Electric saw torsion spring replacement. Tips from the pros

Replacing the cable on a sectional door with torsion springs

The shaft rotates and turns the drums attached to it. The drums wind the rope, one end of which is fixed to the bottom panel of the gate. The cable lifts the gate up. When the door opens, the springs unwind, releasing energy. When the door is lowered, the springs are twisted, storing energy.

In the previous article, we told you how to replace the rope on the sectional door, which as a mechanism for balancing the weight of the door leaf used tensile springs. In this article, let’s look at replacing the cable on doors with torsion springs. First, let’s understand how the torsion mechanism is designed.

The torsion mechanism consists of three main parts:

The shaft is secured above the door opening with the end support brackets. There are bearings in the brackets, so the shaft can freely rotate around its axis. On both sides of the shaft are drums with grooves for winding the rope.Also on the shaft, depending on the weight of the door, one or two torsion springs. The spring has a movable and a stationary end on both sides. the ends are permanently fixed in the spring so that they cannot turn separately from it. The fixed end is bolted to the support bracket. There are four holes in the moving terminals for screwing in the spring and four threaded holes into which the locking screws are inserted. Once the spring is wound, these screws are tightened and the spring is connected firmly to the shaft and the shaft and spring can only turn together. Т.е. the spring, tending to unwind, twists the shaft.

  • Loosen the springs completely. To do this, insert one yoke (usually a piece of rebar with a diameter of 16 mm. and 300-400mm long. for large diameter springs the screws can be much longer) into the hole of the moving end, holding it, unscrew the locking bolts and remove the key (if it is provided by the design). Using a second yoke, gently unwind the spring.
  • Align the gate leaf. Check that the panels are level by using a spirit level. If necessary place spacers.
  • Remove the old rope and install the new one. To do this, attach one end of the rope to the rope drum and the other end to the bottom panel corner bracket. The number of rope turns on the drum is specified in the installation cards for the gate and is usually equal to 1.5. In a standard door lift, the cable is routed behind the door rollers. In some cases the wire can also be positioned at the front of the rollers.
  • Check that both cables are evenly tightened. For convenience, you can turn the spring by one turn to see which cable is longer and then align them. In case of uneven rope tension, the gate will tilt during movement and will not work properly. A longer rope will have less tension and will fly off the grooves in the drum.
  • Torsional springs can be wound. To do this, use the collar to turn the movable end in the direction of the tightening of the spring. After reaching the required number of revolutions, the groove in the movable ending is aligned with the groove in the shaft, the key is inserted (if the goal design provides for it, in some cases the movable ending is fastened with two screws without the key) and fastened with two screws. The torsion springs are calculated individually for the door according to its weight. You can find the number of revolutions in the technical data sheet of the door. In its absence, the number of revolutions of the spring has to be adjusted “by eye”. The door is properly balanced if the door does not spontaneously drop or move upwards when the door blade is raised one metre off the floor.
  • If the door is equipped with an electric operator, the end positions for opening and closing must be set before the door can be used.

You should take into account that the bigger the size of the door, the more powerful the torsion springs are, the more force should be applied for the spring tension, and the more energy the springs can give. The weight of one metre of sectional panel is 12 kg. Accordingly, even the most common garage door size 3000 2500 weighs 90 kg. What to say about the larger doors, which can weigh up to several hundred kilos? After all, almost all of this weight is compensated by torsion springs. And if you do not have experience in adjusting the torsion mechanism and you do not know how to wind the spring correctly, then there is a danger that all the energy of the wound spring will be applied to some place of your body. That is why we recommend that you call in a professional in case of a wire breakage.

