Electric hammer strikes without load

Common Electrical Faults in a Bosch 2-26 torch

Failure of the peorator in the electrical part is accompanied by a smell of burning, strong heating of the tool during work, appearance of a large spark in the area of the peorator rotor manifold, poor operation of the reversing switch.

The condition of the carbon brushes, the brushes are properly installed and firmly fastened, have an influence on the performance of the rotor.

A burning odor appears when the stator or rotor windings are short-circuited.

When the load is increased, the loss of motor output is often caused by a short circuit in the rotor winding or by the short length of carbon brushes.

A short circuit in the stator or rotor most often leads to the heating of the stator.

Large sparks in the area of the collector are caused by a short circuit in the rotor or burn-out of the collector lamellas.

Reversing switch malfunctioning due to burned contacts.

But the main reason of all failures, untimely performance of maintenance works and replacement of carbon brushes.

Carbon brushes require replacement after 70 operating hours or if they are worn down to 8 mm in length.

General view and dimensions of the Bosch carbon brushes

We have cited the main causes of failure of Bosch breakers. We haven’t described all the defects of the Bosch breakers.

Diagnostics and repair of demolition hammers

We will carry out diagnostics of demolition hammers within 3 hours.

In our company you can order the repair of demolition hammers.

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Possible malfunctions of demolition hammers MOP, MO and concrete breaker B-3, troubleshooting of pneumatic tools

If you have problems when working with the pneumatic tools and the manual is somewhere lost, you can use the following table which shows the possible problems when working with demolition hammers and methods of their elimination.

Possible malfunctions of breakers MOP, MO and concrete breaker B-3, troubleshooting methods of pneumatic tools.

Failure of demolition hammers and concrete breakers, external manifestations Preparatory work Troubleshooting
1. Hammer not working.
Check compressed air pressure. Blow through with compressed air. Check hose condition and replace if necessary.
1.2. Hose is stuck or water has frozen in the barrel’s ducts. Disassemble the hammer. Flush and de-ice gun, link and launcher ducts. Blow out with air. Reassemble and rework.
2. Few strokes with weak single strokes.
2.1. Insufficient compressed air pressure. The hose has an insufficient cross section or is too long. Disconnect hose from mains and hammer. Check air pressure. The length of the rubber hose from the air duct to the hammer must not exceed 10-12 m.
2.2. Hose is plugged due to rubber buildup. Cut out the bad part of the hose or replace the hose with a new one.
2.3. Hose is pinched. Too thick grease. Disconnect sleeve from hammer. Release the hose. Flush the hammer and refit.
3. Large number of blows with a weak single blow.
3.1. Valve distribution is not tight against the end of the barrel. Disconnect hammer, remove muffler, retaining ring; remove retainer. Rotate the link as far as it will go and install the retainer in the matching holes in the barrel and link.
3.2. Foreign objects caught between the mating surfaces of the barrel end and the valve cover during assembly Disassemble the hammer. Remove foreign matter (dirt, sand, shavings, etc.).д.). Clean and air dry. Reassemble hammer and refit.

After storing the hammers MOP, MO and concrete breakers B-3 should be disassembled, cleaned from grease and thoroughly washed in kerosene, then reassembled.

All hammers (both new and from storage) should be preassembled-disassembled, prior to the operation of pneumatic tools.

New hammers should be relubricated three to four times per shift during the first two weeks of operation. Relubricate a used hammer at least twice per shift.

After the grease is put in (the grease is put in through the pipe plug) the hammer should be run for 2-3 seconds.

If the air hammer feels hard in the hand while operating, the most probable causes are

  • the disc spring is not installed in the hammer,
  • The compressor gives out great pressure (for demolition hammers MOP, MOP optimum working pressure up to 6 atm).).

Also, a pneumatic breaker may not work if the valve in the air distribution mechanism is stuck. This can be caused by water in the hammer or by too much oil in the hammer. It is recommended that the air hammer be disassembled, cleaned of excessive grease, and reassembled. Also in this case it is recommended to work with an air filter with pressure regulator and oil sprayer.

