Fuel consumption of a Chinese grass trimmer. Review of the best models

Fuel Consumption for Grass Trimmer Gasoline for Accounting Example of Calculation

Gasoline lawnmower is not uncommon these days, and you can find it in almost every household plot. There is nothing special in its construction, and even a beginner can use it. However, there are points to which you should pay special attention. For example, you know what should be the rate of gasoline consumption for a lawn mower, and on what values this figure depends? If not, this article will serve you as a very useful source of information.

So first things first, let’s find out what your lawn mower’s gas consumption depends on. There are important points to consider here:

Let’s talk in more detail about each of the factors.

You want to keep the gas consumption of your lawnmower to a minimum? Consider units with a 4-stroke engine like the Huter GLM-5.0. It’s more expensive than a 2-stroke engine, but the fuel economy will largely cover the cost of your budget.

When buying a lawn mower, keep in mind that most of them are designed for level surfaces. So if your terrain is rough, make sure your new lawn mower has large wheels for good cross-country mobility. That way it doesn’t strain too much and doesn’t waste a lot of fuel.

It should be noted that for a site with difficult terrain, it is better to purchase a front-drive mower, which is endowed with the best maneuverability.

Both features are closely linked. The higher the power, the wider the cutting width. Please note that in the model you are interested in, these concepts are properly balanced. Accordingly, the greater the mowing width, the less time you will spend on mowing the lawn, and the gasoline consumption of the lawnmower in this case will not exceed the norm.

In addition, all the cutting parts are not subjected to high loads, which greatly extend their service life. We remind you that all repairs and sharpening of cutting parts should be carried out only by a specialist in the service department.

Advantages and disadvantages of FS450 model

The STIHL FS450 lawnmower is ergonomic, very robust and easy to operate for long periods of time.

Stable, intermittent operation is ensured by a special STIHL compensator that controls the level of mixture saturation when the air filter is contaminated. As a consequence of this process, the engine power remains constant for a long time, and the air filter can be cleaned after 80% of its surface contamination.

As disadvantages, the owners of hedge trimmers sometimes note high fuel consumption, noisiness in operation.

The price of the STIHL FS450 lawnmower in the range of 40,000.

Factors affecting gas consumption

This is a lot when you consider that the other version of this device, the electric, works no more than twenty minutes.

As a rule, gas grass trimmers are usually equipped with two-stroke engines. For them, experts advise to use fuel with an octane number of at least AI-92, which is mixed with oil.

There are four factors that affect gas mileage.

POWER. The higher this number, the more fuel the unit requires. However, are higher values of this characteristic always preferable? Since four-stroke engines consume more fuel than two-stroke engines, they are more powerful.

Devices in this sense are usually divided into groups, each corresponding to a particular area of use. The motor can be:

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It turns out that low-power devices must have a long enough run time without refueling. However, in order to make these models cheaper and reduce their weight, the manufacturer installs not only small fuel tanks on them, but also the engines, which in any case must be stopped. After all, they need to be cooled.

Machines with 1-3 horsepower are usually classified as semi-professional. For them it is quite common to install more economical advanced engines.

In such devices, fuel consumption is, of course, more economical. As regards tank sizes, these are typically rated for one hour of continuous use. The surveys of buyers and sellers show that this category of units is the most popular.

GENERAL! Due to its status, professional equipment is usually equipped with a powerful engine and a large tank. To make it easier for the user, you can introduce an option such as a wide shoulder strap.

When we talk about such a gas trimmer, we mean that the fuel consumption in it cannot be economical. After all, high horsepower as well as a large bevel width inevitably leads to the fact that such a device will require a lot of fuel.

fuel, consumption, grass, trimmer

If there is an option to choose the mode of operation, it also saves the gas grass trimmer. In this case the fuel flow is adjusted as required.

THE SURFACE OF THE AREA AND ITS SIZE. The lion’s share of devices are designed to work on a flat surface. However, there are no ideal conditions. Bricks and rocks, branches and stumps, and other items, for example, can often be found.

