Cutter on t 40 with his own hands

T-40 plough with my own hands

It is recommended that the duplex plow be made of alloy steel sheet to ensure a high level of reliability and durability. The shape of the mounted plough is chosen according to the available cutting tool.

  • From a metal sheet (thickness should be at least 3 mm) cut a shape according to the prepared pattern.
  • After that the cut piece begins to bend according to the desired shape. It is possible to use a pipe or a cylinder.
  • The bottom and the cutting part should be equipped with a metal band, the thickness of which should be at least 0.5 cm. This will help to increase the level of strength of the entire structure.
  • Fasten the strip with countersunk rivets or weld with a welder. After that it must be cleaned and sharpened.
  • Fix a holder (min. 4 cm long) on the underside of the body.
  • Put a flange on one end of the body and the working part on the other.

The plough has a working width of up to 50 cm.

How to properly adjust the plow on the T-40

Before starting the procedure it is recommended to perform an external inspection of the tractor and optional equipment, lubricate parts (mounting bolts, screws, etc.), and to remove oil from the tractor.д.), retighten all nuts and fasteners.

cutter, hands
  • Adjust the desired plowing depth using the adjustment bolt on the attachment.
  • Adjust the working width with the stretching bar of the cross shaft. Right and left working areas should be the same distance from the ground, and the front and rear areas should be the same distance from the tractor frame.
  • The wheel of the vehicle should be on the track and the working area should be in the center of the ridge.
  • The field trimmer must not protrude more than 0.8 cm beyond the surface of the field support.
  • hitch the adjusted plough to the transport vehicle by means of the draw-bar holes of the longitudinal type. Maximum tractor operational speed with this implement is 7.5 km/h.

Heavy weights must press firmly onto the upper part of the frame so that the spreader’s weight is distributed evenly across the width of the plough.

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Things You Probably Didn’t Know #16

Cutter types and features

The cutter for the T 25 tractor is used in a wide range of operations:

  • loosening and mixing the soil without overturning the layer;
  • breaking up clods of earth, especially after ploughing
  • weed control;
  • crushing and incorporation of harvest residues (i.e. plant residues left over from the harvest)
  • Fertilizing with organic and mineral fertilizers;
  • levelling the cultivated surface;
  • ridge forming.

Cutters are designed for tillage Thus, the cutter can be used alone or in combination with a plow, for preliminary or final tillage of the land, for spring or autumn agricultural work. Different milling cutters are available, depending on the current tasks and soil type.

Cutters are distinguished by the shape of cutting elements:

cutter, hands

sickle-shaped or sabre-shaped blades or “goosefoots” are used most often.

  • for continuous tillage (field, garden side, marsh, forest);
  • for shaping ridges and row spacing;
  • for cleaning canals and digging trenches;
  • combined devices (milling and seeding, milling and plowing complexes).

Tractor T 25 belongs to the 0,6 power class and is designed for the use of field milling machines or combined devices. It is also possible to fit it with inter-row cultivation equipment.

According to the direction of rotation of the working elements:

The simplest by design. chain, and it is on this principle are arranged almost all homemade units.

According to the method of aggregation:

In principle, the tiller for the T 25 can be used with a mini tractor or a powerful professional power tiller equipped with a seat adapter. But it is better not to experiment and not to overload compact equipment.

Cutters differ in the way they are used

Structurally, all types of cultivation equipment are arranged roughly the same, the tiller for the T 25 tractor is no exception. The main elements:

  • Frame. Is a metal frame with welded-on mounting hardware to the tractor or hitch.
  • Shaft on which the cutting elements are fixed.
  • Tractor PTO torque drive.
  • Guard rail.

The principle of operation of soil tillers is simple: taking the torque from PTO shaft, working elements rotate in the soil, crushing and mixing clods of soil, weed residues and crop residues. There are strict demands on this kind of equipment: Mounted snow blowers have to shred at least 85% of cultivated soil and 95% of weeds and plant debris in it.

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The main advantage which explains its popularity is its versatility: it can be used at any time of the year. In winter, brushes make good snow plows for roads and highways, and during the rest of the season, brushes are good at removing debris.

You can use the brushes as snow blowers either from the front or from the back. Owners also note in their reviews that it is possible to install a moldboard in the front and hang brushes on the rear suspension. in this way, snow removal becomes even more efficient. In specialized stores you can find components and parts of brushes, so experienced users of snowplows can easily make a brush snowblower at home.

Making a mill on your own hands

The simplest variant is to take the rear axle of any old car as a basis. If the master knows the basics of car repair, he will get an excellent self-made milling machine on the T 25 from the rear axle of a Moskvich, Zhiguli or other old car. It is necessary to cut off all unnecessary things from the axle, weld the differential and install gears instead of wheels. At a distance of about half a meter is fixed shaft, on which are installed blades or “goose feet” (they can be made from leaf springs, the optimal length. up to 30 cm). If you don’t have an unwanted rear axle, you can use any suitable gearbox from old farming equipment (such as a pick-up spudder).

First a rough drawing with dimensions is made and the cutter blades are cut to size. You can search ready-made on the Internet, but in general we are talking about the scheme, detailed drawings are not needed here. Optimal width of the cutter. up to 1.5 m, length of the blades. up to 30 cm.

  • 10-12 mm thick steel plate and 1 square meter square. м;
  • U-sh channel steel 12 U;
  • Corner piece at 63;
  • Gearbox with gear ratio 1.3.
  • Body is welded from channels and steel sheets. Main unit. gearbox.
  • The side mechanism is assembled from the gears.
  • Cutter blades are cut from sheet steel using a template, sharpened and ground. It is optimal to use a gas welder and sharpening machine.
  • Blades are mounted on the shaft.
  • The body is connected to the universal joint shaft by bearings and bolts.
  • tillage depth. up to 22-25 cm;
  • Working width. up to 1.5 m;
  • operating speed. up to 3-4 km/h;
  • Main shaft rotation speed. up to 300 rpm.
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If such a homemade tiller is installed on the T 25, the tractor works without overloading. This unit crushes clods of earth when the tractor engine is running at a low RPM. up to 1ha of land can be cultivated in a day, or more on light soils.

Design and features of the cutter selection

Tractor cutter consists of a number of important elements.

  • steel frame. equipped with the fasteners of the undercarriage needed to connect it to the tractor’s hitch;
  • cutter shaft. this element is responsible for good soil loosening. Depending on the cutter modification, its blades can be rotary or sickle-shaped;
  • Operating mechanism. is responsible for the transmission of rotational action from the chassis to the tiller, whereupon the cutting elements sink into the soil and loosen it;
  • protective casing in the form of a guard.

An efficient tiller does not have to be expensive. Everything depends on the suitability of the chosen equipment for the specific type of soil. For plowing in virgin soil, the best tool is a mill equipped with a reliable cutting tool made of hardened steel. The length of its cutting elements should be at least 35 cm.

A tractor tiller with star-shaped cutter is the right choice for plowing your own garden plots. This design is notable for its low cost. In practice, it is able to plow the plot with high quality, gently working the top layer of soil.

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