Gear lubricant for Bosch angle grinders

Domestic manufacturers’ lubricants for bolt cutter bearings and gearboxes

With the growth of for foreign lubricants, lubricants of domestic manufacturers became especially popular.

Russian producers of lubricants have learned to produce high quality greases suitable for any tools.

Lubricants for the gearboxes of grinders, rotary grinders, drills and power tools have been developed.

Particularly popular are Nanotech Metal Pluck Electra products. The wide variety of lubricants offered by this company allows you to find the right lubricant for each component

Bearing grease for angle grinder

Three bearings are installed in the design of the angle grinder. Two bearings are mounted on the rotor of the tool, one bearing is mounted on the shaft of the larger diameter helical pinion.

The angle grinder uses bearings that are already filled with grease. But due to improper use, overheating of the tool, the lubricant leaks out.

How to choose the right bearing grease for an angle grinder?

Bearing grease must meet the following requirements:

  • to increase the slip;
  • reduce friction between component parts;
  • Distribute heat evenly and act as a coolant;
  • Prevents the formation of corrosion;
  • Protect from ingress of dirt and dust;
  • Work in the required temperature range up to 150C;

Operating conditions of electric motor bearings differ from those of the gearbox bearings, not only because of temperature requirements, but also because of operating conditions, loads, frequency and speed.

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Grease for electric motor bearings must have protective properties, preventing penetration of dirt, dust and moisture on the bearing parts.

Russian market offers a wide range of foreign greases intended for bearings, operating in various conditions. But their cost makes one look for cheaper, not inferior in quality, home-produced lubricants.

Among the domestic greases we can recommend the following ones: Ciatim-221, VNIINP-246 (GOST 18852-73), VNIINP-235.

Lithium greases have proved to be good.

Having high water-repellent properties, they have a wide temperature range. The role of the thickener is played by organic and inorganic substances. For closed bearings the best greases to use are CYATIM-203, VNIINP-242.

Among the pigment greases for electric motor bearings the blue grease VNIIMP-246 and the dark violet grease VNIINP-235 are widespread. the first grease is less common than the second one because of its high price.

At today’s Russian market the domestic producers of lubricants are presented in a wide range of products.

Gearbox lubricant for angle grinder

Gear lubricant for angle grinder differs from grease for bearings in the main feature. increased adhesion. It must adhere firmly to the gear teeth during high gearbox rotation.

In general, the process of lubrication of gearboxes in angle grinders is performed by way of fine sprinkling of lubricant and its particles. The reducer works as if in an oil mist. Therefore, the requirements for lubrication for gearboxes are slightly different.

In addition to increased adhesion, the gear lubricant must be highly temperature-resistant and not melt at elevated temperatures.

Gear lubricant for angle grinder with your own hands

These domestically produced lubricants, although affordable, are not always at hand.

But can you make a grease for the gearbox of an angle grinder with your own hands?

And this question has an affirmative answer.

Since the main technical characteristics of lubricants for gearboxes angle grinder are presented above, they can be taken as a basis for compiling the desired lubricant characteristics with their own hands.

The basis of selfmade grease for gearboxes should be a grease with high adhesion. It must adhere firmly to the parts in contact.

Grease for CV joints has a high adhesion. CV joint is a joint in a front-wheel drive car, which works in conditions of high pollution, shock loads, temperature fluctuations and humidity.

After taking the grease for CV joints as a base, you need to add liquid grease (MS-20) to give the necessary consistency to the mass. Oil MS-20 must be applied drop by drop, thoroughly mixing the mass with the help of a home-made mixer.

Bosch angle grinder Greasing

A mix of Ciatim-221 and TAD-17 greases gives good results, where Ciatim is the base.

The greasing process and its stages

You can make the lubrication with your own hands or do it in special workshops. It is necessary to know that while machining of any tool the inappropriate liquid may result in incorrect operation of the tool itself. Before applying new grease it is necessary to completely remove the old. Mechanism must be completely free from old grease.

Instructions on how to lubricate the gears of angle grinder:

  • To disassemble the tool;
  • Use gasoline to wash out the necessary parts of the reducer;
  • Wait until the gasoline has dried;
  • pound the grease;
  • cover the bearing and gears with grease
  • assemble the angle grinder in reverse order.
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You do not need to apply a lot of product to the parts, you need to put exactly as much weight as the instructions say. If you overdo the amount, the agent will start to flow out when the tool works. The gearbox will fail and function with difficulty. That would cause it to break quickly.

