Gasoline lawn mower what to choose.

Earlier in a separate material, we examined in detail the 10 best (in our opinion) electric lawn mower. Perhaps, for the right choice, you may need a detailed “introductory” in the question of lawn mowers: what are the types, what are their differences, what are important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of a particular structure. All details on the link “Best electric lawn mowers”.

Compared to electric, gasoline lawn mowers have the following subtleties and nuances:

  • do not depend on the presence / absence of electricity on the site;
  • good maneuverability;
  • very high power;
  • high performance;
  • can work in advanced, littered areas;
  • can be used on wet days.
  • quite high cost;
  • expenses for fuel, lubricants;
  • noisiness;
  • large weight;
  • problematic work in hilly areas, in uneven territory;
  • gas exhausts;
  • Regular maintenance.

The advantages of gasoline lawn mowers over electric are:

  • Very high power that allows you to cope with any grass
  • Maneuverability, it is very convenient to manage them
  • High performance and speed
  • The opportunity to work even in wet weather
  • The ability to make a perfectly even lawn, since the mowing is carried out parallel to the relief

When choosing a lawn mower, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Engine power. It is especially important if you plan to mow high grass.
  • The weight. Depending on who will work more often.
  • The width of the mowing. It is especially true if you have a large area of ​​the site. For regular mowing of grass, for example, you should choose models with a large width of the mowing and small power.
  • Type of drive and wheel size. Self.propelled rear.wheel drive are considered universal. If your dream is a perfectly even lawn, then wheels with a diameter of 8-10 cm will be the best solution.
  • Type of cutting mechanism. depending on which grass you will have to fight.
  • Mobility that creates comfort and ease of work.

Based on the reviews of people who own gasoline mowers, we compiled a rating and allocated 15 models according to various criteria, presented their detailed description, indicated the advantages and disadvantages of each brand.

Most homeowners begin to take care of the lawn using budget lawn mowers. For small areas, this approach is fully justified. Experts identified several reliable models.

Top 5 Electric Lawn Mowers in 2022 ��

Makita PLM4120N

In many respects, the Japanese lawn mower makita PLM4120N is not inferior to the leader of our rating. A convenient gas technician weighs only 26.8 kg, while providing a width of 41 cm wide. The manufacturer has equipped the model with a useful mulching function, although you can collect mowed grass in a soft collection with a volume of 50 liters. It is possible to adjust the height of the mowing in the limit of 25-70 mm, for this there are 5 provisions of the lever.

gasoline, lawn, mower, choose

The weak side of the unit was the small power of the American engine Briggs and Stratton (2.7 liters. with.). Users complain of problems when mowing high and thick grass. In addition, the mower is supplied without oil, so the owner first needs to do maintenance.

Huter GLM-4.0

A powerful power unit is equipped with a Huter GLM-4 lawn mower.0. Due to the 4-clock gasoline engine 4 liters. with. The device makes a wide wrap (46 cm), while the height of the mowing is adjustable in the widest range (20-85 mm). Smarted grass enters a hard collection with a capacity of 60 liters, the reliability of the mowing housing provides sheet steel. Experts note the quiet work of the lawn mower, in operation it is simple and convenient. The model is somewhat inferior to the leaders of the rating in weight (33.9 kg) and reliability.

Users complain about a plastic starter, often you have to adjust the carburetor. The problem is the search for spare parts. But in general, the device deserves flattery words and honorary third place.

Zubyr GKB-400p

Inexpensive, but very effective model for haircuts of grass and lawn care, is considered a rotary lawn mower from the bison brand. The power of the engine of this lawn mower is 1.80 l.with. The 4-stroke device of the device eliminates the preparation of the fuel mixture. Due to the width of the mowing of 400 mm, the device allows you to process large areas in a short period of time. Also, in order to achieve optimal results when mowing grass, this model provides for the adjustment of the height.

Device control is displayed on an ergonomic handle. And when the gas mower is lost, the protection system and the motor are triggered, like the cutting tool instantly stops. A container in this lawn mower has a volume of 40 liters, which allows you not to be distracted by frequent cleaning of the grass collector. Grass emission can be adjusted both forward and back. The wheels of this model on bearings and increased diameter, they do not wrinkle grass and provide good cross.


  • Device control is displayed on the handle;
  • motor protection system;
  • volumetric container for collecting grass;
  • good motor power for the budget option;
  • Adjustment of the height is provided.

