Dtz 570bn power tiller assembly. Features and advantages of the model

DTZ 570BN single axle tractor

DTZ 570 BN. this is a multifunctional gasoline single axle tractor, which will be an indispensable assistant in carrying out various works on the site and the garden. The machine weighs only 76 kilograms, so it is easy to operate. The power of the power tiller is 7 liters.с., which is sufficient for most garden or horticultural work.

For easy transportation, the technique is equipped with wheels, the width of which can be changed. Also included is a sectional adjustable power tiller. Thanks to this, the working width can be varied, depending on the requirements. Possible working width of the cutter is 620mm, 880mm, 1140mm. Uses 4-speed transmission. Three speeds for forward driving, and one speed for reverse. This gearbox greatly simplifies plowing and allows high work efficiency.

Bison DTZ570B 7L single axle tractor.with gasoline. hand starter cutter. Cultivation width. 1165mm

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DTS 570BN single-axle tractor is equipped with a gasoline engine with an output of 7 liters.с., but does not have a belt drive but a direct drive to the transmission via a disk clutch. Direct drive has less power loss than belt drive, exploits engine’s full power potential, improves fuel economy and enhances efficiency. therefore, the 570BN is equipped with large wheels 4.00-10 and 8-section ґrunner with maximum rapture of 1140 mm. In addition, the center of gravity of the 570BN is slightly lower than in the 470BN, this improves stability and reduces vibrations when working with the cutter.

  • Motor power, kW 5.2
  • Min. fuel consumption, l/h 0.5
  • Min. fuel consumption, l/h 0.2856
  • Fuel tank capacity, l 3.6
  • Engine power, l.с. 7
  • Engine capacity 4-stroke
  • Type Petrol
  • Starting type Manual starter
  • Engine air cooling
  • Engine capacity, cc.cm 207
  • Oil volume in engine crankcase, l.6
  • Volume of oil in gear-box casing, l 1.7
  • Cultivation width, mm 1165
  • Gearbox Transmission Gear reducer
  • The drive A multi-disc clutch of the normally open type
  • Type of clutch Double-clutch
  • Number of gears back 1
  • Number of gears forward 2
  • Max. crankshaft rpm 3600
  • Cultivation width adjustment Three adjustments
  • Transport wheels 4,00-10
  • Max. Cultivation depth, mm 300
  • Delivery Exploded
  • Min. Working depth, mm 150
  • Supplied complete with single axle tractor, tiller and wheels.
  • Color Blue
  • Manufacturer Dtz Specifications and accessories are subject to change by the manufacturer without notice
  • Height, mm 900
  • Width, mm 700
  • Depth, mm 1740
  • weight, kg 114

Comparison of gasoline motor blocks DTZ 570BN and DTZ 570 BN/M2

Both power tillers feature an advanced multi-stage oil-bath air cleaner with a remote air intake that allows air intake from a less dusty area.

As with its predecessor, for the installation of wheels on the power tiller are used hubs with a differential mechanism. That makes it easy to turn curves and turns during work. But, there are a few differences between this crawler and its predecessor.

First of all, this is that the DTZ 570 BN/M2 model is equipped with rubber pneumatic wheels with a size of 4.00 x 8 inches, while the predecessor’s wheels are 4.00 х 10. The drive shaft of the walking tractor, on which the wheels or tillers are installed, is a hexagonal shape with a size between the faces of 23 mm, the predecessor’s shaft is the same shape, but the size is 32 mm.

These power tillers also have different tillers for loosening the soil. The DTZ 570BH/M2 model uses demountable cutters (21) with maximum width of 840 mm, its predecessor has cutters (211) with maximum width of 1136 mm.

The DTZ 570BN single axle tractor. Features:

  • Air filter with oil bath;
  • Control ergonomics of the tractor has been thought out and all the controls are placed intuitively with maximum safety for the operator;
  • Adjustable wheel track;
  • Increased tiller blade thickness by 10% compared to competitors;
  • Correctly selected steering column that goes smoothly into the upgraded steering wheel;
  • The new and improved air filter will provide the engine with clean air and prolong its life span;
  • Ability to adjust the width of the tiller;
  • Direct fuel injection system;
  • Exhaust pipe with increased heat dissipation;
  • Differential will ensure maneuverability of the unit when transporting and turning.
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A single-axle tractor is equipped with a soil tiller, a stop lever and transport wheels.

Assembly of power tiller dtz 570bn

single axle tractor DTZ 570BN/M2 (per. 3/1; 7hp; 8

single-axle gasoline tractor DTZ 570BN/M2 (7,0 l.с.plus reduced gear! wheels 8″) FREE SHIPPING! THE HIT OF SALE and SPECIAL NEW product from 2020! BEST PRICE OFFER ON THE INTERNET!