The product to be applied should be less than about half the volume of the reducer itself.

The correct process for changing the grease in the gearbox of an angle grinder

Lubricant replacement for the gearbox of angle grinder is performed as follows:

  • Disconnect angle grinder mains cable.
  • Dismantle the wheel.
  • Loosen the fastening screws and remove the gear cover.
  • Remove grease residue from the surface.
  • Remove spindle with pinion and bearing.
  • Clean the parts in petrol and let them dry.
  • Put a new coat on.
  • Assemble the gearbox and install it in the angle grinder.

Additional information! If grease residue escapes through the spindle, remove it with a clean cloth.

Gear lubricant for Bosch angle grinders

Electromechanical manual construction tools for household and industrial use with interchangeable nozzles. The tool was invented and created in 1954 in Germany (Germany). The first models of angle grinders, which appeared in the Soviet Union in the late sixties, were angle grinders made in the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv, where their name, used in Russia to refer to this tool in colloquial speech, came from.

Work performed by the angle grinder

angle grinder instantly won great popularity. Since, before its introduction, certain types of work required considerable physical effort and several tools for the same type of operation.

Being essentially a universal device for cutting products and materials of different hardness groups, as well as rough abrasive and grinding, the angle grinder easily performs these types of operations:

  • By replacing the saw head with the appropriate disc, the angle grinder can be used to grind wood and lumber of various types of wood.

The angle grinder is also used for the following work after sawing:

  • Removing scale and paint from metal and wood surfaces;
  • Remove burrs from sawing materials;
  • Fine grinding and finishing of planes and hard-to-reach places.

The technical structure of the angle grinder

The construction of the angle grinder consists of the following elements:

  • The housing is made of metal or plastic;
  • The gearbox and its housing made of aluminum alloys;
  • The wheel for adjusting the number of revolutions;
  • Buttons start;
  • Button locks for quick nozzle changes;
  • The clamping nut of the working wheel;
  • Protect the blade guard and the handle with its variable position on the housing;
  • Electric cable.

Preventive maintenance of angle grinder parts and mechanisms

In connection with the work performed, in which the emergence of stone, wood and metal dust is inevitable, as well as its penetration into the body of the angle grinder and settling on the moving mechanical parts of the gearbox, angle grinder needs periodic preventive maintenance and is reduced to the following actions:

  • Removing dust and larger pieces of debris from the gear housing;
  • Checking the presence of grease in the bearings and gears, as well as the integrity of the graphite brushes and replacing them if necessary.

Gear lubricant for use with a Makita (Bosch) angle grinder

For the reason that the angle grinder is high-speed, powerful and very hot in operating mode, the question of what grease to use for the gearbox of angle grinder, very important. We immediately want to highlight the types of lubricants, the use of which for the gearbox (bearings and gears) angle grinder, is not recommended by experts. This:

Excellent reputation silicone, pigment and lithium greases and derivatives based on them domestic and imported production.

Choosing what kind of grease to lubricate the gear reducer angle grinder, it is worth listening to the opinion of professionals on their repair or just long-time users of this tool. Although their opinions are far from unanimous.

Thus, Schrush greases, which are widely known among car enthusiasts, are both strongly recommended and rejected by specialists. There are convincing arguments on both sides for and against the use of a gear.

But we can say with certainty that the lubricant for the reducer of angle grinders must meet the following requirements:

Characteristics and peculiarities of grease for angle grinders

In the angle grinder, the main node, which in the process of operation of the tool is exposed to the greatest loads, is the gearbox, which is a design of helical gears. During operation, the angle grinder rotor creates a rotational torque, which is transmitted to the working tool through a small gear to a large gear. High-quality lubricant for the gearbox of angle grinder significantly reduces heat, friction force inside the tool and reduces wear of its parts.

Lubricant reduces friction of parts inside the gearbox

The bearings of the grinder also need periodic lubrication, especially the spindle bearing of the large pinion. It is necessary to use only high-quality, reliable compounds recommended by manufacturers of angle grinders. Specialists recommend the use of oils with the following technical characteristics

  • Viscosity up to 800 Pa-c;
  • strength limit of more than 120 Pa;
  • The dripping point is over 120°C;
  • no mechanical impurities;
  • resistance to corrosive processes;
  • The ability to hold firmly on the parts of the angle grinder;
  • resistance to high temperatures;
  • water-repellent properties.

