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Interior doors and installation in Saint-Petersburg

Do you want to know what we will install your new doors?? A whole arsenal of tools at your service!

Our company uses 4 types of end saws for installation. Combination saws are designed for different tasks and have different sizes of saw blades. For example, if you have a veneered or laminated doors with eco veneer, the Makita LH1040 will be enough to fulfill the task with its 260 mm disc. But if you have solid hardwood doors with thick frames, the Virutex TM33L or Makita LH1200FL, which have saws with a diameter of over 300 mm, will cut better and cleaner. The compound saws as a tool for interior door installation can be used for both longitudinal and crosscutting cuts. For example, for adjusting the width and length of the casing, architraves, boxes, as necessary, as well as the formation of a corner of 45 degrees.

Makita LS0714 is another tool used for installing doors, namely, for clean cross-cutting of non-standard jambs, architraves and mouldings. Saw is particularly indispensable for the installation of wooden skirting boards, because, trim joints skirting at 45, is not done with other saws on products over 120 mm. Cutting width of 300 mm, a very good value!

Professional fitting

inserts for skirting boards version 2.0; 2.1; 3.0″ width=”” height=”” /

Inserts for card hinges, hidden hinges, locks and their bodies, strikers, compartment handles, bolts

Special quick-opening system Instant self-assembly Large work surface

Special quick-release system Instant self-assembly Large work surface

Is used for copying of door leaf width with subsequent fixation on door frame. Min 55cm. Max. 90 cm

They are used to copy the spacing of the templates when mortising door hinges

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Besides the listed tools installation of the interior door can not do without consumables. The better they are, the longer the doors will last. That is why it is better to buy them in special stores and not to save money. But first you need to understand what materials will be needed:

  • For fasteners it is necessary to stock up on nails without nails heads, dowels and self-tapping screws. It is better to buy them in packs. They are needed when installing the platband, frame and door hinges.
  • To fill the gap between the door frame and the wall, you will need foam mounting. It not only eliminates voids, but also improves thermal and waterproofing. There are two kinds of foam: household (inexpensive) and professional (expensive). The latter fits better and lasts longer.
  • To get rid of gaps and joints you will need putty. And for plastering complex reliefs or large holes, you will need corrugated tape.
  • In order to get an even door, there must be even corners equal to 90 degrees. This problem can be solved with the help of a metal angle. Which shows the level of deflection of the soffit and sill.
  • To fix the door frame, you need door wedges. They are made of any wood.
  • Supports or spacers are also needed when installing the door. They help keep the frame in position until the foam dries completely.
  • Wood glue or liquid nails are needed to fasten the frame and soffits.
  • Then you need the tools, which are useful for puttying and plastering, such as different size rollers, putty knife, trowel, brushes. Also in addition to this comes a container under the mortar, a soft cloth, gloves.
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Preparing and buying tools is not everything on the way to installing the door. It is necessary to buy the above mentioned consumables of high quality. In order for the installed doors to last for a long time.


Before using the door to check their tightness to the door frame, how strongly fixed the fasteners and in accordance with this loosen or fasten them more.

In addition to the above tools and materials is worth considering and a set of additional equipment. This includes:

  • Drills of different diameters;
  • Jigsaws for jigsaws;
  • Chisels for the jigsaw;
  • Disc wheels with diamond chips for angle grinder;
  • Painting tape.

Door hardware is not always included. Therefore, in some cases you have to worry about buying it as well. It is more advantageous to take high-quality foam from the very beginning. Because later it will serve for many years.

To install an interior door, you need not just buy it and have at home a set of screwdrivers and peorator, but also many other devices, materials and tools that will facilitate installation. Each of the elements must be of quality and guarantee a long life.

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Installing Doorsets.

Measure the measurements.

  • We cut the filler trim to the right size.
  • Install the filler in place and mark how much it needs to be trimmed to make it flush with the wall.

Make a marking on the boarding.

Sawing the filler.

Facing board installed in the opening and secured with wedges.

The side and top sill are installed.

