DeWALT electric screwdriver how to tell a fake

Fake or original. DeWALT? How to tell the difference and is there a difference inside?

Today I will show you how to distinguish the original DeWALT from fakes and take apart BOTH angle grinders, to see if there is a difference inside! Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you like this format and fakes on which tool you have seen? And of course share the video, so that people are not fooled by fakes!! A ridiculous copy on a Makita angle grinder: Super Fake. the horror of the tool: Become a channel sponsor by following this link Channel for contests: All photos are now on Instagram: questions about tool selection and repair can be asked in our group: Life Channel: Channel Assistance: Sberbank 4817 7601 4904 7825. My name is Alexander. I repair and sell power tools, on my channel you will find many detailed, informative and importantly short videos in which I show how to repair and service tools. How and What tool to choose? You’ll find many detailed, informative, concise (WITHOUT unpacking) videos in the power tool reviews playlist to help you choose! Characteristics of the tool, its weaknesses and strengths, quality of assembly and parts, and more! You will also learn what causes the tool to break and how to prolong the life of the tool. Thank you for your support! Be sure to watch my other videos detailed tool reviews, tool repairs and of course a moment of vandalism: Drill bit falls out of the chuck: angle grinder sparks and twitches: How to change gears on an angle grinder: AEG assembly saw (Norm or not?): A moment of vandalism (What they did to this tool?) Repair Pneumatics: #fake-original #bolgarkadevolt #catalyze fake

Most likely it’s not fakes, it’s just defective. That happens all the time in Chinese manufacturing

Very interesting video. videos like this.A lot of AVito now devalta, once wanted to buy myself, but looked closely and changed my mind.The original, by the way, has a bigger anchor.

Do not like DeWALT, I criticize the brand Dnipro m.

I bought a DeWALT angle grinder in 2012, it still works fine.

I like Bosch better. Hilky. Makita

Russians have no brains. Make your own tools. You have everything in the ground !! You just need a brain and less to drink. In Moldova we have only agrarians, and only stone under the ground.

Good evening. Useful video, it is better to buy in a trusted store. I really like this company’s tools. At the moment I have a peorator, jigsaw and angle grinder, which was discussed in this video. angular grinder use very often for four years in general, no problems.

I have a DeWALT angle grinder. I have been using it for 10 years and I am very pleased. great tool.

Not a bad and well thought out firm on ergonomics. Screwdriver and wrench available

Maximum doschitelno, very much like to watch not even rewritten, keep it up !

Types of counterfeit power tools

Before you ask yourself which tool is worth buying and which is not, you need to understand the terminology. All power tools that are not recommended for purchase are divided into original, but uncertified and simple knockoffs. Original, uncertified, imported into the country illegally, often gets past customs. Therefore, the cost of such a tool may be a little underestimated. These tools are made at Bosch, Makita and other brands, so there can’t be any complaints about their quality. But you shouldn’t buy it, and here’s why. These power tools are made, as a rule, for other countries of the world, and then by “left” ways, get to us. There may be no PCT marks on them.

In addition, if the tool was made for another country, it is quite possible that it is designed for other operating conditions, for example, for a certain voltage in the electric network (it is different in different countries). No one can give a guarantee that in our conditions the same drill, geyser or any other tool made for other countries will function as it should.

As for counterfeit power tools, everything is much clearer. Usually they are made from low-quality materials in clandestine shops, and the quality is out of the question. Works such tool, of course, not long, although sometimes justifies its cost (a fake, passed off as original, is usually cheaper).

However, if the fake power tool will break, that’s still half the trouble. What’s more dangerous is if it causes harm to your health. You don’t have to go far for an example. Many drills of well-known brands are equipped with electric motors in which the winding is made with double insulation wire (a kind of precaution and protection against electric shock). In a fake, passed off as the original, everything is easier. For windings normal copper wire with single insulation is used. If the insulation is broken, and you can not doubt that sooner or later it will happen anyway, you can easily get an electric shock with all the ensuing consequences.

