Exploded view of saw nr 1600

Where the electric saw’s drive gear is located?

The electric chainsaw gear is the main element of gearing in the electric chainsaw. This part is shaped like a disc with teeth arranged on a tapered or cylindrical surface.

In close proximity to the gear is the armature on the electric saw. The interaction of these two elements ensures that the torque created by the motor is transmitted to the saw chain of the tool. In case the chain stopped rotating, it means that the pinion needs to be replaced.

Review of the Interskol PC-16/2000T chain saw

The hero of today’s review was an electric chainsaw from the well-known to all domestic manufacturer Interskol PC 16/2000T. Buy this power tool you need at the online store ” Online Trade. RU”.

For cutting wood in longitudinal or cross direction the chain saw is the best choice, but electric or petrol saw. to whichever one suits you best. If you use the saw at home, it is certainly better to take an electric saw, and if you plan to constantly leave for wood, it is better to buy a petrol saw. Personally, I’m going to work with a saw on his land, so I bought an electric saw and a power extension cord, which is also ordered in the online store “Online Trade. RU”.

Let’s take a closer look at the Interskol PTs 16/2000T electric chainsaw.

Sold in an individual black box with the manufacturer’s logo and the image of the tool itself and technical specifications.

Includes: box, manual, warranty card, saw, chain, guide bar, protective cover, bottle with oil, setting tool.

Electric saw Interskol PC 16/2000T consists of the following nodes:

There is an electric motor inside the frame. It is used to drive the saw and the gearbox. the electric saw has two kinds of brakes. manual and automatic.

The chain saw is connected to the mains 220V. and draws 2,000 V. The chain speed is 14 meters per second and the bar is 16 inches or 40 centimeters long.

Following the instructions, you can easily install the saw chain. To do this, unscrew the nut and remove the gearbox cover.

Put the bar on the guide bar and the bolt, making sure that the chain tensioner fits into the adjusting hole of the bar. The bar should be set in the extreme rear position. Put the chain on the drive sprocket and fit it into the grooves of the tire. The direction of the chain tooth must match the direction marked on the guide bar. Then put the gear cover back on and put the nut on.

Next, adjust the tensioning of the saw chain. Remember. the tighter the tension on the chain, the more tension in the motor and the faster the bar wears out.

Sharpen the saw chain as it dulls. If when the saw works, the chips look like large flakes, it’s ok, but if it flies husks, then the chain needs sharpening. Also remember to check the tension of the chain.

Before you start work, check the tension of the chain and the oil level in the barrel. If necessary, pour chain oil into the barrel and run the chain idle for better lubrication. The barrel stopper is not secured in any way, so it can easily get lost.

Also on the bar itself, near the sprocket is a small hole. You need to pump a normal grease gun through this hole and turn the sprocket. As a rule, a guide bar has to be changed at a rate of.3 chains 1 bar. When working, the lower part of the bar wears down faster than the upper part. That’s why after a season’s work, you need to take it off and turn it the other way around (if necessary).

Precision Saw Model Explosion View

The power cord and the plug are usually at the end of the handle of the saw itself. The cord itself is very short and does not do without a power strip. At the end of the handle has a hole with a hook, it serves to attach the extension cord.

I sawed with this saw almost everything that can be sawed. I am very happy with the results of its work. The overall result in general: an excellent saw not only for domestic needs, but also for professional work is quite suitable. I recommend to everyone, who is aiming for the Interskol saw NC 16/2000T.

Testimonial: Interskol PTs-162000T electric chainsaw. The saw is of low quality

I have had this tool for 3 years, during that time, used it for household needs (window and door openings widened), cut small fruit trees and sawed firewood (oak, pine. I do not advise, since the oven works with a small soot, this despite the fact that is a catalyst, birch) for the furnace.

I bought this particular saw because I had many tools of this company and the price. not expensive. Basically for domestic needs Interskol 50/50. As luck would have it, but something recently I have had bad luck with it, so will not buy this tool and do not advise anyone.

Of course, it is probably better to take a chainsaw, because any chainsaw has a more powerful oil pump, you can use it anywhere, but there are also disadvantages. more expensive to use (the cost of spare parts, you need gasoline) and the noise and smoke from it.

This saw has a rather thin bar and chain, although the length of the bar is 40 cm, which should allow you to cut a thicker bar, trees, you can say this lopper. No more, you can certainly install on this saw a more powerful bar and chain, but it will cost money (no sense), it is better to take something more serious.

