Difference between the Makita hr2470x15 and the Makita hr2470

Technical characteristics

We have compared ploughs by technical characteristics and additional functions to clearly show their similarities and find differences.

Makita HR2450 Makita HR2470
Impact force 2.7 Joules 2.7 J
Power 780 J 780 J
Number of modes 3 3 J
Max speed 1100 rpm 1100 rpm
Number of strokes 4500 rpm 4500 rpm
Engine location Horizontal Horizontal
Max drill diameter (stone, metal, wood) 24, 13, 32 mm 24, 13, 32 mm
Al. speed adjustment
Chisel rotation
Safety clutch
Reverse at max speed
Weight 2,4 kg 2,6 kg
Accessories Side handle, carrying case, depth stop Side handle, carrying case, depth stop

Review: Makita HR 2470. Great worker.

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Carried in a plastic case, the case indicates it was barely used. Due to the large number of tools, all tools go to the customers in bags. Hardly ever used in a case, only when there is no need for many tools.

At the time of purchase it was the coolest peorator in the store, I would clarify from the horizontals in the class of small tri-mode (drilling, drilling with impact and chiseling). For modern stores in small towns, even now, the situation has not changed. 2470. it is an updated Makita 2450, I consider disputes about reliability not quite correct, it is approximately like comparing AK74 and AK 74M. The stuffing is practically identical, but somehow the 2470 is 300 grams heavier than its ancestor.

The main change was the brush-type reversing switch. Much more convenient and reliable than the petal over the trigger. I had a reversing switch on one of my torches and it broke, not by itself of course, but something wasn’t set well on the torch. This method of switching, experts said, has a more positive effect on the life of the torch. Although we use it very rarely, in our work.

I bought it mostly as a corkscrew. the peorator is for drilling small holes, it makes no sense to consider weaker models. Chiseling function is hardly used, but had to use. The main work with drills 5-10 mm in diameter, the drilling depth is about 50 mm. As said for the plugs. To install furniture. Everywhere it works differently where 4 holes or 50-100 for the installation. So as this peoratorom chiseled for the house, drilled long 12 drilling bits and drilled a few outlets crown.

For the furniture maker, it is almost ideal, in terms of price/quality ratio, I would compare it to a Bosch 2-24 and Metabo 2644. A peoratorov household or semi (thank marketers who came up with so many beautiful synonyms for the words trash, junk, disposable), will not consider because of reliability.

The impact force is enough, again, I heard negative feedback about the weakness of this model, its unreliability. I will not deny Makita sometimes have defects, and it is not correct to compare 2470 of 2010 and 2470 of 2016-2017. 6000 in 2010 is 200, at the moment it is 110-130. Simple math that the peorator has fallen in price by 30-40%. I don’t think makita management just cut the markup. But most breakdowns are due to improper operation and maintenance. Also, there are breakdowns apparently due to savings on spare parts by the manufacturer, low-quality assembly.

This tool has never been in the service, although I’ve cut tens of thousands of holes, cut about 100 meters of chisels and did a lot of work from a mixer to a jackhammer. For all time disassembled once to clean and replace the grease in 2015 or 2016. You need it for a long time to use the tool:

Buy the tool based on the task and purpose, if you buy to drill sockets in concrete for at least 8 hours a day need to look more powerful peorator. Of course, you can say, it has these functions, but you have to understand that it is a chiseled plug, it’s like taking an electric screwdriver 10.Use the 8 and twist wood grouse at 300 or take a 450 watt jigsaw and saw with it 8 hours a day in dry oak. life will be paltry.

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Service, at least occasionally, by yourself or give it to a service. Chuck and gearbox failures are mainly due to lack of maintenance and clogging.

Read the manual before using, not after refusing free service and warranty repairs, t. к. Most craftsmen don’t even think about the fact that they don’t use some of the tool’s functions correctly. But there are those for whom the time. money and after a breakdown, after a year. Two years later, they just leave the torch for parts and go buy a new one, and there are those who can not afford to change the tool and spend annually for 20-50-100 t. р., They break it out of silliness and then write angry feedback saying that the tool is rubbish. but. I spend a decent amount of money on the tool, but I do not want to write reviews that I regret buying it and the tool either did not justify itself or just broke off and broke down. Better to write a review worked for 7 years, justified in a month or two, probably will work as much more).