What you should pay attention to

To buy a quality and original tool, it is better to buy it through an official representative of the company. If you buy a fake, then it will be difficult to find parts for it if they fail unexpectedly. Many people wonder where to buy DeWALT parts with delivery. If suddenly some parts are out of order, it is not necessary to change the tool. You can buy the parts from a reputable supplier.

First of all it is necessary to choose a reliable seller. It is better to do it either in a service center or in a trusted store. Then the probability to buy a fake will be significantly reduced. This also applies to spare parts. It’s important to remember that even a decent supermarket can run into a counterfeit. When buying a tool, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

  • The tool’s appearance. It is better to look at the picture of the original tool beforehand, to save the picture and then compare it to what is on the shelf.
  • The information in the documents. The serial number should always be present on the tool, and it should coincide with the number that is written in the documentation.
  • The quality of assembly. The tool must look as neat as possible. If you can see big gaps between the parts, you may be facing a counterfeit.
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In addition, the documentation must necessarily indicate a sign of conformity of the mandatory certification. If it is missing, it indicates that the buyer is a fake, or the tool was imported into the country illegally.

In the second case, the tool will be original and of good quality, but the buyer can not get a warranty card for it, and if the equipment fails before the warranty period, no one will return the money to the buyer.

In some cases, illegally imported products, which should only be sold in the U.S., are designed to work with voltages up to 110 volts. They do not withstand a greater load. When plugged into a 220-volt outlet, the tool can quickly fail.

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How not to buy a fake electric screwdriver DeWALT or Makita on avito.I show you how to tell the difference and who sells.

Well look you have nothing to complain about all you barkers and that is another why people sprinkle hto how can and earns so I schitayu and if you take a cheap then China is better to just a quality, and different tool in his life tried many brands and sit on the PC and do not try, and even listen to no point.

My friend I am from the region, I use only DeWALT for more than three years, almost all the tools I took from the official. Only 791 picked up at Costorama.

I watched a few of your videos, you leave an impression of a very competent tool man. Help me choose. Makita DDF453SYX5 (for valdberis sell with a gift battery at 3 mA) are 7300 or Interskol DAU-13/18V (1akb 4mA) for the same 7000. For home use, to drill a hole in a brick wall to mount the TV bracket on the wall, replace the floor in the room. Or even a whirlwind for 4K should be enough. I live in a small town, the salaries are small. Choose a more expensive tool is not possible.

The ears on the battery delivered:) People don’t even bother to write correctly. But seriously, maybe throw in a couple more and get a normal factory-made Chinese like Crown, Patriot, Vihr, etc.д. With a one-year warranty, and do not deal with nonsense. You’ll see, and the number of sellers of this gen will go on the wane.

Hello all!) Vasily, the most interesting thing when it is written on the nameplate Makita “Made in Japan”, and stands the letter “K.Who do not know the topic, it means that made in the Makita factory in China, as well as the letter Y.The contradiction should immediately bring to the idea of a fake)

I’m on Avito bought mostly Makita, and sold more than once. no problem. Advice for those who want to buy on Avito, but are not good at it. Choose from those who sell the same brand, the same Makita for example, and many positive reviews.

At the market, two fools One sells another buys !

In order not to screw up just type in the model name in the search engine that you see in the photo in the announcement and if the manufacturer’s site it does not exist and on sale in federal networks such does not exist not buy at least compare the photo shell charger and acb (color tongues shape acb as well as their voltage) with what is on sale in the store and yes compare the price type savings of 1000-1500r funny and in fact you take that at ali express is not 4000r and conventionally 2000r. don’t buy not on avito if you’re not all hoovered up

Vasily thank you for the information would not be bad about Makita avito batteries. Like.

Respect to those who wrote the non-original / a copy, but those who simply write angular grinder Makita, it’s tinny.Because of this all this garbage in the search is caught, as before it was easy to look for what is on Avito from the original tool.

