Electric weed trimmer which is a good line


Big Italian gardening equipment manufacturer Efco sells its products in over 70 countries around the world. In Russia, brushcutters, lawnmowers, chainsaws, cultivators and their accessories are well known. Grass trimmer line is available on the domestic market as 15-meter pieces in blister, as well as together with a spool. Marked by a variety of profiles, diameters and composition. Cord is often cited on forums as an example for low-cost fishing line. The manufacturer managed to achieve good working parameters due to the latest advances in chemistry. over, Italians preach the production of environmentally friendly products that will not harm the nature and man.

Perhaps a commitment to environmental standards has somewhat impaired such properties as durability and longevity of the cord. But thanks to the safety of the line the manufacturer is in our rating.

The ranking of the best electric trimmers continues with medium-priced mowers. Power 1000-1200 watts is enough even for young shoots and dense grass.

Makita UR3501

This lawn mower is ideal for small area care. Power output reaches 1000 watts. Mowing is carried out by a fishing line. Its width is 35 cm. The spindle rotates at approximately 7,500 rpm.

Weight of the product is 4.3 kg, which was significantly influenced by the power of the grass trimmer engine. The Makita UR3501 is not heavy, so even a woman or an elderly person can handle it. Curved boom and shoulder strap allow the operator to work long hours with maximum efficiency without fatigue.

The motor, located in the upper part of the housing, is equipped with protection against overheating and voltage fluctuations. There is also a cable holder, designed for comfortable cord storage.

  • lightweight;
  • simple in operation;
  • powerful;
  • gradual acceleration;
  • convenient protective cover;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • there is a cable holder.
  • expensive spare parts;
  • inconvenient start button;
  • noisy operation;
  • not suitable for tall people;
  • inconvenient spool with a fishing line.

Was taken as an addition to the lawnmower, where it is inconvenient to get under that junker (near the flowerbeds mainly). Very lightweight, my wife mows without a problem, doesn’t get tired. low noise, then the head does not hurt half a day from the noise of the engine. If only for tall people will be uncomfortable, the boom is short, but we are both “meter and cap” and do not notice such a problem. For my money, it mows just fine, young bushes without any problem, the older ones are a little bit too much, but it is not worth 20. I think for the price. the price/quality is above all praise.

For my grandmother, I bought it as a present for her at home. It has curved bar, which is even very convenient for her short stature. The grass trimmer works without criticism, even though it is made in China. Very convenient for mowing paths between flower beds and other narrow places, where it is impossible to reach with petrol mower.


Pretty powerful household trimmer electric for the grass. The indicator of this model is equal to 1200 W. The device can mow with either a knife or a fishing line. Mowing width in any case is approximately 40 cm.

Weight of the device is 4.Weight of the machine is 8 kg, which is due to the relatively powerful engine. And the device is maneuverable and mobile, because the boom can be disassembled. Thus, the brushcutter is not only easy to transport, but also easy to store. Ease of use is provided by a smooth start and the ability to adjust the height of the handle.

Powerful motor has overload protection, which increases the life of the model. It is safe to use the trimmer. there is a safety lock to prevent accidental start-up.

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  • ease of use;
  • collapsible boom;
  • soft start;
  • noisy;
  • compact;
  • it is possible to mow both with a line and a knife;
  • power.
  • Bolts fixing the boom to the body fly out;
  • low-quality spool;
  • the knife requires sharpening;
  • incomprehensible manual;
  • short cord.

Excellent mowing, no heat (mowed 8 hectares of grass of medium height, 25 °), enough power to cut any grass, good balancing when attaching the mower to the belt, handy start button, the boom length is quite enough. When working, I noticed that quite a lot of heat reducer, the instructions indicated the control interval, the availability of lubrication gear. 3 months, I think you have to halve it.

Allows you to easily carry it in public transport, not afraid to hit people coming out in a crowd. Enough power for an electric grass trimmer. And the included disc mows small bushes and tall grass like butter. Hopefully the Chinese assembling does not affect the quality. It has had a great season so far, and I’ll keep trying it out.

