulation with the brushcutter does not help. The engine still does not start. In this case, the course goes to check the power system and the ignition, guided by the rule the engine does not work if there is nothing to burn or there is nothing to ignite.

Spare parts for Chinese brushcutter does not start the Chinese lawnmower.

If none of these actions gave no result, you should contact a repair shop or service center.

What to do if your lawnmower won’t start ? In this article, we will consider the main causes of this failure.

often than not, the lawnmower refuses to start because the fuel fills the spark plug. This can occur due to the fact that worn injectors supply too much fuel into the combustion chamber, and its surplus floods the spark plug, so that it can not generate a spark. If the spark plug is always wet, it may indicate the wear of the gaskets, due to which the leaking oil prevents the formation of the spark. If the spark plug is dry, but the lawnmower still does not start, then you should first replace the spark plug itself.

Fix a trimmer that’s hard to start.

Another common reason. the 4-stroke lawnmower refuses to start “on hot”. Here’s a simple test: pull the starter cord a few times while pulling the trigger. If after that the engine still does not start, then your tool needs a more detailed diagnosis followed by a specialized repair.

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You can find all the necessary parts for a lawn mower in our online store for both household and specialized repairs.

Why doesn’t the lawnmower crank?

Caring for the garden, dacha owners are occasionally faced with the fact that the lawn mower does not start. There are many reasons for tool failure. In order to correctly diagnose the problem, the owner of a useful machine in the countryside needs to know the device and the principle of operation of its individual parts.

Checking the filters

Another common reason for the grass trimmer not starting is a blockage in the filter area. To confirm the conjecture, it is enough to dismantle the specified unit and try to start the unit without it. If the grass trimmer engine starts, you will most likely have to replace the air filter or at least perform a thorough purge of the old one. If there is a lot of dirt on the surface of the filter element, it is necessary to use a new mesh. When resorting to such actions, you should not leave the intake pipe without a filter at all. After all, a rush in this case can lead to the need to repair the entire piston group of the unit engine.

Reasons for power loss on the brushcutter. the lawn trimmer does not develop full power

Any person, owning a garden or a plot of land, is well aware of the problem of struggling with excessive vegetation. Now the grass trimmer has come in handy and has successfully replaced the ordinary lawn mower in this field. This machine is very convenient in operation, but it, like any machine, tends to malfunction because of harsh working conditions or incorrect operation. It is quite common when the grass trimmer does not pick up speed. To understand this problem, it is necessary to understand some aspects related to the functioning of the machine.

grass, trimmer, does, start

Electric grass trimmer vibrates

Many users of mowers noticed that after a while after the start of the device, it begins to vibrate strongly. Some trimmers, mostly more expensive models, have an anti-vibration system in the form of shock absorbers placed between the engine and the boom. But in some cases, even this is not enough to cope with the strong vibrations. The reason why the trimmer gets a lot of vibration can be due to little or no lubrication on the hard or flexible shaft inside the boom of the machine.

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To replace the grease on the rigid shaft, proceed as follows

  • Apply a small amount of grease to the shaft and spread it evenly over the entire length of the part, including the splines on the ends of the rod (if they have worked off, the shaft will have to be replaced);
  • after greasing, insert the shaft back into the boom and put the reducer back in its original location.

Lubricate the flexible shaft as follows:

  • unscrew and remove the mowing head;
  • Remove the boom from the electric motor by unscrewing a couple of bolts;
  • Remove the flexible shaft from the boom;
  • Lubricate the entire length of the cable.

To do this: first grease the end of the rope and then insert it into the shaft, then, as you move it inside the tube, apply grease to the part and distribute it evenly over the surface. Then insert the rod with the flexible shaft into the electric motor and secure it.

String trimmer weed eater wacker will not start, diagnosis and EASY repair fix free!

When lubrication didn’t work and vibration continues to occur, you’ll need to change the flexible shaft.

Preparing your lawnmower

Start by inspecting the lawnmower for integrity and completeness: whether all parts are in place, there is no visible damage. If everything is in order, proceed to prepare the fuel mixture. In the owner’s manual you will find the manufacturer’s clear recommendations for the type of fuel and oil suitable for your model and the proportions of fuel ingredients. It is very convenient in this case to use a special container, which already has a scale with marks for each component. Remember, the oil to fuel ratio should be as close as possible to the requirements of your tool. It takes you a few minutes to prepare and pour the fuel mixture into the engine.

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