What do you think brother, what to choose for carpentry work with wood in the basic screwdriving 100, impacts de walt 850 or Makita 710 purely your opinion

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Signs of counterfeiting

To avoid unnecessary material costs and injury situations when working with power tools, experts recommend learning in advance how to distinguish a fake electric screwdriver from the original. The models of famous brands are distinguished by quality body material (metal or impact-resistant plastic with a matte finish), have a balanced weight and a comfortable grip. The original assembly is indicated by ribbed surfaces, rubber inserts, a close and exact fit of the adjacent parts, the absence of backlashes and uneven gaps.

Fakes are almost always smooth, as if glossy. The body usually has visible paint splashes and paint unevenness, since the model is painted after it is assembled. Brand units are assembled from parts that have been painted on beforehand.

Another distinctive disadvantage is weak functionality, as the implementation of good options in an electric screwdriver requires the use of special technology and additional material costs.


The genuine models come in practical plastic cases with solid latches. In the center there is a convex name of the manufacturer, made by molding.

On the cardboard “jacket” of the case, the data about the importer, a list of the main characteristics and advantages of the unit are necessarily indicated. In the center of packages of fake tools the buyer will see only a sticker.

Sticker on the side of the case

The real models always have a sticker on the side of the shipping case with the model and serial number. In some cases the manufacturer specifies the values of some technical data.

Firms that produce imitation tools often miss this point. The cases of their models do not have a sticker or contain only information about the brand name.

Complete set

Screwdrivers from major manufacturers will be distinguished by a good set of accessories. In addition to power tools in the package the user will find a battery, charger, passport, certificate of quality and instructions for use of the product. Some units are equipped with a replaceable battery.

The set of brand units necessarily includes documentation in Russian. The fakes in the box only have a manual in English, which does not specify the model, and in some cases the brand of electric screwdriver. There is no translation of the document into Russian.

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You can tell a fake battery from the product data sheet. They are even visually different from each other. The package of original screwdrivers of famous brands includes several passports. for the model and charger. The presence of a single document indicates the sale of counterfeit products.

The battery and charger

The battery is the most expensive element of an electric screwdriver, so producers of fakes necessarily save on it. In terms of appearance the battery of fake products differ only in the presence of data on the voltage. The branded ones also have information about amperage (capacity), the brand name in several places.

An important distinguishing feature of the true battery is the sealing of 1 bolt with a plastic plug.

If you consider the internal filling of the power source, then in counterfeit models, which do not differ in weight from the original, some of the cans may be filled with sand. This is the reason for the rapid loss of charge, reduced service life. It is often found in Chinese vorbanks. If the price of an electric screwdriver with a high capacity battery is low, then there is a 99% chance that the model and the battery in it will be fake.

Battery conversion DeWalt Cordless Screwdriver to 18650 cell

In non-original units, the charge is often in the battery itself. If the device is separate, it has no protection mechanisms against overheating, overcharging. This leads to a rapid failure of the battery, additional costs for the purchase of a new one. The original charger necessarily has a sticker with the model, detailed information about the characteristics of the device.

Serial number

To protect their units from counterfeit manufactures emboss or put on the body or case of the product a serial number, which can be checked through the site. In some cases the numbers are duplicated in both places. Companies that produce non-original power tools use a simple sticker with a specific number.

While in the store, the user can find the manufacturer’s official website online. The number is entered in a special window for checking. False machine on the market if the site generates an error.

Makita DDF083Z

Electric screwdriver drill, hammerless type, designed for effective work with fasteners and drilling holes in different materials.

Up to 40 Nm of torque, depending on the selected setting.

Provides illumination of the work area with a bright LED light, which allows you to perform work in low light.

The tool works in two speed modes with a maximum rpm of 1700 per minute. Model equipped with an Allen key chuck for connecting the bits. Operates on 18-volt battery with high service life.

Makita DF032DWAX1

Versatile tool suitable for working with fasteners and drilling holes in materials of varying densities.

The design is clever: the tool is lightweight and the handle is covered with rubberized material. Model operates in two speed modes.

High power and torque drill holes of up to 28 mm in wood and 10 mm in metal in just a few seconds.

