For an electric screwdriver, what kind of drill

Ice drills with an electric screwdriver: review of the best models

Fishing in winter is an entertaining process that many see as a recreation. Drilling holes in the ice can be a separate part. Now, in the world of technology, it is not a problem. everything is solved by using special tools. Namely, we will talk about an electric screwdriver with an ice pick attachment. Compared to a conventional auger, it is lighter and more compact. And drilling holes with an electric screwdriver will be faster and physically less costly.

Choice of electric screwdriver to ice pick for winter fishing depends on finances. To facilitate the process of drilling holes on the ice of the reservoir, it is recommended to settle on a powerful and high-quality model. Otherwise, the angler may never start fishing because he could not get to the water. The following screwdriver models are presented in the offered rating.

Makita DDF481RTE

This is a powerful electric ice pick screwdriver, more suitable for professional use. That’s why it is so expensive. 27 000 Thanks to the solid power of the unit of 115 Nm, we can assume that it will be enough for drilling holes for more than one season. The main thing is to be careful in the process, because the tool can get stuck in the ice, and it is important at such moments not to dislocate your hands. It comes with two batteries, each with a capacity of up to 5A⋅h and a voltage rating of 18V.


Another ice pick drill from DeWALT.

The unit is equipped with a brushless motor, with a maximum speed of 2000 rpm. Gearbox has two speed. Reverse rotation and motor stop. Can drill into wood, up to 40 mm thick, and metal. Maximal cross-section of the shank is 13 mm. 15 torque settings that are set automatically.

Also features spindle lock, ambient light. Tool is electronically controlled, powered by an 18 V lithium-ion battery. Considered to be reliable in operation.

Makita DHP458RFE

This Japanese model, can quickly make holes, which will be useful for home repairs, as well as for winter fishing. Thanks to its strong aluminum casing, it can drill many holes in ice up to 1 meter thick. The electric screwdriver has a torque rating of only 91 N-m and a battery capacity of 3 A⋅h, which is enough for standalone work. Tool price. 30 000

Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls

“Metabo 18″ is an electric ice pick screwdriver from the German company Metabo with an unobtrusive design. Green paint finish makes the drill immediately visible on snow-white ice. High drill bit efficiency makes it possible to make many holes.

Has a quick-action chuck. It is a two-speed machine, delivering up to 1,700 rpm. Maximal diameter of drill hole in wood and metal is 65 mm, minimal diameter is 13 mm. In addition to normal drilling, pulse mode is available. Torque up to 110 Nm. Overload protection, backlight, start lock.

The device works independently and is sold complete with two 4 Ah batteries. Enough power for 30 holes. The tool has a handy handle on the side for easy operation. But, it is too heavy for drilling holes on ice (without the drill it weighs only 2 kg).

Bosch GSR 18

Wondering what to choose an electric screwdriver for winter fishing? Compact model from Germany Bosch GSR 18. Although the tool is not particularly productive compared to professional devices, but stands out for its quality assembly and equipment.

Sold with two batteries, transport case and battery charger. This cordless ice pick drill is good with a torque of 60 Nm. Battery is electronically protected. Thanks to the battery capacity (5 Ah), the unit can operate for a long time without recharging. The disadvantage is that the unit is weighed down by the batteries. Fishermen also note that it hangs in the carrying case.

The device has an ergonomically designed handle. for hand lines, which makes it extremely comfortable to use an electric screwdriver. Weighs 1.5 kg.

Zubr DAI-18-2-Li KNM4

This electric screwdriver is attractive at a budget price of 9000. and an excellent power. a torque of 60 Nm. This is enough to drill holes with a diameter of 100 mm. The device is equipped with two batteries, 1.5 Ah for 18 V. This is quite enough for 20 holes.

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Also pleased with the lightness of the device. 1.7 kg. Carrying case and charger available. The presence of battery blocks flattened shape, so they are easy to hide during fishing.


This model is often preferred by fishermen because of its low price. But problems can arise if you want to drill through too thick ice.

This device is made in Russia. Has a good striking power, which allows you to drill too thick ice.

The disadvantage is that it has a low torque value of 45 Nm, with a minimum of 60 Nm. No battery or charger included.