Saw is made in Russia, some of the most parts-China, this chain instantly stretches (if you saw a log d from 200mm).The body itself is made of good plastic, it is easy to change the brush, the housing screws to unscrew and tighten when disassembling the saw is convenient without problems.

The first chain lasted long enough, sawed a lot of wood, boards, then I put a chain from other companies-STIHL and Chinese.The saw has two buttons to start, in principle, convenient and safe.The brake saw works without nagging, very rarely used it, almost never used.

The wire in my opinion. short for 10-15 cm. Always plug is pulled out of the socket (although it is very tight, not floppy). Said the service that it was for security, so he was not entangled underfoot, but would make even 10 cm, designed by a man who has never worked with her.

The chain is fully covered with a plastic cover, which is not unimportant when transporting it in the trunk of the car somewhere.

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The kit came with 2 keys. Top. for unscrewing the nut fixing the cover of the bar, the 2nd for tensioning the chain.

If you remove the chain cover, the bar comes right off, it will need to be tightened again, it is just that the bar is held in by this cover, and on other saws the brake mechanism still holds it in place, t. e convenience is minimal.


That’s the biggest problem with the saw. chain lubrication, t. e very weak oil pump (just cleaned the guide bar, started sawing oil goes and then abruptly stops going, which leads to a lot of hassle. it is necessary to constantly clean the guide bar groove and holes, and it is very tiring).

The problem with the oil supply is solved. Only with a watering can stand and water the chain constantly, if you do not do this, instantly the chain and tire will be out of order, I gave to use an acquaintance and he inexperience a little chain milled a tire.

It is possible that oil does not flow well because, all the grooves through which it should flow, immediately clogged with shavings, of course this is affected by sharpening the chain, just if the chain is dull, the shavings fly very small and clog all that can be clogged. Actually, if the bar is worn down, there is a gap where the chips fly. the bottom line is the bar groove is clogged.

But even if the bar is normal and the chain is practically new with a good sharpening still clogs the groove and oil does not go. Weak oil pump and maybe the manufacturer should make a deflector for chips to go outside the saw and not inside it.The lid is covered with shavings after the first saw.

The chain roller (groove) should be well lubricated before each sawing of firewood, so it would last longer.

This hole gets clogged with chips in no time, as a result oil doesn’t flow through the chain.

The chain itself stretches very hard, t. The hexagonal socket. Not convenient.The chain stretches all the time. again uncomfortable.

The saw eats power. Used 2kW (according to the passport), but in fact, when starting the load, it eats about 4kW, very much sagging the network, I do not know why this is, for example, 2kW circular saw works fine. Thought at first the brushes were worn out. brushes are fine, the collector does not spark.

The motor power is enough.The saw is easy to use, not a bit heavy.About the tire and the chain. origon, bar length 40cm, but here’s a chain is narrow and the teeth are very small (step 3/8), t. e when sawing wood d40, will bind, you need to saw from 2 sides.

To sharpen the chain I use this file on the bar with corners, in principle, fairly quickly you can sharpen the chain, but about 30% no more than that, and if the chain grabbed a couple of nails, it is virtually unrealistic to sharpen it, you need a special machine.

In order to sharpen the chain, it is desirable to clamp the bar in a vice and moving forward to sharpen the chain, first from one side, then the other. And you have to sharpen the chain by pushing on the file. and back to loosen the force, otherwise this sharpening will not do any good.Of course it is problematic to saw with dull chain, you should constantly put pressure on it, overturn the workpieces, it puts strain on your spine.That’s why, if they offer wood. machine with nails. no way to take, do not do shit with this wood, even if for nothing, you can find more or less good material, because then the nails and others, and so on. You have to take the iron out of the furnace.

The engine compartment of the saw isn’t exactly protected from chips with the back of it having a blowout window guard (plates).

And from the front chips fly directly into the rotor impeller.

This could end badly, of course. т. The oil is filled into a special hole in the engine.

About the oil. poured in a special hole, almost to a full, there is a rubber “button” to pump up the oil pressure (thought that it is possible, if long to pump up to increase the flow of oil). no), that it would go to the chain, there is an inspection hatch, but it is not transparent, sometimes in good light is bad to see. whether the oil is out or not.


Oil constantly, if it is liquid leaks a little from under this hatch, so sawed, you need to drain the rest back into the container.