How to choose a quality

To make the demolition breaker serve long and not to break, it is necessary to make the right choice of the model. The technical specifications of the tool should correspond to the tasks that it has to perform. Overly powerful and oversized equipment consumes a lot of electricity, requires maintenance in specialized workshops and requires expensive consumables. Not powerful enough. can not cope with the amount of work. Therefore, when choosing, you need to consider all the details and nuances of the upcoming load on the tool. The main criteria that you should pay attention to when choosing a demolition machine, are considered the following technical parameters.

In addition to the listed parameters it is sometimes useful to consider additional technical characteristics.

Especially “advanced” models are equipped with the function of protection against damage to the cables. It consists in the fact that when the chisel hits the conductor under voltage, a disconnect relay is triggered, and the motor of the demolition hammer is switched off. The device is useful when you are chiseling in old buildings, where wiring can be in the most unexpected places.

electric, hammer, load

When a hammer is used frequently, the joints in the operator’s hands are the most affected. For these users the vibration damping system is not a luxury, but a vital necessity.

All information is usually reflected in detail in the technical passport of the product.

Careful study of it will protect from selection errors and annoying disappointments.

There is also a general classification of all devices into household and professional. Household are designed for small amounts of work that does not involve daily operation. Professional breakers meet increased requirements. They are able to work in an uninterrupted mode for a long time. The former are more affordable. The latter are more expensive, which is due to the high cost of production.

Hammer size is an indicator of performance. Technical characteristics of the 4 basic sizes are listed below.

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Table of tool classification according to intended use

Size Purpose Impact energy Impact frequency Demolition hammers brands
Size Crushing, removal and delamination of medium-strength materials: clay, brick, plaster. Operation in cramped conditions, on weight. up to 30 J up to 45 Hz MO-1, MO-1B.
Sizes General construction work. up to 40 Joules up to 35 Hz MO-2, MO-2B, MO-2M, PM-2.
Size Heavy-duty material work, mostly vertical from top to bottom. up to 45 Joules up to 20 Hz MOZ-3B, MOP-3, IP-4613.
Size Processing of high-strength materials, including reinforced concrete. Impact direction. top to bottom. over 50 Joules up to 25 Hz MO-4B, MOP-4.

When choosing a hammer you should also consider the manufacturer of the tool. The state of the market is such that there is always a chance to spend money on a fake. Besides, salespeople are not always aware of what’s inside a nicely shaped product with all the attributes of a quality product. In particular, in the electric demolition hammers of unscrupulous manufacturing plastic pinions can be installed instead of metal ones. Their work will not differ, except for one thing. after a month the plastic will break under the action of loads, and the hammer will be out of order. That is why it is better to bypass dubious “advantageous” purchases and give preference to the producer with a good reputation. These include the world-renowned brands: Bosch, Makita, Hilti and Hitachi.

Heavy professional Hitachi hammer with electric drive

Of the domestic manufacturers of pneumatic tools is well respected series of rebounders and concrete breakers “MO” and “MOP”, produced in Saratov, Russia. Tomsk. This is a real professional technique, which can be used both in everyday life and in production. The advantage of the Russian tools is the wide network of service and availability of spare parts in retail.

