Forza single-axle tractor with PTO

Features, pros and cons

The Forza brand refers to highly specialized Russian companies, which are engaged in the production of various agricultural equipment and components for devices. As for power tillers, the line of this product was replenished with the first unit not so long ago. only ten years ago. But over the years the modern product range has changed regularly, which has a positive effect on performance and quality.

Domestic Forza agricultural machines are also notable on the market for their affordable and democratic price. Among the current range of available products there are gasoline and diesel units, which significantly increases the range of potential customers.

In order to have the most complete idea about domestic power tillers, it is necessary to detail a number of features that distinguish these devices in the market among analogues.

  • Forza units are fully automated auxiliary technique with different capacity, equipped with high quality internal combustion engines. Today, the concern offers farmers machines with engine power from 6 to 15 liters. с. The weight of the equipment in basic configuration can reach 100-120 kg.
  • The strengths of the equipment include the durability of mechanisms and nodes with a wide range of functions. The latter quality is achieved due to the compatibility of power tillers with various attachments and trailed equipment. Besides that the machines are compatible with other models and brands of auxiliaries that allows the owners to save money and use accessories from other domestic power tillers.
  • The machines are also notable for simple maintenance and easy operation. over, these machines are perfect to work in all temperatures, including sub-zero temperatures.
  • The devices are positioned as machines with a high level of repairability.

However, domestic agricultural machines also have some disadvantages:

  • In some cases, premature clogging of the fuel filter can cause malfunctions of the engine, so special attention should be paid to this node during operation;
  • Based on the type of soil to be cultivated, there may be some difficulty in controlling the equipment.

Advantages of Forza power tillers

The features of agricultural machines of this brand are worthy to pay special attention to them.

Buying Forza power tillers, the consumer receives such advantages:

  • universal base, which allows the installation of motors and wheels of any modifications;
  • Powerful gearbox which can withstand continuous use;
  • convenient mode switching which is provided by the tension spring;
  • availability of the emergency motor stop button, which is located on the steering rod;
  • the ability to adjust the gas supply with a single lever;
  • Convenience of gear shifting with a thoughtfully placed lever;
  • Safety guards and wings that ensure complete safety during operation.
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Running-in of the purchased product is easy and does not take much time. It is enough to inspect the walking tractor, fill it with oil and gasoline, check the gears and start the machine at an average load. All activities last no more than 8-10 hours.

I bought a single-axle tractor three years ago, when I realized that it was too hard and time-consuming to cultivate the countryside by hand. 6.5 liter tractor.с. meets the requirements. I bought attachments as needed. Gradually mechanized all kinds of garden work. digging, sowing, hoeing and harvesting. In the winter, I shovel snow and sled the kids. Fuel consumption is very small. in normal conditions in the range 2-3 liters, at extreme loads up to 4 l/h. The only drawback I can mention is the fast wear and tear of the drive belt and increased vibration, I have to change the belt every year and tighten the bolts every month.

forza, single-axle, tractor

Inherited a country house and a vast plot of 3 hectares. No time or desire to manually handle it. I bought Forza 150 with Japanese engine (I consider it more reliable). For two years I can not rejoice at my purchase. the machine is excellent. Runs like clockwork in all seasons and weather. All maintenance is periodic lubrication and tightening of bolts.

Figuring out that I can not till the country side by hand, I decided to buy a single-axle tractor of lightweight type. I have chosen Forza, as there are inexpensive spare parts and components for this model. I’m satisfied with the purchase. the machine can easily handle loamy soil, cultivate, dip, mow and collect grass. By means of an adapter, I turn a single-axle tractor into a tractor, which simplifies the transportation of various goods. I hooked a sledge, a cart and a boat with a motor to the machine. The single axle tractor is perfect, simple and reliable, it’s worth the money, I recommend it to everybody.

About the producer

Forza trade mark belongs to “UralBenzoTech” company. This company is on the domestic market for over 10 years. Originally the company was only selling gasoline equipment, but in 2010 it created its own brand of home and garden products Forza. Under this brand is produced a wide range of tools and units, including power tillers.

How to choose

To determine the choice of a suitable model of power tiller, it is worth outlining the range of tasks that the device will perform. On this basis, it will be easier to study the presented range of modern models and choose a suitable unit. Today’s power tillers are classified into light, medium and heavy machines. Weight is reflected in productivity and power, but choosing a large-sized equipment, it is worth bearing in mind that it will require some effort during the management, so it is not suitable for women.

In addition, the classification of devices is based on the area of land to be cultivated. Large and medium-sized power tillers can handle agricultural tasks over 25 acres.

