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Cordless and cordless screwdrivers are ubiquitous in homes and businesses. This versatile tool can be replaced by a drill, screwdriver and even a lightweight peorator, but no single unit will be as convenient and practical. In this ranking, our experts are not looking at specific devices, the review focuses on the best screwdriver manufacturers that have become the undisputed sales leaders in 2022. The participants of this selection have surpassed their competitors by several points at once, thanks to their strong advantages. quality, price, ergonomics, efficiency. Our experts have answered the most important questions: electric screwdriver which company is better to buy and why.

Cordless screwdrivers are ideal for construction and manufacturing. The same devices are used by repair crews and home craftsmen. However, when buying, you need to determine how often the electric screwdriver will be in operation. Prolonged idle time will lead to battery deterioration, so for rare or one-time use, we recommend considering the mains models reviewed in the following category.

Screwdrivers can be equipped with three types of batteries:

Nickel-cadmium batteries and the nickel-metal hydride batteries developed on their basis are not much in demand today because they have many disadvantages that are unlikely to be outweighed by the advantages for the average user. Lithium-ion batteries have a low self-discharge rate, so a little downtime is not terrible to it, and they have no “memory effect”, which allows you to charge it at any time.

Rokodil Twist Max

Reliable and powerful cordless electric screwdriver for all types of assembly work. its low cost and excellent performance characteristics make this model a real winner in the market of power tools.

electric screwdriver has a quick-release chuck, reverse, backlight, speed control, engine brake, spindle lock. Maximum torque of 48 Nm. The electric screwdriver comes with two 2 Ah batteries, a case and a charger. The device lies perfectly in your hand thanks to the ergonomic handle with rubberized inlays and a weight of only 1 kg.25 kg.

Makita DF331DWYE

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Inexpensive cordless electric screwdriver of excellent quality. The Makita has worked on both durability and convenience, so no complaints on either point. The device weighs only 1.1 kg, so it is very comfortable to work with.

The electric screwdriver comes complete with a case, bits, battery charger and two 1 x 1 batteries.5 Ah.

In order to ensure safety, it is equipped with a power button lock. Convenient to work in poorly lit areas of the premises contributes to spot lighting. The DF331DWYE has a maximum no-load speed of 1700 rpm.

  • complete case;
  • small dimensions;
  • good backlighting;
  • two batteries;
  • Comfortable and reliable operation;
  • Japanese quality.

AEG BS 12G3 LI-152C

A solution from the popular German brand that is an alternative to the Makita model in terms of both price and functionality. The handy electric screwdriver is delivered in a quality branded case, where in addition to the device itself with a battery installed on it, there is a spare battery, charging station and documentation.

On the number of revolutions AEG BS 12G3 slightly inferior to the competitor (1500 rpm), but this popular model of electric screwdriver boasts a large chuck diameter (from 0.5 rpm).8 to 10 mm) and the ability to drill holes in wood with a diameter of 3 cm inclusive. Light and overload protection are also provided in the device.

  • excellent ergonomics;
  • low weight;
  • suitable for professional use;
  • good power;
  • German quality;
  • endurance batteries;
  • elaborate cooling system;
  • availability of a case for transportation;
  • overload protection.

Bosch GSR 12V-15

Bosch GSR 12V-15 is one of the best cordless screwdrivers according to its reliability. It is equipped with a quick-change chuck that allows to quickly change the tooling (diameter of not more than 10 mm) and a variation of the degree of clamping (20 steps and a separate one for drilling).

The equipment of the device depends on its modification. In addition to the quality branded case and the electric screwdriver manufacturer supplies a belt holster that makes it convenient to work at height, charging, as well as two batteries at 2 Ah.

The Bosch electric screwdriver has a gear switch on top. In the first mode, the user gets 400 rpm, which is enough for tightening screws. On the second speed (1300 rpm) you can drill holes under 19 mm and 10 mm for wood and metal respectively.

  • battery power indicator;
  • illuminated work area;
  • long-lasting batteries;
  • convenient reversing button;
  • battery charging in just half an hour;
  • Belt holster.
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the most powerful electric screwdriver in its category. DeWALT DCD791D2 boasts a torque of 70 Nm, which is useful when tightening large screws and work with large drills, as well as a maximum speed at idle speed of 2000 per minute. Allowable drill diameters for wood and metal are 40mm and 13mm respectively. The device is equipped with a pair of batteries with a capacity of 2 Ah. Takes 60 minutes to charge an 18 V battery. Features include electronic speed control, a spot-lighting lamp and a brushless motor.

