Dimensions of the frame for converting the tiller into a mini-tractor

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Homemade mini-tractors from a Zubr motoblock

If you own a powerful Zubr tiller, with a diesel engine, you have the opportunity to convert it into a mini tractor yourself. In order to get a small four-wheel tractor instead of a two-wheeled tiller, it is enough to have tools and assembly instructions.

Necessary parts for making a mini-tractor with a hitch: the frame of the mini-tractor, brake cylinder, footrests with pedals, steering column complete with linkages, front beam with brake discs and hubs complete, rear fenders, rear linkage with manual elevator complete.

You will also need the following tools: a hammer, a drill, wrenches and a welder. You also need to have front-mounted wheels. You can use wheels from Zhiguli, or similar wheels from other power tillers. If you assemble all the parts yourself, you will get a powerful mini tractor from a power tiller.

How to make a minitractor from a power tiller: step by step instructions

For owners of land, no doubt, a minitractor is a more desirable purchase than a single-axle tractor, because it is many times more powerful and convenient. But, unfortunately, not everyone and not always can buy this machine, citing its cost, size and a number of possible reasons.

But if you already have at your disposal such equipment as a single axle tractor, you can easily remake it in a minitractor with your own hands. For this you need some tools, materials and desire.

How to make a minitractor from a power tiller with your own hands

Motor blocks are very useful in the economy. But it often happens that old models people do not use. The fate of such equipment very often becomes an aimless stay in the garage and the gradual rusting. The problem is that many people do not know that the old type power tillers can be used to build the right equipment, such as a mini-tractor.

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Pros and cons of a homemade mini-tractor

The popularity of homemade mini-tractors for the household is due to their advantages:

  • Convenience. Thanks to this device, agricultural work is faster and not tiring.
  • Ease of use. The homemade tractor is compact in size, so it does not require a separate storage room. Replacement parts can be purchased at the store. they are sold together with power tillers (Neva, Scout, Zubr), of which the mini-tractor is assembled.
  • Expanded functionality. Different equipment can be used with this implement. The homemade tractor is suitable for the use of a plough, cultivator, harrow, potato planter, etc. д. Some varieties can be converted to cranes.
  • Savings. The price of a mini-tractor in the store is quite high, so sometimes it is better to buy a single-axle tractor and finalize it yourself. Many parts are free in this case, since the use of spare parts from old equipment is allowed.
  • Construction knowledge. The owner will know all the peculiarities of the design if he remakes his Moto-Block into a mini-tractor himself. This allows him to fix problems with the work himself, without resorting to special services.

The disadvantages of such products include their low reliability. At home, it is impossible to make machinery similar in quality to the store’s. Using used parts when working only reduces reliability. Lack of skill can cause malfunctions of the machine.

The main varieties of homemade tractors:

dimensions, frame, converting, tiller, mini-tractor

The first type is a machine for tillage, trash removal, grass cutting. Self-made four-wheel drive tractor, as a rule, is equipped with a medium-power motor. It can cope with an area of 6 hectares. It can be equipped with attachments that allow you to expand the range of purposes. say, an auger snowplow or even a backhoe bucket.

Rear-drive microtractors can be designed to perform a narrower list of tasks, including cultivating an area of up to 2 hectares or making lawns. it can be equipped with a tiller to work the ground, a mower.

Riders apply fertilizers, treat the territory with pesticides. They can be equipped with additional devices for other purposes, when you need to work a small area.

Minitractor from the power tiller Neva

The conversion of a power tiller into a small tractor can be slightly different. Everything depends on the design features of the motoblock and its abilities. Let’s consider the principle of making a mini-tractor from Neva motor blocks.

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As in the first case, before making a mini-tractor, it is necessary to study the schematics. They specify in detail the dimensions of the elements and the order of their installation during assembly. The procedure for remodeling will be as follows:

  • Making the frame is carried out in the same way as in the first case. To create it, use pipes of different cross-section. Fastening of the frame elements is carried out by means of bolts and welding;
  • Next, proceed to the fabrication and installation of the undercarriage. To install the rear wheels, use an additional axle, which can be made from a steel tube. In both ends of the latter, press bearings and bushings, which will be equipped with rear wheels;
  • Next, you need to equip the tractor from the Neva motoblock with a motor. over, you can install the engine both in the front and in the back of the frame. In the second case, the front and rear wheelbase of the minitractor will need to be widened;

Kit for converting a power tiller into a mini tractor

To simplify the mechanism of modification, you can buy a ready-made kit for converting a Moto-Block into a mini-tractor. This kit gives you the ability to convert one type of machine to another in a short period of time. Often, this kit for converting a power tiller consists of:

  • a ready-made frame;
  • front beam;
  • linkage;
  • arms;
  • pedals;
  • steering wheel;
  • fenders;
  • driver’s seat.

This kit will be very useful to those people who are interested in how to make a mini tractor from a power tiller in a short time.

But those who like to do everything themselves, and have the necessary elements at home, can construct everything with their own hands. The prerequisite is to fully adhere to the drawing.

dimensions, frame, converting, tiller, mini-tractor

The way to assemble a tractor by hand

Assemble a homemade mini-tractor with their own hands from improvised means.

To assemble a mini-tractor with a kit

With such an approach to the matter, you can save a lot of money, but to do this you need to take into account the entire assembly process, which is accompanied by certain difficulties. Many farmers will not stop any difficulties, because everyone is able to make their own hands not just self-made for themselves and their needs, but the quality of agricultural machinery, which can be equipped with additional equipment for a wide range of tasks.

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It is important ! It should be borne in mind that after the conversion of a power tiller into a tractor, the warranty on the single axle tractor is no longer valid.

There is also a third option a little more expensive, but simpler is to buy a ready-made factory tractor. The single-axle tractor is made on the basis of a power tiller, but it is inferior to a mini-tractor in weight and dimensions.

Choosing this option, you will save yourself the headache of converting a self-made tractor from a tiller, save time, as well as be confident in the reliability of the assembly and in your safety while working with your tractor. In addition, there is a great advantage of a warranty on the tractor. According to the warranty card the service center foreman will repair any breakage at any time.

Advantages of homemade mini-tractors

Undoubtedly one of the main advantages of this kind of equipment is its size, allowing its use for small plots. A mini tractor consumes fuel economically, which makes their use for various works extremely beneficial.

In addition, the cost of its production in general is also low. Due to its maneuverability minitractors can perform various tasks on a small piece of land.


You can easily create a minitractor from power tillers of different manufacturers (for example, from a power tiller Proab). So, if you have Agro equipment, you should produce the tractor according to the following instructions. To make it you will need:

  • Agro single axle tractor
  • Steel plates and profiles
  • Car Seat
  • Steering wheel from any model car
  • One or two pairs of wheels can be changed as all or one “native” pair can be left.

In general, this “formula” is suitable for power tillers of any manufacturer, because there is little difference in details for making.

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