Diamond cutting a brick wall. Electric tool

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Requirements to the customer for diamond drilling and diamond cutting: The customer provides the LIGHTING of the proposed holes and dismantling of the walls according to the project, the power supply of 220v with capacity of at least 3000w. For diameter of the hole up to 400mm a container or uninterrupted source of water not further than 30m. If you do not have electricity at the site or a small input power, it is not a problem for us we have our own GENERATOR on 220v with a capacity of 3500kw for such a case.

Diamond cutting opening in concrete with hand torches price

Cutting a perimeter with crushing into wearable pieces ,

Diamond cutting wall saw

The thickness of the wall, ceilings in cm.

Unreinforced concrete (FBS)

Note: When working with a wall saw and floor saw, you need a power supply of 380 V. Minimum cost of works 12000 without garbage removal and carrying out.

Diamond cutting of floor slabs, screed, floors

Rate per m/pg. cut, in rubles

Division into parts: the cost per m / pg. cut, in rubles

The cost of cutting reinforced concrete is given in brackets. Minimum cost of works 12000 without debris removal.

Cutting apertures in the brick walls price.

Half brick (half brick) 12,5-15 cm

Cutting a standard 210×900 aperture in the brick walls with a reinforcement of the beam and angle lintel.

Minimum cost of cutting an aperture in a brick wall with reinforcement of channels or angles 10000

Reinforcing of standard openings in panel houses according to the projects (MNIITEP, MOSPROEKT)

U-shaped reinforcement channel in the girth:

diamond, cutting, brick, wall, electric

Standard for openings in a concrete wall 12-14 cm

Standard for 16-18cm concrete wall openings

Standard for openings in the concrete wall 20-22cm

diamond, cutting, brick, wall, electric

Standard for 24-25 cm concrete wall openings

Reinforcement (stiffening) with an angle:

Double-sided with stud bolt:

Reinforcement of concrete and brick walls

Diamond drilling (drilling holes) price

diamond, cutting, brick, wall, electric

Diamond drilling of walls and ceilings

Unreinforced concrete (FBS)

over 1 m for Ø 62-192 mm and 40 cm for Ø 300-500 mm. a higher coefficient is possible. When diamond drilling holes from the bottom up (ceiling-floor) requires 380V power supply factor 3.

For Ø 25. 75 mm a raising coefficient may be applied depending on production conditions and scope of work. Minimum cost for diamond drilling (drilling) holes 16-350mm. 7000rub without debris removal. Minimum cost of diamond drilling (drilling) holes 400-500mm.10000rub without taking out and removal of garbage.

Dismantling works: walls, foundations, floors.

Scrap and dismantling of sanitary cabins price

Cabin material: plaster, slate, acetate.

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Not complete removal of a sanitary cabin with preservation of the back wall and floor.

Expansion of openings in the concrete walls price

Unreinforced concrete (FBS)

Dismantling of the window sill block

Installation of partitions made of gypsum (without material and delivery)

Walls demolition (hammer, jackhammer)

Cutting and scraping walls, partitions price.

Cutting of concrete wall (partition wall) 6m.The thickness of 8 cm in panel houses on the lifting parts 50-60kg

Cutting a concrete wall (partition wall) 6m.10 cm thick in panel buildings on the lifting parts 50-60kg

Scrap brick walls, partitions price.

Brick ¼ (to the edge) 6,5-10 cm

Half brick (half brick) 12,5-15 cm

Diamond cutting of brick walls, partitions price.

Half brick (to the edge) 6,5-10 cm

Half-brick (half-brick) 12,5-15 cm

Minimum cost for cutting and breaking partitions 8000

Pre-repair work cost

Dismantling of built-in closets

Linoleum (carpeting) dismantling

Diamond cutting chinks for wiring, pipes price

Diamond cutting of bricks in Kiev

When carrying out these works it is important to take into account the presence of utilities and electrical wires, hidden under the materials with which the walls or ceiling are finished. These features require a professional approach to such tasks.

Brick cutting tool

The choice of diamond installation depends on both the thickness and strength of the structure, as well as the working conditions. If you need to cut a brick wall with thickness up to half a meter, our specialists use manual diamond tools. Equipped with a powerful engine, with a cooling system, it can easily cope with the tasks.

To work with thicker constructions brick cutting is performed with a wire saw, which has no depth limitation.

The staff at Diamond Cutter have extensive experience in providing services related to the use of diamond cutting machines. Feel free to contact us! We provide high-quality execution of holes and openings in brick walls without dust and noise at optimal prices.