Zubr professional demolition hammer

Reviews on the chipping hammer Hex Spec MOE-2000, 1950 W, 60 J

Buyer picture
Popular reviews Recommended by Sergey September 29, 2021. After a few weeks of slow work I broke through more than 40 meters of screed and about the same amount of meters of strip footing. Didn’t do anything with the bumpstock, took it out of the box and started working. Did not change anything except for scratches, works like new Advantages: quality Disadvantages: none Nicholas Recommended August 11, 2021. Bought in early summer for demolition of an old brick garage. Completely overcame the challenge. Brickwork is not an obstacle for it at all. The foundation was the hardest part to break, because it was built for my own good. The photo of the bump after 30 hours of work, only the paint peeled off here and there, as a new one Advantages: coped with the task completely Disadvantages: no Leroy Merlin Krasnoyarsk Hello, Nicholas! Thank you for your feedback. Glad the product met your expectations and did its job. Sincerely yours Leroy Merlin store. Recommended by Vadim on February 27, 2021. Normal hammer. Everything I wanted to do. I did. Takes out brickwork without even trying. interesting with the monolith, but it works, too. Chops rebar in the concrete, but it makes the peak sour rather quickly. It was just enough for me to smash a brick wall and five meters of strip footing. The rebound is alive. A Andrey Recommended November 16, 2019. Powerful whipstock that paid for itself at least twice. The case is made of metal, it does not overheat, is not afraid of mechanical damage and dust. It does not need any special maintenance just fill up the oil to the level and lubricate the supplies. The impact is powerful, not only cuts concrete, but also rebar, strapping and asphalt. Powerful and reliable tool. Advantages: Not demanding in maintenance, powerful impact. Disadvantages: No LM Leroy Merlin Ekaterinburg-1 Good day, Andrew! Thank you for taking the time to share your review and rate. Thanks to reviews like yours, it will be easier for our customers to make a choice. We will be happy to see you in Leroy Merlin. Sincerely, Julia Marenkova Team Leroy Merlin Ekaterinburg-1. M Maxim Recommended May 20, 2020. No complaints about the motor power and impact force at all. Hammer hammers and hammers, no hassle with its cleaning, all major components and assemblies are either covered from the stove or well ventilated and cooled. The consumables are fastened to the screw joint and that is also correct.к. eliminates backlashes. True, not always the quality of tooling, quickly fails. A Anatoly Recommended March 05, 2021. The machine is specific, I am not a pro, self-made, but I needed it both in the city and out of town. On the power in principle it seemed that close to the stated, in any case, my pe which I thought strong just goat chugging in comparison with him. Weight is less than 25kg and that’s a big plus, for that I’m thankful. Blows up a concrete walkway with a whistle, and it was made of good concrete, plus home renovation, too, with this buddy. I have now added the spade because I have a huge old furnace to cave in. Advantages: Healthy case of good quality, hits hard, 2 spades and they did not fall apart after one use Andrew Shalin Supplier representative “InterInstrument” Anatoly, good day! Thank you for the detailed review of the product. Your opinion will help make the choice for other buyers. Dmitry July 10, 2020. The claimed 60 kJ is not there, in fact it is quite weak. The weight is very heavy, forget working with the walls will not lift, only the slabs on the floor. The tool is NOT a professional, the resource is quite small. For domestic use, to break something small at his site. Do you think it would be better to get a makita, hilti or Bosch ZS Zarina Sagandakova Dmitriy, good day! Thank you for visiting our website and for your feedback. We’re sorry that the product was not what you hoped for. Despite the negative experience, we hope that you will remain our customer. A Alexander Recommended August 17, 2021. Took to the construction site, or rather the pre-building of the work of demolishing a large stove in a rustic house and the demolition of the sidewalk of the Soviet period. Honestly, I thought the furnace would be harder to break, but it went easily. I’m afraid to ask what the stove is made of, heavier but it went well, but the peak after that went to the trash. The impact is palpable I do not need more. The weight is present, if you chisel down, it is comfortable, if you lift, then the hands hurt the next day of course, until you get used to it. Advantages: Comfortably made, the knocking blow, the case, there is a minimal tooling Disadvantages: The latch of the case from such weight will not last long, the cable is short Timur Recommended November 24, 2021. Took me 22 hours with a break for a 65 square foot road of concrete, cement and probably sand. There was no heat, the tool did not strain, did not get hot. The grip is convenient at work, the complete spade is gone after this work. I have already written about the noise, you can live with headphones. The brick oven with a chimney was easy to dismantle. Advantages: Case, ease of use, respect for the customer, shock, lubricated, there are nozzles in the kit. The