Cutting an aperture in a bearing wall. Stages of relocating a door opening in a load-bearing wall

in rubles from 20.09.2019

Requirements to the customer for diamond drilling and diamond cutting: The customer provides a SIZE of the proposed holes and dismantling the walls according to the project, the power supply of 220v capacity of at least 3000w. With a hole diameter of up to 400mm capacity or uninterrupted water source within 30m. If you do not have electricity at the facility or a small input power, it is not a problem for us in this case, we have their own GENERATOR to 220v capacity 3500kw.

Diamond cutting opening in the concrete with manual cutters price

Cutting of perimeter with crushing into wearable parts ,

Diamond cutting with wall grinder

The thickness of the wall, floor in cm.

Unreinforced concrete (FBS)

Heavily reinforced concrete (monolithic)

Note: when working with wall saws and floor saws it is necessary to have a power supply of 380 V. Minimum cost works 12000 without removal and garbage removal.

Diamond cutting of ceilings, screed, floors with a floor saw

The rate per m / pg. cutting, in rubles

Dividing into parts: cost per m/pg. cut, in rubles

The cost of cutting average reinforced concrete is indicated in brackets. The minimum cost of 12000 without removal and garbage disposal.

Cutting apertures in the brick walls price.

Half brick (half brick) 12,5-15cm

Cutting standard 210h900 aperture in the brick bearing walls with the reinforcement of the lintel made of channels or angles.

The minimum cost of works on cutting an aperture in the brick wall with reinforcement of channels or angles 10000

Reinforcing of standard openings in panel houses according to the projects (MNIITEP, MOSPROEKT)

U-shaped strengthening channel in a girth:

Standard for apertures in a concrete wall 12-14 cm

Standard for openings in the concrete wall 16-18cm

Standard for the opening of the concrete wall 20-22cm

Standard for openings in a concrete wall 24-25 cm

Strengthening (strengthening) angle:

Bilateral with a tie rod:

Strengthening of concrete and brick walls

Diamond drilling (drilling) holes price

Diamond drilling of walls and floors

Unreinforced concrete (FBS)

For hole depth over 1 meter for Ø 62-192 mm and 40 cm for Ø 300-500 mm. Increasing coefficient is possible. When diamond drilling holes from the bottom up (ceiling-floor) requires 380V power supply factor 3.

For Ø 25-75 mm it is possible to apply a multiplying coefficient depending on production conditions and scope of work. Minimum cost for diamond drilling (drilling) holes 16-350mm. 7000rub without debris removal. Minimum cost for diamond drilling (drilling) holes 400-500mm.10000rub without taking out and trash removal.

Dismantling works: walls, foundations, floors.

Demolition and disassembly of sanitary cabins price

Cabin material: gypsum, slate, acetate.

Not a complete removal of a sanitary cabin with preservation of the back wall and floor.

Unreinforced concrete (FBS)

Dismantling of the sill block

Installation of plasterboard walls (without material and delivery)

Demolition of partitions (sledgehammer, jackhammer)

Cutting and demolition of walls, partitions price.

Cutting of concrete wall (partition) 6m.8-cm thick kv in panel houses for lifting parts 50-60kg

Cutting of concrete wall (partition wall) 6m.Kv 10cm thick in panel houses on lifting parts 50-60kg

Breakdown of brick walls, partitions price.

¼ brick (to the edge) 6,5-10 cm

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Half-brick (half-brick) 12.5-15cm

Diamond cutting brick walls, partitions price.

¼ brick (on edge) 6.5-10cm

½ brick (half brick) 12.5-15 cm

Minimum cost for cutting and breaking partitions 8000

Pre-repair work cost

Dismantling of built-in cabinets

Linoleum (carpet) removal

Diamond cutting chinks for wiring, pipes price

Diamond cutting of apertures Moscow


Hello! We are a private team engaged in diamond drilling, cutting and dismantling. Dismantling of walls and partitions is done as quickly and with high quality as possible. Dismantling of reinforced concrete structures and solid walls. Modern methods of demolition of reinforced concrete building structures, which are also used manual and semi-mechanized tools. We carry out dismantling of window sills by diamond cutting. Inexpensive! Dismantling of reinforced concrete slabs with diamond technology (swab cutter). Our own fleet of equipment hydraulic breakers Excavators Full range of services permits SRO Dismantling of houses, buildings, structures. Construction dismantling with removal. We are engaged in professional high-quality diamond cutting of objects of any complexity (from openings in the redevelopment of buildings to any structural elements of buildings (foundations, bridges) and the Moscow region, as well as beyond, throughout Russia, since 2008. below market on average 15-30% due to own equipment and work without intermediaries. than 100 positive references from major customers. We will provide praise and feedback from partners and contractors, photos and videos of completed and performed work. We have been working with major customers for more than 4 years! Any way of payment. Cashless payment,


