Cutting holes in concrete. Rope saws

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Requirements to the customer for diamond drilling and diamond cutting works: The customer shall provide the LIGHTING of supposed holes and dismantling of walls according to the project, the power supply of 220v with capacity of not less than 3000w. For hole diameters up to 400mm tank or uninterrupted water source not further than 30m. If you do not have electricity at the site or a small input power, it is not a problem for us in this case we have our own GENERATOR on 220v capacity 3500kw.

Perimeter cutting with crushing into wearable pieces ,

Diamond cutting machine wall saw

Thickness of walls, floors in cm.

Unreinforced concrete (FBS)

Heavily reinforced concrete (monolithic)

Note: When working with a wall saw and floor saw, you need a power supply of 380 V. Minimal cost of works 12000 without garbage removal.

Diamond cutting of slabs, screed, floors with a floor cutter

Rate per m/pg. Reinforced concrete (monolith), in rubles

Splitting into parts: cost per m/pg. cut, in rubles

Cutting costs for medium-reinforced concrete are shown in parentheses. Minimal cost of works 12000 without taking out and garbage removal.

Cutting apertures in brick walls price.

Half brick (half brick) 12,5-15 cm

Cut standard 210×900 aperture in brick bearing walls with reinforcement by lintel from channels and angles.

The minimum cost of cutting an opening in a brick wall with the reinforcement of channels or angles is 10000

Reinforcement of standard openings in panel houses according to the projects (Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, Mosproekt)

U-shaped reinforcement with a channel in the girth:

Standard for openings in a concrete wall 12-14 cm

Standard for openings in the concrete wall 16-18cm

Standard for the opening of the concrete wall 20-22cm

Standard for openings in concrete walls 24-25 cm

Reinforcement (strengthening) angle:

Double sided with stud ties:

Reinforcement of concrete and brick walls

Diamond drilling (drilling holes) price

Diamond drilling walls and floors

Unreinforced concrete (FBS)

cutting, holes, concrete, rope

Over 1 meter deep for Ø 62-192 mm and 40 cm deep for Ø 300-500 mm. a step-up factor may be introduced. Diamond drilling from bottom to top (ceiling to floor) requires 380 V power factor 3.

For Ø 25. 75 mm a higher rate is possible, depending on manufacturing conditions and scope of work. The minimum cost of diamond drilling (drilling) holes 16-350mm. 7000rub without removal and garbage disposal. The minimum cost of diamond drilling (drilling) holes 400-500mm.10000rub without taking out and garbage removal.

Dismantling works: walls, foundations, floors.

Sanitary cabins demolition and disassembly price

Cabin material: plaster, slate, acetate.

Not full removal of sanitary cabins with the retention of the rear wall and the floor.

Expanding openings in concrete walls price

Unreinforced concrete (FBS)

Dismantle the sill block

Installation of partition walls of gypsum (without material and delivery)

Demolition of walls (sledgehammer, jackhammer)

Cutting and scraping walls, partitions price.

Cutting of concrete wall (partition) 6m.8 cm thick in panel houses at a lifting capacity of 50-60 kg

Cutting of concrete wall (partition) 6m.10cm thick in panel houses on the lifting parts of 50-60kg

Scraping brick walls, partitions price.

¼ brick (on the rib) 6.5-10cm

Half brick (half brick) 12,5-15cm

Diamond cutting brick walls, partitions price.

¼ brick (perpendicular) 6,5. 10 cm

Half-brick (half-brick) 12,5-15 cm

Minimal cost of cutting and scraping of walls 8000

Pre-repair work cost

Dismantling of built-in closets

Dismantle linoleum (carpet)

Diamond cutting chinks for wiring, pipes price

Where diamond cutting is used

It must be said that diamond cutting of reinforced concrete has a wide range of applications. Here are some varieties of construction work where diamond tools need to be used:

  • Dismantling, dismantling of building constructions.
  • Cutting reinforced concrete blocks to make them easier to transport, for example.
  • Building penetrations and openings in solid and simple interior partitions.
  • Increasing the width or height of existing openings.
  • Construction of temperature joints in concrete floor screed.
  • Construction of holes in the foundation.
  • Reinforcing cavities in walls to accommodate safes.
  • In the case of fixing a construction defect.

Diamond cutting applications

Professional wall saw systems are reliably fixed both in horizontal and inclined planes due to special fasteners. In the arsenal of equipment of our company there are both simple hand tools and reliable and productive equipment, with the help of which you can make a hole even in a massive load-bearing wall quickly and safely “cut a metal construction, reinforced concrete elements without any extra dust, garbage, vibrations. We are ready to perform diamond cutting of concrete with a wire, disc, using other quality consumables quickly, safely and qualitatively.