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Normally open multidisk in oil bath

Handle for connection of active linkage

Quick height and direction adjustment

Overall dimensions, assembled (Д×Ш×В), on wheels / on cutters, mm

Curb weight, on wheels/wheels, kg

Warranty: 2 years (warranty card included)

DTZ 570BN/M2 single-axle tractor is assembled according to the classical scheme with longitudinal arrangement of the 4-stroke petrol engine, directly coupled to the gearbox, equipped with a powerful reduction gear with bevel gears. In terms of dimensions, weight and technical characteristics, it is in the center of the line of medium-class universal horticultural power tillers DTZ. The design of this model with a pinion drive has its own advantages and advantages, including:

  • all the considerable engine power (7 l. с.) lossless transmission to the gearbox and then to the tiller;
  • the gearbox is new, three-speed, with an added reduction gear, not found on other brands of power tillers;
  • the presence of a reliable drive combined with a 3-speed gearbox made it possible to install the transport wheels of a larger diameter;
  • A power tiller with a wider working width and possibility of working width adjustment is installed on the single-axle tractor.

Additional reduced gear provides tangible advantage in the sense that if necessary, it can move on the field calmly and measured, and not run at a speed of 6-8 km / h, barely keeping up with many other brands of power tillers.

At the same time this single axle tractor, as well as its fellows, can be used for tillage of any category and condition of soil, except for stony or similar soils, which can damage blades of tiller. Due to power, compactness and high maneuverability, DTZ 570BN/M2 single axle tractor is truly universal. It perfectly cultivates soil not only on wide, flat plots, but also in places where tractor cannot or hardly penetrate, including near fences, posts, trunks of trees, between trellises of vineyards, under bushes, in flower-beds, etc.д. it is most effective for cultivating fields of 20 acres to 1 hectare or orchards and vineyards of 1 to 2 or 3 hectares.

Full advantages and design features of the DTZ 570BN/M2 power tiller are described below.

So first let’s see what benefits the new gearbox has, not two, but three forward gears and one reverse gear. When working with a rocker, potato planter or other similar attachments, the main thing is not high speed, but accuracy and stability. That’s what the new box provides. First reduction gear enables a travelling speed of 4.4 km/h. Not too fast or too slow. Most other power tillers in this class have 6-8 km/h first gear speed.

Soil cutter on the first gear will rotate at a speed of about 51 rpm and break up the soil into fairly large fragments, providing good ventilation and moisture conservation.

over, the ability to select an appropriate speed for different working conditions not only makes the work with the tiller much better and more comfortable, but also extends the service life of the tiller by optimizing the load on the engine and transmission.

Second gear corresponds to the cutter rotation speed of 99 rpm, perfectly suited for cultivation of most types of soils, which are broken up into clumps of medium fraction. Travel speed in second gear is 8.5 km/h.

Third gear gives maximum gear shaft speed of 141 rpm and more. This mode of cultivation grinds soil into the smallest fragments with a power tiller. This is required, for example, when it is necessary to grind crop residues together with soil or to obtain a particularly soft top layer for sowing seeds. Also, the third gear is most often used in transport operations, as the speed in it can reach 12.1 km/h.

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As we have noted, the power unit of power tillers is designed according to the classical scheme with the longitudinal arrangement of the engine and a powerful gearbox with bevel gears. Air-cooled, 4-stroke gasoline engine. 7.0 L engine power. с., This is more than enough for cultivating most types of soil, except for stony soils. Even if there are plant residues or weeds in the soil, they are easily shredded by the rotary tiller. The main thing is to keep the cutter blades clean in time.

Air-cooled gasoline engine is simple, inexpensive and easy to start, even in colder temperatures. At the same time, it is hardy enough to work under full load for extended periods, but needs occasional cool-down periods in very hot weather. By the way, the most heated part of the power unit is the muffler: it is covered with a protective grid to avoid burns in case of accidental contact.

Metal fuel tank has a capacity of 3.7 liters, which is enough to work for 6-7 hours at nominal load or 2-3 hours at maximum load. The tank has a screw cap and is securely fastened to the tank. A breather valve is built into the lid, which equalizes the pressure in the tank as it is emptied. There is also a polymer mesh filter in the tank throat, which prevents foreign objects and grains of sand from getting into the tank during refueling.

DTZ 570BN/M2 single axle tractor. Features:

  • Rugged cast iron gear housing.
  • Cutter gearbox bearings protection against dust and dirt.
  • Variable blade width, 6 mm thick sabre blades.
  • Metal protective wings with removable extensions, can be fitted with plant protection discs.
  • Availability of pneumatic transport wheels with herringbone tread included.
  • Possibility to mount metal tines instead of wheels.
  • Reinforced multipurpose tractor allows the machine to be attached to an implement for soil treatment or to a transportable semi-trailer.
  • The fuel tank has a convenient threaded cover with a breather, a filter net with a maximum fuel level mark and a filter on the outlet.
  • Bulky metal cover on the muffler protects against possible burns.
  • Handy lever “manual gas” (collar) with adjustment knob.
  • High quality castings. flat, defect-free surface, neat and secure welds.
  • High-quality painting of all metal parts, fasteners with anti-corrosion coating.

