Dimensions of the cart for the motor-block with their own hands

Making a cart for a power tiller with your own hands

The cart for a power tiller. an indispensable thing for owners of both large plots of land and modest gardens. Of course, it can be purchased at almost any specialty store, but you can try to make it with your own hands.

dimensions, cart, motor-block, their, hands


Advice from experienced homebuilders on how to assemble a trailer to a power tiller by yourself:

  • When mounting the body it is better to use galvanized steel sheet, thickness from 1 mm. If we consider wooden boards as a manufacturing material, we should take into account that wood is poorly resistant to moisture. Another option is plastic. This material is cheap and moisture resistant, but has low strength. It is preferable to make a double bottom for strength. It is desirable to use stiffening ribs in the construction;
  • It is recommended to use the wheels from a motorcycle sidecar and install them in a set with the central part of the wheels. One can also adapt the wheels from a car (Zhiguli or Moskvich). One should take into account that the size of the wheel affects the passability of the vehicle, the bigger the wheel, the higher it is;
  • You should not make the design of the running gear heavier, because in this case the useful load on the trailer is reduced;
  • when making a trailer for a cultivator with tipping function, it is preferable to buy an industrial-made trailer attachment unit, since it is not easy to make it yourself, and a ready-made product is quite cheap and available. over, buying a ready-made part will save you a lot of time;
  • To create the frame it is better to use square or rectangular profile tubes. You can use a metal corner;
  • We recommend that you weld the parts to each other with a welder, because bolted connections are not considered durable. It is even better to combine both methods.

The service life of a homemade trailer depends on the quality of the materials used in the manufacture, as well as the way the elements are attached to the structure.

How to make a trailer for a power tiller with your own hands

A single-axle tractor is a useful thing for those who have a large plot of land. But this technique can be used not only for plowing, harrowing and other field work. If you hitch a cart to your power tiller it can be used as a means of transportation. It is not difficult to make a capacious wheelbarrow with your own hands. Trailer for power tiller allows you to carry hay, bags of grain, vegetables, and other goods.

Parameters and cost of the trailer

Most of the sold carts for a power tiller are capable of carrying a load of 0.3-1 tons with different dimensions. When choosing a suitable solution, you should pay attention to the power of the power unit and technical characteristics. Among them stand out such:

  • For small motor blocks it is recommended to buy a body with overall dimensions of 1 m x 0.85-1.15 m, and a maximum carrying capacity of 300 kilograms. The cost of such an invention will be about two hundred American dollars;
  • If you are looking for a suitable solution for a medium-sized power tiller, give preference to models with 5-horsepower engines and dimensions of 1×1.4-1.5 meters with a load capacity of up to 500 kilograms. They will cost you 250 dollars;
  • Heavier power tillers need two-axle trailers with dimensions of 1.2 m x 2-3 m. Their lifting capacity should be about 1 ton. True, such a pleasure costs about 500;
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Because of the decent cost, many gardeners refuse to buy a ready-made store product, trying to make a cart for a power tiller with their own hands. Fortunately, this action does not require any special tricks or efforts, so it is possible even for a novice inexperienced dacha farmer. The main thing is to choose the right drawings and instructions, following the step-by-step guide. Then you should consider all the fundamental points and study the technology.

A hitch for a motorcycle block trailer

The hitch for the motoblock trailer is quite an important element of the whole construction. The best of the options is a node, when the pipe is connected to another pipe. Another small part of the pipe should be welded into the bent pipe on one side. This should be done in a vertical position. The same operation is done on the other edge of the main pipe. At the end, a kingpin is mounted to connect it to the trailer. When cornering or on rough roads, this design will provide a firm grip.

Homemade cart for power tiller

No suspension, no problem!You could have at least put springs.Hubs from what??

The hubs are made on the lathe, and it’s not hard to go at all

Comprehend! You should think about hydraulics for a dump truck.

They make a U-shaped stand and a winch with a rope on pulleys, there are a lot of troubles with hydraulics.

Besides you can transfer someone standing in the body, hold on the crossbar, throw the tent on. I go fishing 5-7 km away. You can’t haul it off-road on your own, can you?

No blueprints left? I have a similar single axle tractor in my garage.

I can write the basics here, and the rest is improvisation

Axle body flip, if you do not carry sawdust with hay, should be placed almost near the center, but otherwise you will tear her belly button to lift for unloading.No brakes again, with a loaded truck you can make such a mess, injure yourself and others, you can not brake with a half-ton cargo.The ribs inside will leave all the debris on themselves.A rubber damper is needed at the junction with the tiller to prevent the frame with the track from bending on unevenness.The place of attachment of axles of a wheel should be strengthened with a profile or an angle in the form of a triangle.I still have a lot of flaws but respect for the arms out of the shoulders.

brakes will still be, not a fool, and the coup dealt with that to the center must be placed to redo the entire design and I do not want to, so reliable and lightweight design, at the expense of the damper is nothing all is reliable and will not lead, the axles and strengthened, on a plate thick and all the right way

I did not call you a fool. You can listen to it or not. This forum a lot of nproda read. If you put your creation on review, there will be not only applause and praise, but also criticism. Why do you take it so hard? ? I did not write anything bad, and shared their operating experience.That’s when the forest back loaded will surrender and bumped into a stump his reinforced plate mounting axle wheels, and then remember me after it bend or break. I see that you have a new single axle tractor, I think you do not know its character, but it has a great burdens, I’ve been using it for 15 years with a trailer. a single-axle tractor is a high-risk vehicle and if you run away from a collision without brakes into a ditch, you will easily get injured on a pin, which on your photo holds the trailer and on the move it goes up.