Diamond cutting MOSCOW WORKS on weekends and holidays. CALL. we do Moscow and the Moscow region. Diamond Cutting. Concrete Cutting. Cutting asphalt, Cutting joints, Cutting monolith, Cutting reinforced concrete. Cutting stone. Brick cutting, Aperture cutting, Inspection pit cutting, Concrete demolition, Core extraction, Slab cutting, Manhole cutting, Remove sill block, Make an aperture, Cut a door, Wall cutting. floor cutting. slab cutting. Cut window, door opening, stairway opening. Open the slab. Expand aperture. Cutting chinks. Cutting a deep gouge. Swimming pool cutting. Cutting of concrete with a disk. Cutting diamond not laser cutting concrete. Reinforcing an opening, Make an opening urgently. Cut concrete, brick. Cutting screed, Break concrete, break concrete, make a manhole in the concrete. cut a square hole. cut concrete. make gutters, break down the bathroom cubicle. Break down the wall. Make a door in the wall. Make a window in the wall. Cutting of concrete Moscow. Diamond Drilling Drill Concrete core drilling from 18. 600mm including dry drilling drilling holes without water without dust. without mud, drilling holes on the finish line. Drilling without fastening or manual installation. if necessary. Make a hole in the concrete, drilled concrete, concrete hole, make holes in the sockets, drilling jacks in the concrete. Brick, FBS block, pass the concrete. Core extraction, chemical anchor hole. Pipe holes. hole for the ventilation valve of the KIV TION BRIZER Chimney holes. Chimney duct expansion. Deepen into concrete troughs. Holes for a drain. Holes for cables, sleeve holes. Hole brick. Punching of concrete. Brick holes. Drill concrete brick. hole concrete moscow. Pool holes. Make holes of large diameter. Holes in the floor, holes in the wall, make vents in the foundation, make vents. Holes for the installation of the column (support) of the mast lamp, holes for poles, holes for the hood,


Diamond drilling holes Diameter from 16mm to 450mm; Diamond cutting wall and wire cutting machines; Dismantling of buildings and structures by diamond cutting; Breaking rocks and boulders without vibration; Reconstruction and redevelopment projects; Installation of chemical anchors, gluing pins and fixtures; Device and cutting heat seams. Vents, dormer windows ALMAL CUTTING Applications: Dismantling of building structures; Installation of window and door openings; Elimination of construction defects; Cutting of reinforced concrete. Advantages: Low noise level; High ROP; No dust and dynamic shock loads. Diamond Drilling Applications: For laying utilities; When installing chemical anchors; When installing air conditioning and ventilation systems; For sampling and surveying. The advantages: Low noise level; High speed; High accuracy; Drilling at an angle We calculate the cost of works of any complexity for free at your site on the day of treatment! We work in Moscow and Moscow region. We work 7/24. No weekends or holidays.

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Qualitatively and quickly perform cutting openings, dismantling walls. Working weekends and holidays. 7/24 Diamond cutting with wall saws and wire saws Breaking rocks and boulders without vibration Reconstruction and remodeling Construction and thermal joint cutting Diamond cutting Applications Dismantling of construction structures Installation of windows and doors Removal of construction defects Cutting of reinforced concrete Our advantages Low noise level High cutting speed No dust or dynamic impact loads

for diamond cutting an opening 2,1 x 0,9 m.

