Electric saber saw, which is better?

electric, saber, which, better

Rating of TOP 12 best saber saws of 2021: review and characteristics of cordless and mains models

Sabre saw. review and rating of the best devices. Selection criteria, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of mains and cordless models. Key features of chain saws.

Sabre electric saw is a versatile tool that allows you to cut wood, plastic, metal and other materials.

How to choose a saber saw, what to pay attention to when choosing and which model to give preference to, we will consider in this review.

When work in the garden or the workshop is performed in close proximity to a power outlet, the best option would be to buy a chain saw. It is distinguished by its power and reliability. Experts liked the following models.

Milwaukee SSPE 1500 X

Electric motor of chain saw Milwaukee SSPE 1500 X has the best protection against overload. Operator can fully concentrate on his work without worrying about damage to the motor. The tool features high power (1500 watts) and speed (2800 dv/min). Amplitude is 32 mm, and it is possible to maintain constant power under load. Patented electronic protection to level out the impact energy in case of a jammed blade. The AVS system helps to reduce vibration effectively. Comes with a long (4 m) and flexible power cord. The saw is the winner of our review.

All aspects of the tool deserve nothing but praise from users. Only the high price becomes a barrier to purchase.

Makita JR3061T

One of the best choices for the professional! This sabre blade is built to withstand the toughest demands for years. It is also very powerful. There is no doubt that the motor used here will allow to work with any kind of wood. The maximum cutting depth in this material is up to 255 mm! Also, the manufacturer does not prohibit cutting steel pipes. in this case you can count on a 130-millimeter cut. In short, the key features are nothing short of spectacular.

There is a 1250 watt electric motor inside this tool. On the body of the saw a number of rubber pads can be found. They make the grip more secure. Also such elements of design slightly cushion the process. There is also a regulator on the housing, which allows you to change the frequency of rotation of the drive. It allows you to adjust the tool to the specific material with which it will interact.

electric, saber, which, better

This model can boast an adjustable pendulum stroke. Not to mention the quick accessory changeover. If earlier it was necessary to use a spanner, no other additional tool is needed now! Another important feature is the smooth running of the blade. It is achieved through the introduction of a vertical crank mechanism.

The Makita JR3061T also has a number of other advantages over competitors. For example, the manufacturer has equipped its tool with a working area illumination. Heavy-duty clamping shoe. The construction with its reliable two-handed grip is also very satisfying. Finally, nothing bad can be said about the equipment. It includes a plastic case for easy transportation. The only criticism about the weight of the machine is its weight of 2.5 kg. But you wouldn’t expect anything else with such a motor. However, as you read our rating, you will see that there are also much heavier sabre saws.

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  • The power cord has a length of 4 m;
  • Comes in a plastic case;
  • Very powerful motor;
  • A smooth stroke is implemented;
  • There are several important adjustments;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • The working area can be illuminated.

Bosch GSA 1300 PCE

The Bosch GSA 1300 PCE reciprocating saw finds a wide range of applications in Russia. It can be found at salvage yards, in the hands of gardeners, the tool is even used for cutting carcasses at meat processing plants. Engine power (1300 W) is supplemented by a high stroke frequency (2900 rpm), which enables a cutting depth of up to 230 mm with a 28 mm amplitude. High cutting precision in all conditions of visibility with work area illumination. Experts take the effective vibration damping system and the excellent balancing to an asset of the model.

Most owners are completely satisfied with the capabilities of the sabre saw and the reliability and durability of the tool. The cutting is so fast that users think twice about stopping the pendulum function.

AEG US 1300 XE

Good power (1,300 watts) and a reasonable price helped the AEG US 1300 XE sabre saw to rank high in our review. Experts mark out such strong points of this device as electronic speed regulation, convenient system of blade fastening Fixtec, effective cooling of electric motor. The adjustable blade helps to increase the life of the cutting equipment. The manufacturer has provided the ability to rotate the blade 180 degrees. The saw’s handle has a rubberized Soft Grip pad to reduce vibration stress. Useful features include soft start and electronic motor protection.


Among the models with a bundled battery, this saw is the most inexpensive.

One of the best and most popular saber saws from Aliexpress with high quality construction and parts. There is a waterproof case and anti-slip pads in the contact area with the hands. But the indicated battery power of 88V is not true. the charger of the tool is limited to 48V. Battery itself if ordered with battery pack is rated at 20V. But this can hardly be called a disadvantage. The choice of equipment is extensive. you can order a basic tool without 4 attachments and portable batteries, and you can choose an extended set. As for the quality of cuts. it is excellent, the saw can easily cope with planks, twigs and logs, as well as cut thin metal.

  • Low price
  • Good power, really cuts wood, metal and plastic
  • Quality saws for wood in a set
  • Defective batteries can occur
  • For cutting metal, it is better to use attachments from well-known brands

For domestic use, electric saws with power not exceeding 400-700 watts are suitable. Compact-sized units must work with short blades. The maximum allowable thickness of sawn workpieces does not exceed 120-140 mm (wood) and 10-15 mm (metal). Sablesaws are not equipped with additional functions.

The best power tools in this category that meet the listed criteria are:

  • Bosch PSA 700 E (power 710 W, cutting depth of wood 115 mm);
  • Hammer LZK 800b (included in the top of the best sabre saws);
  • AEG US 900 XE (900 Watt).

It is worth remembering that the electric hacksaw has the necessary qualities only for short-term work (up to 2-3 hours a day).

What a good sabre saw

This unit is simple and straightforward for any user who has any experience with power tools. The long body, the pistol grip, the throttle, a couple of switches, the working blade. nothing new. Even the beginner has no problem figuring out what’s what and can easily find a decent use for the multifunctional machine.