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How to trailer?

An important question for owners of power tillers with trailers is the coupling method. Many, rather quickly figuring out the problem of how to hitch a cart to a power tiller, did not take into account the fact that in constant motion, the holes with which the connection is made are broken.

That causes backlash, which is even more detrimental to the parts. and as a result, they need to be replaced.

But though to replace the mount on the trailer is not very difficult, it is enough to simply weld an extra layer of metal with the help of electric welding or just replace a part of the drawbar, it is more difficult to do this with the motor-block mount.

The factory hitch for attachments is also used for hitching a power tiller to a trailer. It is reliably fixed in the structure if it breaks, you can’t do a simple repair. it needs to be completely replaced.

To avoid this, you must first abandon the primitive way of coupling. a pin. Despite its simplicity and apparent reliability, it is the surest way to get the hitch to failures and breakdowns. Instead of it, you should only use more complex and long-standing devices.

You can find them on the cheap, or even for free if you know where to look. there are ball bearings in any car.

As for the factory-made hitches that will definitely cost more, but do not require adjusting. boring, welding and cleaning from rust, you can find them at any point of sale of such equipment.

They come in different varieties and are divided by type: semi-mounted, trailed and mounted. According to their purpose they are divided into special, which are suitable only for the installation of specific equipment. There are also universal models, which are suitable for coupling any kind of power tillers, such as Champion, LANDER, Pro, Huter, Don, Sadko, Forza, VIKING and any other attachments.

They are a device, which consists of several frames, connected by hinges.

For a heavy power tiller you can use a single reinforced hitch, with which you can install paired implements with a similar double hitch. Universal hitches are used to connect the trailer itself, and paired attachments.

Yamaha G2 Golf Cart 420cc Engine Swap

Also, there are special couplings, in the form of two p-shaped mounts, which are connected by means of a square section profile. They have very little in common with articulated couplings, and are connectors for several types of attachments and trailers.

Such couplings are primarily designed for reliability. They are made with thick steel that is resistant to heavy loads, and their design allows them to work at different angles without affecting their integrity.

dimensions, cart, motor-block, their, hands

Such products are distinguished from homemade parts by their small size and low weight. In addition, some of them have the ability to adjust the length and height of the outreach, depending on what type of cart is used.

Engine Building. Engine Lifting, Moving and Storage Cradles

In the event that the hitch for some reason does not stay in place, it is possible to install an adapter with a hitch. Thus, the coupling to the motoblock to the cart can be of different types, but successfully perform its function. It all depends on what kind of product you prefer.

dimensions, cart, motor-block, their, hands

Cart for power tiller with his own hands drawings, photos, video

One of the most useful things in the garden is a single-axle tractor. In addition, it will come in handy in the garden. With its help, you can easily work the land, as well as transport some cargo: straw, vegetables, fruits, tools and the like. However, without a trailer it will not be possible to perform all of the above. In this case, it is appropriate to tell how to make a cart for a power tiller with your own hands. This is the best way to save money. Also, the theme “Trailer for power tiller with your own hands” will be useful to study, with useful photos and video materials.

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The frame can be assembled from steel angles and pipes of round and rectangular cross-section. At first sight the design seems to be very complex and has a large margin of safety. But it is worth noting that the vehicle will be used in difficult conditions. So all questions about durability go away.

Drawing and dimensions of a cart frame for a power tiller

Driver’s seat legs made of angle.

Crossbar for reinforcement, made of angle

However, if the loads will not be so large, then you can choose a simpler design solutions (see “The trailer of the trailer”). Dump trailer for power tiller).

How to choose?

In order to choose a trailer to the tiller, you need to analyze the total quality of all its components, as well as its compatibility with the tiller.

The first thing you should pay close attention to is the working part of the trailer. the body. It could be made of steel or galvanized metal. The first option is considered to be more reliable, while the second one is more durable. But when choosing a galvanized body it is necessary to evaluate the thickness of the metal. If it is small, it will not be able to withstand heavy loads. Permissible tonnage can be found out by paying attention to the numbers in the name of the trailer.

When buying this equipment on the market may meet plastic models, but it is better not to pay attention to the low price. Such a trailer will not be able to last long due to the low strength of the material. You have to constantly think about how to keep the edges intact during loading or how not to overload the weight of the cargo.

You also need to think about how often you use this construction. On it depends the necessary design of the sides. If the trailer is intended to be used permanently, the folding sides with a dumping system can significantly save time.

You should also ask about the quality of the wheel hubs, because the functionality of the braking system depends on them. Most often they are made of two types of material. This is cast iron and steel. The first option is much faster to fail, which can not be said about the second. Strong steel alloys are quite hardy, durable and reliable.

And the last thing worth paying some attention is the ground clearance. When driving in the fields and plowing, this criterion is particularly important. The distance from the ground to the cart should not be too small, otherwise in the loaded state the structure may hit the ground surface. But a higher height is also unacceptable, because it will be much harder to load.

Considering all the parameters, we can say that the best option for a full-size cart can be a budget version called TM-360 of domestic production. The load capacity of this trailer is 360 kg. One of its main advantages, in addition to its general satisfactory performance, is its temperature tolerance. This device can be easily operated in almost any part of Russia. The design withstands temperature fluctuations from.30 to 40 degrees.

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