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Hammer ETR1200C

This maneuverable mowing head is perfect for difficult-to-reach places: under benches, by the fence, in the rows. Also suitable for hard work. For example, to process shaped beds. Power grass trimmer is relatively large. 1200 watts. The engine revolves at 9,000 rpm.

Model weight. 4.8 kg, which is due to the powerful electric motor. The detachable boom increases the mobility of the device, and makes it easy to store. Engine in up position allows you to mow in any weather, even in rainy, because it is not afraid of moisture.

Curved boom and shoulder strap promote long work for the operator without overexertion, increasing the efficiency of transferring muscular force to the engine. The protective casing prevents the scattering of debris and collects it in one place.

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  • noiseless;
  • maneuverability;
  • comfortable handle;
  • compactness;
  • easy to use;
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty;
  • easy assembly;
  • powerful.
electric, weed, trimmer, which, good, line

Great addition to the gasoline lawnmower where it’s difficult to drive (along the entire fence, by the foundation, etc.п.) I can handle the new acquisition great, the period of operation is 2 months, no special Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

I bought it as a present for my parents, because I have recently purchased a gasoline brushcutter of this brand, I liked the quality. Overall, the grass trimmer has met expectations, mowing is good, the technical parameters are fully consistent, no complaints so far.

Huter GET-1000S

The power of the model is equal to 1000 watts, which is reflected in the significant weight of the device. a little more than 5 kg. The tool makes 8000 revolutions per minute, so it is effective in mowing the lawn in small areas. Mowing is carried out by a fishing line, capturing 35 cm of the ground. Air vents allow ventilation of the engine. This extends the life of the device.

The mower is easy to store and transport, because the boom can be dismantled. Thus, the technique does not take up much space. The curved shape and D-shaped handle prevents operator fatigue. Maneuverability and miniaturization allows the grass trimmer to be used in hard-to-reach places with a narrow aisle.

  • comfortable handle;
  • mobility;
  • quiet operation;
  • easy to use;
  • maneuverability
  • high performance;
  • power.
electric, weed, trimmer, which, good, line

Generally, I think it is worth its money. During the short period of use I mowed everything within a radius of 20 meters from the house (yesterday I bought another extension cord), and mowed everything, burdock, young raspberries, grass up to the waist. The motor is slightly warm after 30-40 minutes, the finger is tired to hold the button. But I use this time to smoke, drink kvask, for if you crap for a long time without a break, attention is dulled, you start to crap all over (the necessary and not necessary, how many times have noticed for myself) It remains only to check how long it will work.

I didn’t need a gasoline one, the mowed area is a small lawn in the yard. I chose the electric, it’s cheaper, and this model is even easier to transport and lightweight, not rattling like a gasoline mower, but it’s not inferior in power. I’ve been using it all summer, no remarks.


Accounted for 14 reviews from resources: Yandex.Market, Ozon

Best price The cheapest electric grass trimmer in our rating. The model price is 10% lower than a similar model in this category.

If your dacha or garden plot is well-groomed and needs only a small treatment, it makes no sense to start a cumbersome powerful trimmer for the grass. Even this machine can cope with small growth. Of course, you should not expect much from it. 300 watts of power will not allow you to fight with high grass and small bushes. It’s more of an alternative that will do minor lawn mowing and chopping small weeds. It is installed only a fishing line, and not the largest diameter, only 1.2 millimeters. But there is a flexible drive shaft, allowing the model to get into the most difficult places, for example, under the bench.

Technical properties of the cord and the choice of diameter by power trimmer for grass

If you take the packaging of the fishing line in your hands, then it indicates only two main parameters. the overall length and the cross-section. Instruction on how to choose a line for a grass trimmer is not provided, so you have to ask the experts. It is not easy to find a good specialist, especially since not only new lines are produced every year, but also reels.