lack: Very noisy, I tried to dismantle it, it did not work at all, you can only work with headphones, the neighbors were trying to get away so they would not freak out. Recommended by Andrew September 03, 2020. Broke down a wall in the apartment, made two small rooms into one. And I widened the hallway at the same time. The impact is strong, concrete chips fly like that. Did all the work in two days. The hammer is intact, nothing happened to it, the peak is also almost worn out. I went too far with the power tool even, the whole house went to pieces, I recommend it, beast-machine)) Advantages: powerful thing Disadvantages: no In Vasily August 01, 2021. Terrible model don’t take it if you need to break concrete a lot then take two pea 10,600 for the money they will break anything you need ! the main problem is that it starts chiseling if you push it the power of 60 joules is cool but it is just lost by this disadvantage of the chopper ! Lived less than a month handed in for repair under warranty ((( I do not recommend you. Disadvantages: Expensive! Heavy! It broke down quickly! It only beats if you push it in! If to take another one for 10.600 ASH Andrey Shalin Vendor’s representative “InterInstrument” Vasily, good day! We regret that the quality of the chipping hammer was not adequate. This chipping hammer is normally able to perform its function under its own weight, with no additional effort on the part of the operator. The need to press the jackhammer may indicate a malfunctioning tool. Thank you for the feedback. We use it for quality work. Sergey recommended July 20, 2020. Chops rebar, breaks rocks, no problem with the concrete too. Heavy, noisy of course, but it gets the job done. I did fine with the pouring piles. cut it off at the root. As for the work of the machine. no questions. Advantages: Powerful, relatively inexpensive, did not die in my hands in 4 months) Disadvantages: no BB Victoria Vepritskaya Manager of customer service sector. Hello, Sergei! Thanks for the feedback! We are waiting for you for new purchases! Respectfully, your store Leroy Merlin Kosino A Arthur April 02, 2019. Read the reviews, extremely surprised. Do not believe me, I am a very discreet customer, my dissatisfaction safely multiply by 3. The power is more powerful with my hands and an axe. The chisel falls in and wedges, after which the tool is sent to the service center. Wanted to change the chisel to the service. What a joke. The appearance bribed, took the most expensive available. What a terrible quality product became clear in the first minute. Not to spoil the look and return to leroy, not to use further, put it aside. However, in view of the new standards, the products were only accepted back through the service. That is, if the official agrees that he sold a substandard product, then I will get my money back. Don’t throw your money away, all the positive reviews were left by the supplier of this product. I wanted to buy a proven Bosch right away, but it was out of stock. As a result threw not a little money, the product went to the service. Strengths: no advantages. Disadvantages: the chisel is stuck, you can’t pull it out by yourself, you’ll go to Leroy Merlin and send it to the service. Mevlut Lebe Product Suggestion Specialist Good day, Arthur. Thank you for your detailed feedback, we will contact the supplier of the tool to work through the quality of the product. P Pavel Recommended July 20, 2020. Powerful bouncer, pneumatic bouncer reinforced. Breaks through concrete slabs, reinforced concrete. The hammer has a large weight, so that there is no need to put pressure on it due to the force of impact and inertia of the hammer penetrates. The case is well made, the main nodes and connections are sealed against dust, the cable is long to work comfortably. Denis recommended November 29, 2020. I bought a cheap piece of land with an old foundation for a house. It is a question of its elimination. The construction companies asked for some out-of-this-world money. Decided to do it myself. I bought this breaker and a 2.5 kilowatt generator. I opened up the slab and broke it completely on my own, although I had no experience. Ryabchinsky Eduard Good day, Denis! Thank you for the product review and praise. Glad you were satisfied with your purchase. We are waiting for you in Leroy Merlin again! From Sergei November 06, 2019. Very bad hammer, does not meet the stated specifications. Took it to dismantle a fence, was still slow with the brick, but managed. Concrete blocks could not be cracked. The speed is 5 times lower than the Makita peorator with its impact force of 20 J. We wanted to give it back, but t.к. Was in operation, did not take. Worse than the SDS-max peorator in performance. Worst thing I have ever held in my hands. Leroy Merlin Rostov Orbitalna Hello, Sergei! Thank you for the feedback on our product. We are very sorry that you were not satisfied with its quality. We suggest that you bring your chipping hammer to the service center for a quality inspection. In the case of a manufacturing defect, we can carry out the replacement of the product or refund the money. We will wait for you at any time convenient for you. Recommended 27 Feb 2021 L Lavon. Worth its money.Overstated power, not appropriate. Weaknesses: It doesn’t match the power.

