Fixture for changing wheels on a Neva power tiller

Wheels, tires, wheels, tubes for gardening equipment

Buying a cultivator at home or farming households, often only look at the unit capacity and engine power. But the running gear has a direct impact on efficiency. Each owner must clarify in advance what wheels are suitable for his model of power tiller.

Factory motoblocks are fully equipped, but the undercarriage from the loads eventually fails. It is important to have at least two pairs of spare wheels for the cultivator undercarriage at home so you can replace a broken part on time.

When to change the wheels on a power tiller

In addition to replacing the failed wheels often requires modernization of the undercarriage. This should be done in the following cases:

In our store you can choose and buy the best wheels for the motor-block Neva and other producers.

What wheels for power tillers

Before deciding which wheels are best for your motorblock, it is important to know about their varieties. The undercarriage for the cultivator is available in several variants:

  • Air wheels have a high-strength rubber tire and a tube
  • Rubber wheels on the trailer of the motoblock, consisting of rubber and rim, is a monolithic construction
  • Tines are designed to increase the cross-country ability of the machine. They are equipped with steel elements

To clarify how much do the wheels on a single axle tractor cost, you need to call our contact phones or visit the catalog on the official website of the.

Wheel selection criteria

When choosing wheels for a power tiller Salyut and other manufacturers, it is important to consider what land the cultivator will work. For loosening clayey soil or in very wet conditions it is recommended to use pneumatic or soil cutters.

When choosing wheels for a power tiller with size 8 or more it is important to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Wheel tread pattern. The deeper it is, the more maneuverability the cultivator has. To work on the ground use the pattern “herringbone”
  • Wheel radius. the bigger the wheel, the better the maneuverability of the cultivator

For primary tillage it is better to use casted wheels with a size 13. They are not equipped with an inner tube, so they are not afraid of mechanical damage. It should be taken into account that such an undercarriage has a lot of weight, hence suitable for heavy power tillers.

Another criterion for selecting wheels is the weight of the cultivator:

  • Wheels with a size 4-8, 4-10 are suitable for light power tillers
  • For medium and heavy motor blocks. wheels with a size 5-12, 6-12

Where to buy quality wheels for Moto-Block

In our store there is a wide range of wheels for power tillers from trusted manufacturers, including Neva. We guarantee high quality of each unit and offer the most favorable price, because we work directly with suppliers without intermediaries.

With us you can buy including:

  • Tin wheels for MB motor blocks and other
  • Axle of the wheels of the power tiller
  • Wheel shaft of power tiller Neva, MB and not only

If you have any problems just give us a call. Professional consultants with experience will help you choose the best model, including large cart wheels for your power tiller at the best price.

The undercarriage should provide the cultivator with high cross-country ability, while not damaging the plants and sprouts on the plot!

Pros and cons of automobile wheels on a single axle tractor

To begin with a list of advantages and disadvantages of such a conversion.

  • Reliability. Light tires are designed for more impressive loads than the native tires of a power tiller.
  • Longevity. Even used car tires will last much longer.
  • Drivability. Thanks to the increased ground clearance, as well as the more impressive tread pattern of car tires, a single-axle tractor will be able to pass obstacles more confidently.
  • Good traction because of the greater contact of the tire with the ground.
  • Increased speed as a consequence of the increased diameter.
  • The need to dismantle the arches or remake them.
  • The controllability of the device is slightly impaired.

Is it possible to assemble an adapter to the Neva power tiller

For a Neva power tiller, an adapter that works according to the 4×4 scheme, is sold at a store of agricultural equipment.

It is recommended to prepare all the necessary materials and tools. Self-made adapter for the Neva power tiller helps to save money and spend it on other parts needed to modernize the device.

It is worth considering how the front adapter to the Neva power tiller looks like.

The adapter for the Neva motocultivator is understood as a trailer with a seat, made on the basis of a two-wheeled frame. The functional purpose of such equipment is to make the work with a power tiller simple, convenient and comfortable. The adapter allows you to upgrade the cultivator into a small tractor, which is suitable for all kinds of work in the cottage, on the farm, in the garden.