At first I used special oil (liquid), then I mixed it with kerosene or petrol, basically the same thing.As a result, I want to say that the company Interskol does not inspire confidence, so it is better to take a second-hand or a new unit of a more decent company-bosh, Makita, etc. д., but of course you have to look at it to make sure it’s in good. condition. and from a professional line, you can basically take a company Hyundai.

Testimonial: Interskol PTs-162000T electric chainsaw. Saws, heavy, oil leaks.

Bought this saw last fall, because a huge acacia tree fell down on the new property of the old owners, and then lay practically across a huge portion of the entrance area. Plus some old logs with a huge girth. After the purchase of this area, and the first help from the new neighbor, it was decided to buy this type of tool. Now my neighbor and I have two saws of the same manufacturer, but mine is a newer brand.

And so, as a special need for the saw in the future will not be, except for this case, I decided to buy a not expensive device, with positive recommendations in the reviews.The saw itself is not bad. With a good degree of safety. As for the metal, it is made strong, and apparently with the reserve. If it’s a bolt, it should be no less than 13. Power (W) 2000WChainspeed 840 m/min

Though I seldom use the chain saw without gloves, the handles are pleasant to grip. Trigger grips in their place. It feels intuitive, you don’t have to look anywhere but at the chain. I am right-handed and my son is left-handed. No problems with gripping, starting, working and carrying. I would say the center of gravity is 8 out of 10. Apparently the weight of the cord and the extension cord was not taken into account by the manufacturer. But then again. On the whole, it’s almost invisible. Grip the saw with confidence, with courage, even if this is the first time you’ve held a saw of this design.

And so, poured the oil and let it run idle. Running oil through chain. We would like to point out that this saw is not noisy. If outdoors, 98dB is not so bad. It is, after all, electric. The noise is not much, and who will pay attention to it? When logging. 🙂 I have a lawn mower, and that gives more noise.

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Revolutions are enough. The main thing is not to force the process. Don’t keep the tire sagging and hollow. Always lean with the teeth. The closer to the root of the tire, the better. And the saw will do everything by itself with your help.

On the plus side, the saw has a brake. There is a protection/engine lock. That’s important. And when felling large tree branches from a ladder in an uncomfortable position, with a load on your lower back, and when the chain is clamped.

Chain. 57 chain.38″ pitch chainLength of bar 400mmSlot width of bar 1.The 3 mm chain and its data are the most common. I like the standards.

The chain itself can be bought for 200-300 and 2000-3000 thousand. Not at all cheap, I do not advise, do not respect yourself. Well, and the expensive ones, that’s up to the owner.Optimal is in the vicinity of 700-1000 The previous chain. Bought with the saw. Approved for sawing for firewood one acacia, the girth of the bark in the area of 35-40 cm. One rowan tree trunk. 20-25 cm. Several apple tree branches. And one old apple tree.

That’s it. The circuit is dead. I’ll be honest. I once hit a thick galvanized sheet of metal on the roof of a shed. And one time it stripped on the ground. Sparks are flying. As far as I’ve learned from experts, circuits don’t forgive that.

The peculiarity of the electric motor, as opposed to other power tools (eg a circular saw) requires special care with the wire. If you cut a wire with the chain, the saw goes for a costly repair. You can even correct me, for an expensive repair. Burning engine or its periphery do not know, but the momentum. So be sure. “Momento at sea.”. You have to keep that in mind and look before you plug it in. Where’s your wire, isn’t it on your front line? I hook it up with a lawnmower extension cord. It’s as orange as a railroad worker’s vest. You can see among the branches and on the grass.

Sharpening chains. I do not know how in other regions, but 200 So at the moment have two. I bought one for 680 Skill and this Chinese one. I don’t see why I should buy another sharpening tool. Stupid. sharpened. There are plenty of repair shops. While the dumb one’s in the trunk, the other one’s in the trunk.By the way, after replacing it with the Skill’s, I thought it sounded quieter. Imho.

In general, the saw justifies its 5000. And now the downside.

The first and bold, is when once I took the saw off the shelf of the shed, it was all covered with oil. Good thing it was wrapped in a bag. On close inspection, I saw that the oil filler cap was cracked. And the gasket was stretched and it looks like it got caught on the threads once. And it’s not my fault. Tightened it smart, not too much. The saw wasn’t dropped, nothing fell on it.

That’s not all. When replacing the chain found that the line gasket is regular waxed cardboard, and in the thinnest place, closer to the tensioner, it is torn. The Chinese just cut a gasket out of regular waxed cardboard. Of the kind that is deposited once, and it is not desirable to touch it. What about changing the chain??