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The use of cutting, drilling, drilling techniques with diamond tools allows you to perform such types of repair and construction work:

  • Prepare holes for laying utilities (sewerage, heating, water, etc.).
  • Create holes in the supporting walls to place air ducts, organize openings for the ventilation system.
  • Make technical holes in the foundation walls.
  • Elaborate openings of desired size and shape before installing railings, railings within the stairwells of a multi-storey building.
  • To make an aperture for a window or door leaf in the thickness of the ceiling made of concrete, brick, stone.
  • Dismantle separate fragments of concrete walls during the renovation, in order to redesign the space.
  • Cut a niche in the wall for built-in furniture, safe, interior décor.
  • Cut in the concrete floor, pavement joints for technical purposes.

Diamond cutting in concrete may be required at different stages of residential, commercial and industrial construction, as well as during repair and restoration work on the already commissioned facilities. Using a diamond tool you can cut and drill at any height, while having only a traditional set of tools at hand is quite problematic, for example, to cut an opening right up to the floor.

Advantages of diamond cutting

Professional diamond cutting of concrete, the price of which is available to a wide range of interested parties, has numerous advantages over outdated technologies of processing concrete, reinforced concrete, brick surfaces and natural stone. Here are 5 reasons why you should prefer the arrangement of holes and apertures by cutting with a diamond tool:

  • Tight deadlines. The work requires several times less time than when you do it with a jackhammer, a torch, or even a hand hammer. But diamond cutting of concrete, the cost in the estimate of which, perhaps, at first you will be a little surprised, in fact, reduces the total cost of the execution of works. After all, you will not need to buy or rent for a long time bumpers, to pay extra hours to workers from the repair and construction teams.
  • A perfectly even cut. No splintering of concrete, no splintering of reinforcing bars, no formation of microcracks in the material. Respectively, no piles of rubble need to be removed and no additional manipulation of the cut surfaces needs to be carried out. If and when you use this method of hole management the deviation from the marking is insignificant, which makes diamond cutting a good choice when you need to create high-precision technological holes.
  • Minimal noise and vibration. Professional diamond cutting equipment works quite quietly (no more than 80-90 dB), so it can safely be used during the repair of urban apartments without fear of causing justified discontent of the neighbors. At the same time, the noise and vibration from the use of a strong torch can be heard through several floors of the house. Diamond cutting is also used where vibration is categorically contraindicated: at hazardous industrial sites, during reconstruction of buildings, facilities, including those of historical value.
  • Environmental friendliness, safety. Cutting and drilling in concrete with a diamond tool allows you to avoid the formation of large amounts of concrete dust, which negatively affects the skin, mucous membranes, becomes a deadly enemy of health with excessive accumulation in the lungs, respiratory tract. concrete dust is not so easy to get rid of, and it can still “walk” around the room for a long time.

A construction vacuum cleaner is always connected to professional diamond cutting equipment Source i.simpalsmedia

  • Proven by time and people. Diamond drilling became popular relatively recently, but in Europe and the U.S. this technology is already well known and actively used over the past 50-60 years, that is, since the very time when reinforced concrete became one of the most popular building materials.

It is necessary to admit that diamond cutting of concrete, the reviews of which are extremely positive, has already taken a leading position in the rating of technologies used in urban construction, and continues to gain new fans among the representatives of the profession and the customers, wishing to obtain high quality and quick result for reasonable money.

209 reviews left by customers in the last 12 months. Of these, 190 were positive.

Installed the doors in the mezzanine opening. Quality work. It was done quickly, accurately. Told me what material to choose. The door got damaged a little bit during installation.

Putting up walls and partitions, Repairing the hallway

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Plumbing, Flooring, Finishing works, Tiling, Installation of walls and partitions, Electricity, Poeing wallpaper, Repair of apartments, Installing interior doors, Plastering walls, Plastering walls, Removal of finish

Aziz is a big expert of his craft, makes quick, accurate and smooth, takes out the trash. Weighted, it is easy to discuss details, calmly refers to the elimination of minor deficiencies, does not cheat. Aziz is a professional in the field and does a quick, accurate and smooth job, takes out the trash on his own. Laying the walls in two days everything.

Diamond cutting and reinforcing of openings

are listed in the table without cutting a standard doorway 9002100mm excluding VAT. per meter of reinforcement. Minimum

Thickness, mm.;Weight of the whole cut out piece, kg.;Parts number after division, pcs.;Weight of lifting part, kg., Cost of opening,

80;380;6;63;5100 100;475;6;79;6400 120;570;8;71;7700 140;665;8;83;9000 160;760;10;76;10400 180;855;10;85;11900 200;950;12;79;15400 220;1045;12;87;16900 250;1187;15;79;19400 300;1425;15;95;22900

1 brick (25;28 cm.);Yes;19,500 1.5 bricks (38-40 cm.);Yes;29,500 2 bricks (51-53 cm.);Yes;34,500 2.5 bricks (64-66 cm.);Yes;34,500 3 bricks (78-80 cm.);Yes;44 500

