Gasoline to oil ratio for Husqvarna chain saw

What oils are used for gasoline power tools?

Manufacturers produce two types of chain saw oils. motor and chain oils. The latter are poured into a separate tank and are used to lubricate the chain during operation of the tool. They should not be used to make the fuel mixture.

The most popular motor oils for chainsaws are materials that are classified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) as TB. A little less often API TC oils are used. in those cases where they are recommended by the tool manufacturer.

For a complete fuel mixture it is desirable to choose brand-name oils (STIHL, Husqvarna, etc.) and oils with a higher oil content.д.) or their branded counterparts (Sadko, Kraissmann, Oleo-mac Prosint, etc.).). Specialists strongly advise against putting materials for two-stroke engines of mopeds, boats and other mechanized equipment into chainsaws.

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It is important that the lubricant burns completely, so it is better to use synthetic-based products, which emit less smoke and other products of combustion. In addition, they contain antioxidant, detergent, preservative and other additives that are useful for the power unit.

Husqvarna Chainsaws. Fuel and Lubrication

Husqvarna (Husqvarna) 5200 chainsaws

The article is about Chinese Husqvarna 5200 chain saw, which can often be found on sale at unscrupulous dealers and swindlers, often selling confiscated products. If we believe the official website of Husqvarna manufacturer, there is simply no model with this number. The real name of this Chinese “brainchild”. ChainSaw 5200.

It is worth noting that practically all features, parameters and appearance are almost the same as the original Husqvarna products.

At first it was proudly called Husqvarna 5200, but over time “craftsmen” began to stick more plausible labels, which now say that it is Husqvarna 365 XP or Husqvarna 372 XP. An attentive buyer will find that Chinese counterfeits not only do not resemble their “Western counterparts”, but their markings are simply meaningless. often you can meet two identical chainsaws with different labels, or the saws may be different, but the label will be the same.

In stores the saw has consonant names with the word Husqvana, you should be careful and pay attention to all the letters, as they do not differ from the letters “Husqvarna” in the catalog.к. sometimes only one letter is changed, for example:

Instruction: How to properly dilute gasoline with chainsaw oil

Mineral oils are not expensive, that is why they are used in most cases. Synthetic oils should be used if there are significant fluctuations in temperature, they do not generate soot, have additives that are useful for busy assemblies.

Product is considered of the highest quality. in second place is “Lukoil” machine oil.

  • Low consumption.
  • Preservation of the property.
  • Can retain its technological properties for a long time.
  • Can work under extreme conditions.
  • No toxins.
  • Small amount of soot.

In almost all professional tools is used grease that is made according to API-TB (USA) technology. Products manufactured according to JASO-FB method (Japan) are also popular.

Permissible to combine oils from different brand manufacturers with similar features. Mineral and synthetic oils are not compatible. The best oil for domestic gasoline saws is “Standard”, for professional equipment normally suitable fluid “Ultra”.

Some oils can successfully substitute for each other. For example, substances produced by Husqvarna and STIHL. Lubricant for scooter or motor boat engines is not suitable for chainsaws, the quality of oil in them is low. If the proportions of oil and gasoline are not maintained, the tool will fail very quickly because of the abundant carbon deposits.

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Why mix oil and gasoline??

Most people are accustomed to handling four-stroke engines. Even in motorcycles, this type of engines is now more common than two-stroke engines. The mere requirement of pouring oil into gasoline does not in itself lead to an understanding of the process. In fact, in conventional car engines, there is a whole system that prevents mixing of oil and fuel. The whole Focus in peculiarities of the device of low-powered ICE with two strokes. They are very simple in design and have no oil pan and no pump to pump the liquid lubricant into the right places. only the cylinder and crank mechanism with crankshaft are placed in the crankcase.

To provide lubrication, the designers took a different route: they arranged the system of channels in such a way that fuel not only penetrates into the combustion chamber, but also washes the moving parts from the back side of the piston. Since the lubricating properties of gasoline are clearly insufficient to reduce friction, that’s why oil is added. By the way, due to these peculiarities, the rings on the piston are compression rings only, there are no lube wipers.

What is the ratio of gasoline to oil for a chainsaw??