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The rules of working with a demolition hammer

Working with a jackhammer requires careful attention to safety. Nowadays bumpers are used as a multifunctional tool on large construction sites, as well as for repairs in the home. To get the best model for a particular task, it is necessary to get acquainted with the parameters and characteristics of the model beforehand.

Power is the most important parameter. Its power depends on the thickness of the material that the tool is able to “overcome”, as well as the time of its continuous operation. Wattage varies from 500W to 2000W on different machines.

The impact force indicates how much material can be knocked down in one blow. This parameter determines the performance as well as the weight.

Frequency. the number of blows per minute. As a rule, the smaller is the impact force, the higher is the frequency.

According to their weight, the torches can be divided into light, medium and heavy. Light and compact include hammers weighing 5-6 kilograms, which are often used to perform tasks at height and in extreme conditions. Because of the low weight, the power of the machines in this category is also lower, but this is compensated by the frequency of blows. Medium (5-10 kg) and heavy (10-30 kg) are used in industry, for demolition of walls, foundation works. Heavy machines are used only in a vertical plane.

The main causes of breakdowns of peorators and demolition hammers

As it is known wallpaper hammers and peelers work in difficult conditions, which are accompanied by blows and constant vibrations, as well as dirt and dust, which is the main reason of tool breakage. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to protect the tool from penetration of various contaminants inside the device that will increase wear resistance of rubbing and rotating parts. This is especially important when working on the ceiling, because dust and particles of material will enter the instrument most intensively. To protect the tool in this situation, you can use a vacuum cleaner or construct an improvised protective shield.

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Impact force (J) of a demolition hammer, peorator.

The maximum impact force, calculated in joules, is the most important characteristic of demolition hammers. Let’s start with a general assessment of the uses of hammers.

Under and over 5 Joules

The tools with the maximum impact force up to 5 Joules are suitable for domestic use. They can be used to chisel away tiles, remove old plaster during repair work, and much more. For professional use, you need demolition hammers with a force of more than 5 J, the maximum figure reaches 100 J. These units help to cope with the destruction of asphalt pavements, chipping away of stone and other operations. And now let’s look at the specific power and applications in each case.

In addition to removing old plaster and chipping away tiles, hammers with minimum power are designed for the following activities:

Such power has the models of hammers with low weight. Their small impact force is partly compensated by a good rate of reciprocating movement of the striker. For example, models with power of 8 Joules can perform 2900 impacts per minute that significantly increases their ability to break tough materials.

These hammers, like their less powerful counterparts, have good frequency. The 12 J tool can give you up to 3000 blows per minute. These tools are suitable for breaking concrete and other durable materials.

Models in this range are designed for breaking masonry, concrete pavement, reinforced concrete, and masonry. Also, they are used for chiseling asphalt pavement, hard soil, and tile.

This kind of power makes it possible to use demolition tools for heavy work. Let us highlight the main areas of application: piercing openings in the surface of walls, leveling the flooring, the destruction of structures made of concrete and brick. Many models are lightweight, so the operator can work in comfort and without fatigue.

The capabilities of the 20-25 J and 25-30 J models are virtually identical. Hammers “second category” easily cope with concrete and asphalt surfaces. They can withstand tremendous loads and are therefore often used for large-scale construction work.

The impact force allows the hammers to be used in the following applications:

Hammers are used for heavy-duty jobs related to construction projects. The tools show high efficiency in disassembling concrete structures, removing asphalt, dismantling masonry, loosening hardened turf layer. Also, high impact force allows you to break holes and openings in the walls of brick buildings, mine rocks, and hammer away coal of varying strengths.

