Exterior air filter on your power tiller. Exterior tuning of the machine

Servicing the air filter for your motoblock

To ensure the safe and smooth operation of the small tractor for a long period of operation, it is necessary to carry out measures to maintain its units and assemblies in accordance with the regulations.

It is not only about timely oil changes in your power tiller, regular checks of engine systems and tuning of control mechanisms. it is also important to have the air filter serviced in time.

Changing the oil: How to do it correctly

Start by checking the oil level by unscrewing the oil plug. An important point: between the maximum and minimum marks on the dipstick should be a trace of oil, and if it is absent, you should moisten it to the middle.

The replacement procedure is quite simple:

  • First, you should position the single-axle tractor in a horizontal position;
  • Then you need to remove the plug on the drain tank (you can use a screwdriver;)
  • The next step is to patiently drain all the contents of the tank into a container of at least 2 liters (the process takes 15-20 minutes.) and screw in the plug;
  • Now you can very carefully pour fresh oil to a certain mark, without spilling it.

Important fact: newly bought power tillers, air-cooled and nonair-cooled engines, need to change oil after the first 5 hours of work, then this procedure should be done after every 25 hours of work. Experienced owners of the above equipment carry out the process before each spring.

To summarize: the top 7 modifications of the motoblock.

In this article we have considered only a small part on tuning your power tiller, which can be done by ready-made factory or homemade solutions. The specialists in Agromechanics store do not recommend to make any modifications on your power tiller, if you are not sure of your abilities, because such tuning can only do harm, reducing significantly the working life of the machine.

For those who are not quite clear about what we tried to describe, we present you a video, which more clearly shows the modifications of the power tiller.

How to make a planter with your own hands?

A practical addition to a power tiller is a power tiller. It is an indispensable helper that creates seedbeds, weeds and dips crops, levels, fills, loosens the soil. The possibilities of such an attachment are practically limitless.

If the blades of the planer are on the left side and are in line with the ground, you can weed or loosen the ground. With the device slightly elevated, the blades turned to the left will mow tall weeds. If the blades look down, they can easily create seedbeds.

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The plough will help to make furrows for planting and fill the seeds again. This is the function of the burying tool.

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You can use the Fokin’s plane as a hitch for the tiller. It has the necessary holes to hang it on the structure. If, however, another size of ploughshare is required, then you can make it with your own hands. In this will help drawings and a small metal workpiece.

The metal should be thick and strong enough to serve as a blade in the future. The sheet is heated with a blowtorch and bent according to the diagram. When the Fokin plane gets the desired shape, it is cooled with water. In order for this workpiece to become a hinged equipment, you need to make holes for the mounts and sharpen the workpiece with an angle grinder.

The sheet metal can be replaced by a piece of pipe, to which pieces of metal like blades can be attached. They need to be sharpened.

Tuning the power plant

Engine power and performance depend on the stability of the engine. Upgrading an original motor is very expensive and not very promising. But, there are several ways to make your engine run more efficiently.

  • Use a quality spark plug. Regularly clean it from the soot, periodically check the clearance. Replace the spark plug at the first sign of power loss.
  • Use the best gaskets for all connections. This helps to maintain the correct pressure in the unit, preventing loss of power and smoke formation during operation.
  • Fill the engine with the best oil up to the top mark. Remember that when the machine is tilted, oil escapes from the rubbing parts.
  • Check the fuel quality before filling the tank. It is desirable to let it stand for some time, so that the water sinks to the bottom of the container. Clean and wipe dry the tank itself every 2-3 days.
  • Install an additional radiator. For this purpose, steel plates are welded to the engine housing, which will effectively drain the excess heat.

The radical solution is to replace the power unit with a more powerful and advanced one. Today you can buy Japanese, Chinese and European engines, which have high performance and reliability. It may be necessary to modify the frame for the new power pack.

How to clean the air filter of a power tiller from dirt

The cleaning should not be less frequent than required by the manufacturer in the machine’s technical documentation. If your power tiller is used in conditions where the air is very dusty, the filter part should be cleaned much more often.

It is advisable to check its condition after every 8 hours of work and clean it after 30 hours of work. If the element is damaged, it must necessarily be replaced with a new one. often the damage affects the efficiency of the power tiller. Over time, due to washes in gasoline, the sponge will swell, which means that it is time to replace the part.