Power units in chainsaws are internal combustion engines, fueled by certain brands of gasoline, diluted with the required portions of oil.

Knowledge and accurate compliance with the composition of the combustible mixture is the key to long life, productive use of small tools.

The main fuel component is AI. It is not recommended to use gasoline below or above 92 octane number. Optimal for many types of mechanized sawmills, domestic or foreign made.

The ideal ratio of gasoline to oil for a chainsaw:

How to Fill Your Chainsaw’s Fuel Tank | Husqvarna

In the instructions attached to the purchased products, the rates of consumption of fuel and lubricating grease are indicated. Violation of these requirements leads to loss of power and premature engine wear. Truth is obtained by research methods, empirically at home and abroad.

What proportions of oil and gasoline you need in a chainsaw

To increase the service life of a chainsaw, you need to know not only how to operate the tool properly, but also know how to prepare the fuel mixture. All chainsaws equipped with two-cycle internal combustion engines work exclusively on the fuel component based on gasoline and lubricant. This is due to the lack of an oil sump in a two-stroke engine. From the first day you use your machine it’s essential to find out the exact proportions of oil and gasoline for your chain saw in order to maximize the life of the engine.

How to dilute Gasoline for Husqvarna chainsaw

Talking about any unique tool, trying to reflect its convenience or ease of use, we use the epithet “extension of the hand. The first thing that comes to mind when mentioning a chainsaw is the Russian pronunciation, really an extension of the hand. Gasoline for chainsaws: how to fill the Husqvarna. Is it only the successful ergonomics of the handle that makes these saws so good?? Let’s find out.

Husgvarna invented the first chainsaw in the fall of 1959, bringing a revolution in chainsaw technology. While not the “parent” of the first chainsaw, the Husqvarna company was at the forefront of its invention and is the creator of the prototype of today’s saws. Many technical solutions for the first time applied to chain saws “Husqvarna”, over time have become an indisputable attribute of all saws, forcing a review and change the technical requirements for saws and their non-hazardous work, in fact in the world.

Model number of chainsaws Husgvarna presented and domestic and professional saws, with the difference, as at least at the technical level of a complex tool, in power, reliability and duration of operation. Therefore, if you choose a saw, you should know why you need it, and if you are a happy owner of such equipment, how to operate it correctly.

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Professional chainsaws are even stronger than the household and have a power range of 2.7 to 8.2 liters.с.(2-6 kW), are made with high strength and durability, with a total service life of up to 2000 hours. All “Husqvarna” chain saws have a gasoline two-stroke engine, which feeds the consistency of high-octane gasoline and special oil in a ratio from 1:40 to 1:50, as indicated in the passport for each model. The use of high-quality petrol, special 2T oils and forged three-section crankshaft, allowed the manufacturer to obtain not only the endurance of the motor in the most demanding conditions, but also not bad weight to power ratio, for comparison weight standard 1959 saw was 11.5 kg and 4.6 kg of model Husgvarna 142. Oil pump for chainsaw china gc99458 but do not know how to replace, remove the oil pump. Two tanks in chainsaws, for fuel and oil, provide engine work and chain lubrication, and the tanks are designed so that at full exhaustion of fuel, chain lubrication little remains. Do not try to “save” by applying lower, from recommended, gasoline and Russian oils, as they are not designed for high revolutions of chainsaw engines, burn out without lubricating rubbing parts and reduce service life of engines by 15%. Russian motor oils can be used for chain lubrication, but it’s better to use certified oils.

Filling up your chainsaw

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Preparation of fuel mixture for two-stroke engines

This video shows how to make a fuel mixture for two-stroke engines. STIHL chain saw oil). How much oil to add to gasoline for a chainsaw? Filling up a brushcutter, chainsaw

application of catalytic afterburner, E-TECH technology, decreases toxic exhaust gases, it is approved for use in all countries and it improves working conditions. Gasoline for chainsaws. what kind of gasoline to use?? How to dilute gasoline for a chainsaw? (Husqvarna). It must be given credit that Husgvarna has always put the improvement of working conditions with its tools at the forefront. The 1959 saw had the lowest noise level compared to other saws, and starting in 1973, all saws are equipped with an automatic chain brake to keep the operator safe in the event of backfire. On modern chainsaws a combined chain brake is used that makes the chain stop both in manual mode. by placing the hand against the guard, and automatically, by the force of the recoil force of the saw. What oil to use for what oil to put in gasoline for and Husqvarna. Many manufacturers, to prevent backfire, eliminate the possibility of working with the tip of the saw and install a limiting guard. But Husqvarna saws do not, because Swedish safety standards allow for operation with the end of the guide bar. Gasoline to oil ratio for chainsaws: how and how to dilute gasoline for a chainsaw? only first-class sawyers are allowed to work in this way.