Neva motoblocs with a homemade adapter come in 2 types:

  • Heavy, which are divided into short and long. They fit various types of power tillers, making easy work on the ground.
  • Lightweight, which are installed on the cutters. This means that the machine will be attached to one of the 4 wheels of the power tiller.

KTZ-03 adapter

Front adapter with removable body KTZ-03, which is suitable for Neva MB-1 and MB-2 motor blocks, allows the user to provide comfort and convenience when working. It is equipped with brakes, steering and steering wheels.

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Technical characteristics, according to the instructions for use:

  • overall dimensions (l/w/w). 1560/870/740 mm;
  • Speed of work. up to 10 km/h;
  • track width. 700 mm;
  • clearance. 170 mm;
  • weight 93 kg.

Diagram of the front adapter KTZ-03 to the motor-block Neva shows the presence of the following structural elements on the mechanism:

  • Couplings, one of which is needed to connect the adapter and the power harvester, and the other is needed for the attachment of some or other auxiliary equipment.
  • Seat.
  • Drawbar of short or extended type.

Harrows, ploughs, diggers, mowers can be used as attachments. It is enough to provide one hitch for their fixation. Used implements can be put into working position with the help of manual drive. Also a feature of the adapter trade is its versatility, it allows you to hitch such attachments as: brushes, snow blower, mower and others. It is available due to rigid connection of KTZ-03 with Neva motor-block and oscillating front steerable axle of the device.

Drawings with the dimensions of the adapter will help you to make similar equipment with your own hands.

APM-16 front adapter with body

The front adapter to the Neva MB-2 APM-16 power tiller together with the agricultural machine Neva can easily replace the mini-tractor. It is possible to use a power tiller with an adapter in connection with a cart. The unit has disc brakes and a steering gearbox. this improves handling, and increases driving safety. It can be completely disassembled, which makes it easy to transport the device.

  • Dimensions (l / w / h). 1300/800/1100 mm;
  • Body dimensions: top. 700×700 mm, bottom. 700×500 mm, height. 250 mm, depth. 200 mm;
  • speed at work. up to 10 km / h;
  • clearance. 200 mm;
  • weight. 85 kg.

Previously described the stages of manufacturing mechanism, working on all-wheel drive and steering. To make such a device yourself, you will need the following materials:

  • rectangular steel frame;
  • 2 wheels;
  • an old seat from a tractor or combine harvester
  • angles;
  • steel sheet;
  • metal pipes.

It is necessary to prepare a welder and a lathe, a tool kit, tools for gardening.

Before assembling the design, it is necessary to make a kinematic diagram. The principle of its operation is as follows:

  • The engine of the power unit, which is needed to drive the front wheels, must transmit torque through the chain.
  • Then this power goes to the reverse gear.
  • The driveline allows you to transmit torque to the rear axle, which drives the rear wheels, which are the drive.

The wheels on a single axle tractor, what is suitable and how to put their own hands

Becoming the lucky owner of a lightweight power tiller with a 6.5L engine.с. The first season will be a trial for everyone, all the pros and cons of the factory design will be in your face, to understand it does not need a lot of experience. You learn the truth by doing.

We will talk about the wheels in the set are often chamber tires “herringbone” on lightweight discs 8-th or 10-th diameter. These wheels are actually weak insufficient weight, lightness is a disadvantage. Additional weights are needed. The width of the tire is narrow, the passability is low single-axle tractor on a wet surface buks and buries. For travel long distances beyond your gardens should reserve the patience of the speed is low. Chinese tire production will suffice for one, two full seasons, these tires burst on the side under heavy loads, while the tread itself remains unchanged. Simply put “dull” rubber for sale

As an alternative, you can use automobile rims, wheels. Diameter choose on the principle that is in the garage))) The plus will be a good mud tread. The higher and more narrow will be your wheel, the more convenient it will be to control the motor block, the course will be softer. Clearance will be increased in this will be a huge plus.