Diamond cutting of a brick wall, nuances

Before making an opening in a brick wall, craftsmen need to consider several features of the wall. From the outside the whole process may seem simple, but before you start using a diamond wheel, experts assess the possibility of collapse of the structure based on several of its parameters.

What must be taken into consideration when cutting a brick wall?

Before cutting brick walls, specialists consider the following features:

  • Whether the wall is built entirely of brick or whether this material was used to clad the concrete slab.
  • Type of building material. Bricks can be clay or silicate and have different condition. Cutting in new bricks is different from the same process if the wall is made of new blocks.
  • Architectural features of the room. In some cases it is necessary to cut a brick wall very carefully, so as not to collapse part of the structure.
  • Masonry thickness.
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In most cases, our professionals have to deal with the complex of the listed features of the walls, so they are able to solve any tasks, even in the presence of serious difficulties.

Diamond cutting as a way to get rid of difficulties

Even with all the above mentioned difficulties the workers can face, diamond cutting can create an opening without unnecessary vibration and impacts, so that crumbling of a part of the opening is possible only if the construction is old and crumbling from any impact.

Noise is not generated when using a diamond tool, which can disturb people in an apartment building. It allows the owner to be sure that the repair will not bother the neighbors.

Before working, our professionals precisely calculate the size of the opening and communicate the best parameters to the homeowner. The cost of such works is not high if compared to the services for creating openings in concrete or monolithic walls.

By ordering diamond cutting, the customer avoids several consequences of the repair:

This means that when it is necessary to create a niche or an opening, diamond cutting becomes the best option to choose.

Learn more about the cutting technology

Diamond cutting technology impacts a wall or slab without noise or vibration with a diamond tool, which is especially important when cutting concrete. The fact that vibrations can increase the number of microcracks in the concrete wall, and this significantly reduces the strength and life of such structures. Therefore, to date, diamond cutting is indispensable for any device openings in the walls of brick, concrete and concrete, in the overlapping and other similar works.

Accumulated experience and high professionalism of our employees in apertures, niches, dismantling partitions can perform work even after finishing and repair. Diamond cutting of apertures is performed with handheld cutters with gasoline or electric drive, which are equipped with diamond discs of 200-400 mm in diameter. Diamond cutting depth of wall can reach up to 800 mm.

In cases where work with hand tools is not effective, we use circular saw or wire cutting.


Price for the formation of the opening is made after preliminary acquaintance with the object. The for spot cutting are given in the price list. Upon writing an estimate for the execution of works, a fixed individual price check will be formed.

ALMAZORESKA offers a qualified approach to all works on the equipping of a new hole in a brick wall. Years of experience allow us to bypass some of the nuances, which young professionals are trained on. Manager’s visit to familiarize themselves with the object of work in Kiev and the region for free! The company works with individuals and legal entities, and is ready to perform large amounts of work. Thanks to a close-knit team of specialists and professional tools, all jobs are done very quickly. Disposal of construction waste, the organization can also undertake. Working with ALMAZORESKA is profitable and safe!

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Diamond cutting prices

Unreinforced concrete (FBS)


A wide range of works, which can be performed using a specialized wall saw and a diamond disk, allows you to perform all the necessary tasks with minimal noise and dust pollution. This is the reason why diamond cutting is now used almost everywhere, as it allows you to make an opening of any complexity and size.

The peculiarity of this method consists in the usage of diamond cutting discs and technological equipment which allows to cut constructions of any thickness, including in hard-to-reach places, as well as at an angle. High-quality diamond blades made of the toughest material on earth are guaranteed to cut even very strong structures, and the quality of the cut and the smooth surface of the edges will not need any additional treatment.

It is important to understand that this level of work should only be entrusted to specialized organizations that provide diamond cutting services and have all the necessary equipment for this. In addition, in order for the work to be done accurately, requires great professionalism of specialists, so the choice of organization should be approached very responsibly. VOX specialists guarantee perfectly accurate, smooth cuts with even edges.

The essentials in a nutshell

Before carrying out masonry work, you need to clearly determine whether it is more profitable to brick than to cut. Such work can increase the estimated cost and lead to unjustified spending. For a room divider you can use the easiest and oldest method of cutting bricks, which is cutting stones. It will save time, effort and money. The diamond cut-off saw is helpful when cutting curved elements.

In small construction projects, such as baths or garages, you can get by with an angle grinder with a diamond wheel. It will greatly speed up the work and allow you to perform more accurate masonry. In the case of a thin wall it can also be of help.

If you are planning a more full-scale project, such as building a house, it is better to buy a specialized machine.

If you need to make an arch, through cuts in the already built wall structures, and even reinforced, then you can not do without benzor cutter (for small amount of work) and laser cutting (for large-scale projects).

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