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Choosing a replacement spring

In the event that the mechanism is out of order, you must immediately proceed to replace the spring. The most important first step is to choose the right system. It must be matched to the sectional door. The solution to this problem can be the selection according to the type of sectional door. Get the serial number, usually stamped on the door, and tell your consultant. It helps to unmistakably buy the right product. After all, you can know the size, weight, color, additional features and other important information. However, the inscription on the plate can be erased over time, so you will need to determine the main characteristics of the spring to find a decent replacement. It is necessary to clarify the data:

  • Side. When ordering a single spring, it makes a difference whether the left or the right one needs to be replaced. The side is determined by the inner surface. Many manufacturers additionally mark the springs with the red color for the left one and the blue or other shade for the right one. This helps avoid unnecessary confusion.
  • Length. Changes need to be made correctly. Be sure to include not only the spring itself, but also the end cap. This allows you to know exactly the size of the part you need to buy. Many people mistakenly measure only the body of the spring itself, and then are surprised when they unpack too short.
  • Outer diameter. It’s easy enough to measure by finding out the circumference and calculating it using a mathematical formula. When it comes to a spring that is already broken or has popped out. The diameter can be found without further calculations by simply measuring it. There may still be some errors, so it is advisable to save the data on the installed spring and just report them in the future.
  • Wire diameter. In this case it is an internal parameter. It is measured similarly, and the same calculations are used. According to the results, this figure should be not much previous.

It is important to take into account that for a proper selection of springs you should know the type of door opening, the way of its movement, as well as the presence or absence of a separate wicket. All these factors will help to choose if not exactly the same mechanism, then a similar one, while taking into account all the basic criteria. If there are difficulties in buying on their own, it is best to contact professionals. They can help you find several options based on these criteria, ask all the necessary questions and help you find the ideal spring or pair of springs to replace one in the machine that is breaking down.

It is buying the right part that is half the battle for repair. If the spring will be high quality and suitable, it is much easier and faster to install, not to mention the service life, which depends directly on the characteristics of the purchased product, its quality and manufacturer.

Diagnosing a chainsaw starter

Due to the long use of the chainsaw the starter mechanism fails. After one or more jerks when pulling the starter rope, the crankshaft will not turn. This problem may be caused by the following reasons:

Before starting work on diagnosing and repairing the starter mechanism, it is necessary to prepare the necessary tools and accessories, which will significantly reduce the time for operations. These include:

  • A set of locksmith screwdrivers and a specialized set of brand-name tools included with the chainsaw.
  • Sturdy cord to replace the worn out starter rope.

In the first phase of the chainsaw starter repair it is necessary to identify the nature of the problem. To do this remove the side cover on the side of the starter mechanism, unscrewing only a few screws. Depending on the manufacturer, this operation will require a specialized or ordinary screwdriver.

Next, we examine the inside of the protective casing. If there are no cracks and chips in the plastic, proceed directly to the diagnosis of the starter unit. Unscrew the central bolt of the starter and remove the spring. There should be no cracks or tears on its surface. To find yourself a similar force and number of coils on the spring is problematic, so you need the help of specialized centers.

After removing the clamp and the chain saw starter spring, the pulley with the wound cord is available for disassembling. The integrity of the rope indicates that you need to carefully review each of the parts of the starting mechanism.

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Repair of the sectional doors with their own hands

Repair of the sectional doors with their own hands is possible if the problem is not serious. Before restoring the functionality of the system, the owner can make a diagnosis, which will require simple tools:

Timely monitoring of the functionality of the mechanisms to avoid the cost of repairs and replacement parts. List the major problems and solutions.

How to straighten the hung garage door sash?

Garage door is betrayed vertically

Photo : Garage door door is loose vertically

Garage door can lead because of damaged guides, faulty couplings, tension or broken ropes. With minor deformation, the owner himself can perform alignment guides, pull or replace the cables, restore the coupling.

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How to seal cracks in the garage door

Repair of sectional doors “Alutech” and “Dorhan” involves patching the gaps between the leaves and the frame. Sealing rubbers, concrete compound or a nylon brush can be used to eliminate draughts. It makes the most sense to fix the material on both sides. The assembly foam to fill the gaps is not suitable because it breaks down in the open air.

