Glass cutting with a glass cutter with their own hands. Roller

Cutting glass at home: glass cutter and simple scissors

Products made of glass at all times have enjoyed great popularity: frescoes, stained glass, dishes and many other things created from scraps of this material, always struck people with its elegance and smoothness of lines. Looking at this magnificence, it seems that to create it you need to be a true professional with extensive experience working with glass and a lot of necessary tools, but mere “mortal” never master this difficult science. In fact, not everything is as sad as it seems at first glance, and everyone can get the knowledge of how to cut glass at home.

A lot depends on this stage, and the preparation process itself depends on what kind of glass you have decided to use for cutting. New glass, bought specifically for the purpose, is simply enough to wipe, and it is better to use an old newspaper (this will avoid streaks and settling of small lint). Used material, on the other hand, requires a lot more work and a lot more effort. First, it must be thoroughly washed, using special glass cleaners. Secondly, degrease with the help of a cloth soaked in kerosene, for example, and, finally, dry it in a closed room to avoid dust on the surface.

In addition, the preparation of glass implies its cutting. As you know, a completely waste-free production when working with glass is unlikely to be achieved, especially if you want to get the product is not quite the right geometric shape. But an accurate calculation will reduce possible waste to a minimum. At this stage, it makes more sense to combine the longer side of the glass with the longer side of the workpiece. Do not throw the pieces you have cut away; they can be used to create new pieces later on.

Preparing and Working

Before using the cutter you must prepare it for work. For the glass cutter you need to set the cutting wheel correctly. To do this you have to loosen the fixing screw, align the roller and tighten the screw back. The roller must not be loose. it must be firmly secured and rotate easily at the same time. That’s why enough attention has to be paid to the setting of the tool.

Now prepare the work surface. It must be wide and flat, the dining table will do very well. The table should be covered with cloth and newspaper sheets to prevent the glass from getting scratched. But do not make too big a cushion under the glass. it should lie completely on the surface, not suspended. Keep the glass clean and dry. Then we take a ruler or other straight and long object and expose it so that its edge goes along the place of necessary cut. It is allowed for the cut edge of the glass to hang down over the floor, but its area must not exceed 10% of the total area of the glass, or it may crack.

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Hold the glass cutter in your hand like an ordinary ballpoint pen. Using the ruler attached, a cut is made. At the first cut, do not force the glass cutter, it should run smoothly, forming a thin and shallow cut. Do not cut all the way through. just a few millimeters before the edge, release the pressure, or the glass cutter will break and damage itself on the edge of the glass. Then it is necessary to move the glass so that the cut segment is in a hung state, on the hanging segment it is necessary to knock with the palm of the hand from below. Do not tap from the edge, but from the middle, so that the cut goes from the center to the edges. To prevent the cut piece from falling and breaking, it must be supported from below with your free hand. When you have pierced the entire length of the cut, break off the cut piece.

How to cut glass properly with a glass cutter

Before you start cutting glass (or a mirror), you need to prepare all the necessary tools.

  • Glass cutter (diamond or roller).
  • A long metal ruler.
  • Pliers with rubber pads (for breaking glass).
  • Rubber mallet.

You should also take care of the glass itself. It should be at room temperature, dry and clean. Use a rag or baking soda solution to remove dust from the glass. This point is very important, because when you work with “dirty” glass the crack can not occur along the line of the cut, but in a different place and the glass cutter breaks down faster.

  • Cut glass on a flat surface. You can do this by putting it on a workbench or table with a soft cloth on it.
  • The glass to be cut must lie flat on the table.
  • Then you need to apply a wide wooden ruler and at a distance of 1-2 mm. (for roller screwdriver) and 3-4 mm. (for diamond) and then move the instrument along the entire length of the glass, starting on the far side. The screw should be held perpendicular to the glass.
  • If everything is done correctly, then a thin colorless trace will remain on the glass, and the glass itself should make a characteristic crackle when cutting.
  • If the glass sticks and the line for the notch trimmer is not straight, it means that you press much on the tool, or you work with the wrong side.
  • Next, the cutting trimmer line must be moved evenly to the edge of the table top so that it protrudes by 3-4 millimeters.
  • Glass up to 5 mm thick. break off with both hands; sharp downward movement. Hands must be kept away from the glass edges and protected with gloves.
  • If the thickness of the glass is greater, then along the line of the cut several light blows with a rubber mallet, and then break off exactly the same.
  • Glass forceps with rubber pads are used if a very thin part must be broken off.