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The process of servicing the motoblock air filter in general is not complicated and consists of eight points:

  • First of all it is necessary to remove the protective cover by unscrewing the fixing nut “wingnut”;
  • Now it is necessary to take out the filtering part. the foam sponge. from the paper base;
  • If it is not too dusty, it can be washed with warm water and an ordinary detergent. But when the pores are very clogged with dirt, you can only fully clean them with gasoline or kerosene;
  • Now it is necessary to take out the dry part of the internal combustion engine filter;
  • It can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. If you want, you can wash with warm water, as well as foam rubber, but it is better to clean the paper part in a narrower way;
  • Next, the dry element should be well dried;
  • All the internal surfaces of the air filter compartment should be thoroughly cleaned of dirt with a cotton cloth;
  • Now all the elements should be put back together again.

The maintenance process is not complicated, if you want the machine to work properly, don’t be lazy to service your single axle tractor in time.

About the single axle tractor Motor Sich

Air filter engine single axle tractor Motor Sich photo video.

Change of the engine air filter by Motor Sich photo video.

Which air filter motor Sich engine video.

filter, your, power, tiller, tuning, machine

So I will go straight to the engine air filter single axle tractor Motor Sich.

The air filter is mounted in front of the carburetor in the air filter housing, the air filter housing is attached to the gas tank post.

On engines D-250 and MC-10P, the air filter of the engine TM LAAZ, r. Livny, T450D-1109560-01 (also this air filter is installed on diesel engine TMZ-450D)

Air filter housing is slightly different depending on what engine it is installed, the figure shows the housing of the air filter engine MS-10P, the engine D-250, the air filter housing has no: air intake connector. B and the crankcase ventilation tube. C (although initially, when using a carburetor K-45, crankcase ventilation tube was exactly there in the air filter housing)

The air filter is serviced after the first 25 moto/hour and already at 100 moto/hour it is recommended to change the air filter, but in real operation, everything depends on operation conditions, sometimes it is necessary to clean and blow the engine air filter every day, because at some field work there is a very big dustiness. Of course, you can change the air filter earlier or later.

In other words, the owner of each motor-block, it is up to him to decide when and how many moto/hr to clean, purge and change the air filter.

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I would also like to add that the air filter is fitted with a cover, it can be washed in water with washing powder 20-30 g/1 l of water, water temperature 30-50 C.

I’ll be honest, I have never washed the so-called filter cover on any air filters, but I always try to blow air filters with compressed air as it gets dirty.

Also I want to say that normally become air filters from scooters and motorcycles, in particular the air filter from a motorcycle Minsk (it is the same as the air filter scooter Muravy). air filter 3.1121-11600

The only thing you need to drill a hole in the center and put a sealing rubber on one side, as the air filter from a motorcycle Minsk, on one side is closed with a metal cover.

The video clearly shows how to remove the air filter and how it can and should be blown with compressed air.

If you have any questions or additions, please feel free to write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

For the flowers, it definitely works. The main thing is to choose the right ones. If you want “stow”. Take a bunch of red roses. And if you want revenge, a cactus is the most prickly. I don’t know about the air filter. I think it’ll work

To “gold hands, kudos, but for being too hasty. After all, you can do something simpler! In order to save time step by step: 1. remove the filter and if possible blow with a compressor (only carefully!) or a vacuum cleaner, (blow from the side of the carburetor)!2.Dissolve dishwashing detergent in warm water (40-60 degrees) “Test” or other highly concentrated. leave it for 15-20 min.3. with a brush with a long pile, in a submerged state in a solution wash curtains.4. Under running water, feeding it from the side of the filter that faces the carburetor, rinse the filter thoroughly 5. Dry it with open air (it takes a lot of time) or with the fan (faster but more expensive).6After it is completely dry, install the filter, and then enjoy the ride!In my Java, the filter is being washed 6 or 7 times already, and the mileage of the engine, mainly in rural and therefore dusty roads was already 72,000. and it is still full of power. And one more recommendation: After taking off the filter carefully inspect it and if you find in any place abnormal pollution (oily) cover this place with a piece of 3-4 mm thick steam wool as additional protection against ejection of oil from the carburetor when it pops. GOOD LUCK.

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