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In fact, the sabre saw is an analogue of the familiar hand hacksaw, it is even sometimes called “electric hacksaw”. The principle of operation of this tool is the same as that of the jigsaw, no wonder that they are often compared. To be fair, note that the “saber” was developed a couple of decades earlier (1927) and became the ancestor of the electric jigsaw. Working blade makes reciprocating movements and its teeth select material. the cutting occurs. The invention of the pendulum swing was revolutionary in its day and made the saw significantly more efficient. about this later on.

electric, saber, which, better

Skeptics say that the sabre saw can easily be replaced with any other cutting tool, angle grinder, jigsaw, or a set of all kinds of saws. But is it so??

First, the sabre saw is a truly versatile unit, which is useful to the carpenter, plumber, roofer, finisher, both at the amateur and at the professional level. It can cut wood, wood with metal parts, steel, nonferrous metals, stone, plastic, foam blocks, composites, ceramics, glass You just need to find the right blade. We have absolute omnivorousness.

Second, this tool has a very clever slant arrangement. Narrow, elongated gearbox and long blade allow you to fit into very tight spaces. Imagine that you have to saw a pipe or beam flush to the wall and neither circular saw, angle grinder or jigsaw (with its short saw blade, wide support platform and closely spaced body) will do the job.

Third, the saber saw is excellent for work at a weight, including work with details of any shape. angles, planks, bars, pipes, rolled sections. For the same reason the tool is very productive for pruning trees (landscape architecture) when you want to accurately clear the crown, saw a large branch.

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Fourth, with its good maneuverability, the narrow blade sabre saw can help make a curved cut. Sawing curved parts out of sheet materials, rounding workpieces, making complex structures. no problem, especially since there is usually a support shoe, albeit not a big one.

Fifth, the “saber” is indispensable for dismantling work. Saw old window frames, cut openings, disassemble steel heating very quickly. And a sabre saw’s ability to cut through wood and nails or self-tapping screws is really worth a lot.

Sixth, this tool is much safer than blades, circular and chain saws. When working with a saber saw there is not so much dust, no need to fear sparks, dross, overheating of the workpiece.

Milwaukee 6538-21 15 Amp Super Sawzall

Seventh, these saws are unpretentious in maintenance, they last a very long time.

Those who could not make friends with the saber saw, complain about the two-handedness of the device, the lack of a supporting roller and a full-fledged platform (the withdrawal of the blade). These nuances can be called disadvantages conditionally, after all, it is not a jigsaw. the “saber” solves a much wider range of problems.

What the sabre saw is for

Sabre saws are famous for their versatility and are suitable for cutting almost any material. This device may well replace a hand saw for metal and wood, circular saw, lopper, jigsaw and other similar devices. The scope of application is quite wide, as the tool can be used at home, you can take it to work, and you can take it on trips to the cottage.

Need to cut pipes? Great, a saber saw will do. Garden work is required to prune trees? And that’s where our tool will do it just fine. Need to dismantle dilapidated structures with metal objects? A chainsaw isn’t much help in such cases, but a sabre saw will manage it dashingly.

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Cutting Steel Chapter 2. The Reciprocating Saw

Which chainsaw to choose: electric or cordless?

The main advantage of electric saws is their practically unlimited operating time. If you have a power outlet, you can cut for a very long time without being distracted by recharging, as is the case with cordless models. They are also much cheaper than a battery-operated device. However, the power cord is the main disadvantage of the saw. If you need to engage in pruning of branches, you will additionally have to buy a long carrier.

Cordless models are more mobile and can work in the absence of electricity. During work, the cord does not interfere, so it is convenient to cut in hard-to-reach places. However, the operating time is strictly limited by the capacity of the battery, and if you need to work long, you will have to buy a spare battery, which is an additional expense. Also, the saw itself costs more than its electric counterpart (for the same parameters). If you need a saw for the garden or for cutting foam block on the site, it is worth getting a cordless model.

What the sabre saw is used for?

Sabre saw can replace several tools, and in some types of work shows itself better than others. Here are some jobs in which it is very useful and convenient:

  • Pruning. An electric hacksaw is much lighter and more compact than a chainsaw, so it is better suited for trimming small branches and cutting some shrubs. Also with a hacksaw you can cut the trunk of a bush or tree practically at the root in a couple of millimeters from the ground, which cannot be done with a chainsaw without touching the ground. It is often used by landscapers. If seasonal pruning of fruit trees is to be done, the saber machine is the best option.
  • The trimmer has a curved cutout. The electric hacksaw, like the jigsaw, can be used to make curved cuts in wood. However, the sabre saw can do it in hard to reach places, for example, to cut grooves and niches, and create complex curved shapes.
  • Cutting at an angle. This is the job only a sabre saw can do (and a regular hacksaw, too). Here the blade can bend, so you can easily cut an old pipe flush with the wall or cut an old rusted screw. an angle grinder just can’t do the job.
  • Vertical and horizontal cutting. You can perform both horizontal and vertical cuts with high precision with an electric hacksaw. Of course, in some cases you can also cut horizontally with a jigsaw, but the quality of the cut will be quite low.
  • Cutting several types of material at the same time. There are special blades that can cut several types of materials simultaneously. For example, you can saw a wooden bar with nails or cut off an extra section of the roof, which consists of slate, roofing felt and wooden gable. With an angle grinder, you would have to keep changing the wheels.

Most likely, the home handyman who has used a saber device will remember a dozen other ways to use this device, such as cutting foam block, bricks and other building materials, and structures. We can say that the saber-type model is a multifunctional power tool.

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