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Glass processing

Cutting and processing of glass is the main specialization of the glass shop “Steklotrade. Cutting is made according to the size of the customer for all types of glass on modern equipment, in compliance with all necessary technologies.

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We give a guarantee that all orders are performed on time, quickly and accurately with the utmost care and caution.

We work with any type of glass, with any pattern and size. Need to cut glass 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 mm? It can be made to order: for this first the cutting is optimized to reduce the loss of glass.

How much does it cost to cut glass to your size at TD Steklotrade?

In our workshop, orders are calculated on the basis of an order specifying the characteristics of the glass required. The cost of the order depends on the thickness of glass, size, shape, material, type of edge processing and other factors.

The price-list below is for information only and is not a public offer.

M1 glass (transparent) Pilkington, AGC, Guardian

Enlightened glass. lightened, optite

Glass processing (price in p / m)

Holes drilling (price in p / m)

As well:

You can receive any glass product: a table, shelves, nightstands, floor, flower holders, coffee tables, and so on.

Processing of glass edges, grinding and polishing performed in our glass cutting workshop on the newest equipment Bottero, Baveloni, allows to process glass and mirrors up to Jumbo size (6,00 x 3,21 m), which will give aesthetic look to the glass end and make the interior of the room, where it will be situated, look original.

cutting circle of glass instruction HINDI

Only our employees have extensive experience in the glass industry, that’s why we have such an inexpensive cut glass to order. You will be pleased with its price, because we have been working on the market since 1998.

We have developed a price list that lists the of cutting glass to order and additional services.

Industrial glass cutting

Industrial glass processing plant. Glass-Store will cut glass according to sketches and drawings to the required sizes and shapes of glass. Figured. curved, mechanical glass cutting.

Glass cutting is a fine-tuned operation of the factory’s CNC machines, which cut glass into the required dimensions and shapes according to sketches and drawings. Manufacturing of any glass product begins with cutting.

The plant accepts large orders for glass products where curved and curved cutting of complicated shapes of necessary sizes is required.

Simple Cut Glass

After cutting glass.

DomGlass plant operators perform complex services:

  • drilling holes and cutouts for fittings; to remove sharp corners;. the end part becomes clear and smooth;
  • The facet is a polished cut of glass edge at a given angle.
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Cutting of glass to size and its processing

cutting, glass

High-precision equipment of the leading European producers is applied by the specialists of the works. CNC cutting machines allow you to cut glass in the following sizes:

cutting, glass

Custom glass and mirror cutting is performed by experienced craftsmen after preliminary negotiations. Before proceeding agree on the details, discuss the wishes of the client, and only after experts get down to process.

Finished glass can be of different shapes. Rectangular options with sharp corners, round, oval are in demand. Their contours can be straight, shaped and the corners can be straight or arbitrary.

Cutting of the mirror is carried out according to the size, which is discussed with the client. Popular products are considered to be 80 cm in height and 50 cm in width. But it is possible to order small variants depending on the intended use.

Cutting glass and mirrors

Cutting glass is not the most difficult procedure, but at home to make it qualitatively very difficult, and for curved products and even at all, almost impossible.

First, glass has no crystal lattice. If you make the first mistake, the fragile material turns into a useless fight.

Secondly, the product of glass when installing it is impossible to fit in place. With a chisel or file. Or tap with a hammer. You can’t do without millimeter precision. And it requires skill, equipment and experience.

You need a level table, good tools, special skills and abilities. And the material itself is sold in sheets of large size. Therefore, if you need to cut glass, it is better to entrust this work to professionals.

In our workshop you can cut out a piece of glass or mirror of your desired size on high-precision equipment with a professional tool. The key feature of ordering cutting with us is that we do not charge for the procedure itself. The cost of the product is made up of the price of the material and other treatments (if necessary), and cutting to size is done for free.

We work only with high quality materials and carry out orders quickly and with high accuracy.

FREE! Only the price of material is charged.

The price of curvilinear cutting depends on the complexity of the contour, thickness and type of material.

The standard sheet of glass from which the product is subsequently produced is very large, usually 3210×2250 mm. Therefore, the very first operation in the technological cycle of production, is cutting to size.

In our company not only straight but also shaped cutting of glass and mirrors is possible.

On the quality of the cutting depends all the further work. Not precisely cut out the product may not fit, or on the contrary, not completely cover the space intended for it. Also, crooked products may not fit together properly.

Regardless of whether straight or curved, our specialists do it accurately and precisely in strict accordance with specifications.

Cutting glass to order

Our company cuts glass using modern technology.

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We strive to deliver what we promise.