Redverg RD-GLM411G

Non.self.propelled gasoline gasoline from the Redverg brand is quite powerful and equipped with high technical characteristics. This model is equipped with a quick launch system. Ready Star, with which the motor starts at any time without much effort. Loncin production engine is quite powerful. is 3.50 liters.with. The speed of mowing in this model reaches 3000 revolutions per minute, the width of the cut is 410 mm.

The device has a function adjustment function. It is also equipped with a folding handle, for convenience during transportation and storage. The grass collector in this device is roomy. a capacity of 50 liters. The model is equipped with a noise and vibration suppression system. The lawn mower knife is made of stainless steel and resistant to mechanical damage.

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The case of this lawn mower is made of durable metal and is not subject to external damage. As for the comfort when moving, this model has the rear wheels of increased diameter and this helps to increase maneuverability, as well as patency in areas with slopes. The tread on wheels does not spoil the lawn and does not leave significant traces. Four wheels are supplied with the lawn mower.


  • fast start.up system;
  • Powerful motor for 3.50 liters.with.;
  • speed reaches 3000 revolutions per minute;
  • the volume of the grass collector is 50 liters;
  • noise and vibration suppression system.

DDE LM 46-60

With a large area (up to 2000 kV. m) the lawn is able to cope with the gasoline lawn mower DDE LM 46-60. High performance of the unit is achieved due to the powerful (4 liters. with.) Motor and wide PROKOS (46 cm). A spacious grass collector (60 l) from soft material allows you to work for a long time without stopping. The model has a mulching function, in this case, crushed grass can be thrown to the side or back. Thanks to the central adjustment (5 provisions), the height of the mowing is selected in the range of 25-75 mm. The handle is easily tuned to the growth of the operator.

It was not possible to get into the top three rating due to a large weight (33 kg), a poor-quality assembly. This is evidenced by reviews of domestic users.

Useful video

We suggest watching a video with the recommendations of a specialist for choosing a lawn mower:

The correct choice of gasoline lawn mower is possible only if the potential buyer clearly understands what kind of tasks such an apparatus takes for himself. After all, a model with excessive power or width of the mowing, as well as unclaimed functions, will cost noticeably more expensive with the same reliability.

Therefore, it is very important to choose a mower with the capabilities and characteristics that are most consistent with specific conditions, and not the model that someone considers the best one in one parameter.

From this article you learned which parameters of gasoline lawners are most important for various situations, and also learned to choose the device for certain tasks.

gasoline, lawn, mower, choose

This information will help you, even if after getting acquainted with reviews, you still have not decided which model to choose for a summer residence or private yard. As a result, at the minimum price, get the gasoline lawnapon maximally effective on your site.

Price segments and manufacturing companies

All gasoline lawn mowers in our market are represented by several familiar brands. They are divided by the pricing policy of their models into cheap, average and premium segment.


Represented by most brands whose products are produced in China: Zigzag, EFCO, Hüter, DDE, and T. P. They are distinguished by:

  • a small set of functions;
  • non.self.propelled;
  • low.power engines;
  • high noise;
  • complex service;
  • minimum width of mowing;
  • cheap materials of the case and grass collector.

Some models like Hüter, DDE is an excellent price ratio that cannot be called unreliable. But production in China and 1 year of guarantees confuse.

Fact. Only the season and the amount of precipitation, and not the sharpening of the knives, affect the speed of the grass. But the sharper the lanes of the lawn mower, the more accurate the lawn without yellow ends of the grass.


These are world brands with a good reputation: OLEO-MAC, CRAFTSMAN, CRAFTOP, IVT, Stiga, Viking, Daewoo and others. There are already more functions and reliable quality:

  • powerful engines;
  • self.income;
  • impact.resistant plastic or body steel;
  • Settings of the height of the bevel (25–75 mm);
  • control on the handle;
  • adjustment on growth and folding of the handle;
  • rear and lateral release;
  • Hard or durable tarpaulin trap;
  • Mulching knives;
  • Classic bevel width in the region of 43–55 cm.