This automatically leads to fuel costs. And so, if someone on the site has a violation, you need to make sure that the gasoline trimmer has large wheels. They could provide the vehicle with increased crossing capabilities. This way, the grass trimmer will not strain and consume more fuel.

FUNCTIONS. Most modern versions have additional options. This could be, for example, the ability to mow grass in hard-to-reach corners or change from one speed to another. Clearly, this can make the whole job a lot easier. However, such options may require additional fuel consumption.

What affects a grass trimmer’s gas consumption?

Gasoline trimmers typically have a 0.5 to 1.5 gallon fuel tank, which affects tool weight and operating time. The longest operating time of this type of unit. 40 minutes, whereas the electric. no more than 20 minutes. Gasoline grass trimmers are mainly equipped with two-stroke engines, and it is recommended to use fuel with an octane number not lower than АI-92 mixed with oil.

The gasoline consumption of the grass trimmer is influenced by the following indicators:

  • Power. The more powerful the engine, the more fuel it will “require”. As you know, four-stroke motors spend more fuel than two-stroke motors, but they are also much more powerful;
  • The terrain and size of the site. Most trimmers are designed for flat surfaces, but often on the way there are stones, stumps, branches from trees and other interfering debris, which can affect fuel consumption;
  • Feature set. Many modern models of trimmers are equipped with additional options, for example, cutting grass in hard-to-reach places, the ability to switch from one speed to another and others, which greatly facilitates the work on the site. But they also sometimes require more gasoline.

About parts

Every tool needs preventive maintenance. Even professional models need at least to adjust, and do it correctly, according to the instructions. STIHL lawn mower repair parts are sold as original parts only. Similar products are not acceptable. The models described above acquire “diseases” after 4-5 years of operation, but they are. To protect an expensive tool from incomprehensible breakdowns, you should follow these recommendations:

  • Read the manual closely. It is important to know the proportions for gasoline and oil, and even better to comply with them, measuring for 1 liter. It is better to follow them, measuring 20 grams of oil in 1 liter of petrol. oil.
  • Do not save on gasoline. Strictly 92 and up.
  • Use a medicine syringe to measure out the oil as quickly as possible.
  • Do not store the fuel mix for more than 2 weeks because gasoline begins to oxidize.
  • After purchase, the lawnmower must be run in at maximum power. 15 minutes work, then 15 minutes rest. Exhaust up to 5 tanks by this method.
  • Clean filters (air and fuel).
  • Do not wrap grass around moving parts.
  • Do not bump into fences, rocks, trees and other obstacles with the disc. Otherwise there is no way to avoid damage to the engine and clutch.
  • As a precaution, lubricate the hard shaft once a year with Lithol-24.
  • A broken line will cause less damage, but it is a working point. Continued use is possible by pushing on the reel correctly.
  • Do not immerse the gearbox in water while cleaning.
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All STIHL models are safe, longlife, reliable and designed to withstand maximum use without breakdown. The resource of the tool makes it a pleasure to carry out the necessary work on the garden. Having chosen any of the described models, you can safely proceed to the running-in of the engine and further proper operation.

How to calculate the rate of consumption of the grass trimmer

It is useful for every motorist to know methods of calculating gasoline consumption rates in his or her own car. This will help properly estimate the cost of money for long trips, as well as the total cost of freight and passenger transportation. There are a huge number of options for calculating gasoline consumption in cars. The only question is why.

The average motorist can find average and instantaneous consumption

Fuels and lubricants, although for the experts, with regard to the confidentiality mentioned above, for accountants of companies that have vehicles on their balance sheet, more specific fuel consumption will be of interest, also the norm of its consumption in accordance with different operational criteria.

Fuels, lubricants and bills

By fuels and lubricants (fuels and lubricants) we mean not only the fuel itself, which is gasoline, diesel fuel or gas, but also various lubricants and water (brakes, cooling). Fuels and lubricants are any materials that are frequently used in the maintenance of vehicles.

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation has developed special standards for fuel and lubricants, and the Tax Code of the Russian Federation does not prohibit the use of standards for its development. In the latter case, they take into account various coefficients, decreasing and increasing, related to the time of year, weather and principles, factors in the operation of vehicles.