How To Use a Screwdriver Bits With Drill (Correctly)

MILWAUKEE C14 DD-22C Cordless Electric Drill Driver

Small size ice pick drill, ideal for use in small spaces. Intelligent overload protection, thereby increasing productivity. The body is made of metal, so it is highly durable and can be used for a long time without breakage. Speed 450/1600 rpm, torque 45 Nm. Torque is set in steps.

Advantages of using a screwdriver adapter

Using an adapter that allows you to rotate the ice drill with the screwdriver gives the fisherman the following advantages

  • the ability to make a large number of holes in a short period of time (highly appreciated by lovers of the installation of ice rigs);
  • easy drilling of “difficult” raw ice;
  • Simple design, reliability, affordability;
  • if the screwdriver batteries are discharged, you can easily reset the ice axe and resume drilling manually;
  • Small size and weight, which characterizes the adapter for the ice drill for screwdriver;
  • Low noise in use (in contrast to a gas drill).

over, if an ice drill powered by a cordless screwdriver is used, there is no need for gasoline. There is also no unpleasant odors, which during fishing is important.

Features of the choice of an electric screwdriver

Before you make an ice drill from an electric screwdriver with your own hands, you need to choose a tool that matches the characteristics of the operating conditions.

  • battery resistance to frost;
  • voltage (18 volts);
  • torque. the greater the torque, the better;
  • battery capacity. the higher the capacity, the longer the ice drill works without recharging;
  • Ergonomics. a comfortable handle and thought-out body shape provide a firm grip and ease of use.

Screwdrivers, 18V

On the market there is a wide range of screwdrivers with a power of 18V, which correspond to the price-quality ratio.

  • Makita 8414 DWAE. weight of the device does not exceed 3 kg. Torque 63 Nm. The set includes 2 batteries.
  • Makita 8434 DWFE. It is distinguished by its small size. Torque of 64 Nm.
  • Hitachi DS18DSFL. Quality electric screwdriver with lithium-ion battery. Battery capacity is only 1,5 ampere.
  • Bosch GSR 18 VE-2-Li. The set includes 3 Amp lithium-ion batteries. Weight not more than 3 kg.
  • Bosch GSR 18-2. Has a weight of 2 kg. The battery type is nickel-cadmium.

Before you buy, study the information about the top models and consider their features.

What is better than an electric screwdriver or a nutrunner?

An electric screwdriver most closely matches the requirements for conversion, but some anglers use a wrench. This is due to a number of advantages of the tool.

  • The nutrunner has a more massive housing.
  • The impact wrench is a direct alternative to a screwdriver.
  • No adapter is difficult to produce.

In the absence of a screwdriver, anglers are also allowed to convert a drill or chainsaw. But they require skill to work and are not always safe.

Battery requirements for an electric screwdriver

The quality work of the ice drill is largely determined by the battery. It must have a high capacity and withstand low temperatures.

Important! When preparing for fishing, it is recommended to have two batteries. A main battery and a backup, in case the first one runs out.

There are several types of batteries on the market.

  • Lithium-ion. High charging speed, low weight and high capacity. The main drawback. sensitivity to low temperatures and high price.
  • Nickel-cadmium. The main advantage. stable operation in low temperatures. Large in size, small in capacity.
  • Metal hydride. High-capacity batteries, tolerate low temperatures well.

Buy metal-hydride batteries. They meet the needs of the tool more precisely.

The necessary characteristics of an electric screwdriver for winter fishing

What electric screwdriver for ice drilling?? When buying pay attention to the power indicators, the number of batteries and adapter characteristics. Ignoring the rules will not produce the expected results from the device.

What power should be an electric screwdriver

The minimum performance of the equipment for the combination with an ice axe must exceed 60 Nm. The average cost of the equipment is 8-35 thousand weight with battery. 3 kg.

Some inexpensive versions have an adapter with a gear reducer, which is used to reduce the output speed and reduce the load on the device. When choosing such a device, you can save money on expensive power tools. The adapter along with the built-in gear reducer will cost 5k.

Technological properties

How many batteries do you need

Most fishermen use 2 batteries for a one-day procedure. Sometimes one battery is enough for 10 or 20 wells, but the performance indicators depend:

While fishing, the batteries should be in a warm place to avoid cooling and reduce the capacity of the charge. The screwdriver does not need heat, but after a long stay in the cold and placed in a heated car, the parts are instantly covered with condensation. Moisture is the first enemy of electronics.