Maximum speed of the tool is 1500 rpm. Operates at high productivity in either of the two speeds.

Reverse allows fast extraction of jammed drill bit. Only takes one hour to charge the battery.

  • torque. 35 N-m;
  • 1500 rpm;
  • battery capacity. 2 Ah;
  • battery voltage. 10.8 В;
  • size. 124x217x66 mm;
  • weight. 0.87 kg.


Reliable and safe to use, with which you can tighten and unscrew fasteners quickly.

Handle is made of rubberized material so the tool does not slip from the hand. Weight of the model is 1.88 kg, so you can hold it for a long time without resting.

The electric screwdriver has two speeds for different jobs. The maximum diameter of drilling in wood is 28 mm, in metal. 10 mm.

Powerful motor with rotation speed of up to 4,400 rpm. Electric screwdriver comes with a carrying case for storing and transporting.

  • The torque is 30 Nm;
  • RPM is 4400 rpm;
  • Battery capacity is 2 Ah;
  • battery voltage. 18 V;
  • Size. 380×233 mm;
  • weight. 1.88 kg.

Bosch GSR 18 V-EC TE

An electric screwdriver without impact type, produced by one of the leaders among the companies producing power tools. Designed to work with a variety of fasteners.

One speed and 25 torque control positions with a maximum of 25 Nm are available to the user.

The machine has a high RPM of 4200 rpm.

For convenience, a light bulb is placed on the housing to illuminate the working area.

Electric screwdriver is powered by a 4 Ah lithium-ion battery. Included are 2 batteries, charger, manual, depth limiter, tool Ma55 and bit.

  • torque is 25 Nm;
  • Speed. 4200 rpm;
  • battery capacity. 2 Ah;
  • The battery voltage is 18 V;
  • size 251×239 mm;
  • weight. 1.6 kg.

Makita DF032DZ

Compact size electric screwdriver for maximum working comfort. Suitable for all types of fasteners.

Small size allows you to use the tool in a small area.

Reliable chuck with maximum clamping force of 10mm for attachment of the tool.

Despite its compact size, the tool features high torque of up to 35 Nm, which makes it possible to drill holes in wood up to 28 mm, as well as to assemble various constructions.

  • torque. 35 N-m;
  • Speed. 1500 rpm;
  • battery capacity. 2 Ah;
  • battery voltage. 10.8 В;
  • size. 124x217x66 mm;
  • weight. 0.87 kg.

Kolner KCD 18/2L

Kolner KCD 18/2L. a simple and reliable domestic Electric Screwdriver, which is powered by a removable battery capacity of 1.5 Ah, made by lithium-ion technology. The batteries compare favorably with their analogues with low self-discharge, low weight and absence of memory effect. For user convenience battery is equipped with light indicator for battery charge level.

The electric screwdriver is equipped with a double-clutch quick-change chuck that allows you to quickly change the accessories manually without using auxiliary devices. Built-in 18-step torque control, not including drilling mode. This allows you to choose the optimal mode of operation based on the density of the material. Brilliant LED backlight that allows you to work even in total darkness, and an ergonomic handle with rubber-coated grip. It prevents the tool from slipping out of your hands when you are working on it. The design allows the device to be attached to the belt with a special clip. The package includes one battery, a charger, as well as two double-sided bits that have their own holders on the body of the electric screwdriver. According to manufacturer, it takes 2 to 3 hours to fully charge the battery.

Popular DeWALT models

DeWALT DCD77D2T Cordless Electric Screwdriver

This tool efficiently screws in screws and drills holes in steel, wood. Built-in spotlight helps installation in low-light conditions. Knob, gear and torque selector switches let you choose the appropriate settings for the material. Quick-release chuck. Brushless motor. Torque of 65 Nm. Drilling diameter: 30 mm in wood and 13 mm in metal. Battery voltage: 18 volts. Speed of rotation. up to 1750 rpm.

2-speed gearbox;

reverse function;

16 torque positions;

spindle lock;

low weight;

spare battery included.