How to cut (drill) a hole in glass

Small holes are cut only with a diamond drill bit or drill bit. Small glass drill bits can be purchased at a store. Such drills are like a tube with a hard material coating on one of its ends. Or something resembling a small spear. The best way to drill through glass is with cooling and lubrication, i.e. with water.

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When drilling, do not put too much pressure on the glass. It is quite easy to make the holes.

Holes of large diameter, more than 80 mm, can be cut through only with a glass cutter and that with some experience. Use the glass cutter to mark the contour of the hole. Knock the contour. Run the sectors inside the future hole and also tap it.

Next we put the glass on a mug, a can, no matter what, but so that the diameter of the future hole was at least less than the diameter of the mandrel on which we put the glass.

The second variant is the use of a special tool. In the center we place the mandrel to which we attach the rotating rod around the perimeter. The glass cutter is mounted on the rod. It can be adjusted, so as to set the correct size for the hole to be cut. As a result the cut is even, and therefore the bevel is accurate. This option will be more advantageous than simply cutting through the glass by hand.

glass, cutting, cutter, hands, roller

Example tool used to cut through large glass diameters. If you need to cut a glass tube, say a measuring tube, you can use a not quite normal, but very realistic way. It is broken down in the article “How to make a glass from a bottle”.

Safety Precautions

To avoid injury, you should wear gloves to work. Pay attention to the shoes, which should be durable, so that accidental glass does not cut your feet. You must wear thick protective clothing made of thick fabric.

glass, cutting, cutter, hands, roller

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Glass Selection and Preparation

To buy really high quality glass, it must have the following attributes:

  • Blue or green color of the end face.
  • No defects in transmittance in the form of stripes when looking at it in the light. This can only be observed in products where the cooling or rolling technology was not used properly. The image will always be distorted when using such glass.
  • Absence of scratches and other damages on the surface of the sheet.

You must also choose the thickness of the plate glass correctly. The following must be taken into account.

If the length of the maximum frame side is less than 600 mm, it is best to choose a 2.5 mm thick glass plate. For frames where this parameter exceeds 600 mm, a greater thickness is recommended. up to 3.4 mm. Note that the characteristics of the frame and glass will change over time due to the effects of temperature. For correct dimensioning, cut a sheet of glass 3-5 mm smaller than the size of the installation site.

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Pay special attention to the preparation of the sheet for cutting. This does not take long.

  • Only dry and clean glass can be cut. So be sure to wipe the surface with a damp rag before you start, let it dry, and then wipe it again, but this time with a dry rag.
  • Old glass is not as strong as new glass. That is why after having carried out the operations described above we advise to wipe it additionally with a rag wetted in turpentine and then dry it well.

Cutting of tempered, fluted and temperatureresistant glass

Not often, but still it is necessary to change the broken glass in the door of the oven or fireplace. At home, without experience, it is undesirable. Specialists use special machines with a diamond workpiece. You can use an angle grinder with a small diamond disc. The contour of the cut is poured with oil or a special cooling emulsion, so that the cut is smooth and the increase in temperature does not break the glass. Such work is better to entrust to a specialist not to spoil the original material. That is the answer to the question if you can cut tempered glass.

There is one more type of glass, especially preferred by decorators. fluted. But the embossed surface is only on one side of the sheet, on the other side it is smooth. Cutting is performed on a flat plane, and the table under the bulges is placed a soft cloth. Any glass cutter can be used. However, corrugated glass is thicker than ordinary glass, so it is better to use oiled tools.

Sooner or later in a household you may need to replace the glass yourself. But working with such a fragile material is very dangerous. Therefore, to avoid injury and unnecessary material consumption, you should know the basic rules for working with this material and the selected tool.

Observance of safety precautions

It is very important to be very safe when cutting glass, because it is a very fragile and dangerous material. Not only can you cut yourself, but you can also injure your eyes with shards of glass.

Never use a glass cutter on your lap or on an unreliable object. Never grasp the edge of the glass, because the rough edges can be very sharp. If you want to lift the billets, you should put your arms around the sides.

Protective gloves and goggles must be worn before working to avoid cuts. It is also important to wear closed shoes to prevent the glass from touching your foot in an accidental fall. Clothing should be heavy and thick, which will also help prevent accidental injury.

How to properly cut thick glass with a glass cutter video

To prevent small splinters of glass from getting outside the work room, you need to change your clothes and shoes when you finish working.

glass, cutting, cutter, hands, roller

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