The first thing to decide is the diameter, thickness or cross section of the cord. All this is one parameter that characterizes the work of trimmers, gasoline mowers, brush cutters and grass mowers. What cross section to buy fishing line for your grass trimmer? In order not to make a mistake, you should bring a piece of old cord, and provide it to the seller. On the basis of the section you provided, the salesman will give you a cord with a similar cross-section.

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This option is certainly reliable, but you can not call it correct. Why? After all, the choice of line depends not only on the head used, but also on the power of the tool used. To begin with, it is recommended to decide what diameter of fishing line can be used on trimmers and gasoline mowers, depending on their power parameters:

electric, weed, trimmer, which, good, line
  • Electric grass trimmers with power ratings up to 500 W use grass cords of up to 1.6 mm. Such tools are designed for mowing young grass on homestead territories
  • Aggregates of the gasoline and electric type with power indicators from 500 to 1000 watts. imply the use of cord thickness from 2 to 2.4 mm. Such units with a consumable are used for mowing thin and dense grass, as well as weeds. Grass trimmers up to 1 kW can be fitted with 1-1.6 mm lines, but they will wear out quickly
  • Lawn trimmers and lawn mowers with a power rating above 1 kW allow for a cord thickness of 2.4 to 3.3 mm. This line can cut thick and dried stems, as well as dense thickets. If consumables thicker than 3 mm cannot cut the grass, metal discs with blades, teeth and knives are used

Which is the best line for a grass trimmer?

A beautiful lawn. is the face of the garden plot, so most gardeners prefer to sow on their land special silky grass, which not only pleases the eye, but also displaces the annoying weeds. In addition to feeding and watering, lawn grass needs care, respectively, it needs to be mowed periodically. For this purpose, you can choose an electric grass trimmer or lawn mower. Many people prefer a trimmer. The filament reel is the heart of the device and enables quick and even cutting of overgrown grass. In addition, with the grass trimmer you can level the lawn in the most inaccessible places: areas along paths and fences, around and bushes, trees or a well.

Regardless of whether you use a conventional tool equipped only with a fishing line, or an electric grass trimmer with a blade and a fishing line, sooner or later you will have to change some elements of such a device. Unfortunately, by this point, the manual from the portable lawnmower, which specifies all the necessary requirements, is already lost, and many are faced with the question of buying the “right” fishing line.

Grass trimmer line differs in the shape of the section, the type of material, the thickness.

  • The round one is universal, for young grass;
  • Square for cutting tall or dry grass;
  • Triangular is effective for dense young lawn grass;
  • Star will cope with dry grass and even small branches of bushes;
  • The 6- or 7-mount is good for weed work;
  • Clover. not a very common cross-section, although this line in the work is not noisy and has a high resource;
  • Oval even copes with thistles, burdocks, installed on powerful mowers.

Also distinguish the straight and twisted line. The second one cuts better, is stronger, works quietly. The only disadvantage. it is hard to unwind from the spool.

Nylon or coaxial yarns are used as materials for the line. Nylon fishing line is the most common and affordable option. To strengthen it, it is used reinforcement. Such a line will cut not only grass, but also bushes.

The choice of line thickness for grass trimmer depends on the type of tool. The instruction to the device specifies the required parameter. On average, low-powered electric and cordless grass trimmers work with 1.5-2 mm thick fishing line. For gasoline trimmers, this parameter increases to 3 mm.

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It is important to remember that if the manufacturer does not provide the possibility of installing a knife, then you can only mow with a fishing line. Otherwise the grass trimmer will break. The best fishing line for a grass trimmer is the one that meets the parameters of the working tool.

The right line. well-groomed area

Buying a cord is easy, but before you do, you should decide for what purpose the grass trimmer will be used. If a person plans to use the device for making hay, then purchase powerful equipment, and to it special metal discs. Then the line will easily cope with mowing and retain its strength for a long time.

  • Maintaining the beauty of the lawn;
  • Aligning vegetation;
  • Clearing the grass from the surrounding area;
  • Elimination of weeds or overgrowth with thick stems.