Cordless Electric Screwdriver DeWALT DCD991P2

This new generation professional model effectively drills holes in wood, plastic, metal, and screws fasteners. Ergonomic design with LED-lighting for ease of operation in hard-to-reach areas and low-light conditions. Quick-action chuck. Brushless motor. torque: 95 Nm. Drilling diameter: 55mm in wood and 15mm in metal. Battery voltage. 18 volts. Speed of rotation. up to 2000 rpm. Tool is packed in a carrying case.

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Additional handle provided;

Reverse function;

3-speed gearbox with metal gears for silent operation, reliability and durability;

11 torque positions;

ventilation system and smart switch to protect the tool from overloading and overheating;

magnetic nozzle holder;

metal belt clip for carrying on a belt;

fast battery charging;

high-capacity battery (5 Ah);

spare battery included.

Cordless Electric Drill Driver DeWALT DCD701D2 Li-Ion 2.0 Ah 12 V x2 TSTAK Case

Powerful semi-professional unit with outperformance. Brushless motor technology extends the overall life of the screwdriver. Integrated LED-lighting recommended in poor lighting conditions. Compact size and low weight are a plus when working in hard-to-reach areas. Quick-change chuck. 57.5 Nm torque. Drilling diameter: 20mm in wood, 10mm in metal. Battery voltage. 12 volts. Speed of rotation. up to 1500 rpm. Packed in carrying case.

2-speed gearbox;

metal belt clip;

Reverse function;

spindle lock;

engine brake function;

spare battery included.

DeWALT DCD771D2 cordless electric drill/driver

Compact drill/driver for fastener work and drilling holes in metal and other surfaces. Thanks to its size and weight it can be used even in places where access is restricted, and in case of low light the LED-light will help. Speed regulation with start button and gear selector. Quick-change chuck. Brush motor. Torque of 42 Nm. Drilling diameter: 30 mm in wood and 13 mm in metal. Battery voltage: 18 volts. Speed of rotation. up to 1500 rpm. Packed in carrying case.

2-speed gearbox with metal gears for reliability;

reverse function;

engine brake function;

spindle lock;

The rubberized handle provides a firm grip;

fast battery charging;

15 torque positions;

Battery charge balancing system;

spare battery included.

DeWALT DCD791D2 cordless electric drill/driver

Brushless screwdriver motor for longer life and durability. Rubberized handle and compact size ensure comfortable use. Lock-on button function. The tool is suitable for furniture assembly, repair, installation. Brushless motor is wear-resistant. Quick-action chuck. Torque. 70 Nm. Drilling diameter: 40 mm in wood and 13 mm in metal. Battery voltage 18 volts. Speed of rotation. up to 2000 rpm. Tool packed in carrying case.

powerful metal gearbox;

battery charge indicator;

15 torque positions;

LED-lighting to help in low light conditions;

metal hook for attaching to the belt;

reverse function;

fast battery charging;

spare battery included;

low weight.

The best cordless screwdriver you’ll ever buy

The following top allows you to find the answer to the question “which DeWALT screwdriver is better??”with the most suitable model for you.

DeWALT DCD785C2 cordless impact drill/driver

This impact drill/driver from DeWALT tops the list. Quick-change chuck allows you to change a bit or drill in 7 seconds. Reverse function helps to pull out the fastener if it is stuck in the surface. LED-lighting is designed to work in poor light conditions. For easy storage and transportation a plastic case is provided. Includes battery charger, main and backup batteries, and magnetic bit holder.

type. impact drill-driver;

35 Nm torque;

drilling diameter: in wood. 38 mm, in concrete and metal. 13 mm;

battery type. Li-Ion;

battery voltage. 18 volts;

battery capacity. 1,5 Ah;

Number of operating speeds. 2;

weight. 1,88 kg;

Additional functions: Motor brake;

additional modes: drilling, drilling with impact;

impact frequency. up to 34000 beats/min;

Speed of rotation. up to 2000 rpm.