I have it no matter how you put it, but if the level is above half of the tank, the saw leaks in any position. I will fix the cover, pick up the gasket for the cover, I’ll cut the trunk myself. From the “right” cardboard, having previously made a layer of felt. Well, that’s lyrical. So. Let’s go further.

What else can I say. Heavy. For me it is important. My elbow is hurt. I picked it up in the store, “took aim,” twirled it, held it up to my weight. weight, as it were, satisfied And there are with the same power, but lighter?- There is, but more expensive.- Much?-1,5. 2 times.- Thank you, I’ll bear it.Bought this one.And in the process of trimming the tops of my age-old apple trees for 10 minutes did not hold up. 6 kg is a little heavy. It’s a little heavy for my elbow. “On the ground” there is no problem with its weight. The crosscut is easy to work on the gantry.

The saw cuts the logs or trunks neatly, without chips and splinters. Almost like a circular saw. Does not vibrate. There is a slight kickback on startup. But if you let go, it sits in the hands and does not twitch. I sawed my women with it for fun, from the trunk of a fallen acacia tree, like on coasters. From 8 mm! and it’s up to 2 cm thick. Virtually defect-free.

So, to summarize. Did I take this saw if I knew about its disadvantages? I guess so. I reduce the disadvantages with oil to the occasional. Haven’t encountered the cap and gasket problem in other reviews. Weight? Yeah, the weight. But on a good solid frame and metal gears, and the price. The price worked out by 40-45 percent. That’s pretty much it. Plus, my son is an adult, it’s his turn to climb on top of the lid 🙂

I would recommend? Rather, “Yes.”. If you need a tool from time to time, even if you need to tinker with a log house or cut a window opening or tidy up an abandoned lot, the saw can handle it.

For more serious work, such as benevolent work or work permanently on the construction site can not judge. Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. In the end, the fish out of fish, especially for the money I spent last fall at 4900, it is now in the vicinity of 6000 thousand.

A word of advice. Do not try to eliminate or prune shrubs with it. With my 50 year old jasmine bushes she was tough. The shrubs vibrate, the chain hits. The chain came off the bar twice and jammed six times. So I stopped the attempt and bought an electric hedge trimmer. With which the bushes were trimmed in one hour. But more about that next time. Good luck and safe work to everyone! Don’t forget to wear a mask or goggles when working with these saws.

I used to saw with a hand saw, and then I decided to buy an electric saw. I have long wondered why I did not buy it sooner. It’s light, powerful and does a great job pruning the crown. The only thing I don’t like is the regular trips to the service center to sharpen the chain.

My son-in-law gave me an electric chainsaw and I can’t get enough of it. The work in the garden goes faster. I even used it to cook firewood for the barbecue. You just need to keep an eye on the lubrication regularly. I missed it once, it ran out, but the sound was different and it was harder to work.

Checking internal parts

Disassembly of the circular saw. this is quite a complex process, for each individual device is different. Nevertheless, if there is nothing wrong with the cord and brushes, and the machine still does not work, disassembly of the housing is inevitable.

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Voltage regulator for circular saw.

The body of most such appliances consists of two joined halves with a longitudinal seam between them. Having removed the disk and unscrewed the bolts and other fasteners, we carefully open the cover, trying not to damage the internal elements and not to lead to an even more serious breakdown.

Regardless of the brand and build quality, one of the most vulnerable places of such units is the power button. Its malfunction is a very common cause of functioning problems.

In most models this button is usually located in the handle of the machine. After unscrewing and disconnecting the housing, you can get direct access to it. We check the working order of the switch with the help of a tester. If the switch does not close when pressed, it can be replaced.

Disassembly Rules

Disassembly of electric saws is an important phase in the repair of this unit, which should be performed strictly according to the rules. As an example, the disassembly of the tool from the domestic company “Interskol” will be considered.

  • From the screw detaches the flag, it holds the bar, so the fastening should be made a little weaker.
  • Then, using a device that regulates voltage, the saw chain is also loosened.
  • Then the lid is removed and the bolts are unscrewed.
  • The chain is removed and the busbar is removed from the operating unit.
  • The “cover” of the working tank, where the oil is poured, is removed.
  • After all the screws have been removed, the motor gearbox is removed.
  • After that the main sprocket is removed. To do this remove the main washer that locks the assembly.
  • Loosen the screws, remove the catches, then detach the handle.
  • After that the cover is removed.
  • Remove the oil canister.
  • Next, the brake lever is disassembled and lightly pressed until a “click” is heard.
  • Turn the gearbox over and remove it from the shaft and housing.
  • There is usually a lot of dirt and dust accumulated under the housing cover. All this substance should be removed by wiping the assemblies with a cotton cloth soaked in alcohol.
  • Then the pump, which is responsible for the oil supply, is removed from the gearbox.
  • The locking mechanism that stops the motor is disassembled. The fixing spring is removed and the rods are removed. Remove the brake band as well.
  • There is fresh grease on the working parts.
  • Brushes are dismantled at the end. To do this, you need to unscrew a few screws.
  • The rotor. the last element. is removed.