When selecting lubricants, it should be borne in mind that modern angle grinder uses two types of bearings. for the electric motor and for the gearbox. It is necessary to use different compositions for them, because the bearings differ from each other in different operating conditions.

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Angle grinder gearbox lubricant. Selection and application of the lubricant

The angle grinder, like other household and professional tools, requires regular maintenance. Efficient operation and long service life due to timely maintenance. In this article, the master plumber will tell you how to independently maintain such a popular tool among home craftsmen, as an angle grinder (angle grinder).

Term of the next replacement of grease depends on the loads and intensity of use of angle grinder. It usually lasts 12 months. In daily use of angle grinder with frequent overheating, the frequency of change significantly reduced to at least six months.

To be sure of the necessity of introducing a new amount of lubricant, the gearbox must be dismantled by removing the screws from the gearbox cover. There are a pair of helical gears inside. The small one is mounted on the armature and is used to drive the big one, which is mounted on the secondary shaft. A grinding or cut-off disc is attached to this shaft.

During operation, the grease spreads on the housing walls, eventually drying out and forming large clods. The material used over a long period of time overheats, becomes liquid and leaks out of the housing. Therefore, its volume in the gearbox is reduced. If there is only a thin layer of lubricant on the gears, additional lubricant is required. The grease of the angle grinder must be replaced if there are dried-out lumps on the inner walls of the gearboxes, or if the amount of grease is insufficient.

General rules for changing the lubricant

The main module of an angle grinder is the gearbox. This is the part of the angle grinder that is under the most strain. The unit includes various elements that contribute to rotation. Once in the tool housing, the substance reduces friction. The compounds used for the angle grinder’s gearbox reduce the temperature ratings that arise during operation.

During the operation of the angle grinder, the grease mixture placed inside is gradually dispersed within the body. After a while, the substance begins to dry out, and lumps are formed in the work. These bits collect dust and metal particles, which is why they need to be replaced quickly. Sometimes the problem arises due to high temperatures. Lubricant will heat up, leak out, and leave the gearbox without a protective mass. It is important to change it in good time.

Required lubricant volume for angle grinder is based on full coverage of bevel gears. Too much material will squeeze out of the housing, and too little will not ensure proper functioning of the gearbox.

It is recommended that the amount of grease provided at the factory is used as a guide. Please note that during long storage or in the store some of the lubricant may dry out and shrink in volume.

That’s why it’s better to put a little more grease than needed and be sure to spread the grease evenly after you set the gears in motion. Filling about 40% of the reducer volume with lubricant is the generally accepted norm.

Hitachi G12SA Angle Grinder, Gear Lube

Every tool that has moving parts needs periodic lubrication. Especially if it is actively used. In the case of angle grinders, the consistency and composition of the grease must meet certain requirements:

The presence in the composition of hard or worse than abrasive elements will cause abrasion of the working surface and individual parts of the device. Cheap lubricant will simply evaporate once the temperature limit of 100-120°C is reached. the maximum allowable values of the lubricant are therefore worth paying special attention to, otherwise the tool will be left without lubricant in the heat of operation.

A good compound protects the surface from moisture, as well as from subsequent corrosion, which means it must have water-repellent properties. Adjusted consistency allows to keep grease on the surface: too thick lubricant will hamper operation of the mechanism, and liquid one will simply flow into the gearbox.

Viscosity of power tool lubricants are rated according to NLGI (National Lubricants and Grease Institute abbreviation). The choice of one or another consistency depends on the specific model of angle grinder, namely the speed of the gear. The higher the value, the less dense the grease needs to be.

Viscosity classification for power tools:

  • NLGI 00. The most liquid consistency used in heavy equipment: demolition hammers, professional peorators, etc.п.
  • NLGI 0. It is a semi-liquid grease that is used in circular saws and gasoline-powered rotary saws.
  • NLGI 1. Viscous enough consistency for use in construction machines and medium-power impact drills.
  • NLGI 2. Soft kind of grease. Used in household jigsaws, lightweight rotary tools and drills.

Lubricant grade required should be indicated in the operating instructions of the equipment. If there are no documents with the angle grinder, then all the parameters of the model should be specified on the official website of the manufacturer of the equipment.

Manufacturers of power tools advise to use special compositions of their own production. This is particularly the recommendation of Makita and Bosch.