Calculation of fuel and lubricants (in which the specific fuel will be assumed in our article) in the organization is carried out using the primary accounting document. the account. Invoices contain information about the time of departure and return of the vehicle to the starting point of the route, the rate of consumption of fuel and other consumables, detailed characteristics of the cargo, as well as information about the purpose of the trip and other relevant information. ,

A simple formula for calculating fuel and lubricants

There are several very simple ways to calculate gas and other fuel consumption. For example, you can use the built-in on-board computer to calculate instantaneous (instantaneous) consumption, which is the amount of fuel consumed at a given time. It displays a lot of useful information, including average gas consumption per 100 km, fuel consumption for the current trip, and instantaneous consumption. With the on-board computer you can easily set the parameters for a new trip and see the amount of gasoline or diesel you need on the screen.

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But what if you don’t have a computer like that in your car?? Use the formula:

Types of STIHL mowing equipment Example of a calculation

What’s the hurry?

Most modern motorcycles from all makes boast dazzling dynamics and exorbitant top speeds. We also see the rocket acceleration every time we turn on a video with our favorite motorcycle or admire it on a flyer. But why repeat it every time we start from a stoplight?? Aggressive riding style on a sports bike can double fuel consumption. If you’re worried about the financial side of things, you might want to ride more modestly and postpone the fun to a more prosperous time? In any case, keep in mind that you will be able to ride much more at mid-range speeds than at maximum speeds.

fuel, consumption, grass, trimmer

Over long distances, try to concentrate on maintaining a constant speed, add gas slowly, and avoid unnecessary braking. Look far ahead, and react in advance to impending causes for speed drop, so as not to slow down at the last moment, and in vain not to change dynamic energy into thermal energy. In addition, we should not forget that a smooth ride. Is a safe ride.

Rating of trimmers

To choose a grass trimmer for the grass with sufficient power, good maneuverability and easy operation, study popular models. Compare their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages:

Huter GET-400

Huter GET-400 for grass

Price in rubles Features Pros of Cons
1150 Type. electric, mowing width. 24 cm, the rotation of the blade. 8000 rpm./min., Noise level. 96 dB, power. 350 W, engine location. bottom, body. plastic, trimmer line. 1.2 mm, weight. 1.8 kg. Powerful, inexpensive, lightweight, compact size, handy for small areas, folding handle effectively dampens vibrations. Slightly short handle, the included trimmer line is not suitable for removing dense grass.

Bosch ART 26 SL

Bosch ART 26 SL

Price in rubles Characteristics Pros Minuses
2160 Type. electric, mowing width. 26 cm, the rotation of the blade. up to 12500 rpm./min., noise level. 91dB, power. 280W, motor location. bottom, material of the body and deck. plastic, included line trimmer. 1.6 mm, weight. 1.8 kg. Handy D-handle, high RPM, semi-automatic spool can ensure continuous operation, easy assembly. Not a very good line trimmer included, short electric cable, less powerful than analogues.

Gardena SmallCut 300/23

Gardena SmallCut 300/23 grass trimmer

Price in rubles Characteristics Pros of Minuses
2461 Type. electric, mowing width. 23 cm, blade rotation. up to 13000 rpm./minute., noise level. 94 dB, power. 300 W, engine location. bottom, body and deck material. plastic, included line trimmer. 1.6 mm, weight. 1.6 kg. Lightweight, easy to hold, high build quality, not bad efficiency. The original line for the trimmer often breaks.

Husqvarna 128R

Husqvarna 128R grass trimmer

Price in rubles Features Pros of Cons
10790 Type. gasoline two-stroke, cutting width. 45 cm, noise. 114 dB, capacity. 1,1 l.с., displacement. 28 cm3, top position of engine, rpm. 8000 rpm./min., Fuel tank. 0.4 l, handle. height-adjustable, deck and body material. plastic, equipment. line for trimmer, shoulder strap, knife, weight. 5 kg. Well-balanced, excellent power, relatively low vibration, shoulder strap, efficient, low maintenance. Noisy, heavy and expensive.

Makita UR3501

Makita UR3501

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