Electric-spark cutting with my own hands. Features of a home-built device

EDM machine with your own hands

Some craftsmen have an idea to make an electric-sparking machine with their own hands for their own workshop. The desire is due to the fact that sometimes it is necessary to machine parts with high hardness. Do not anneal to lower the strength. The part may be deformed and the machined surface quality requirements or other characteristics may be violated.

Spark erosion causes piercing of through holes or marking. Surface treatment of complicated shape given by the electrode is possible.

electric-spark, cutting, hands, features
  • Key features of electrical discharge
  • Requirements for the design of a homemade machine
  • Development of a horizontal electric-spark machine
  • A brief description of a homemade machine
  • How to improve the machine?
  • Conclusion

Electrosparking machine with your own hands

To change the shape of the size of the workpiece made of metal, you can use the electroerosion method of machining. It has been used for many years in various industries, is characterized by high accuracy, but low productivity. To apply this method of processing should use a special electrosparking machine, which can be purchased or make your own hands. Homemade version can be used at home for small-scale production. Its cost of making it with their own hands will be lower than buying an industrial version. Therefore, let’s consider in more detail how you can make the considered electric circular saw with your own hands, what you need for this and in what cases it can be used.

How to make a simple EMP emitter with your own hands!

CAUTION HIGH VOLTAGE! Good afternoon amateurs of interesting home-built products! About a year ago I first learned how to make an EMP emitter to influence various electronics from short distances. Naturally, I immediately wanted to make a similar homemade device, because it is quite spectacular and in practice shows the work of electromagnetic pulses. The first models of the EMP emitter had some high-capacitance capacitors from disposable cameras, but this construction does not work well, because of the long “recharging” time. So I decided to take a Chinese high voltage module (which is usually used in stun guns) and add to it a “puncher. This design satisfied me. But unfortunately I burned out the high-voltage module and therefore I was not able to otstroy article on this DIY, but I had filmed a detailed video on the assembly, so I decided to take some points from the video, I hope the Admin will not mind, because the DIY is really very interesting.

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I would like to say that all this was done as an experiment!

And so for the electromagnetic emitter we will need:.high voltage module.Two 1.5 volt batteries.battery box.the case, I use a plastic bottle of 0.5.copper wire with diameter of 0.5-1.5 mm.a button without a detent.wires

Of the tools we will need:.soldering iron.thermal adhesive

And so the first thing to do is to wind a thick wire about 10-15 turns on top of the bottle, coil to coil (the coil has a very strong effect on the electromagnetic pulse range, the best way is a spiral of 4,5 cm in diameter) then cut off the bottom of the bottle

We take our high voltage module and solder it through the button to the input wires, preliminarily removing the batteries from the box

We take a tube from a pen and cut off a 2 cm long piece of it:

Insert the longest wire through the hole inside the bottle:

Solder the remaining wire of the high-voltage module to it:

Place the high voltage module inside the bottle:

Make another hole on the side of the bottle, a little larger in diameter than the diameter of the tube from the pen:

Pull a section of the tube with the wire through the hole and glue and insulate firmly with thermo glue:

Then take the second wire from the coil and insert it inside the piece of the tube, between them there should be an air gap, 1.5-2 cm, to select by experiment

We put all the electronics inside the bottle, so that nothing shorts, hangs around and is well insulated, then we glue it:

Make another hole to the diameter of the button and pull it out from the inside, then glue it on:

Take the cut off bottom, cut it around the edge so that it can fit on the bottle, put it on and glue it on:

electric-spark, cutting, hands, features

That’s it! Our electromagnetic emitter is ready, all that is left is to test it! To do this we take an old calculator, remove valuable electronics and preferably wear rubber gloves, then we press the button and bring the calculator, in the tube will begin to breakdown the electric current, the coil will begin to emit electromagnetic impulse and our calculator first turned on itself, and then begins to randomly itself write numbers!

Before this home-built, I did the EMP on the basis of the glove, but unfortunately only filmed a video of the tests, by the way with this glove I went to an exhibition and took second place because he badly showed the presentation. Maximum EMP range of the glove was 20 cm. I hope this article was interesting to you, and be careful with high voltages!

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Here is a video of the tests and the EMP glove:

Thank you all for your attention!

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Typical representatives

During the preparation of this abstract several modern representatives of electrospark type machines equipped with a numerical control system were disassembled. Machines such as the ALC800G and AQ15L were introduced. Their main technical specifications are given in tables 1 and 2 below.

Essence of the electrical discharge method

During electrical discharge machining the workpiece and the tool are connected to different poles of the DC power supply. Object at the positive pole becomes anode, at the negative pole. cathode. Short pulses are passed between them, causing a spark discharge. By changing the pulse duration, it is possible to obtain the predominance of cathode or anode erosion. The pulse energy is limited in order to avoid overheating of the workpiece and to achieve very high machining accuracy.

Usually wire is used as a tool, which reduces the cost many times over mechanical machines. Low tooling forces and minimal tool wear.

Since material is transferred during erosion, you can not only remove volume, but also build up, restore the surface and get relief impressions. It becomes possible to machine workpieces made of superhard materials for which no mechanical cutting tool can be selected.

How to make an electric discharge machine for a home workshop with your own hands?

Some craftsmen at home have the idea of making an electrical discharge machine with their own hands for their own workshop. The desire is explained by the fact that sometimes it is necessary to process parts with high hardness. Do not anneal to lower hardness. The part may be deformed and the requirements for the quality of the machined surface or other characteristics will be violated.

Spark erosion results in burning of through holes or marking. Machining of complex surface shapes, defined by the electrode, is possible.

  • Basic features of electric discharge
  • Design specification for a home-built machine
  • Development of the horizontal electrical discharge machine
  • A brief description of a home-made machine
  • How to improve the machine?
  • Conclusion

Electrical discharge cutting of metal

The method of electrical discharge metal cutting (EDM) allows you to process the workpiece at a higher rate than the method of electrical discharge contour piercing, because. к. The area of the machined surface per time unit is limited by the diameter of the wire or a single electrode of the tool. Electric discharge cutting does not require the use of roughing and finishing electrodes, but cuts out the desired contour of the part immediately.

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The electrode-wire is made of metals and alloys with high erosion resistance (brass, tungsten) and has minimal wear and constant diameter during operation with constant broaching through the spark gap. This makes it possible to achieve ultra-high precision in machining. This method provides an opportunity to perform finishing grinding of parts, regardless of shape, size and roughness of the processed surface.

Electric wire cutting makes it possible to change the size of a metal workpiece without disturbing its physical properties, which significantly increases the technological variability of production. It becomes possible to expand the range of used metals, materials and alloys in the technological line of production.

Wire electric discharge cutting is mostly used on large industrial enterprises for manufacturing high-precision serial parts, since it makes it possible to give a workpiece complex contour and produce tapered holes with angles up to 30° with a workpiece height up to 400 mm. An undoubted advantage of this type of processing is the fact that after finishing cutting the part does not require additional grinding, which significantly affects the cost and speed of the complete production cycle.

The same pattern is used for cutting workpieces with small thicknesses and varying degrees of metal surface finish, t. к. Electric discharge during cutting does not deform machined surface. Electric erosion cutting is widely used in jewelry manufacturing. EED technology also makes it possible to place the desired information or pattern on a thin workpiece without deforming it, and it can be applied not only to metal, but also to other types of conductive materials.

Examples of work

Treatment of metal by electro-erosion has a number of advantages among other technologies used in metal industry:

  • high accuracy of hole depth;
  • applicable where milling does not work;
  • used with any metal conductors;
  • ensures a variety of shapes and holes in metal structures.

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