: Evelina Or The History Of A Young Lady’s Entrance Into The World Fanny Burney’s debut novel, it was a best-selling book and quickly gained. Evelina: Or The History of A Young Lady’s Entrance into the World By Fanny Burney, London: T. Lowndes, Reprinted New York: W. W. Norton. Jul 1, Evelina, Or, the History of a Young Lady’s Entrance into the World by Fanny Burney. No cover available. Download; Bibrec.

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Well, my dear Sir, we went to Ranelagh. I suppose we concluded, of course, that we were all half killed, by the violent shrieks that seemed to come from every mouth. I mean not, however, that I would have you sequester yourself from the party to which you belong, since Eveilna.

Evelina, Or, the History of a Young Lady’s Entrance into the World by Fanny Burney – Free Ebook

Tired, ashamed, and mortified, I begged to sit down till we returned home, which I did soon after. I can write no more now. Mirvan and Ubrney have formed, in consequence of your restoration to health. You cannot hint that you like someone, until you actually ask them to marry you. Her literary apprenticeship was much influenced by her….

This put so great a restraint upon my thoughts, that I was unable to go further than a monosyllable, and not ever so far, when I could possibly avoid it.

He seemed to have a large acquaintance, and joined several different parties: Never dance in public with a stranger, — with one whose name you are unacquainted with, — who may be a mere adventurer, — a man of no character, consider to what impertinence you may expose yourself.

The first, with an attention I but ill-merited from him, led me to a chair; while the other followed, pestering me with apologies.

Indeed it was by no means my wish so to do: Finding him with a pair of pistols, she supposed him to be considering suicide and bids him to look to his salvation; later he informs her that he has been contemplating not only self-destruction bby highway robbery. View all 3 comments. Burhey the dance was over, seeing me still very much flurried, he led me to a seat, saying that he would not suffer me to fatigue myself from politeness.


I AM grieved, Madam, to appear obstinate, and I blush to incur the imputation of selfishness. I wish the Captain would come.

It is a really good example of a Regency novel, well written, and lots of fun. Shocked to find how silly, how childish a part I had evelin, my former fears of dancing before such a company, and with such a partner, returned more forcibly than ever.

At the milliners, the ladies we met were so eveliha dressed, that I should rather have imagined they were making visits than purchases. There are the literary tropes of the title character initially not knowing the full story of her background, male suitors both Fanny Burney’s Evelina is a book I burbey often heard about but never seemed to get around to reading.

Courtney, ‘Huddesford, George bap. In the same instant, Lord Orville took it of him; Fnny coloured violently, and made an effort to recover it. Make use of his name! My heart trembles for your future tranquility. I care not how soon we leave town. However there is another Lord, younggood-looking, manners that never offend, a charming, debonair man Lord Orville, but can he be trusted or is he just another phoney?

I instantly begged fannu to offer Madame Duval my own place, and made a motion to get out; but Mrs. For my part, though I am not the offended person, my indignation is so great, that I long to kick the fellow round the room!

Evelina, Or, the History of a Young Lady’s Entrance into the World by Fanny Burney

I almost wished to have jumped on the stage and joined them. As soon as I returned to the company, Madame Duval said, “Why, my dear, what was the matter with you? CAN any thing, my good Sir, be more painful to a friendly mind, than a necessity of communicating disagreeable intelligence? My one qualm with the book is toward the end. Indeed, but for Madame Duval, I should like London extremely.


Not so with Lord Orville. I wish I had been in Dorsetshire. When I think of it I see an engaging and interesting base for a novel. At first I didn’t know if I would like to read a whole book in that format but it got to a point where I didn’t notice it anymore because the letters were relatively long and contained dialogue.

Lord Orville was a little colourless to be honest. Lady Howard does not sit a moment in a place; Miss Mirvan is making caps; every body so busy!

Jun 12, Amy rated it really liked it Shelves: The son is twenty; the daughters upon hearing that I was seventeen, said that was just the age of Miss Polly; but their brother, after a long dispute, proved that she was two years older, burnwy the great anger of both sisters, who agreed that he was very ill-natured and spiteful.

I am, with all love and duty, your.

However, the same moment that he opened the door with this design, she presented herself at it, attended by Monsieur Du Bois. He was then deeply engaged in a discourse upon French manners with Madame Duval and the Captain; and the subject seemed so entirely to engross him, that he did not, at first, observe my entrance into the room.