Premium brands proven: Husqvarna, Bosch, Makita, As-Motors, Honda, and T. P. It is these manufacturers that provide:

  • reliable and powerful engines for self.propelled models;
  • overheating protection system;
  • reduced noise;
  • high.quality body material (steel, aluminum, high.quality plastic);
  • 4 in 1 (collection, mulching, rear and lateral release);
  • durable herbal collectors;
  • Signal of filling with grass;
  • indestructible lobed and mulching knives;
  • the ability to adjust the height of the bevel for each wheel in one motion on the handle (25–75 mm);
  • large rear wheels on bearings;
  • front and rear.wheel drive;
  • speed control on the handle;
  • adjustment by growth and folding of the handle;
  • easy launch (a cable with a maximum of 2 attempts or autostart);
  • maximum bevel width up to 58 cm.

How self.propelled devices differ from each other?

Despite the fact that all devices of this type are made in one architecture, they differ in:

All chassis of these devices, with the exception of the lawmaker-militia, are made according to a three-wheeled or four-wheeled scheme.

The three.wheeled scheme provides higher controllability, however, in it, the central change in the height of the mowing actually leads only to the rise of the deck from the side of the rear wheels, and near the front wheels its position must be changed manually.

In addition, a three.wheeled chassis is more stable in crossed areas, however, most buyers of lawn mowers prefer to mow relatively flat or gentle areas, and for mowing on crossed areas they use manual or wheeled trimmers for grass.

Four.wheeled chassis better provide the same height of the mowing in uneven areas, but are less maneuverable. The exception is a chassis with front rotary (piano) wheels, but this design costs somewhat more expensive.

With proper use, even the standard four.wheeled chassis is almost not inferior to three.wheeled or four.wheeled with piano front wheels, so not everyone agrees to overpay for a slight increase in the comfort of the mowing of grass.

Two types of transmissions are installed on self.propelled devices:

Belt is less reliable, but noticeably cheaper, hydraulic is much more reliable, but it costs much more. Both types of transmissions can be multi.stage, which facilitates the choice of speed mode and reduces the load on the engine during transportation of the lawn mower.

You will find more detailed information on all differences of self.propelled gasoline gasoline lawn mowers here.

What to look for when choosing

Before acquiring the unit, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the technical features indicated in the passport. It is important to determine the tasks that the technique should solve, and financial capabilities. The main attention is paid to the three main nodes of the unit. the motor, body and wheels. So, the list of positions on which should be made:

Engine and its power

The higher the power of the motor, the easier the unit will cope with thick vegetation, dense stems of weeds, young ground roots of shrubs. In quality in the first place is Japanese, in the second. the American engine.

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Material and volume of collection of grass

Grass collectors are of three types. cloth, plastic and combined. Fabric are convenient, compact, but require periodic washing so that air cork does not form. Most models have plastic collections that are characterized by strength and minimal care. Luxury segment mowers are equipped with combined containers.

The presence of a mulching kit

The kit includes a special knife and plug, which is installed in the grass collector. In some units, they are present in the configuration, in others there are no.

The smoothness of the course

Smoothness is provided by a mechanism that is laid in wheels. Simple lawn mowers have bronze bushings, ordinary bearings are on the averaged apparatus, and high.quality are equipped with needle bearings.


Important when choosing a model is a manufacturing company. The most popular brands in the market are Bosh, Husqvarna, MTD, Makita, Al-Ko, Honda, Al-Ko, Champion, DDE, Gardena, Hyundai.

Characteristics of the site

Pay attention to the type of vegetation, terrain, length of the site. If the technique is purchased for a bevel of high and thick grass, then it is better to purchase more powerful models. For small lawns covered with soft greens, less productive mowers are suitable.

The weight of the device

The question is especially relevant if several people with different physical capabilities will use the equipment. The volume of the grass collector should also be taken into account, since the lawn mower will become much harder in full form.

Attention! The technique belongs to the category of traumatic. During operation, it is necessary to show attentiveness and accuracy. It is recommended to acquire special shoes and overalls, headphones, gloves, goggles.

Signs, characteristics and review of models

Despite the name, these devices are used not only for the mowing of lawns, but also for cutting any land plots on which grass grows.

Therefore, it is pointless to compare the models for mowing young grass in even areas and those that are designed to work on sites with complex relief, slopes and other complex places.

The first separation can be carried out as intended for these devices, that is, for:

In addition, there are models that can be attributed to universal, that is, in one way or another suitable for work in any areas.

There are few of them and in most cases in one or more characteristics are inferior to highly specialized devices, but if the potential buyer will have to mow grass in areas of various types, then it is better to pay attention to these models.