How to replace a bent bottom panel of a sectional door

Damaged panels are just the right time to assess your strength before repairing. If similar structures have been installed before, you can take on the work. Otherwise, it is better to rely on professionals. The scheme of operations for replacing the panel:

  • Raise the leaf by 30-50 cm and tie the brackets of the last hinge to the rails;
  • turn the shaft to loosen the cables;
  • Unlock the drive and secure the gate;
  • Replace the panel.

Picture : Damaged bottom panel of the sectional door

When you are finished, perform the steps in reverse order.

How to tension the spring of the sectional door

Repair of sectional doors with Came automatics may also be necessary if the torsion springs are stretched. To return them to the correct position, proceed as follows:

  • check that the marking on the spring is a straight line;
  • secure the leaves by placing a clamp on the shaft;
  • place the tension rod in the adjustment hole on the end of the spring and rotate a quarter turn;
  • place the second tensioning rod in the other adjustment hole, take out the first rod while turning the second one a quarter of a turn;
  • repeat steps 3 and 4 until the spring is fully tensioned;
  • fix the tensioned spring on the shaft by inserting the key and fixing the bolts;
  • remove tensioning rods;
  • check the number of turns on the marking strip.

Then remove the clamps and check that the system is working. If the leaf is not balanced, reduce the spring tension by one turn.

How to open the sectional door without a key

Open the sectional doors without a key in case of emergency (power failure, systems breakdown) you will be able to use the emergency unlocking system. Mechanism is a special cord, which allows you to unlock the gate manually.

Photo: For the autonomous opening of the gate there is an emergency unblocking system

When the cord is tensioned, the release hooks on the chain carriages are actuated and the web is lifted. To close, simply return the cord to its original position, after which the gate will be lowered again. Additional methods of unlocking the system include a chain reducer, a handle with a lock and a screwdriver.

To buy the gate, to order their preventive maintenance and repair you can in the company “Masterovit.

Electric chainsaw “Parma” 2M

Electric saw weight 5.6 kg. Power output of the transverse-mounted el. 2000 W motor, supply voltage 220 V. This is an upgraded version with auto-lubricated chain, which of course can be simply adjusted. The oil tank is equipped with a sight glass that allows you to visually control the filling of the tank with lubricants.

The manufacturer has balanced the tool perfectly, taking care to reduce the fatigue of the operator in his time of long-term work. Chain and motor lock, overhead guard make it possible to make the necessary safety conditions during work. A saw unit is used: a 40 cm long guide bar and a 57-part chain.

Power saws are an indispensable tool in the cottage or private home. It can easily cut through thick branches, boards and all sorts of wood material. Even the most reliable tool has its own degree of wear and tear, from time to time it is necessary to fix minor or major failures. Repair of electric saws with their own hands is possible only in some cases and in the presence of certain skills and tools. Often the tool has to be returned to the service. But there are some breakdowns that are easy to fix on your own.

Overview of the construction of the electric chainsaw

To learn how to repair electric saws you need to understand their construction. The main element that cuts the material is the saw chain, which is set in motion by a motor. The chain itself is a set of cutting links, which are interconnected by hinges. the chain runs on a plate that is called a bar. Manufactured from high quality steel that is not prone to chipping, scratching or corrosion. a key factor in tool quality. According to the construction are distinguished bars:

A welded bar is a kind of “sandwich” that is welded together with a sprocket that is riveted into the structure. One-piece construction with replaceable nose piece. one piece sheet, optimal for long tools. In this kind of bar the main load is on the roller bearing of the sprocket wheel. One-piece configuration reduces friction loss by 8-10%. If the tool has a solid carbide bar, it is optimally suited for heavy-duty work and for use in environments with large amounts of sand, dust and dirt.

When working with any kind of power saw it is necessary to remember about a possibility of “kickback”, i.e. throwing of the tool to the side of the person doing the work. Such a situation occurs if the tip of the guide bar contacts the material to be cut. To avoid injury in such a situation, manufacturers equip saws with an automatic chain brake.