The remaking process itself does not take much time. The presence of special tools is not required.

Step by step: unscrew the hubs from the native factory wheels are usually bolts and nuts (12-13)

Further, we fix them with more robust bolts and nuts under the key 17 to the drive from the car, pre-drilled in the hubs holes more. The discs are selected according to the number of holes on your hubs (4-5)

Check if the cotter pin for hub fixation is freely inserted through the extension cord. The track will be wider, check that the new wheels are not rubbing against any parts and components of your power tiller, in this case the fenders

Excellent weights are made of old brake disks

They have holes in them, and for the joy of the eye you can color in the colors of your motoblock

We set them if necessary to transport a heavy load, or for earthworks on plowing and ditching. On these wheels single-axle tractor easily copes with the tasks, the experience of the first season shows this remodeling to be!

All ingenious is simple! Eh if more tread as on a tractor but that’s another topic for conversation in future articles. By the way the market offers a tractor tire pattern of a larger diameter R12,13,14,15. The price tag is respectively high, it is worth it or not you decide. Have a good luck with modifications, have a good rest on your landscaping. A single axle tractor will help you )

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Mounting Zhigulyov wheels on the factory cart for a power tiller1

wheels, neva, power, tiller

Do it yourself

Now let’s talk about how to make your own wheels for your power tiller. We clarify at once that the creation of pneumatic and cast wheels at home in principle impossible.

And why reinvent the wheel, if you can equip your garden equipment with tires from a car or motorcycle. You just need to install a suitable hub and you can get to work.

It is quite another matter, if we are speaking about scratchers. These homemade wheels on a single axle tractor really can be made by yourself. Here’s a rudimentary assembly diagram:

  • Take the old rims from the car. Note that you only need a rim. The diameter of the wheels depends on the power of an engine block, given that the design will turn all-metal, the weight will be considerable.
  • Weld metal plates to discs. The edges of the plates must touch the edge of the rim. This is an important structural element, so the plates are welded all around the outer radius, you can fix them with bolts to improve reliability.
  • Weld the tines to the metal plate. They can be made from a corner, having cut it into pieces of the required length. Note that the distance between the teeth should not exceed 15-20 centimeters. Otherwise the efficiency of such wheels will be reduced to zero.
  • We weld the half-axles to the disk, complete the construction with bearings and install the running gear on the single axle tractor.
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You can make the tines from an old gas bottle. In this case, you need to cut two rims, about 6-7 centimeters wide, and then proceed as shown above.

In general, the cleats can be made of any material at hand that is shaped like a circle. The main thing is to show desire and to apply a little skill.

Owners of motor blocks, buying their unit in the basic configuration, are faced with the need to expand its functionality. The wheels that come as a set, can often do not meet the needs and requirements of the owners, and often do not fit those conditions in which they will work. About the types of wheels for power tillers, their variations and functionality will be described in this article.

Twin wheels

The design of these wheels from a power tiller involves joining (pairing) together two identical rims and placing these devices on either side of the machine.

This type of tires for a power tiller increases considerably the off-road capability of a power tiller, eliminates the risk of the machine slipping and overturning, increases the speed on a level surface.