In general, for a small peorator the model is good, service Makita. Probably the best and cheapest in the country. I recommend to buy it for craftsmen and for home use. I need no maintenance at all and it will be a good repair helper that will do just about any housework.

Review: The Makita HR 2470 FT. Indispensable thing for assembling. Of all the things I’ve worked with the most reliable.

Hello all! Nowadays, in order to make money, you have to do different jobs. Sometimes I have to drill a lot of concrete. Today I want to tell you about Makita HR 2470 FT. It is this helper that does the assembly work very well. Perhaps many ladies do not understand the difference between a drill and a peorator. Let me try to explain the difference. The thing is, a drill is only good for wood and metal, with ordinary drills. And although some drills have a percussion mechanism for drilling in brick and concrete, only peorators are really good at it. They are much more powerful, so they drill small holes in the concrete many times faster than an impact drill. I’ll give you an example from my practice. A long time ago, all I had was a drill with a hammer. I had to secure a curtain rod in a concrete slab on the ceiling. It took me three hours to drill some small holes! It’ll take me about five minutes to do it now. See the difference?? But you can’t do it with an ordinary drill, you need a special drill for the borers. And a special chuck accordingly. This is a picture of the most common drill with a diameter of 6 millimeters. Drills come in different diameters and lengths.

Nowadays, all reputable and not so reputable companies sell their torches in a suitcase.

There is enough space in the case to put small tools, different drills, etc. Looks pretty nice.

This switch is now on the drill with impact. If you turn the switch to the left, it’s just drill mode, like a drill. The hammer sign means that the unit will only work on impact, in hammer mode. If you buy a present for a man, pay attention that this mode is present, in some models it is not present, and it is often necessary.

The pen has a reverse mode. If the drill is jammed, the reversing switch is easier to pull out.

On the other side, there is also a reversing switch. It’s easy to switch. You can see the tool’s specifications on the tag.

There’s a light bulb in the handle. Even though the front handle sometimes obscures the light, it often comes in handy in dark rooms. I liked the backlight, it is much more convenient.

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And best of all, this model has a removable chuck. Not all the torches have it. In the photo below there is a chuck for concrete drill bits.

And put on a chuck for wood and metal drills.

And this removable chuck function is quite rare, but very handy. In one tool, I bought a drill and peorator! Of course, there is a drill chuck that fits into a drill chuck, but it is less convenient to work with because it makes the drill more wobbly.Attached to the handle is a depth limiter. You need it when you want to drill a hole of a certain length.

And this is what our hero looks like after a few hours of drilling. Just kidding, this one is a year and a half and broke. But the dust is almost covered and after an hour of work.

Unfortunately, with frequent use of the torch, they break down. But Makita lasted a year and a half. For example, similar Hitachi torches (3 pieces) lasted me about 8 months. And all in all, I bought my ninth peorator. It turns out that a serious repair costs 70-80 percent of the price of a new one, and there’s no guarantee that something else won’t break. Such an unpleasant surprise. That’s why it’s easier to buy a new one. But it is only for serious installation, when you drill hundreds of holes a day and sometimes work with a jackhammer. I think that in home use with infrequent drilling, this unit will last for many years. And a removable chuck will save space simple drill. Naturally, I recommend this drill, it pays for itself quickly and brings tangible profits. The main breadwinner.Time has passed and I had 3 of these torches, one without a removable chuck.

Unfortunately, they all break the reversing mechanism. I sometimes use reverse when the drill gets stuck in the rebar. In general, pretty soon the unit stops responding to button presses. All three have had reverser replacements after 10-12 months. In our area it costs 2000. After repair, the mechanism lasts less than 2 months and then stops making contact again. And a trip to the repair shop is also a waste of time and money. In general, it’s easier to sell it for cheap parts and buy a new one. Perhaps at home, with infrequent work, it will last much longer, but for frequent work can not recommend this model. I take off the stars I put on earlier.

Makita HR2470X15 4.75 4

The HR2470 is a practical and durable tool with three operating modes and 40 bit setting positions. This new model has a stronger beak, the anchor is covered by a protective varnish, and the gland prevents grease leakage. Reversing operates at the same torque, and the torque limiter protects the mechanism from damage.