Single-axle tractor complete with tiller, support lever and transport wheels.

Gasoline single-axle tractor DTZ 570BN Delivery

Novelty, single-axle tractor with lowered gears 2020.!

Distinctive feature from the previous model, this:

  • three-level air purging system
  • sabre cutters
  • additional protection on the exhaust pipe
  • Differential locking mechanism

open-type clutch. release lever. Single axle tractor is in neutral position, engine is running but single axle tractor won’t move, change gear and squeeze. The model is equipped with a 4-stroke gasoline engine rated at 7.0 liters.с., multi-disc clutch, heavy-duty bevel gear reduction and power takeoff shaft. You can use it to cultivate, plow, dip the soil, dig up root crops, and a host of other jobs with the proper attachments.

Is similar to the model Kentavr MB-2070BN, but has several improvements.

Assembly of DTZ 570BN, instruction

Almost complete assembly of this power tiller: dtz.ua/motoblocks/motoblok-dtz-570bn. Not counting the front support leg, fenders, and cutters. 00:00. rudder assembly 01:53. assembly of gearbox axle and wheels 07:12. engine assembly with gear 12:55. rear coupling to coulter 16:44. steering column, gear lever and various knobs 27:54. Filling the engine, transmission, filter and filter installation 33:44. start, gear shift (trying) 39:18. little things that can be reassembled later 40:53. About the running-in

First oil fill. You can use cheap oil as long as it is for air cooled engines. After first 8 hours of running-in it is necessary to pour out the oil and change it for a new one. The main thing that the oil was clean, exhaust in any case cannot be poured. Use quality oil for the second time. I recommend you pour industrial oil or spindle oil into the filter. This is the cheapest oil, 2-3 dollars for a large canister, and this canister is enough for several years and the filter to fill and for all household needs. Engine oil is changed every 20-25 hours of work or once a season, so it is not worth it to chase expensive oil. it’s a waste of money. Engine oil is different for diesel and gasoline engines, keep in mind, also car oils are designed for water cooling.

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Leonid, hello.A huge request, please advise what is the width of the depth gauge, as now engaged in its manufacture.The length, the holes are all there except for the width.Thanks in advance.

Good day to you. Bought a MTZ 570 m2 single axle tractor in the spring. I did not drive it hard. Planted and picked potatoes. Today decided to try milling. And put the rear one in reverse. Single axle tractor stalled. The clutch in the rear torn out. Missing gears. Single axle tractor starts, but when you squeeze the clutch, it stalls. The clutch is loose in the back. It’s like there’s no tension.

Thank you very much for the reply, and another question. Can you know how to get to the engine crank (hit a drum from the air filter, now rattles there)

Leonid, a question. To what level do you fill the oil in the transmission (by dipstick)

Thank you for the informative tutorial. Please clarify, when connecting the plate to the engine to put gravers and washers under the bolts or not?

Good evening. Why do I have to grease the filter on the air duct?? It will not cause additional load on it due to lack of air?

All could not figure out why the engine speed does not reset to a minimum, today got my hands on the problem, when collected did not pay attention to this. Dismantled and what I saw there I saw a Japanese god god handbrained Chinese made that moves the shutter is not a cable and cable shroud, cable shroud is constantly clinging to the housing muffler, or rests on the gas tank. Must be converted to a rigid rod in the cable cover, this is done in normal m-blocks.

I would like to see the clutch disassembled

I bought an already built single axle tractor, hooked the fenders, coulter.There are three oval rubber gaskets left in the box. I can’t figure out where they come from and where to stick them (maybe I’ve dealt with this)?)

Leonid, tell me. what kind of oil do you pour into the gearbox (on a regular basis).The company that sold me the single axle tractor didn’t send me any oil or keys even though they were paid

Leonid tell me, in the engine you fill the same oil, as in the impregnation filter?

Leonid and another question, what kind of gasoline is better to fill up with 92 or 95?

Hello Leonid, a question, where in the DTZ high voltage is fed to the spark plug, is there a magneto generating voltage?

Today I have also assembled the engine block, and the reverse cable is a bit short. I took the rope and could not put it on, it is too short to look for a longer one.

Good day! What gasoline do you use, 92 or 95, and what are your impressions of this engine for the year of use? ?

Good day ! Would you please advise? I can not get the cable to the tailgate do not know what to do ?

Thank you Leonid for the details, thank God now assembled this Lego constructor, not without fun of course, forgot to put in the kit adapter plate and a basket of clutch with the engine, sent later of course, well screws is nothing, can dokupit. Thank you for the video and your hard work.

Thank you for your help! Very helpful in the assembly. Especially the cable fixing.Everyone! It would take me a long time to figure it out myself. A separate song is the gas tether)

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