For lawns with young low grass

The main requirement for such a technique lies in the optimal combination of low price and good performance, as well as the maximum number of methods of its processing and release, that is, the system “3 in 1” and “4 in 1”.

You can read more about such systems in this article (choosing a self.propelled lawn mower).

In a slight extent, functions such as autostart and variable speed of movement will be affected by the place in the ranking. Next, we consider in more detail these models.

Huter GLM-5.0S

This lawn mower is collected in China, but under the control of representatives of the German concern.

Thanks to this, with a low cost (17 thousand on the official website of Huter), the device turned out to be very reliable, like any German lawn mower.

5 liter engine. with., The width of the Prokos is 46 cm and the 4 in 1 system allow you to quickly bring the house lawn or lawn in order, and due to the small weight (27 kg), even women or elderly people will be able to control this device.

DDE LM 51-60 D

This device, made in Chinese factories, has one of the best ratios of value and power, because it has a DDE 6 liter engine installed on it. with.

The width of the PCO is 51 cm, and the mass of the lawn mower is 40.5 kg.

It is equipped with a 4 in 1 system, as well as rather large wheels and rear.wheel drive, which easily overcomes any irregularities of the soil.


Krüger GLMK-173

This is one of the most powerful (6.5 liters. with.) models with a width of a mowing 51 cm and weighing 38 kg, equipped with a variator, so that you can smoothly change the speed of movement.

Despite the fact that it is made under the control of German specialists, the assembly quality and reliability are at an average level for Chinese household appliances.

The lawn mower is equipped with a 3 in 1 system (without mulching) and large wheels (front 20 cm, rear 28 cm), and its

gasoline, lawn, mower, choose

Patriot RT 47 LS

This model is equipped with a 4.5 liter engine. with. and has a width of the mowing 46 cm, and its mass is 35 kg. Equipped with a 4 in 1 system, and its

Daewoo DLM 45SP

Engine power of this model 4.5 liters. with., However, it is one of the easiest, because its weight is 28 kg, so even women or elderly people will be able to effectively use it.

The lawn mower is equipped with a 3 in 1 system, without a mulching function, and the wheels of increased diameter increase its ability in uneven areas.

Champion LM4627

This model is also collected in China, so the devices are not very reliable. Not too powerful engine (3.5 l. with.) and medium weight (32 kg) make this lawn mower quite popular.

Thanks to the width of the mowing 46 cm, the device quickly copes with lawns and lawns not too large, and the 4 in 1 system allows you to perform all types of mowing grass.


Hyundai L 4600S

Despite the relatively low power ratio (3.5 liters. with.) and cost (25 thousand on the company’s website), this model is in demand, because its assembly quality and reliability are noticeably higher than most Chinese analogues.

The cut width is 46 cm and the average weight (34 kg) make it universal, so it is suitable for any terrain and easily copes with young grass.

Al-ko Highline 46.5 SP-A

This German lawn mower is characterized by high.quality assembly and general reliability, regardless of the location of the plant at which it was collected.

Due to the high requirements for the quality of the product, it is necessary to use more expensive materials, so the value of the cost (27 thousand on the manufacturer’s website) and power (2.7 liters. with.) extremely small.

The braid is equipped with large (20 cm front and 28 cm rear) wheels, as well as a 3 in 1 system (without lateral emission), therefore it is well suited for work on any areas. Despite the low power of the motor, the manufacturer reports that this model can be used for mowing areas whose area does not exceed 14 acres.

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Makita PLM4628N

This self.propelled gasoline lawn mower is one of the best and most reliable, because it is collected with real Japanese quality.

However, the ratio of value (28 thousand) and power (2.6 liters. with.) much lower than most analogues.

Moving width 46 cm and weight 31 kg allow you to use this technique even to women or older people, and large wheels (20 cm front and 28 cm rear) increase patency in complex areas.

Rating of the best self.propelled gas.coculuscs and prices

In this section, we will talk about the best models of lawn mowers suitable for work in uneven areas with high grass, as well as their distinctive features. After all, each device has some special properties, so it is well suited for certain types of relief.

The rating of self.propelled gasoline lawn mowers for the uneven site is based on user reviews.

Sterwins 150cc

This Chinese apparatus is manufactured at Leroymerlin (Leroamerlen) factories and equipped with a rather weak (3.2 liter. with.) a motor, therefore it is not suitable for mowing thick or high grass.