Basic delivery within MKAD (within MKAD). delivery from Monday till Saturday, during the working hours (from 9 till 18h).) without a choice of preferred delivery time. The cost of basic delivery 300r. For orders up to 30 000r. Orders over 30 000r within the Moscow Ring Road are delivered free of charge.

Delivery orders outside the Moscow Ring Road: 40 p. per km. (calculation by road, not a straight line)

Пеоратор Makita HR2470 (отличия от HR2470X15, HR2470FT) SDS-plus, 780W

Delivery further than 30 km from the Moscow Ring Road. by agreement with our delivery service

  • Delivery with a time limit (3-hour interval within the working day from 9 to 18h) 200r.
  • Delivery on Sunday or holidays, evening delivery (after 19h): 300 p.

Goods marked bulky goods are delivered to the entrance (car, warehouse, garage), without lifting on the floor

For customers from Moscow we offer self-delivery from our warehouse in Moscow, Yurievsky per. д. 13A building 1. (map) The nearest subway station. Aviamotornaya (about 1500m).

Office and warehouse are located in one place outside the Third Ring Road, which removes restrictions on the entry of trucks. Possible shipment of bulky goods or bulk shipments. We have no problems with parking.k we are located in a closed area in the industrial zone.

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Three modes of operation. drilling / drilling with impact / chiselling. Ergonomic handle with soft rubber coating. Impact mechanism operates without impact at idle speed. for longer service life. Reverse for turning out screws. Internal parts are protected from dust. Durable bit and durable carbon brushes. Double insulation. for safe working conditions. Electronic RPM adjustment and new reverse design extend brush life. Gland packing prevents grease leakage. Chisel can be set in up to 40 positions. Drill bit set D-00795 included

Key feature that defines capabilities of the torch. For light-duty jobs. For drilling holes for dowels and anchor bolts a lightweight, low-powered rotary tool with impact energy of 1-2 Joules is sufficient.

If you need to chisel chinks, install sub-boxes, knock down tiles, the impact energy is needed from 2.5 to 5 Joules.

For drilling large-diameter holes; for cutting through, breaking through masonry, and demolishing walls.д. you need a drill with an impact force of 4-10 Joules.

Three basic modes of operation: 1) drilling without impact. for wood, metal, etc.e; 2) drilling with impact. For drilling holes in concrete, stone; 3) Chiselling (just tapping, no spinning). wood, metal, etc., with a chisel or saw for rebuilding or demolishing concrete structures. Most SDS torches have all 3 modes of operation. But there are also 2-mode models.

Vibration protection may be as simple as a spring-loaded or rubberized handle or as sophisticated as a system of dynamic counterweights (for example, Makita‘s patentedAVT technology is based on anti-seismic technologies)!). The presence of advanced vibration protection is important for powerful peorators and demolition hammers, because the level of vibration during heavy work is very high

Implementation of reversing can be electronic or by turning the brush unit. The first option is easier and cheaper, but when working in reverse mode, the brushes wear out very quickly (luckily, we don’t have to work in this mode very often). advanced models have a reversing mechanism with a swiveling brush holder. These models can be run in reverse for a long time and under full load

In models with a horizontal motor, the motor is centered on the tool. Mainly lightweight household gorators with power up to 1 kW. They are efficient for horizontal drilling and piercing, less expensive than their analogues and easy to work in narrow places.

Vertical models have the motor perpendicular to the drill axis. They mostly use motors with a power of 1 kW and higher. These tools are heavier than their counterparts. Well suited for heavy-duty work. Comfortable when working “in the floor”. the entire weight of the device presses on the auger.

Yes. Packaged in a plastic (or, less frequently, metal or cloth) carrying case or suitcase.No. the product is delivered in a cardboard box

Makita HR 2470

Following the brand HR2450 came more modernized peorator HR 2470, which also has three modes of operation. It has a number of advantages over other models. protection against dust entering the mechanism, extending the life of the tool and preventing the carbon brushes from wearing out quickly. The development of a more powerful beater increases the performance of the torch. The power of this tool is 780 watts.

The HR 2470 is equipped with a reverser, allowing the motor to rotate at the same speed forwards and backwards. Chisel can be adjusted and set in different directions, allowing the operator to rest while chiseling. Additionally there is a clutch that prevents jerks and jamming of the chisel, which can cause injuries. This brand has its own modifications, the HR 2470FT and HR2475. They differ only in the availability of light and quick-release chucks.

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