READ Chainsaw Crankshaft Seal Replacement

How to Mix Fuel for a Husqvarna Two Stroke Engine Chainsaw

In 1969, Husgvarna invented a low-vibration chainsaw and since then its saws have been equipped with anti-vibration systems whose quality has been progressively improved with each new model. Today the company’s saws are fitted with the LowVib vibration damping system, the principle of which is to balance one mass with the other, the inertial interaction of the two masses. Parts of the chainsaw are isolated from the handles by steel springs, and the full weight of the handles is the counterweight. But note that the quality of vibration dampening on household saws is lower, because their operating time is much less than professional. Not to mention the double air filtration, which allows you to increase the productivity of the logger and the engine, at the expense of reducing the time to service the chainsaw. How to Properly Fill a Gasoline-Powered Chain Saw Preparing the Fuel Pipeline What Gasoline to. How to dilute gasoline for a chainsaw? The narrow body, high center of gravity, and flat bottom make the Husgvarna chain saws easy and comfortable to operate.

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One last piece of advice is valid for all chainsaws, without exception. Don’t forget that according to statistics, about 90% of all saw breaks are the result of careless attitude to the saw headset and chain. If the chain is sharpened, then it works, and if not. the person. You apply more force when sawing, increasing the load on the chainsaw, reducing the motor life and the entire life of the unit.

Is it possible to fill a chain saw with 95-rd gasoline??

This is the question most often faced by novice chainsaw users. Quite often they buy 95-th gasoline instead of the manufacturer’s recommended 92-th, believing that the higher the octane number, the better the quality of fuel.

Not really. The fact that the fuel of the 95-th brand in its quality sometimes is not only not superior, but is inferior to the 92-nd gasoline. This is due to the fact that the composition of the fuel brand AI-95 is quite often “caught up” by making it various additives designed to increase the octane number of gasoline.

That’s why it’s better to use only АI-92 gasoline to fill up a chain saw. It will help to prevent serious chainsaw mechanisms failures and improve its performance in difficult operating conditions.

What to replace expensive oil with

The disadvantage of special brand name chain lubricants is their high price. To buy a liter of another expensive oil is not expensive. And if you have to work with several liters or even dozens of liters of oil, you will probably think about economy. The main thing is not to go to extremes in considering the options. You can save so much money on oil that you have to change the chain or even the tire or the oil pump several times.

There are three options for replacement. First, you can use specialized products of lesser-known manufacturers for chain lubrication. But such oils are still hard to find. Besides there is a risk to run across a low-quality product.

The use of oils for automobile engines. As a temporary substitute they can be used, but they can’t boast of high adhesion, that is why their quality will be worse than special oils. For this reason it is not advisable to use heather and diesel oils, which have the worst adhesion characteristics.

And it’s imperative to mention another option. waste oil. This is the name given to the oil that has reached the end of its service life in the engine and has been drained out of the engine when it is replaced.

Actually, that’s not an option at all. Metal particles are sure to be present in the used oil. Maybe they won’t harm the chain itself, but they will surely harm the oil pump and the whole lubrication system. You can find a “killer” argument in the Internet forums in favor of used oil. that a Soviet Druzhba chain saw had no chain lubrication at all and it worked. So you can pour anything you like and it will do. Well, the STIHL will also work with used oil or a non-lubricated chain. The question is how long it will run and how many chains have to be replaced in the meantime.

A word of caution for chainsaws that are under warranty. A mechanic in a repair shop knows how to spot a chain that has been greased badly. Especially with used oil. Denial of repair under warranty will follow immediately.

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