Amplifier axle for power tillers GBM-067-30

The reinforcing axles are used to remove some of the load from the output shafts of power tillers, by installing two additional 206 closed bearings right next to the wheels, which take and transmit the load through the plates, angles and tubes directly to the frame of the power tiller, thereby reducing the load on the internal bearings and gearbox mechanisms of the power tiller and drive shafts, thus preventing the distortion of shafts and wear of bearings and internal transfer mechanism of gearbox of power tiller. The perfect solution for power tillers with front adapters, when the drive axle is carrying an additional load, not originally designed by the manufacturer. Also note that this unit replaces the standard extensions and standard hubs of power tillers, but is much better in quality and metal thickness. Axle extension and hub hub are made of 40 mm diameter solid round bar, material of high quality steel.35 (vs factory of 38×4 pipe), seating size on the drive axle motorblock turned cutter for tight fit to the gearbox shaft with a minimum clearance of 250.15 or 300.15 mm (the standard factory hubs from the pipe a huge gap) just a hub flange lined with a plate thickness of 10 mm, with alignment collar for wheel alignment with appropriate razboltvokoy Customer wheel (as an example below in the photo shown under wheel Oka. razboltovka 3h98 and collar diameter 58 mm height 4 mm for wheel alignment and removing the load from the mounting bolts of the wheel). Thickness of bearing plates 8 mm. (Before ordering requires the adjustment and coordination of all the connecting dimensions, under the connecting dimensions and the track of your motoblock, as well as the connection for the wheel)Razboltovka hubs motoblock:. For wheels of a car Oka 3h98, the diameter of the shoulder 58 mm;. For wheels of a car VAZ 4×98, the diameter of the shoulder 58 mm;. For wheels of a car Niva 5h139,7, the diameter of the shoulder 98 mm;. For standard wheels of motor blocks 4×100, 4h110 or 5h120, Diameter shoulder 80 mm.

Main brands of power tillers, on which this axes amplifier is applied:. Reinforcing power tillers Neva;. Reinforcing power tillers Cascade;. Reinforcing power tillers Oka;. Reinforcing power tillers Celina;. Reinforcing power tillers Salyut;. Reinforcing power tillers Weima.

Strengthening of a power tiller’s axle

Drawings of axles and shafts for Moto-block

Reinforcing motor-block axle

Axle for crawler tractors

How to make a power tiller axle

Reinforce the axles of the Neva power tiller

Unloading the axles of a power tiller

Axle for a Cascade power tiller

Axle for the front adaptor of a power tiller

Kit of delivery: GBM-067-30 axle booster for power tiller. 1 kt; Product passport. 1 pc.

Similar names for this product:. Axle of a power tiller Neva;. Axle of a power tiller;. Strengthening of a power tiller axle;. How to strengthen a power tiller axle;. Axle of a power tiller axle;. Axle for a front adaptor of a power tiller;. A driving axle of a power tiller.

Choosing the type of potato harvester

The unit is used on both loose and dense soils. Depending on this and other factors, the following features can be distinguished:

  • Different sizes.
  • Different construction techniques.
  • Working width.
  • Need for weeding.
  • The ability to clean potatoes from clumped soil.

Watch a video about how to make a potato digger on the generator with your own hands:

Fan (lancet) spudger for power tiller

This device has been faithfully serving gardeners for a long time. They know a digger by the name of “Dolphin”, lancet or paw. The design is characterized by simplicity, ease of use, compatibility with any model of power tiller, including.ч. with water cooling.

The unit is connected to the mini-tractor to start working. A sharp plow loosens the soil, then the tubers extracted from the soil along the edge of the ploughshare (which is a horizontal knife) are fed to the metal bars. The soil separated from the potatoes falls into the gaps between them. The tubers continue to move and fall to the ground, where they can already be collected in a container.

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Mow stubble before you start work. Few weeds are allowed. This implement is best on soft and granular ground. It must be dry, because no heavy, damp earth will separate from the tubers.

Vibrating potato harvester

This machine is also called a shake digger. It features a more complex device, which includes three main parts. a knife, a special grid that makes the mechanisms vibrate, a metal frame.

The digger works in the following way: ploughshare loosens the soil together with the tubers. They are fed to the vibrating surface made of metal bars. The soil is dumped back into the space, and on the opposite side the potatoes fall down. This device allows to harvest even on the hard and rather wet soil. Perfect for large areas.

  • The machine skims a pretty wide swath. about 40 centimetres.
  • The blade penetrates into the soil by 25 cm.
  • The yield loss is low. It depends on the type of potatoes and the looseness of the soil. The min. value is 2%, the max. value is 10%.