  • Apply the foam between the doorway and the boarding. Apply a continuous layer of foam at the junction of the arch doorframe and the frame. This way the foam will press the board up against the frame tightly when it expands. In all other places the foam should be applied sporadically, in small quantities. This amount of foam will be enough to glue the boarding on firmly. If you put a lot of foam, the foam will squeeze the boards into the opening.
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Foam the space between the boarding and the door opening.

Tools for door installation

It is worth noting that the set of tools required to install the door is very simple, you do not need a lot of tools.

In order to put the interior doors will need a hammer, a screwdriver with a set of tips and an axe, which will be used to adjust the door leaf.

As for the axe, it must have a comfortable handle and be well sharpened.

In addition to all this, another saw will be needed, for sawing. The smaller the teeth of this tool, the easier it will be to saw the wood. But longer.

To drill round holes, you need to stock up on a set of drills of different thicknesses.

Pliers will be necessary for planing the wood in the process of fitting the door to the opening. Differentiate different pliers by parameters, and by name.

To install the interior door will need pliers, the length of the pads of which is 250 millimeters, and trowel in 700 mm.

Also included in the set of tools for installing the door are shunt, caulk and rebate. Folders are used for rebate and quartering, the ridge. for the production of shaped elements on the parts.

To draw sketch lines on beams and boards you will need a ruler.

To verify the verticality and horizontality of the installed elements, experts usually use a water level, spirit level and plumb line.

A plummet is just a cord with a weight, which checks the installation of the door for verticality. A waterpipe. a scales, push-pull props and two slats, one of them longer than the other.

To check and plot corners, you will need a mallet. Malka. a triangle, with a movable feather and a fixing screw on it.

doors, installation, tool, fastening, fittings

An electric drill is useful for drilling mounting holes, screwing screws and self-tapping screws.

Must ensure that the drill chuck well fixed drill bit so as not to damage the expensive doors in the process of work, and to ensure the safety of the worker.

For mortise locks and hinges in laminated or veneered doors with PVC coating a router is needed, which makes milling cutters for wood

To all other things in a set of professional tools for installing doors should also include a gun for installation foam.

With such a tool, sealant is applied to the nodes of the structure’s fastening.

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Ideally, the gun has foam output adjustment for neat installation of the expensive door.

To fix the architraves on the doorframe, you can use a pneumatic gun.

Note that properly selected tools are the key to quality installation of the door.

Tools for installing interior doors

Depending on the material of the walls may need the following power tools:

Also in the process of work will need the following hand tools:

  • Drills for wood or metal. 3 and 4 mm;
  • feather drill. 15-25 mm;
  • concrete drill. 6 mm;
  • Cross bit attachment. if the drill is used as an electric screwdriver;
  • Spacer strips, the length comparable to the width of the door opening;
  • wooden peg.
  • installation foam;
  • screws for wood 60×3.5;
  • dowels for 6 mm screws with a length of 75 mm,

Additional tools and materials for installing interior doors with your own hands may be needed if the removal of the old door frame was not too neat. In this case, you need plaster putty and a trowel.

Dismantling an interior door

Often the installation of an interior door is preceded by dismantling. Dismantling is carried out in the reverse order to assembly.

doors, installation, tool, fastening, fittings

    Décor elements. architraves and architraves are detached. Use a crowbar or big screwdriver for this. Decorative elements can be reused, so do not break them during dismantling. If these parts are kept intact, they can be painted, coated with laminated film and used when mounting a new door.

Remove the architraves with a crowbar or an axe

To remove the leaf from the hinges, turn it 90 degrees and lift it with the lever

With a power tool, the dismantling of doors is accelerated several times over

In order to speed up the removal of the door unit it is recommended to use an angle grinder with a cutting disc for metal. If old fasteners are difficult to unscrew, you can quickly separate the door frame from the walls by cutting metal screws.

If there is no firm confidence in your abilities, of course, it is better to turn to professional installers, because the correct execution of the assembly and installation. not the only, but a necessary condition for the long-term operation of interior doors. But if you have at least a little experience in carpentry work, and the operations described in this article do not cause you doubts about the possibility of repeating them. feel free to proceed to install the door with your own hands. You can save money and be absolutely sure of the quality of each action.

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