DeWALT DCD701N-XJ cordless electric drill/driver box, without battery

This tool is a semi-professional brushless screwdriver and is available at an inexpensive price. Compact dimensions for working in small spaces and hard-to-reach places. Fast accessory change thanks to chuck and spindle lock function. Automatic overload protection. Battery and charger must be purchased separately.

type. cordless drill/driver;

57.5 Nm torque;

drilling diameter: 20mm for wood, 10mm for metal;

Supported battery type. Li-Ion;

the number of operating speeds. 2;

weight. 0,87 kg

additional functions: motor brake;

Speed of rotation. up to 1500 rpm.

DeWALT DCD991NT Cordless Electric Screwdriver, without battery

Professional unit for various tasks. The high torque and the 3-speed gear box allows the cordless screwdriver to be used not only for installation and construction work, but also for winter fishing, when a hole must be drilled. Quick-action chuck allows fasteners with diameters from 1.5 to 13 mm. Also includes additional handle. Packed in a plastic case. Battery must be purchased separately.

Type. cordless drill/driver;

torque. 95 Nm;

drilling diameter: in wood. 55 mm, in metal. 15 mm;

Supported battery type. Li-Ion;

Supported battery voltage. 18 volts;

The tool has 3 working speeds;

weight. 1,5 kg

Speed up to 2000 rpm.

DeWALT DCD778D2T cordless impact drill/driver

Semi-professional drill/driver with high performance and wear-resistant brushless motor. This drill can drill holes in wood, as well as brick or metal. The accessory is easy to change by means of a quick-change chuck. Rubberized handle provides a firm grip. Delivered with 2 batteries and charger. Tool and accessories packed in carrying case.

type. impact drill/driver;

torque. 65 Nm;

drilling diameter: wood. 30 mm, metal. 13 mm;

Battery type. Li-Ion;

battery voltage. 18 V;

battery capacity. 2 Ah;

Number of speeds. 2;

weight. 1.5 kg;

additional modes: drilling with impact, drilling;

impact frequency. up to 29750 beats per minute;

speed up to 1750 rpm.

DeWALT DCD796D2 cordless impact drill

Compact and lightweight tool with stylish design for fast and efficient screwdriving and drilling. Rubberized grip for a comfortable grip. Intelligent switch protects the cordless screwdriver against overload. Rechargeable batteries from 10 V and higher are supported.8 to 18 volt. Comes with 2 batteries and charger.

type. impact drill/driver;

torque of 70 Nm;

drilling diameter: in wood. 38 mm, in concrete and metal. 13 mm;

battery type. Li-Ion;

battery voltage. 18 V;

battery capacity. 2 Ah;

Number of operating speeds. 2;

weight of 1.6 kg;

additional modes: drilling with impact, drilling;

Impact frequency. up to 34000 beats/min;

Speed up to 2000 rpm.

Cordless Electric Drill Driver DeWALT DCD701D2 Li-Ion 2.0 Ah 12 V x2 case TSTAK

Compact device for drilling holes and installing screw connections. Belt clip allows the tool to be worn on a belt. Brushless design makes it more productive. The motor power is quite high. 250 watts. air cooling system reduces the risk of tool overheating during prolonged work. The electronic speed control allows to save the screwdriver power even if the material density changes. LED illumination will improve visibility in low light conditions.

type. cordless drill/driver;

57.5 Nm torque;

drilling diameter: wood. 20 mm, metal. 10 mm;

battery type. Li-Ion;

battery voltage. 12 volt;

Battery capacity. 2 Ah;

Number of operation speeds: 2;

weight. 0.87 kg;

dewalt, electric, screwdriver, tell, fake

additional functions: a motor brake;

additional modes: drilling;

rotation speed. up to 1500 rpm.

DeWALT DCD777D2T cordless drill/driver

It is the ideal price-performance ratio. The quick-change chuck holds firmly the tool and allows it to be changed at any moment. Battery can hold a charge for a long time. You can choose any of 15 torque settings according to material density. Ergonomic design with rubberized grip to hold the screwdriver comfortably. Brushless motor doesn’t overheat. Comes with 2 batteries and a charger.

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