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Important! Check the expiration date before purchasing batteries. If the power source is made 2-3 years ago, there is a risk of irreparable loss of its capacity.

Equipment with 2 batteries

Which adapter is the best for an electric screwdriver?

there is a special device for connecting the core drill axle and the driver of the screwdriver. The adapter has an extra handle for the left hand to make drilling easier and safer. Do not forget about the limiter, which helps to prevent the tool from falling into the hole with a large diameter when coming out of the chuck.

Important! In the description of the equipment there is a possibility of combining the equipment. Not all adapters can be built into the electric drill, some versions may not fit.

Fury screwdriver and ice auger for winter fishing.

AEG BSB 18bl Screwdriver. Highlights: 140 Nm of torque. 550/2000 rpm. Bearings in gear satellites gears! TTI original brushless motor. Reinforcing handle 35cm! Impact mode.GIGANT drill. The main characteristics: two starts, diameter 150mm, length 800mm, weight 3.4kg. Stainless steel blades.Quick review.Preparing for “fishing”. Assembling the adapter from screwdriver to drill. Took two socket wrenches 10×12 and 12×14 and a hexahedron 12mm. Plugged the dads into the moms and welded. To protect the auger under the ice, took the cover from a 160mm diameter pipe. Drilled a hole, put it on a hexagon and fixed with a washer.For about 12.16 hours before the test put the fully charged batteries in a bag and buried them under the snow.By noon the next day I dug out the battery and measured the voltage: 5Ah 19.9V, 6Ah 19.8V.Started to spin. First hole is about 40-50cm deep in 1,16 min. It is not convenient to put the additional crank under the right hand. It is not convenient to press on the screwdriver and the auger with the left hand. I moved additional handle on the left to squeeze the right.Intermediate results: six pits about 40-50cm before half discharging 5 Ah battery.At 04:05 the auxiliary handle broke offI felt ashamed to tighten it too much. it got loose and tore off. Not fatal. But it is not nice. I put the handle back. Tightened it up.Intermediate results: nine holes at 5Ah to 25% of the charge (one bar on the battery). The battery began to sag with intermittent biting of the drill in deep water, before going under the ice.Moved the battery and tried it with the 6 Ah HD battery. The battery in the camera died after the second hole 6ka HD is spinning at about the same speed. But, much smoother, almost not reacting to the bit jamming at depth. Completely drop out 6Ah did not. Т.к. myself already pretty tired and stupidly lacked the strength to another 15-20 holes.OVERVIEW AND CONCLUSIONS.1) about the shortcomings of an electric screwdriver. Gotta clamp it as tight as possible!3) b) very hard moment of gear button shift from 1 to 2 and back. a) No convenient chamfer on the 1st position, it is not convenient to grasp the shifter motor.Life hack. how to make gear shifting easier on the screwdriver. Took it apart and greased the shifter button, a drop on each side.About GIGANT ice auger. Specifications. Two starts, diameter 150mm, length 800mm, weight 3.4kg. Stainless steel blades.Why I bought the GIGANT auger instead of the INFORCE ice auger? Had an Inforse auger in mind for a long time and was signed up for it. At the time of buying the auger it cost 3300r. And it ceased to be available and replaced by the GIANT for 2600r.A couple more words about the adapter from GIGANT auger to ice auger. Welded a little crooked. At 550 rpm there is a tangible imbalance. And it’s mostly tiring while you’re working. You have to correct it somehow. center it.About the auger blades made of high-strength steel. The knives are great, sharp. Screwed on two m6 bolts. aligned.Question for connoisseurs: why does the drill sometimes not cut well into the ice? It drives fast, cuts a thin layer with a fine crumb. And sometimes it gets stuck, like a SpeedBor drill. Still don’t understand why it happens.About the electric screwdriver chuck, how it grips. At first, I often checked the chuck’s tightness. I was afraid that the auger would fall out. But then I made sure it gripped tightly.About the return of the battery charge after a short period. Came home and while sorting things out, noticed that the 5Ah was back to 50% charge. I guess I could have drilled a few more holes. So I’m putting it down to 11 holes of about 40-50 cm deep, or about 5 meters of ice.Once again about freezing the battery, what is the danger and how to charge cold batteries? As experience shows, freezing of batteries does not affect their capacity noticeably. To be fair, though, it would be necessary to compare two identical batteries in a simultaneous test. frozen and “warm”. But, I don’t have two of the same kind yet.SUMMARY: a great powerful screwdriver for its money. It spins very briskly, with no reservations whatsoever. But, not without disadvantages (see above). I am still going to try the auger with other screwdrivers, if possible, I will compare screwdrivers too.