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Diesel units will stand out with greater traction capabilities, in addition, such machines have a longer service life. Gasoline-driven devices are many times more maneuverable, besides, they produce less noise and vibration during work.

Specifics of use

Application area is not limited to farming. The unit is used for transporting loads weighing up to 500 kg, carrying out gardening, excavation and snow removal. digging trenches, removing snow, uprooting stumps.

The use of attachments allows to mechanize a large part of agricultural work:

The machine can move backward and forward at different speeds, cross-country and on wet ground. Power unit capacity corresponds to the medium and heavy class, so the tiller can work the fields of 1-4 hectares.

Options and optional equipment

The Russian “Forza” power tillers can have a weight of 50 to 120 kilograms, and the devices are equipped with manufacturer’s four-stroke single-cylinder engines. To reduce the risk of motor failure during operation, machines have an internal air cooling system.

The whole line of presented agricultural equipment can be equipped with various attachments. Among the most in-demand elements are some auxiliary elements.

  • Hillers. Double-row or traverse parts, disc, swivel and conventional tillage tools can be purchased for power tillers.
  • Mower. single axle tractor “Forza” is compatible with all brands of rotary mowers of the domestic model. With such additional equipment, the technique can process areas with a grass height of up to 30 centimeters.
  • Harrow. The manufacturer allows to equip power tillers with a tine auxiliary part. It can vary in the number of tines, as well as in width and length of the ground.
  • Cutters. Russian-made devices can work with a one-piece tool or in conjunction with a collapsible counterpart. The first option functions with a PTO. In addition to the standard versions, farmers are encouraged to operate machines with gooseneck milling machines.
  • Plough and tractor-tines. The tines can be made not only from original equipment, but also from other devices. As a rule, this line of auxiliary equipment works together with a plough, which will increase the quality of land cultivation. As for plows, then for the medium and light class devices are usually used single-hulled plows. For heavy class machines, twin-hulled plows are purchased, but such accessories greatly increase the weight of the power tiller. This point should be taken into account when selecting a suitable modification of the working tool.
  • Adapter and trailer. A specialized type of adapter for domestic power tillers is considered an auxiliary front adapter, through which the single-axle tractor becomes a full-fledged mini-tractor. When equipped with such an element, the machine will develop a working speed of up to 5 km/h, as well as transport. up to 15 km/h.

As for the trailers, the manufacturer offers for the devices tippers, equipment of the usual type, as well as models with a seat for one person.

  • Snowplow and shovel. The first tool is represented by a device, the range of throwing snow is 5 meters. With regard to the shovel, the tool is a standard design with a rubberized edge.
  • Potato planter and potato digger. The tool allows the mechanical assembly and planting of the root crop without the use of manual labor.
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In addition to the above-mentioned additional tools, Forza power tillers can be operated with a rake, weights, ploughs, hitches, rake, limiters, seeder, etc. д.

Instructions for use

The official manual describes the sequence of assembly, the mandatory engine running-in procedure and how to start the engine. It has all the information you need to operate your power tiller.

Oil and fuel

Power train components serve longer, if transmission oil of TAD17, TAP15B sorts is filled up to a gearbox. In moderate climates the crankcase of Honda engines are filled with 10W30 all-season oil, in northern regions. with 5W30. Figures 5 and 10 in the brand name indicate the viscosity of the lubricant.

Technical characteristics of the Forza 105 model

Heavy-duty two-wheel drive machine with 13L horsepower.с. with Forza brand gasoline engine, model 188F. Drive Characteristics:

The machine has a PTO. Wheels are pneumatic, starter is manual. The machine is supplied with a tiller.

forza, single-axle, tractor

PTO facilitates operation of attached implements, enables selection of optimal load for all types of agricultural works. Additional equipment, other than supplied powershooter, is to be purchased separately. When cultivating the soil, the 3.6 liter gas tank is enough for several hours.

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Below are the reviews left by users who operate this equipment, taken from specialized forums and sites:

“I bought a Forza 105GF single-axle tractor to cultivate a large plot of land and other operations in the territory. The single-axle tractor performs well, works flawlessly and without failures. than enough power for the task at hand. I am satisfied with my purchase and I think that the money was not spent in vain.

“I have a small garden, and I bought the MB-105/7 single axle tractor to work the land for the vegetable garden.0. I bought it on the advice of a friend who uses similar equipment. No complaints so far, the operation is understandable, the work is stable. I have used the device for a number of years and it hasn’t needed to be replaced or repaired yet. I hope it will keep going that way. If you are looking for a simple, functional and not expensive model, Forza is the best choice.

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