It is possible to buy these products, but their cost is quite high and the expense is not always justified. Interskol is more liberal with regard to the type of material used. What is the best grease? The lubricant used in the gearbox of an angle grinder must meet certain requirements:

  • The viscosity of the composition does not exceed 800 Pas;
  • Droplet separation temperature from the main mass should be not less than 120°C;
  • Homogeneous composition without mechanical impurities;
  • Resistant to the effects of moisture.
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Industry produces many types of greases, including special compositions for use in gears. The best results are shown by mixtures containing molybdenum disulfide as an anti-seize additive. If we talk about foreign manufacturers, well proven “Castrol” and “Mobil.Of the domestic brands can be noted MS-1000, Limol. The use of solidol, lithol or Cyatim-221 will not give the right result.

In the absence of the required lubricant on sale, or if the user considers the price of the product unreasonably high, you can try to make a lubricating mixture yourself. There are several formulations using different bases. One of them is the common Cyatim-221.

Add TAD-17 gear oil to a container with Tsiatim. Continuously add oil, drop by drop, until desired consistency is achieved. The mixture must adhere well to the parts, not be too thick and not flow like thin oil.

Another base can be grease for CV joints in combination with liquid oil MS-20.

First of all, you need to unplug the equipment and clean the housing from dust, dirt and other debris. The lubrication procedure includes several steps: opening the protective cover, disassembling the gearbox, cleaning from old lubricant, pouring new lubricant, and checking.

Remove 4 screws that hold pinion stand and spindle.

Bosch Angle Grinder GWS 6-115. Bevel Gear Replacement

Carefully remove it by holding the spindle. As expected, the tines are dry.

Clean out the remains of the factory grease. A metal spatula is best.

The factory grease is too thick and not suitable for work at high speeds. Wouldn’t run the machine for long.

Remove residue with a rag. It is important not to mix greases.

Clean the gears with a brush soaked in gasoline or solvent.

Do not lubricate units with any greases containing any additives. Solid particles can jam the needle bearing.

The final step in changing the grease is to test the equipment in a light load condition. Once the structure is assembled, make sure that all parts fit tightly together and the fasteners are tightened securely. A semi-liquid composition of NLGI 0 is capable of seeping into even the tiniest of holes, especially during continuous operation of equipment when oil is over 100⁰С.

Turn on the angle grinder at low speed and make sure there are no extraneous sounds. At first start-up, a slight smell of burning is considered normal: in less than a minute it should disappear. If not, disconnect the machine and check the quality of the assembly.

Particular attention must be paid to the temperature of the gearbox assembly. It is the task of the lubricant to distribute the heat evenly. The standard temperature ratings for the motor and the structure as a whole are listed in the specifications for the angle grinder. They shouldn’t be over the limit.

After the idle test the equipment should be disassembled and the correct application of lubricant should be evaluated. Open the gearbox and inspect the helical gears. If they are completely covered with lubricant, it means that it is applied correctly. The excess can be traced almost immediately after turning on the machine: oil in the crevices and in the gearbox mounting areas.

Lubricant for the angle grinder gearbox

One of the most important issues in the maintenance of power tools is the lubrication of their assemblies. It is especially relevant if the tool is branded and expensive.

In this article we will talk about the lubrication of the gearbox of angle grinder: how to choose the right material, with what frequency to apply and whether it is possible to replace specialized greases homemade.

Homemade mixes

If the required lubricant is not available on sale or if the user finds the price of the product unreasonably high, you can try to make a lubricant mixture by yourself. There are several formulations using different bases. One of them is the common Cyatim-221.

Add TAD-17 gear oil to a container with Tsiatim. Continuously stirring, add oil one drop at a time until the desired consistency is reached. The mixture should adhere well to the parts, not be too thick and not leak like liquid oil.

Another base can be CV joint grease combined with liquid oil MS-20.

What, how and when to lubricate the angle grinder

Lubricant for the gearbox of an angle grinder: period of use, the main stages of replacement. Application technology, recommended amount. Criteria and choices, making your own lubricant.

In angular grinders (angle grinder), commonly known as bolgarkami, the main load is on the changing axes of rotation of the gearbox.

It requires care throughout its life, as the mechanism needs to reduce friction between its interacting parts, timely maintenance.

Using grease for the gearbox of the angle grinder allows not only to minimize the destructive frictional effects, but also contributes to the cooling of the tool.

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