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Advantages and disadvantages of cordless ice pick

Human laziness is a powerful driving force of technological progress. Anglers have long been working to mechanize the manual labor used on frozen ponds. Someone came up with interesting options with chainsaw drive, and someone came up with the idea of using a cordless electric screwdriver for drilling holes. As it turned out, it is not so difficult to modify the usual ice drill, so that it can be connected to an electric screwdriver. It is enough to make a simple adapter, the thickness of which would be comparable with the chuck of the power tool. Some manufacturers of fishing accessories already offer the consumer tools equipped with an adapter. The result is a drill with a set of useful features.

  • If you have a suitable technical characteristics of an electric screwdriver, you can refine the manual ice drill by your own efforts.
  • An electric tool is easier to transport and easier to operate than its motorized counterparts. It is also easier and faster to use.
  • Drill with electric screwdriver works silently, which is very important when fishing.

With all the obvious advantages of a cordless ice drill, on a frozen body of water, weaknesses are also revealed. 1. The main problem for any cordless drill is the low temperature. This is explained by a simple law of chemistry, which states that when the temperature drops, the reaction between substances slows down. And if up to the mark of the.10 ° C the device copes with its mission, then in more severe frost, you have to hide the battery in the internal s. 2. Doesn’t quite work well with a homemade tool that uses a domestic ice drill with counterclockwise rotation. After several revolutions, the chuck loosens its “grip” and slippage occurs in the adapter. Important! It is always necessary to ensure that the connection in the cartridge is tight, i.e. к. in the cold you can quickly put the electric screwdriver out of order.

electric, screwdriver, kind, drill

Advice and useful information on selection and operation

Specialists advise you to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • If your power tool does not have an additional handle, you can use an adapter with a welded-on handle. Prefabricated design allows you to save money on the main equipment, to buy a more budgetary model.
  • If the screwdriver is equipped with a lithium-ion battery, it is better to have a spare when winter fishing. While using the main one, the second one should be kept warm.
  • Some craftsmen replace the standard screwdriver with a screwdriver. The latter is characterized by a highly durable body and better performance.
  • During the creation of holes make sure that the ice axe rotates in the opposite direction from the movement when unscrewing the chuck on the impact wrench.

Bosch IXO против Xiaomi MIJIA. Битва шуруповертов. Китай против Германии.

It is up to the future owner to choose and decide whether to purchase an expensive or economical device. Purchase of budget model often becomes the reason for repeated purchase of fishing devices due to low durability, breakages and impossibility to drill the required number of holes during one day. Cheap. not always qualitative and reliable.

Practical Recommendations

For an ice pick equipped with an electric screwdriver to serve for a long time, it is necessary to follow the elementary rules of operation, care and storage. If you treat it carelessly you can break any high quality tool, battery or adapter.

Where to keep the battery in the cold

Batteries, especially lithium-ion batteries, are afraid of being in extreme cold for a long time. To prolong the life of the unit and to avoid a rapid discharge, it must be kept warm. The simplest solution is to put the battery in the inside of a winter jacket.

To warn against accidental falls or bumps special protective packaging is provided. This could be a small plastic case or holster. They can be secured in the chest area under the jacket, providing careful and warm storage of the battery.

How to Take Care of an Electric Ice Drill

Drill with an electric screwdriver will serve faithfully, without failure and breakdowns, for a long time, if it is properly cared for:

  • Do not put it on ice or in the snow.
  • After drilling holes, the battery must be hidden in the warmth.
  • At the end of winter it is recommended to do maintenance of the tool by changing lubrication and checking the main parts of the mechanism for wear.
  • Adapter should be wiped dry after fishing to avoid metal corrosion.

The ice drill with electric screwdriver should be transported disassembled. The auger is transported in its case separately from the tool and adapter.

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