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The automatic chain brake is also called a flywheel, which operates thanks to a shield in front of the left hand of the person doing the work. Before starting work, this shield must be repositioned nearer to the operator’s hand so that it can be moved quickly if necessary. If the moment of blowback occurs, the operator’s hand rests against this plate and the chain stops. The position also changes due to the inertia caused by the impact. Such a system allows you to reduce the likelihood of repair of electric chain saws, as during the impact, its main mechanism will not be damaged.

Another system that prevents wear and breakage is the automatic chain lubrication. A special reservoir contains oil, which is pumped to the drive sprocket and chain during saw operation. Some models even have an oil flow regulator, because different cutting intensity requires different amounts of oil. For example, repairing a Makita electric saw involves inspecting the oil system.

Electric chainsaws have some disadvantages or weaknesses. One of them is the design of the gearbox. The torque is transmitted to the chain through a gearbox, which is rigidly connected to the electric motor armature. This design transmits all loads to the motor, that is, if the workpiece contains hard inserts or the saw chain is blunt, it will not glide as smoothly on the surface. The result will be overheating of the motor or wear of some of its parts. As a preventive measure, you should timely sharpen the saw and not put pressure on it when working. Parma electric saws often come in for service with these kinds of malfunctions.

Specifics of toothed belt replacement and adjustment

Toothed belts in electric lawnmowers are most often mounted on two pulleys. One is directly on the motor shaft and can move with it when the fasteners are loosened. The driven pulley is usually stationary. To replace the timing belt on this lawnmower, follow these steps:

  • De-energize the tool.
  • Position the mower so that the drive mechanism is easily accessible.
  • Remove the protective cover.
  • Loosen the screw securing the motor and drive pulley on it.
  • Slide the master pulley toward the slave pulley to loosen the belt tension.
  • If the belt is broken or missing, follow steps 1-5 anyway.
  • Put the new belt on the drive pulley first.
  • Push belt over edge of idler pulley and turn timing belt drive until it is fully seated on the idler pulley.
  • Move motor with driving pulley to home position to tension belt.
  • Screw in the retaining screws.
  • Check the tension of the belt. it must not sag by more than 4-5 mm.
  • If necessary, tighten or loosen the belt by first removing and tightening the retaining screws on the motor.

After replacing and adjusting the lawnmower belt, reinstall the protective cover.

How to measure and order the spring

When ordering the gate spring, take into account the parameters:

  • the diameter of the bar (accuracy of measurements up to 0.1 mm);
  • Internal diameter (50 (51), 67, 92, 142 or 152 mm) and the number of windings
  • the length of the spiral in the loosened state (if it has broken, you need to measure each piece and add up the figures obtained);
  • direction of winding (left or right).

You do not have to take a caliper to measure the diameter of the rod. Ruler or tape measure is sufficient. It is necessary to count 10 coils, measure them in millimeters and divide the figure by 10, getting the diameter of one bar. (For example, 10 coils = 65mm). 65/10 = 6.5 mm).

Important! Each torsion spring manufacturer has different stiffness of wire. So when ordering do not forget to specify the brand, up-and-over or sectional doors (roller shutters).

If it is difficult to measure by yourself. call us back!

Installing the spring

The mechanism of lifting gates requires great accuracy and care, so it is better to entrust the replacement of springs to a specialist. Replacement price includes the cost of a new spring (or pair) dismantling and installation on site.

  • Loosening of the wire;
  • complete or partial dismantling of the shaft with the old part;
  • installing the shaft;
  • securing and winding the cable;
  • Spring tension and adjustment of the door drive.

If you do the installation by yourself, there is no guarantee that you will take into account all the nuances when adjusting, and the lifting mechanism for the sectional door will work correctly. Our company specialists will replace the springs quickly and qualitatively, as well as fine-tune the tensioning force, which will help significantly prolong the life of the lifting mechanism.

Automatic control of garage doors and industrial doors is usually carried out by remote control. But what to do in case of power failure?

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