But the royal wheels of a fairly large diameter made behind the frame provide this lawn mower with high cross.cutting, and the drive to even larger rear wheels gives this model good stability when working on the slopes and various irregularities. The lawn mower does not have the function of mulching and lateral emission of grass, but it is regularly equipped with an electric starter that facilitates the start of the engine.

The main purpose of the Sterwins 150CC model is a haircut of relatively small (up to one thousand square meters) lawns located on an unrestrained area.

Sturm! PL4614S

The apparatus from the international group of companies “Sturm” is small in size, which is better follows the terrain than the larger analogues. In addition, it has a rather powerful engine for such sizes (5 liters. with.) and all types of emission and processing of grass, the so.called four in one (4 in 1).

Another significant plus is a special design of knives, which, when meeting with a solid obstacle, do not cut into it, dull blades, but fold, so that the cutting edge does not receive damage.

Also, the advantages include conveniently located central switch of the height of the mowing.

Reel vs Rotary Lawn Mowers // Pros and Cons, Cut Quality, How To Mow Low

The main disadvantage is not too large wheels, which is why the main purpose of this device is the mowing of grass in areas with a smooth relief change. In addition, many external parts are made of plastic, so the device requires a very careful attitude.

Huterglm. 5

Another small Chinese apparatus with powerful (5 liters. with.) for such sizes with a four.stroke engine. The wheels installed on the lawn mower are slightly superior to the standard diameter for such sizes, so that this model has more patency than analogues.

The lawn mower is equipped with a drive to the rear wheels and a central adjustment of the height of the mowing, so it is well suited for areas with a rather strong height difference. This model is equipped with the rear and lateral emissions, as well as a grass receiver, but mulching does not provide for what can be attributed to the minuses.

Husqvarna Mz 28T

Ryder based on a mini-tractor is equipped with a reliable deformed engine with a capacity of 22 liters. with. and central adjustment of the height of the mowing.

Large wide rear wheels provide high ability, and also reduce the load on the grass and soil.

The cutting Deck is equipped with small wheels that protect knives from contact with the soil, so that this rider can be used in areas with a rather sharp change in heights. The large width of the device at the level of the rear wheels (1.7 m) provides good stability when working on the slopes.

Ryder is standardly equipped with lateral and rear emission of grass, and mulching and grass collector are options, so they must be ordered separately. Husqvarna offers the MZ 28T model only by prior order, so the cost of the rider directly depends on the configuration, which means that it can only be determined during the order of the order.


This professional three.wheeled lawn mower is equipped with a 6 liter engine. with. and a knife of a special shape, which reduces the load on the engine, and also grinds cut grass, performing the function of mulching knife. This model is equipped only with a lateral emission, so working with the grass collector is not provided. The pluses of the model include a rather large maximum mowing height and its central adjustment, as well as very large, even for devices of this size, wheel.

  • too much width of the mowing (51 cm), which is why cross-country ability is reduced in crossed terrain;
  • large weight (54 kg);
  • Pretty high price (75 thousand).

This model is well suited for use in areas with a smooth, but frequent change in soil level, as well as covered with high grass and trees. After all, a three.wheeled chassis is not only more passable and stable than four.wheeled, but also noticeably maneuverable, so it is easier for such a device to pump the grass around the trees and in other places that are inaccessible to most lawnmands.

Stiga Twinclip 50 SQB 294512828/ST1

The lawn mower is equipped with a 3 liter engine. with., as well as knives of a special shape, with double blades, so even with relatively small power it cuts off and grinds the grass.

This model is equipped with a 4 in 1 system, due to which you can choose the most suitable grass release mode for certain conditions.

A medium.sized wheels are installed on this apparatus, and the cloth grass is equipped with a filling sensor. The pluses can also be attributed to the installation of the wheels on ball bearings and the central adjustment of the height, and the minuses are quite large. 42 kg.

The Stiga Twinclip 50 SQB 294512828/ST1 lawn mower is well suited for mowing grass in areas with a smooth change in heights, but even small, but steep fossa and elevations can become an insurmountable obstacle.

Patriot Pt 52ls 512109024

Four.wheeled lawn mower with a power of 6.5 liters. with. and a rather large capture width (51 cm) is equipped with a mulching system, as well as lateral and rear emissions, and the use of the rear emission is possible only with the grass receiver.

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