Reinforcement of openings

U-shaped reinforcement with a channel in a concrete wall 12-14 cm.14-16 cm ;1750 U-shaped reinforcement with an U-spine in a concrete wall 16-18 cm.;Stud 18-20;1950 U-shaped reinforcement with a channel in the concrete wall 20-22 cm.Thickness ;Stud 22-24 ; 2150 U-shaped reinforcement with an U-shaped channel in a concrete wall 24-25 cm.Angle 24-27;2450 Reinforcement (edging) corner of any opening;Angle 63;1750 Reinforcement (edging) corner of any opening;Angle 75;2150 Reinforcement (edging) corner of any opening;Angle 100; Corner 125, 3850 Reinforcement (edging) any corner, 140, 5150 Reinforcement (edging) any corner, 160, 6950 Double-sided reinforcement with stud fastener; Two way reinforcement with stud bracing;Schwedller 12;2550 Two way reinforcement with stud bracing;Schwedller 14;3150 Two way reinforcement with stud bracing;Schwedller 16;4150 Two way reinforcement with stud bracing;Schwedller 18;4950 Two way reinforcement with stud bracing;Schwedller 20;5450 Two way reinforcement with stud bracing;Schwedller 22;5950 Two way reinforcement with stud bracing;Schwedller 24;6950

Concrete Cutting Moscow


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We offer diamond cutting services in concrete. Dismantling of floors, walls. Expansion of openings. Qualitatively, quickly perform all kinds of diamond cutting. Any amounts and deadlines. 2021. Discount system.


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Diamond cutting concrete price depends on the thickness of the wall and the degree of reinforcement.Diamond cutting of concrete with water supply or with vacuum cleaner.Expanding the opening removal of the screed to expand the doorway or cut the window opening inexpensively you can contact us diamond cutting concrete around the clock. Diamond cutting concrete Moscow and region. Diamond cutting concrete in the photo. Expanding an opening inexpensive Moscow Railway Balashikha Agrorogodok Noginsk Electrostal Electro Ugly Pavlovsky, Khimki, Skhodnya, Lobnya, Dmitrov, Odintsovo, Zvenigorod, Istra, Volokolamsk, Vnukovo, Fryazevo, Mytishchi, Schelkovo, Chernoe. Dismantling around the clock d5emontiruyut wall of bricks, dismantling walls, screed dismantling, prostrobit for pipes, make Stroba for wiring, diamond cutting concrete Agrogorodok cheap. Diamond cutting concrete Balashikha price. Diamond cutting concrete Zheleznodorozhny cheap. Order diamond cutting concrete inexpensive expansion apertures Balashikha Agrogorodok. Chambering walls inexpensive. Chambering Balashikha. Driving costs Zheleznodorozhny Noginsk Electrostal Electrougli. Prashtrobat wall cheap. Rates for drilling walls. Rates for diamond cutting concrete with water supply. Dismantling Electrougli inexpensive. Dismantling Noginsk price. Dismantling Agrorogodok inexpensive. Dismantling Railroad round the clock. Make an opening for the door Agrogorodok. Make an opening Noginsk. Dismantling screed inexpensively. Floor Dismantling. Dismantle masonry, cut the opening Moscow price. Cut the window opening. Cut the opening Balashikha. Making an opening Zheleznodorozhnyy price. Diamond drilling holes Agrorogodok Zheleznodorozhnyy Balashikha diamond cut concrete inexpensive.

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How to reconcile openings in load-bearing walls

Installation or expansion of openings in the concrete wall must be carried out according to all regulations, permission of the appropriate authority. When deciding on the redevelopment, you need to consider a number of indicators:

  • The number of the floor on which you will be working on redevelopment (load on the walls will be less the higher the floor on which the apartment is located).
  • What year the house was built.
  • What is the width of the opening and where it is located (at the junction of the slabs, how far to the outside walls).
  • In what state are the walls in the room.

Redevelopment of apartments can be trusted to workers of organizations authorized to perform such construction work. Nowadays, very often the owners are remodeling buildings and apartments, expanding the old openings in the walls, equipping new.

  • Diamond cutting is considered the best method for dismantling buildings. The cutting elements are able to cut through concrete walls with a thickness of more than 60 cm.
  • Waterjet cutting is more environmentally friendly and safer.
  • A good effect is obtained when using oxygen-drilling, however, to perform the work requires some training and experience. You can get burnt if you do not observe the safety precautions at work.

Given the thickness of the concrete walls in which you want to make or increase the opening, and depending on what results you want to get, you can choose the more appropriate method of cutting.

The main thing, doing the work, do not forget that the changes that will occur in the load-bearing walls must be carefully calculated and agreed in the appropriate authority, and the openings must be strengthened.

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