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Can I Charge an Electric Screwdriver Battery with the Car Charger

an electric screwdriver is an essential household tool, but there comes a time and its power source. Battery stops working. The models are constantly changing and sometimes it is impossible to find a suitable battery. As there is an option to return it one hundred percent by another to extend the life of 2-3 years. What, how to repair the battery of an electric screwdriver, knows the real article.

In deciding what, if there is a possibility to return the battery of an electric screwdriver, you need, first of all, to figure out how to extract with its use of the elements. The battery is located in a plastic case of 2 halves. At first it is necessary to unscrew the connecting screws. If the connection is made with glue, it will have to tinker with a screwdriver or chisel. Dismantle carefully, so that later it was possible to glue the body and again.

Inside there are elements connected one by one. Some designs use a parallel-serial connection.

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Way 2

You need to open the hood and find the red thread on the coil. Both the cap and the coil on almost all motors are on the back of the motor. In engines with four cylinders they are located on the right side near the center of the engine. In those with six cylinders on the opposite side: on the left, always near the center.

Remove the battery cables. Connect the cable from the battery positive terminal to either of the coil positive poles or to the red wire connected to the coil. Thus, the dashboard is powered, a fundamental step in starting the engine.

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Identify the starter solenoid. Unlock the steering wheel. Insert an electric flathead screwdriver into the center of the top of the steering column, pushing between the steering wheel and the column. The goal is to unlock the locking clips on the steering wheel. These clamps do not break or cause any problems, you need to find the solenoid, which should be right below it.

Connect the solenoid to the positive pole of the battery. There will be a small wire at the top of the solenoid and under the positive battery cable. Remove the ignition switch wire from the solenoid and, using an insulated screwdriver, short the positive pole of the solenoid to the terminal to which the ignition switch was connected.

What else

Now for some important details. First, before you begin any manipulation of the screwdriver‘s battery, you should first check its type. Nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride batteries are suitable for our purposes. It is better not to experiment with lithium-polymer models, because they can not withstand the high current and explode.

Now for the charge. It is clear that the battery of your screwdriver has to be charged to 100%. If you try to pull a trick with a half-drained battery, you will definitely fail.

And one last thing: even a fully charged cordless screwdriver battery will only start your car once. If you try to do it again, it won’t work unless you recharge it again. So it’s important not to stop the engine after it starts to give the regular battery a chance to recharge.

electric, screwdriver, battery, start

We will need

Now you need to make a cover for the battery compartment. We take the arm guards and a scrap of disc from an angle grinder, the diameter all fit together. We cut under the hole in the electric screwdriver with wire cutters.

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Portable power supply from an electric screwdriver battery

Hello everyone.

To spice up my reviews, I’m adding a DIY post. Specifically, a small case for a battery from an electric screwdriver that allows you to use that battery as a self-contained 12V power source.

It took me a couple of days to draw it, the hardest part was the lock. Drawn over 3 times until I hit the size (the Chinese apparently do the standards “by eye”) Next, I drew the case for the battery. Shape. triangle, battery holds three 18650 cells. The whole thing looks like this.

We load it into the slicer for 3D printing and adjust it. Printed with a default of 0.2mm layer, about 2 hours. Better to print standing up, without supports. Fill at your discretion, 100% is not necessary, about 40%. 50% (the wall is thin). Printing result. For comparison. next to the battery I printed a few cases at a time for testing. The battery case does not fit tightly, with a slight stretch. The lock clicks into place with a little click, just like in the case of an electric screwdriver. I made the contacts from a piece of tin (like tin cans or beer cans), which are not aluminum, can be made from a piece of wire) If everything is done correctly, there is voltage on the contacts. Mark it for convenience, and. Initially, the idea was for a TS100 soldering iron, 12v works. In the photos saw the heating from 50 ° C to 250 ° C current consumption up to 2A Soldering iron works quite adequately. The battery has overdischarge protection, so you can safely use. Additionally in the bottom I installed a USB step-down (12V. 5V) In the bottom made a place for the cable, but if you want you can finish drawing and the lid as the body of the board, for a particular option. You can charge your phone)))

Any connectors/outlets/cables can be furbished for convenience if desired. It is reasonable to install the cigarette lighter socket, but this will increase the size of the holder. It is convenient to use Chinese batteries because they have a charger board with a round plug.

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Useful tiphack with an electric screwdriver

You can use a cordless electric screwdriver!Remove the battery (12 volt, 18 volt with some modifications below).

Then we connect the wires. First, necessarily to the electric screwdriver battery. It has polarity markings on it.

And then to the car battery. Be sure to make sure several times that the polarity is not reversed.


While waiting, the voltage rose and froze at 14.5В. Getting behind the wheel I turned the ignition on again and waited for the gas pump to click. This time the starter jerked more perceptibly and the engine grabbed with more confidence, but it felt like it was about to stall again. The subject slightly, but in time the gas made him reconsider his intentions, and ALLY: The engine successfully started, and I hastened to turn off the lithium assembly. The result of the experiment: confirmed

I think a lot of people were very interested in the fate of the batteries in the assembly after the “abuse” performed on them. Residual voltage at the assembly is 15.1B: No traces left on the battery terminals (except for those that were already there originally): Measurements showed that all batteries remained in working order, with all 26650 having a residual voltage of 3.75V, on all 18650. 3.85V as in the drugstore. Slight difference between the two types of jars is due to the higher capacity of 4×18650 than 2×26650. A sample test of several batteries showed that their capacity and internal resistance were not affected either.

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