An exclusive and revealing interview with the author of some of the most well- respected books on classic menswear, Bernhard Roetzel. Gentleman. A Timeless Guide to Fashion was first published in German in , by the publishing. For a Nordic man, reviewing a book by Bernhard Roetzel is an intimidating task. As I’m a Finn, doubly so. It can be argued that with his book.

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A gentleman can be recognized immediately from his confident appearance, his charm, and his carefully chosen clothes. His shoes were worn by the rich and many aristocrats; his successor was Materna. Seit 19 Bernhard Roetzel wurde am Interview With A Gentleman: After the publication of Gentleman. For such an image heavy book, the benefits of proper high quality printing paper would have been unquestionable.

Then you can execute this concept or vision with the help of clothes and accessories. Languages Dansk Deutsch Edit links. This would enable the tailor to come up quickly with the cut for the various types of garments.

Roetzel who opened the menswear movement of a current Finnish generation. Danny Price rated roettzel it was amazing Apr 27, The newest book by Bernhard Roetzel is called Gentleman Lookbook. Many shoemakers from Hungary worked in Vienna like the famous Nagy.

His system was constantly improved upon, and is still being taught to this day. What can you tell us about the widespread use of traditional country wear? The extremely elegant Berthold Beitz was one of his customers.


Not necessarily your youth style icons you looked up to, but present day menswear personalities that have truly made an impact on you and push you to keep looking for new horizons. Germany used to have a very developed and refined clothing industry. Roetzel for his decision to roftzel the styles of real life gentlemen. Please enjoy the interview. German non-fiction writers Living people births German male non-fiction writers.

This is the second edition, published some 10 years after the author created his first version. In-house cutting systems or cutting styles have the advantage of securing a certain standard and a pre-defined look. Seit ist er freier Journalist und Autor. Tailors in Vienna tend to make a very soft jacket with natural shoulders, probably due to influences from Triest.

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Anything else you would like to add? A Timeless Guide to Fashion, what would it be?

German tailors always aimed to follow fashion, which has made their clothes less timeless. Even Germans from the Rhineland or Prussia bernhzrd up in Lodenjoppe a short jacket and Lederhosen during their summer vacation in the Alps, which was ridiculed by caricaturists. A Timeless Guide to Fashion was first published in German inby the publishing house Koenemann.


German (un)elegance: Bernhard Roetzel helps debunk a few myths

In the 19th century, tailors everywhere in the world tried to come up with foolproof cutting systems in order to reduce the number of fittings. The other day I met a friend who is a German who works in Russia. Most German bespoke tailors aim to make a product that looks like a modern ready-to-wear suit, although it is handmade. In general German tailors had very good cutting systems. There are no discussion topics gentelman this book yet.

German (un)elegance: Bernhard Roetzel helps debunk a few myths – Parisian Gentleman

It is possible to argue about taste–but not about true style. You mentioned the German bespoke cutting system — how does it differ from other tailoring traditions?

A Timeless Guide to Fashionit was Mr. This is the direction that I roetezl go to in the future. Martin rated it liked it Feb 12, I own the first version and could not fault it.

Bernhard Roetzel’s Gentleman Lookbook : A review – Parisian Gentleman

What are the future plans for you, Bernhard? Roetzel uses an international group of well dressed individuals to show the reader how others approach classic style. AfterHungarian shoemakers tried to revitalize the good image that they had gentle,an the Berlin Wall, and some are quite successful, like Vass for example.