The cord should be selected only on the basis of the planned work. If a person only needs to mow young and low grass, then an excellent option would be to use a round fishing line, with an acceptable thickness of 1.6 to 2 mm. In another case, when it is necessary to clear the site of a large amount of vegetation, it is better to buy a thicker line, which has a star shape, but also allows the use of a square.

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Most users do not like the grass trimmer due to the fact that it has a high level of noise during work. But few people know that this indicator can be reduced, this is enough to choose the right line. Thanks to this, the user will get rid of unpleasant sounds. The use of a round line with coils is considered a great option. This design can easily cope with any grass and make the work quieter.

Electric grass trimmer which company is better to choose

Rating of electric trimmers is based on models of manufacturers from Germany, Russia, Japan. They are distinguished by their reliable reputation, long-term presence on the technical goods market and positive user feedback. of the devices range from 2,300 to 8,500

The TOP includes tools of the following brands and manufacturers:

  • Patriot is Russian brand leading in production of garden and power equipment, power tools. The company was established in 1973 in USA, and since 1999 it began sales in Russia and CIS countries. In the same year, the rights to the brand were bought out and the first deliveries were made, including electric trimmers.
  • Bosch is a German holding company with more than 130 years of history. It was founded in Stuttgart in 1886 and produced electrical equipment, and then automotive components and household appliances. Today the company has over 400 subsidiaries in 60 countries. Its products are sold in nearly 150 countries, including Russia.
  • Huter. German company founded in 1979, specializing mainly in the production of electric generators and garden equipment. Today it works in more than 50 countries in different parts of the world. The manufacturer entered the Russian market in 2004 and quickly became a leader in the sale of garden equipment, proving the high quality of its products.
  • Gardena is a German company that was established in 1961. Originally it imported gardening tools from France, but in 1968 it invented its own watering system and immediately reached another level. Its products are now represented in more than 120 countries. The company manufactures a wide range of products for garden care.
  • Makita is a major Japanese company with more than 100 years of history, founded in 1915, selling and repairing lighting equipment. It also repaired transformers and electric motors. The factory entered the world market in the late 20’s and began supplying products to the Soviet Union in 1935. The company now operates in more than 140 countries and manufactures over 1,000. products, including grass trimmers.
  • Denzel is a German brand of Matrize Handels GmbH, which appeared on the Russian market in 2014 and in a short time came to the leading position. It produces home and garden care products in the best factories in Taiwan, China and Russia. The products are delivered to 11 countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America, and the market geography is constantly expanding.
  • STIHL is a German family business with over 90 years history founded in 1926 in Stuttgart. It produced the world’s first chainsaws and is still the leader in the field. Acquisition of Austria’s VIKING in the 1990s, giving the company a foothold in Europe and expanding its product range. Today the factory sells its products in over 160 countries.

Huter GET-400

Key Features

  • Power. 350 W.
  • Handle. T-handle.
  • Cutting tool type. fishing line (1.6 mm).
  • Mowing width. 240 mm.
  • The boom is straight.
  • The engine is on the bottom.
  • Drive. flexible.
  • Noise level. 92 dB.
  • Weight. 1.85 kg.
  • The average price is 1 300


Electrokos in “super light weight” can be completed by the original brand variant from Huter. Huter GET-400 is a light but not very quiet electric mower. a great option for country houses or mowing the lawn in front of the house. Young growth is cut cleanly and easily. But for tougher grass, the model is not suitable. not enough power. But the high precision mowing allows you to accurately bypass bushes and other elements of the landscape. Electric mower is equipped with a protective cover and a pair of convenient handles. The engine is located at the bottom, which is not common to popular standard models. There is almost no vibration at all when working with the grass trimmer.

Real Customer Testimonial

Such a small thing, but it cuts everything so cleanly! Not if you mow regularly and don’t run the area. I live in the country all summer, and for me this grass scythe is just a salvation. It is slightly louder than the neighbors. But I quickly and easily manage it myself, and I’m in my seventh decade!

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