Wazaiful Abrar – Imam `Ali ibn al-Husain Sayyid as-Sajjidin (prayers be upon him ) related from his father from his grandfather the Prophet of Allah (blessings of. Benefits of each of the sections of. Jawshan Kabeer. No. Benefit. No. Benefit. No. Benefit. 1. To overcome difficulties. To ask for more benefits. To build up. Reflections on Dua Jawshan Kabir. Mohammad Ali Shomali. International Institute for Islamic Studies, Qom, Iran Spiritual Quest Summer and Autumn Vol.

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O He, Who is the Sustainer and Extinguisher of all things. Information Seller Syed Mohsin Raza. O He, Who protected me and kept me in safety.

O Highest of those who are praised. O Eternal in subtlety. O He, Whose order no one can reverse. O Most liberal giver who is requested. O He Who causes to dies and calls to life.

O Dispeller of anxiety. It was in one of the wars that the Prophet blessings of All a h be upon him and his family had taken part in which he had a very heavy and expensive coat of armor on to protect himself. O He Who oversees slips and errors.


Jawshan Kabir

O He, Whose order is not rejected. If he calls Me, I will answer him, and if he asks Me something, I will bestow it upon him. O He, Who punishes whomever He wishes.

The complete narration, including the merits of the recitation of this dua, is recorded by Allama Majlisi in his Bihar al-Anwar Majlisi O Best of praisers. O He Whose chastisement is justice. The Jawshan Kabir prayer contains parts.

Du’a al-Jawshan al-Kabir PowerPoint presentation | Books on Islam and Muslims |

Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. O Preventer of misfortune, O Repeller of calamities. O Gracious, O Separator. O He, Who is Witness to everything. O Jzwshan, Who rules over the atmosphere and the expanse. O He, Who sees the lamentation of the frightened.

Dua Joshn Kabir Alt

O He, Who has made hell an ambush, barking for sinners. O Joiner of broken bones. O Knower of secrets. O He Who is praiseworthy in his exaltation. O Near, O Supervisor. O Best near one. Translated by ‘Ali Quli Jasshan. O Charitable One, O Benefactor.


O He Whom everything glorifies with praise. Allah draws parables for mankind, and Allah has knowledge of all things. O He Whose forgiveness is a grace. O He before Whose power everything submits. O He, Whose treasures are in the mountains. So, like the angels and the inhabitants of the heaven, we begin with tasbih and conclude with hamd. O He, Who makes best everything which He has created.

O Forbearing to him who disobeys Him. O Giver of Aid kabder the unaided. O Remover of pain. O Eternal in grace. O Liberator from grief.

Reflections on Dua Jawshan Kabir

O He-the pious incline towards Him. O He, Who befriended me and sheltered me. O Healer for those who kabeeer cure. O He, towards Whom is the return of every matter. O He, Who loves the repentant. O Expeller of sorrow. O He, Who is Independent and without any defect. O All-Dominant who is not dominated. O Purest of the pure.