But it also has disadvantages. The main thing may be called the constant vibration, because of which it is more difficult to control the tiller, and the gardener quickly tires. This problem can be solved by using two eccentrics, which are good at damping vibrations. before you start, weed and foliage must be completely removed, otherwise the green mass will choke up the wheel brackets and the rake.

Conveyor potato harvester

This handy device can be both large and rather modestly sized. Operating principle. tubers are extracted from the loosened soil with a knife, drop onto the moving belt, and are then screened.

the belt is made of small metal rods, which are positioned in parallel and fixed with a chain. While moving along it, the excess soil slips through the gaps in the grid, and the tubers either fall back to the ground or fall into a special hopper.

The conveyor is set in motion by the shaft of the motorized tractor and chain (or gear) transmission.

The blade penetrates into the ground for 15-18 cm, it allows you to lose no more than 5% of the crop.

Drum type potato digger

The device works most effectively on large areas, making harvesting easier. Design elements such as the wheel frame and ploughshare are similar to other types of diggers. The third part is a drum made of metal bars, which rotates during work.

After the ploughshare cuts the soil, the lumps of soil, together with the potatoes, are placed in the drum. As it rotates, big clods break and fall out, while tubers are pushed to the front and fall in between.

The drum rotation is based on the same principle as the conveyor type, i.e., it is powered by the rotating torque from the tiller’s shaft. The advantage of this type of digger is that it is gentle on the crop. Potatoes are not damaged in the drum, and the soil is cut deep enough to minimize losses.

When thinking about buying or building a shovel, it is important to take into account the soil to be worked. The lighter it is, the simpler the design should be.

Watch a video of how the hydraulically powered digger works:

Trailing wheels

Soilers are a modified group of wheels with no tires or tubes.

The main purpose. to work in the fields (the key value is the grip performance).

They refer to steel discs with special outer inserts that provide significant assistance when driving.

Kum 680 wheels for plowing

The distinguishing feature is availability:

The size of the wheels of the Neva motoblock of this modification:

Mounted on the gearbox shaft. no additional connections are provided.

Kum 540 universal wheels for ploughing

The difference from the 680 model is not a solid rim, but the presence of only the side. inside it is full. Additionally, studs do not lean to one side, but have a V-shape.

During the movement into the ground, the traction with the ground is not only by the spikes, but also by the rim itself, due to which the maximum effect is achieved.

Important! To install, it is necessary to buy an extension cord, because the standard version does not have any fasteners. only holes up to 65 cm in diameter.

KUM 540 universal wheels with long hub

KUM 540 is often used for ploughing, but the sleeve is already fitted. connected directly to the gearbox shaft.

An additional feature is the width of the wheel, which can be up to 68 cm.

  • Number of hoops. 2 pcs.;
  • Diameter by wheel on spikes. 540 mm, by hoop. 460 mm. Width over the spikes. 90 mm;
  • bushing bore diameter. 30 mm.

Mounted on the gearbox shaft. Total weight not more than 13,5 kg.

H tines for ploughing

Features include large diameter and width. Used when it is necessary to work with virgin soil or plots after winter downtime, when the surface is still hard and requires preparation.

Ideal for ploughing Ideal for ploughing in hilly terrain.

power tiller cage wheel change

Track width for direct mounting: Track width with an extension cable 40 cm, with an extension cable 65-70 cm.

Mini H tines for ploughing

The tines for Neva cultivators are similar to the KUM range.

wheels, neva, power, tiller

Optimum for ploughing.

H-tines for ploughing with a long hub

Fully identical to the model series examined. The only difference is the already built in sleeve.

This model has a fixed track size of 65 cm.

Mini H grousers for ploughing

Today considered one of the lightweight MINI H models for ploughing. During ploughing, the soil is already prepared and not hard, so there is no need for a solid type.

The diameter on the hoop is set at 28 cm, and the width for ploughing is 9 cm.

Designed for summer and winter operation.

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