and wiring for Japanese specification FX1N PLC main units. This manual covers basic hardware details for the FX1N Series Programmable Logic Controller. FX1N Hardware Manual – 三菱可编程控制器FX1N型PLC硬件手册. User’s Manual. (Data Communication). FX1S/FX1N/FX2N(C)/FX3U. Interface Modules. INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION. MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC. MITSUBISHI.

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Take special care not to allow debris to fall inside the unit during installation e. D, D M Program circuit error ref. The FX1N does not have battery backup, if a system hardwate backup of more than 10 days, a peripheral backup power source must be provided. Upper pot, D read from VR1. Each of the symbols used will now be listed with a brief description of its meaning.

Grounding is recommended but if a proper ground cannot be provided, the PLC will still operate correctly without being grounded. Do not use this terminal Fuse Surge absorbing Manaul.

Mitsubishi FX1NMT-DSS Manuals

Low voltage cables should be reliably separated or insulated with regard to high voltage cabling. Do not remove this screw. PL E xtension block? Check the previously down loaded program works correctly. This manual provides information for the installation and use of the FX1N.


When the products associated with this manual are used as a system or individually, they must be installed in a suitable enclosure. Under no circumstances will Mitsubishi Electric be liable or responsible for any consequential damage that may arise as a result of the installation or use of this equipment.

D Top cover for board.

Mitsubishi FX1NMT-ESS/UL Manuals

This includes being completely familiar with all associated documentation for the said product. Never mount them to the floor or ceiling of an enclosure. The manual has been written to be used by trained and competent personnel.

For improved response times use a ‘dummy’ resistor, see the figure below. Please refer to the table below.

Remove the base unit top cover. Units should not be installed in areas subject to the following conditions: Associated Manuals The following manuals are recomended as esential reference material for the correct operation of a FX1N series Programmable controller.

Screw terminals must be secured to prevent a loose connection from causing a malfunction. Always make sure the power is turned off, before installing a special function board.


Features table 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Top cover Direct mounting holes 4. See equation 1 for Rb calculation.

If resistance Rp is less than the stated value, then add Rb. Note that the ground cable must not be connected to the same ground as the power circuits.

Mitsubishi FX1N-24MT-ESS/UL Manuals

Mitsubishi Electric will accept no responsibility for actual use of the product based on these illustrative examples. This manual contains text, diagrams and explanations which will guide the reader in the correct installation and operation of the FX 1N Series Programmable Controllers.

Down load a small test program into the PLC. Note all counters are latched Remarks Fz1n to C15 Type: Fix board to base unit using screws C.

Plug board A into connector B. B Optional equipment connector port. Mechanical interlocks MUST be fitted to all safety critical circuits.

E M3 screw to secure top cover.