Areas of application: loosening frozen or rocky soil, piercing niches and openings in brick and concrete structures, removing asphalt, cutting metal structures. Additional applications in breaking down brickwork and masonry, breaking up ice, and for use in construction and rescue work.

Ideal models for hard rock. The high impact energy makes them great helpers during mining and construction work involving enormous power.

These hammers are mainly used in percussive demolition of masonry structures and coal chipping. Also, they are used for demolition of reinforced and heavy concrete, hard and frozen ground, soft rock and masonry samples.

These models belong to the class of concrete breakers. Their main application is breaking down of concrete structures.

Hammers are used for breaking down high-strength concrete, aviation strips, and other jobs that are inaccessible to tools with less force. Additional applications: demolition of structures and buildings, construction work with increased complexity.

Models are used to dismantle runway pavement and reinforced concrete structures. Also suitable for breaking down concrete structures.

Concrete breakers destroy foundations, bridges, runways, demolish and reconstruct buildings, chop holes in floors, walls and ceilings, perform rescue and emergency work.

How to repair with your own hands?


Mechanical problems are easy to spot by eye or ear. An abnormal hum or clicking noise is heard when the hammer is working. Sometimes there is a distinctive rattle or knocking noise that is combined with a horrid smell from the housing.

the most characteristic mechanical failure due to high loads on the equipment is caused by excessive exposure of the tool body to dust, dirt. It is subjected to constant turning on and switching modes of operation, which causes the entire hammer system to suffer.

If the chuck fails, it is detected as soon as the hammer is plugged in. This is due to the fact that the parts are overloaded and with constant vibration a large flow of dust is received. Mechanical bearing failure, damaged gear teeth, clutch and cracks in the spindle clamp can easily be repaired by hand.

The hammer has broken

Diagnosis of the electrical part is made by identifying the following signs:

  • motor does not react when plugged in;
  • there is sparks from the collector brush during cranking;
  • there is a smell of burning insulation
  • A puff of fine smoke with a pungent smell is observable.

Disassembly and cleaning

  • The first task when disassembling the hammer is to unscrew the retainer spring and remove the spade.
  • Then unscrew and put aside the retaining ring on the muffler. This procedure requires special tools with a twisting action.
  • Remove the ring on top of the hammer, take out the intermediate link retainer, and if possible, the link itself.
  • If the diagnosis revealed the freezing of the channels of the barrel due to moisture ingress, first check the pressure of compressed air. Blow out the base with a compressed air stream and replace the hose if faulty.
  • If it is not possible to eliminate the breakage by squeezing with air, then rinsing and cleaning of dirt, hardened water is applied.
  • If the hammer is slow, disconnect the hose from the mains and hammer and check the air pressure readings. The length of the rubber hose from the air duct to the hammer should be 10-12 m. If the index is exceeded, the excess part of the sleeve is cut out or replaced with a suitable size.

If the hose is squeezed because the lubricant is too thick or too thick, disconnect the hose. Blow out the loose hose and flush and run the hammer.

Weak tool blows when the valve spacing is loose are repaired by detaching the hammer and removing the muffler. At the same time it is necessary to pull back the locking ring and remove the retainer from the equipment.

To correctly position these parts and obtain the necessary frequency of blows per unit of time, it is necessary to turn the link to the stop and install the lock so that it hits exactly into the holes of the barrel and the link. If there are foreign objects between adjacent parts, they are removed by disassembling the tool into its component parts. Remove from the casing by flushing:

After flushing all the parts are well air blown, assembled, and then lapped.

If the repair of a jackhammer with homemade elements can not be carried out, then apply parts that will restore the primary function of the tool:

  • air and fuel filters;
  • ignition switch;
  • motor collector brushes;
  • oil;
  • spark plugs;
  • rotor;
  • stator;
  • cartridge;
  • bearing;
  • cord and plug;
  • armature and stator winding;
  • ring;
  • duster.

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