  • reliable and robust;
  • handy;
  • powerful;
  • wide range of torque selection (15 positions);
  • Great to keep the speeds set;
  • backlit;
  • fast loading;
  • low weight;
  • 3 year warranty.

Rating of cordless screwdrivers 2020, 10 volt

Makita DF330DWE

Medium Specifications:

  • Impactless drill/driver
  • removable battery 1.3 A⋅h, 10.8 В
  • 1 kg weight
  • 24 N-m torque
  • quick-action chuck
  • cartridge diameter 0.8. 10 mm
  • extra battery included

The small-sized drill/driver is equipped with everything you might need when using it. In addition to the unit itself, it comes with two Li-Ion batteries, a holster, a bit and a case. And the spotlight lamp will provide comfort when working with a darkened work area.

The ergonomic handle provides a firm grip of the screwdriver and its light weight allows the user to work with it for a long time without getting tired.

Pros: large capacity case, works quietly, flat chuck, no backlash.

Disadvantages: the light does not turn off, no charge level indicator.

Interskol EA-6/10,8M3

Medium Features:

  • impact-free electric screwdriver
  • removable battery 1.5 A⋅h, 10.8 В
  • weight 0.94 kg
  • torque 26 Nm
  • bit chuck
  • included extra battery, case

This drill/driver, despite its budget price tag, has several advantages over more expensive models. It has metal gears, a sturdy body, charges in an hour and has good ergonomics.

In the package there is only the essentials. Two Li-Ion batteries, the case and the battery charger.

Options for the SHA-6/10,8M3 include a spotlight, chuckless bit and trigger lock.

Advantages: low weight, tightening torque clutch with 18 notches, two speeds.

Disadvantages: No drill can be inserted into this electric screwdriver without the help of a special adapter. Or you will have to buy drills with a 1/4 inch shank.

Metabo PowerMaxx BS 2014 Basic 2.0Ah

Medium Features:

  • impactless drill bit electric screwdriver
  • removable battery 2 A⋅h, 10.8 В
  • weight 0.8 kg
  • 34 Nm torque
  • quick-action chuck
  • chuck diameter 1. 10 mm
  • Extra battery included, carrying case

If you believe the reviews of users, then to use this compact and lightweight electric screwdriver. a pleasure. You can get under the chuck where bigger models would get stuck.

It also has a removable chuck with a magnetic bit holder underneath, making it easy to change bits. In the large carrying case not only fits the bit, but also a drill and a bunch of different needed for repairs small items.

Pros: high quality assembled, there is a hook for the possibility of hanging on the belt, a spare battery in addition to the main.

Disadvantages: the chuck has to be periodically tightened, not a very good backlight, which directs the light directly into the chuck.

What is the best cordless electric screwdriver?

In order to choose a good cordless electric screwdriver that will last a long time, you should focus on proven brands that have already proven themselves in the best way. At the moment there are several leaders in this category. their products are the best because of the quality of construction, durable materials and extensive functionality:


German brand for premium cordless screwdrivers for household and professional use.

Another popular brand from Germany that has been producing construction equipment since the late 19th century. Today the company AEG produces high-quality screwdrivers, characterized by high speed and innovative cooling system of the tool.


Japanese company that uses modern technology and quality materials in its production. Produces universal screwdrivers suitable for both professional and domestic use.


A domestic manufacturer that makes a good inexpensive wrenches. The products are distinguished by a wide range of functionality and high productivity. They are optimal for home use, but are cheaper than their foreign counterparts.


The brand from Germany can not boast a wide range of products, but it is compensated by the high quality and durability of screwdrivers. Each model is distinguished by its high speed, compact size and quality of materials used.


Also a German company, which confidently occupies a leading position in the market of construction equipment. The Metabo screwdrivers are characterized by a wide range (professional and home appliances) as well as by ease of operation and reliability.

Best power drill electric screwdriver

Battery-powered drills are convenient and compact, but their mains counterparts are better able to handle heavy loads. In particular, among the popular models it is necessary to note the following modifications.

Patriot FS 250 The One 120301465

Fairly cheap mains-powered electric screwdriver drill. Equipment of the device includes a quick-action chuck, which facilitates the change of accessories. Also among the advantages of the choice:

The ergonomic handle becomes a practical addition. The disadvantage can be conditionally called the presence of only one speed of operation.