Glass cutting (the price corresponds to the market) is carried out in several stages:

  • Preliminary communication
  • Negotiating a contract
  • Writing the terms of reference
  • Production
  • Checking the quality
  • Obtaining the customer’s affirmative consent that the glass and mirror cutting is of high quality

Cutting of glass and mirrors: technology for beginners

Cutting and processing glass is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. But, as in any business, you need to know what to have and what to do. Also need to take on the “role of the master glass cutter”, because without confidence. “hand twitch” and you spoil all.

  • Find a flat, even surface
  • Clean all dust and grease off the glass
  • Put the glass to the current so that it lies completely on the surface and does not wobble ( cutting sheet glass is a delicate business)
  • Hold the cutter perpendicular to the glass (moisten it in kerosene so it works better)
  • Mark the cut line on the glass and use a ruler to work (you can use masking tape)

Cut the glass starting on the opposite side of the glass, using the “toward yourself” method. Move the glass cutter quite quickly but smoothly with a moderate amount of force on the glass.

The movement should be a one time movement, so calculate the effort so that the movement extends beyond the glass, not stopping about 2 centimeters before the edge of the glass. Cutting glass “urgently”. this is not what you need.

The glass should emit a slight crackling sound. The line should be straight and colorless. If you see that the line is like a scratch. change the glass cutter, because it is blunt.

Don’t feel bad if the attempt is unsuccessful: turn the glass the other way around. After the cut, tap on it with a small hammer (you will notice that the glass cracks on the scythe line) and gently break off.

Use pliers to break off small pieces of glass that may remain on the cut.

Cutting of glass to size

Glass processing is required in various circumstances. It may be the need to repair damaged furniture or the desire to implement a certain creative solution. Quick and qualitative cutting of glass to size is required? Glass Express offers the services of qualified experts for glass processing. The cut glass is delivered to the address you need.

Cutting curved or straight glass as well as any other glass working process has a number of nuances. Ignorance or neglect of the technological features eventually leads to errors and damage to the fabric. For example, glass as a material does not have the inherent “lattice” of crystalline substances. This means that when cutting, one wrong move can compromise the integrity of the entire sheet. This means that machining on site or with universal tools is not possible. Not everyone is ready to buy a roller or diamond cutter if you suddenly needed to cut glass to size.

The process of cutting any glass is represented by the following works:

  • Careful cleaning and subsequent laying on an even surface.
  • Marking according to the necessary dimensions. If shape cutting is done, a pre-designed template is used instead of a ruler.
  • Cutting with a glass cutter in which an unbroken scratch mark is made on the glass by means of a scythe line.
  • Overcutting the sheet by the scythe marking line. Because of the described characteristics of the material, it easily takes its shape without excessive protrusions or cracks.
  • Planned additional services. We can work on the edges of the glass, make a pattern or apertures.
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Order cut glass with us. it means you get a number of important advantages:

  • Straight or curved cutting of glass and mirrors of all sizes and parameters.
  • You decide where to cut the glass: at home or by visiting the glass shop. Price does not change (arrival of the glazier is free).
  • Available in clear, patterned, laminated, and reinforced glass, as well as printed glass.
  • Cut glass delivery to any address without extra fees.

Photos of our work. Operative cutting of a mirror to the sizes at the house of the client:

Glass to order

You can buy custom-made made glass in our salons in Cherepovets and Morozovy Island. Moscow and gr. Korolev.

Order glass with delivery in all regions of Russia. To call the accountant or to receive a consultation the manager by phone: 8 (495) 925-51-93. Send a cost estimate to

Glass type Sheet size, mm Glass thickness, mm Price, m2 Transparent glass M1

clarified glass

Frosted glass Satinato

Tinted glass

Patterned glass


3210х2250 2,3,4,5,6,8,10,12,15,19 from 880
3210х2250 4,5,6,8,10,12,15,19 from 1300
3210х2250 4,5,6,8,10 from 740
3210х2250 4,5,6,8,10 from 800
1420х2160 4,5,6,8 from 1800
3210х2250 4,5,6 from 800

See the cost of other types of glass. Prices.

Glass cutting

Cutting glass to size without edge processing from 15 minutes!

Always available patterned, decorative and colorless glass with thickness from 2 mm. up to 10 mm.

Our specialists cut glass with subsequent processing to:

  • rectilinear (rectangular glass element);
  • curly (making glass parts of complex geometric shapes from a rectangular billet).

To make a glass piece of the required shape and size we use roller cutters and diamond glass cutters. both of these tools are well proven in the glassware market and are suitable for works of any complexity.

Despite its apparent simplicity, cutting glass to size requires careful preparation

First, it is necessary to neutralize dirt and dust from the surface. This should be done very carefully with professional cleaners. Then, perform the marking.

The second step is the cutting itself. With a smooth movement and pressure of the tool, the glass is cut.

In conclusion, the desired parts detach from the base surface, if the area of the product allows, it is easy to do by hand, but more often with a special tool.

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