Assembly of the mechanism is performed in the reverse order. All disassembly phases are best recorded on your phone.

Interskol products. tools that everyone can use

Interskol was founded in 1991. The VNIISMI, one of the main soviet institutes of vibration and power tools development, was the base for creation of the brand. As a separate brand, Interskol appeared on the market a year later, and six years later the company established a joint production of machinery with the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant.

Today the product range of Interskol includes rotary hammers, drills, polishing and grinding machines, power hammers and circular saws. The brand’s product range consists of about a dozen different machines for household and construction.

Separate attention among gardeners deserve electric circular and chain saws of the Russian brand.


Among their main advantages are:

  • High reliability of components. chain saws can be used for the most complex tasks regardless of weather and operating conditions;
  • unpretentiousness in servicing. all the operator needs is to change the oil for Interskol chainsaw in time;
  • ease of repair. the device of Interskol electric saws is designed with the possibility of independent replacement of faulty components by the operator;
  • economy. the models of the Russian brand consume 10-12% less electric power than their counterparts produced by other companies.

Many users highlight the innovative technologies that the company uses in the production of their chainsaws and circular saws. Thanks to this, the equipment of the Russian brand is regularly included in the ratings of the most popular garden tools in the former Soviet Union.

Model range

Energomash is a Russian company, which was bought by the German company Sturm. Direct assembly process takes place at the facilities in China, so it is possible to keep the price at a consistently low level.

, And a used one in good condition will cost about 3000.

Energomash ПЦ-99220

The model Energomash ПЦ-99220 has a motor with capacity of 2.2 kW, which is enough to perform a wide range of works in the household, be it pruning or logging of trees or sawing of firewood.


Specifications Energomash ПЦ-99220
Power, kW 2,2
Busbar length, cm 40,5
Number of links 57
Thickness of the links, mm 1,3
Chain pitch 3/8 in
Oil tank capacity, l 0,1
Weight, kg 7,05

Energomash ПЦ-99202

The model Energomash ПЦ-99202 is an exact copy of the previous model of the electric saw by its technical characteristics.

The only difference is the lower level of the oil tank (only 100 ml), that is, will have to make long pauses for refueling. Dimension and weight are a bit less.


Features Energomash ПЦ-992202
Power, kW 2,2
Busbar length, cm 40,5
Number of links 57
Thickness of chain links, mm 1,3
Chain pitch 3/8 inch
Volume of oil tank, l 0,39
Weight, kg 6,42

Energomash PTs-99160

Power saw Energomash PTs-99160 has less power, only 1.6 kW. This power is enough for making firewood for the winter and for sawing different types of wood.

Chain does not tension automatically, so it must be tightened manually from time to time.


Features Energomash ПЦ-99160
Power, kW 1,6
Busbar length, cm 30,5
Number of links 46
Link thickness, mm 1,3
chain pitch 3/8 inch
Oil tank capacity, l 0,065
Weight, kg 3,7

Energomash ПЦ-30

It is the lightest electric saw of the Energomash model range. It weighs only 5.8 kg. The motor is 2.2 kW, but the PC-30 has nothing in common with the PC-99202 or the PC-99202.

Only 30 cm bar length, and 45 links. And if you have to take it out for firewood once in a while, it’s just the perfect model.


Features Energomash PTs-30
Power, kW 2,2
Bar length, cm 30,5
Number of links 45
Link thickness, mm 1,3
Chain pitch 3/8 in
Volume of the oil tank, l 0,11
Weight, kg 4,09

Energomash PC-40

This model is similar to the model PC-30, but has an increased power of up to 2.6 kW and is designed to work with coarser species of trees.


Characteristics Energomash ПЦ-40
Power, kW 2,6
Busbar length, cm 40,5
Number of links 59
Link thickness, mm 1,3
Chain pitch 3/8 inch
Volume of oil tank, l 0,11
Weight, kg 4,9

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