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Rating of cordless screwdrivers and drills 2021

A good screwdriver can be inexpensive. We have compiled our Top 10 models for home and professional use based on price, quality, reliability and demand.

Inexpensive home drill with extra battery pack and carrying case. There is a 21-position torque adjustment.

Drill bit for drilling in wood, metal, ceramics and plastic. Ultra-M technology for longer battery life. 3 year battery warranty.

Powerful cordless drill with two batteries included. Gearbox with two speeds, first speed is optimal for fasteners, second speed for drilling.

2 3 Ah batteries included. Bright LED illumination improves visibility of the work area during operation. Comes in a plastic case.

Cordless electric screwdriver for professional use. The model is fully compatible with all Bosch Professional 12 V batteries. Two-speed gearbox, 2 batteries, reverse, LED illumination.

Dry drill for home and country with 5 year extended warranty. Compact and lightweight (1.02 kg). Reverse, two speeds, flashlight.

Professional drill with brushless motor. Backlight controllable with switch above battery. Brightness can be set at 100%, 50% or 25%.

Drill with two batteries included. Two speed rpm (0-350 rpm, 0-1300 rpm). Work area illumination. Delivered in a carrying case.

Powerful drill with rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Proprietary Electronic Cell Protection technology protects battery from overheating, deep discharge and overload.

Professional drill with two batteries. Quick-action chuck can be removed and bits can be inserted into the HEX socket. Comes in a plastic carrying case.

Despite the fact that all such devices have approximately the same design, there are models that differ from their competitors on certain parameters and are more popular among customers. We have selected the most popular screwdrivers that have a lot of positive feedback. Our rating includes models from the following manufacturers:

  • Interskol;
  • Bort;
  • Hammer;
  • Makita;
  • Hitachi;
  • Zubr;
  • Metabo;
  • DeWALT;
  • Bosch;

Interskol DA-12ER-02 Home master

The most inexpensive cordless electric screwdriver in our ranking. Equipped with a linear coupling torque limiter. Gear metal gears. Lightweight 0.96 kg, no arm fatigue even when working continuously.

Charging board is built in the battery itself, which allows in case of breakage to disassemble and replace it. A window with light indicators lets you know when it’s time to charge the tool. The warranty period is two years.

  • Lightweight design ensures hands free from fatigue, even when working for extended periods of time.
  • Self-tightening chuck.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Low price.

Bort BAB-18Ux2Li-FDK

A good cordless drill at an affordable price. The tool is attached to the battery by a handle. Reverse button and power lock button are integrated. Main control buttons are orange, making it easy to distinguish between them.

Vents in the rear prevent the motor from overheating. No rubber feet on the battery compensated by the wide and stable base. Charge it with any level of charge.

  • One-handed clamping of the chuck.
  • Convenient button layout.
  • Quick stop is available.
  • Light weight and compact size.

Hammer ACD185Li

Domestic cordless electric screwdriver that works with fasteners, drills wood, metal and plastic. Can drill holes in wood up to 25 mm in diameter. This is the most powerful model in the line of 18-volt batteries. there are 16 torque settings and a “drill” mode.

Motor brake allows you to stop spinning as soon as the lever is lowered. The reverse is engaged with a button on the side of the starter, this allows convenient thumb and forefinger control.

Makita DF331DWYE

This model has a plastic housing with a rubberized back handle. German company Rohm, world leader in this area, is used in the unit, and all major electronic components for a Makita are manufactured by a Dutch company. 18 torque steps plus one for drilling. Thanks to the right angle of inclination, you won’t have to strain or bend your hand too much.

With the regulator, you can precisely screw in any screws and drill accurate holes of the depth you need without tearing off the slots. Especially important when working with furniture, where an extra millimeter can ruin the entire construction. The power is easy to regulate with the shutter release button, the harder you press, the higher the power. Indicators on the charger will inform you when the battery is fully charged or overheated.

Hitachi DS18DVF3

Cordless electric screwdriver from renowned Hitachi, which deserves your attention. Nickel-cadmium cassette battery pack recharges the battery in half an hour. Two bit carrying holes above the power supply. 22-value force adjustment, making it ideal for working with wood, plastic, soft steel, and aluminum.

One-touch two-speed gearbox with one-touch control button lets you select the RPM you need. Speed up to 400 rpm in first gear and 1200 rpm in second gear. The tool is well balanced in the hand and weighs 2 kg. Air-cooled, heavy-duty motor.

13 mm chuck makes it easy to change accessories. For wearing on the belt there is a branded hook, which has five positions. Includes: universal charger, 18 V battery, double-sided bit, branded flashlight, set of bits with holder.


