Cutting metal at home. Craftsmen’s secret

Roller scissors for metal with their own hands

Cutting metal is one of the most popular and widespread ways of processing such material. It is mandatory to use special tools that provide an opportunity to cut sheet metal, because it is unreal to do it without the use of additional devices.

Cutting technology consists in the fact that the workpiece of a particular material is subjected to the cutting edge of the tool. The sharp cutting edge of the tool moves across the surface of the metal, cutting it. During this process, the cut layer is subjected to plastic deformation.

Using an angle grinder

Angle grinders. one of the most obvious options for cutting metal for both professionals and home craftsmen. This is because these portable power tools are quite easy to use and quite affordable for non-professionals.

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Once in your hand, the small but fast orion-74 circular knife.The angle grinder is able to cut through the thinnest and even thicker stock (including bolts) without much recoil.

Angle grinders are also known for their versatility. After all, most devices are compatible with different types of blades. So you can probably use your new angle grinder to cut more than just metal, if your job requires you to work with a variety of materials during a project.

Method 4 Cutting with an angle grinder and metal saw.

The jigsaw can be used for cutting and shaping thin (up to one or two millimeters thick) metal sheets as well as small cross-sections of angles, rods, pipes, etc.п.

Cutting speed is slow, but you achieve a fairly high accuracy. When cutting more or less thick sheets of iron, it is recommended to lubricate the saw and the cutting surface itself with solidol.

How to hold the angle grinder correctly

Many people have an angle grinder, but most people don’t know how to use it correctly and how to hold it. This results not only in defective work but also in severe injury. angle grinder is a rather dangerous power tool. The wheel should be mounted with the pattern upwards and clamped with a special nut.

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The person with the right hand holding the angle grinder by the handle with the right hand. In this case, the circle should be located on the left side of the machine, and the protective cover should cover it from above. The rotation is such that sparks fly at the worker while cutting. If the angle grinder’s wheel jams and the angle grinder gets out of hand, it will not go toward the cutter, but in the opposite direction.

The left hand holds the machine by the handle, which is screwed into the threaded hole on the body. There are several of them for special applications, but the correct position of the handle is only the upper one.

This position of the machine requires the use of protective equipment. To protect the eyes and the exposed part of the face it is necessary to wear safety glasses or better still a face mask. To protect exposed body parts from sparks and small fragments while cutting, you must wear a suit of thick material.

Do you use a cutter for cutting corrugated sheeting??

Yes, they do. They have three main advantages:

  • They cut metal faster than an electric jigsaw and are comparable in speed to an angle grinder.
  • With their help, you can start cutting a sheet not from the edge, but from the middle (the tool cuts a hole in the right place of the sheet).
  • Do not deform edges of profiled sheet. A fishing line for a trimmer cut is straight.
  • Cut profiled sheet of any wave height and any steel thickness.

The only disadvantage of the tool. a fairly high cost.

When to use?

For longitudinal and cross cutting of profiled sheeting, for straight and curved cutting line in hard-to-reach places (the tool is highly maneuverable).

Attention: adjust the tool before starting work. Cutting edge should be strictly perpendicular to the surface of the corrugated board. this will avoid the appearance of “jagged” edges on the sheet.

The cutting process generates a lot of waste. sharp metal chips. Do not forget to promptly remove it from the surface of profiled sheeting with a soft cloth.

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With what and how to make a hole in a sheet metal?

All depends on the size of the hole. If the diameter is small, a drill will do. If large holes are required, special drill bits are used. Pay attention to the material from which the cone is made. It is worth using nozzles with hard-alloy coating to process profiled sheet. Processing should be carried out without increasing of temperature.

To make a hole of large diameter electric jigsaw is used. With this tool it is not very difficult to cut a circle of large diameter. During work, use a saw with fine teeth

Technology of shape cutting

Manual machines have no principal differences. Cutting principle is identical. Professional automatic equipment depending on the impact on the metal is divided into three types: laser, plasma, waterjet.

Laser cutting

Laser shape metal cutting is versatile in its application. All alloys can be cut. parameters can be adjusted for each material. The fundamental difference of such equipment is the absence of direct contact between the workpiece and the cutting tool. The material is crushed by a focused beam of light, which creates the strongest local heating and pierces the sheet through.

Laser machine for shape cutting metal can be:

  • Solid-state. This machine is easy to set up, operate and maintain. The laser rod is made of neodymium glass capable of transmitting pulsed and streaming radiation of up to 6 kW;
  • Gas. Instead of a glass rod, a gas discharge tube filled with helium, nitrogen, or carbon dioxide is mounted inside the unit. Gas molecules are excited by electrical pulses and begin to emit energy that is focused into a directional beam. Power of some models of gas lasers is up to 20 kW. This is the most expensive and productive equipment.

The laser makes it possible to cut out metal shapes of any complexity, while the amount of waste will be minimal. Spot impact of the beam allows to obtain smooth and even edges without burrs.

Plasma cutting

The shape of the plasma cutter can cut metal sheets up to 100 mm thick. Paint, galvanizing, rust and other contaminants do not affect the quality of the result. Pressurized gas is pumped into the nozzle of the unit. Electrical pulses convert it into plasma which creates an arc between the cutting head and the metal.

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During plasma cutting, the workpiece is heated locally to 30,000 degrees. This temperature melts all metals.

Waterjet shape cutting

The method is popular with professionals working in manufacturing environments. Machines allow you to process not only metal workpieces, but also plastic, wood, ceramic workpieces. Depth of cut is also set by the setup program. It is necessary when it is necessary to cut through the plate not all the way through, but only to a certain depth.

For ease of comparison, the technology is summarized in a table on the main parameters:

Oxygen cutting of thick metal

Oxygen cutting of thick metal is often mechanized through portable equipment, gas cutting machines. It should be understood that during such processing acetylene is used, as well as a number of other combustible gases: natural, petroleum, hydrogen, in addition, fuel such as kerosene, gasoline.

In terms of quality, productivity, this cutting technology is superior to most others, which is why it is often used in industries.

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It is important to mention the method of processing thick materials with an oxygen lance. It is necessary for cutting thick metal in metallurgical furnaces, making holes in concrete products, etc. To do this, a tube made of steel with a small amount of carbon is pressed to the place of cutting, directing the gas along it. Let’s mention that the area to be treated and the end of the tube are preheated with a blowtorch and only then the gas supply is opened. As soon as the end of the tube lights up, it comes into contact with the metal. the cutting itself is done by means of combustion of the tube material and the workpiece.

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