Thickness of the wall, cm.;Weight of the whole cut fragment, kg.Number of parts after division, pcs.;Weight of the lifting part, kg.; Cost of cutting the opening,

8 cm;380;6;63;5100 10 cm;475;6;79;6400 12 cm;570;8;71;7700 14 cm;665;8;83;9000 16 cm;760;10;76;10400 18 cm;855;10;85;11900 20 cm;950;12;79;15400 22 cm;1045;12;87;16900 25 cm;1187;15;79;19400 30 cm;1425;15;95;22900

1 Brick (25-28 cm.);Yes;19 500 1.5 bricks (38-40 cm.);Yes;29 500 2 bricks (51-53 cm.);Yes;34,500 2.5 cm brick (64-66 cm.);Yes;34,500 3 bricks (78-80 cm Thickness of the wall.);Yes;44 500

Increasing coefficients

Heavy rebar (rebar thickness over 14 mm);1.2 Work at a height of more than 1.8 m;1.2 Depth over 0.4 m;1.2 Working at temperatures below 5°C;1.2 No water on site;1.5 Increased density of concrete (M500 grade and above);1.5 Nighttime diamond cutting;2.0

When calculating the price for the work on the concrete walls, several key factors are taken into account: 1. The quality of the material (brand, grade). 2. Thickness. 3. Diameter of meshes and fittings (if available). 4. Time of day (higher at night).

Cleaning and interior film wrapping are extra chargeable. The cost is set individually after communication with the customer!

IMPORTANT: it is prohibited to carry out such works from 23:00 to 07:00 on weekdays and from 21:00 to 08:00 on weekends/holidays in the Moscow region. We do not offer services at the time indicated!

The minimum cost of works on cutting openings 7500

Permit SRO guarantees you :

SRO approval for diamond cutting

Drilling holes

Diamond core drilling equipment or wire saw can drill holes of different diameters (25-1200 mm) in monolithic concrete. If the latter lies between 20-502 mm, the depth to which it is drilled can be up to several meters. Diamond segments soldered on the bit are used for cutting in circles.

Advice: after using this equipment you can really save money on further processing of holes.

Stage of cutting

  • Unloading the walls from the overlying slab by means of props;
  • Direct cutting with diamond tools;
  • Reinforcement according to approved projects.

How we make apertures in non-existing walls

To relieve the wall from the above slab, telescopic struts are installed to the left and right of the future opening. Do not remove them until all work has been completed.

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Work only without impact. With professional diamond tools. Thanks to it all noisy works are done in 2-3 hours.

To relieve the wall from the above-ground floor, telescopic props are installed on the left and right of the future opening. They can only be removed after all the work has been done.

The debris generated during the work is removed by construction waste containers and disposed of

  • Work on the device of opening without advance payment: payment of all works on completion
  • Documents for redevelopment coordination: Agreement, SRO License, Deeds
  • In the absence of a reinforcement project, it will be provided by us from our base
  • Insurance against damage during the works from the State Insurance Company for 5 million rubles
  • Free delivery of metal for reinforcement and lifting it to the desired floor

All the pros in one app

1096 reviews left by the clients in the last 12 months. Of which 1009. positive.

Construction of walls and partitions, Gypsum plasterboard, Masonry blocks, Openings

Konstantin left a very good impression of his work. The master of quality made the work on the construction of partitions from GGP, did it without downtime in the work. Combined with his personal qualities it all came out in high marks. I recommend!

Erection of walls and partitions, installation of openings

Erection of walls and partitions, installation of openings

Natalia Rudashevskaya left a review

The perfect master for all kinds of ideas in the interior. Made me a new wall with a sliding door and a mezzanine.

Partitioning and Wall Installation, Room Repair, Interior Door Installation

Hello, good craftsmen, fixed the doorway perfectly, they work quickly and smoothly. The masters clean up after themselves and take out all the trash. In the future repairs will apply to these masters.

Construction, Making openings, Making aerated concrete walls

I really liked it. how the master worked. In one day he managed with the work and performed it well, quickly and accurately. He is very accurate, all the tools are there. On the first day of contacting and discussing the amount of work on the phone, on the second day he came to watch, did. more

Punching an opening in a concrete wall

Making an opening in a concrete wall is much harder because in addition to the concrete in the inside of it there is rebar. And given the fact that all concrete walls are practically load-bearing, for works on piercing an opening, it is best to involve experts who will make the appropriate calculations and indicate the place where you can pierce the opening, without risking the destruction of the entire house.

Making an opening in a concrete wall

But in any case the algorithm of operations is similar to the process with a brick wall, but with the difference that it is more labor-intensive and almost impossible to do without a diamond saw. The only thing you can add: after punching the opening it is necessary to frame it with a welded metal frame.

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