Our first cordless impact wrench suitable even for some brick walls. Two-speed gearbox helps in working on metal and wood. Complete with two batteries with a capacity of 1.5 A⋅h and battery charger.

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The tool is equipped with a 10 mm keyless chuck. Its 40 Nm torque is more than enough to perform 90% of the work a user will encounter at home. Jamming protection prevents combustion.

Zubr DA-14.4-2-Li KNM2

Compact and light drill/driver with a torque of 45 Nm, which allows you to drill in wood with drill bits up to 25 mm. The spindle is lockable, so you can manually finish turning the fastener. Thanks to the pulse charger, it is easy to carry with you. Thanks to the new lithium-ion technology, throughput increases by 35%. Quick-change chuck for changing screwdriver bits.

Metabo PowerMaxx BS 2014 Basic 2.0Ah x2 Case

If you’re not a pro screwdriver but need to tighten something around the house, this series is for you. 2A⋅h battery capacity lets you work for long hours without recharging. With a weight of 0.8 kg, your hands won’t get tired of holding the tool in any position. Not only can this model be used with various lengths of hexagonal bits, but also with round drills.

  • Convenient, movable handle of case.
  • Very lightweight (800 grams)
  • Rechargeable battery lasts for a long time.
  • Removable chuck.


One of the best cordless screwdrivers according to customer reviews. You can assemble furniture, metal shelving and more with this model. Thanks to the convenient and reliable latches on the case, it is not difficult to open the case, and during transportation the tool does not fall out. The charger can be used for 10 volt, 14 and 18 volt batteries. Thanks to the rubber handle, vibration is minimal. Powerful backlight can be used as a flashlight.

Stability of the screwdriver in an upright position is ensured by the new shape of the sliding power supply. Smooth speed changeover suitable for enjoying the operation of this device. Average charging time of approx. 40 minutes.

  • Well thought out ergonomics, feels good in the hand.
  • Metal gearbox.
  • Quick charging.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Reliability.

Bosch GSB 180-LI 1.5Ah x2 Case

A great cordless electric impact wrench, whose owners in their reviews praise above all its reliability. Thanks to the lithium-ion type of source, the batteries charge quickly and have no memory effect. 13 mm diameter chuck with spindle locking feature extends the range of work. 20 torque settings, allows you to choose the ideal tightening torque.

Three operating modes: tightening screws, drilling, percussion drilling for masonry. Two speed settings: One for drilling and one for screw driving.

The screwdriver is equipped with a backlight, which does not consume much power and is needed to illuminate the working area. The speed can be regulated by pressing the trigger. The important feature of this model, the possibility of replacing carbon brushes, which prolongs the life of the motor. Enclosed in a compact 1 kg carrying case.

Best Screwdriver Brand? (14 BRANDS) Milwaukee, Dewalt, Makita, Ryobi, Bosch, Pink Power, Metabo

  • Excellent torque (54 Nm).
  • Ability to replace carbon brushes.
  • Fast battery charge and long battery life.
  • Metal gears.


The first place in the ranking by complete right is occupied by the German brand Kruger electric screwdriver. In terms of functionality, quality and price. this is the best option for the home handyman and professional. It copes with the load it is excellent: you can work with it for a long time.

The battery capacity also contributes to long life: a battery charge lasts for 2-3 hours. Kruger cordless electric screwdriver works with fasteners and drilling holes. Comes in a compact case for storage and transportation.

  • Thanks to the low weight of only 2 kg, your hands will not get tired even when working for a long time.
  • There is a quick-action chuck.
  • Rich equipment, which includes two batteries, a set of bits, drills.
  • Reasonable price.

Rating of screwdrivers: cordless and mains

Drill-driver. a tool for drilling wood, metal, plastic, sometimes brick and soft concrete, as well as for screwing screws. Quality tool will last for many years and will help to do a thousand useful things. To help you make your choice, we have compiled a list of household and professional tool ratings.

Top 10 best cordless screwdrivers of 2021

A cordless electric screwdriver is a convenient functional power tool used in furniture assembly, as well as construction work. The main difference between these devices and networked counterparts will be the comfort in operation. This is due to the lack of wires, mobility and unlimited range. Of course, such tools have a wider range of applications. The choice of such products is extremely wide, but after reading customer reviews and model descriptions, choosing the right tool will not be a problem. We have made rating, which included the best cordless screwdrivers 2021.

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