Cultivator tarpan oil change in the engine

Features of Tarpan cultivators

Russian Tarpan motor cultivators are perfect for farmers who own areas with no more than 15 acres. This machine is renowned for its reliable engine and quality construction. Most models are equipped with American BriggsStratton engines with output of 5 to 6 liters. с. The main features of the units include:

  • Virtually eternal worm-type gearbox;
  • High-quality transmission, which gives the opportunity to move at several speeds;
  • Plowing depth varies from 16 to 25 cm.;
  • Width of the strip varies from 25 to 100 cm.;
  • Improved traction thanks to more reliable plugs;
  • Possibility to use a lot of different attachments.

These Russian cultivators can be used even in virgin lands. At the same time, the manufacturer promises a fairly high productivity. about 2 acres per hour of work.

up-to-date Tarpan models are equipped with upgraded Honda, Zongshen and Champion. They are less powerful, but the high quality of their assembly allows to use the cultivator without worrying about it stalling because of overheating.

All about Tarpan cultivators

Today Russian and foreign manufacturers offer a large number of various auxiliary equipment to help farmers and dacha owners. Among this list one can single out Tarpan cultivators produced in Russia, which are widely used by Russian farms, and are also successfully sold abroad.


Motor cultivatorTarpan” itself is an agro-technical device designed for mechanized plowing of soil. If you do not buy additional, extending the functionality of the unit, then the plowing will be the end of it.

Cultivator owners appreciate the opportunity that opens up for them in many areas of agricultural work, and try to buy, if not to make their own hands specialized attachments.

Mower “String” Rotary mower Rotary mower Spade shovel Universal shovel blade Disc coulter Disc coulter Plow Goosefoot Frame with wheels Hitch Snowthrower


Can be used as rotary, where the working body is made of blades, and cord (for example, mower “Struna”), where the mowing is made of polypropylene string.


Available in standard 275/110 mm sizes and a Ø25.5 mm hub.


Two pairs of tillers are included with the cultivator. But machine owners often buy additional rotors that are more efficient and reliable as they work.

The first ones are included in the set, while the latter, capable of easily plowing virgin and hard soils, are bought separately or made by oneself. In addition, the rotors are available as four-blade and three-blade. Both are easy to use.

The tillers. Oil change.


Hillers are attachments designed to cut ridges, furrows and dip plants. An arrowhead consists of one or two legs with attached mouldboards.

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Height adjustment is made with the help of a special beam with holes for mounting. Special discs are used to protect the plants.

Reversible plough

Plowing dense soils is possible not only with the help of milling machines. Many machine owners use a plow that is attached to the rear of the machine instead of a coulter. Grip wheels can be used with the plough.

The potato harvester

There’s not a single gardener who doesn’t appreciate this attachment. The potato digger helps you harvest more quickly and without losses. A special plough unit plunges into the ground and pushes the potatoes to the surface, laying them on top of the soil. The potatoes are not deformed or cut.


The role of the hitch is clear. it connects the implements to the cultivator. It can be U-shaped or swivel-type. The swivel is more maneuverable and convenient.

Frame with wheels

The transport base is used to transport the cultivator to the place of work, after which the frame and wheels are detached.

Shovel blade

The shovel blade can be used not only for leveling the ground. In winter time, for example, it can perform the role of a snowplow.


Many Tarpan owners prefer a shovel and a blade to special equipment. a snow blower, which throws snow up to 5 meters to the side.

The basis of such a snowplow can be a brush, the same blade and shaft with blades. Many craftsmen make such a device with their own hands.

Motor cultivators Tarpan

The Tula Machine-Building Plant released the Tarpan cultivators in 1991. The first models were equipped with domestic engines of low power, so they did not cause much interest among farmers. Machines with American four-stroke engines hit the market in 1997. The demand for the machines began to increase and the owners were able to appreciate them.

Tarpan cultivators are exploited on the area of up to 15 hectares. Well thought out design and good technical values have made them competitive.

Spare parts


Can be used with the following models: 03, 04, 07. The part itself is made up of the frames and mouldboards that are adjusted by means of a beam with holes.

The tiller must be used with a skimmer or a tiller.

Only all of them together create the desired tractive power. Can be installed in place of depth control. It is not always easy for the novice gardener to distinguish the classic planter from the plough, but they are very different: the planter is a symmetrical implement fitted with two mouldboard wings.


During operation, these wings are capable of spreading the soil to the sides. right and left, depending on the course. Plow. can not be called symmetrical. It is equipped with a single mouldboard and only shifts the soil to the left or right.

“Tarpan” cultivator contains a lot of useful information on selection of equipment, its maintenance and all necessary details. There are models where the wings are replaced by two spherical discs. These riders are called disc coulters. They lift the soil well and perfectly clear the plot from weeds.

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The 260×80 model is used for Tarpan 03, 04 and the 400×170 or 500×170 is used for the 07-01.

Soilers, or wheels made of metal with hooks, are used to improve the grip of the unit on the ground.


Their characteristics vary depending on the dimensions and fixings. They are made of a square profile, regardless of the diameter, have welded hubs (polyhedrons or round holes of different diameters) or have holes to attach the hub.

When selecting the tines it is necessary to consider the model of the power tiller, as well as the tasks to be performed with them.

Model range, characteristics

The family of basic models of power tillers is based on the basic design “TMZ-MK-03”. They have a similar layout, but different power packs. Main parameters of the cultivators are given below.

Name Value
Engine, power, l. с. Kohler (XT775) 5.5; Briggs Stratton (675EXi) 6; “Tarpan” (173) 5
Fuel consumption per hour, l 1,1
Weight, kg 45
Productivity, ha/h 0,06
Milling cutter diameter, mm 320
Operating temperature range, °C 5-40
Number of gears (forward/reverse) 1/-
Price, 22500. 25000

The “Turpan” with Briggs 675EXi engine was produced in the early versions of agricultural machinery. Later models were replaced by the Japanese analogues.

In addition to simple machines, the plant produces a separate line of equipment. “TMZ-MK-03-02”. Difference from the main series. the horizontal position of the power unit and the variable speed gear box that allows to move forward and backward. This layout greatly facilitates land cultivation in confined areas.

Name Product name Value
Engine, power, l. с. Briggs Stratton (RS950) 6.5
Fuel consumption per hour, l 1,1
Weight, kg 55
Unit capacity, ga/h 0,06
Diameter of cutters, mm 320
Operating temperature range, °C 5. 40
Number of gears (forward/reverse) 1/1
Price, 25750

Gearbox repair

Increased noise in the gearbox also indicates a possible malfunction. This noise can occur when using low quality oil or when there is just not enough oil in the gearbox. Such repair of gearbox of motoblock will be to fill up sufficient amount or replace it with quality oil recommended by manufacturer. Gearboxes can also fail due to bearing and pinion wear, which are best replaced. Do not forget to check if the tension of the chain is good and if there is no oil leakage.

Model specifications and prices

Tarpan single-axle tractor, technical characteristics of which we will discuss further, has been in production since 1991. Factory specialists have improved the main characteristics of the model every year, wishing to make the unit competitive among power tillers.

However, in 1995 it was decided to stop the production of Tarpan motor blocks, considering it unprofitable. However, due to the enthusiasm of some specialists, the new Tarpan with a foreign BriggsStratton engine received rather favorable reviews, which resulted in serial production of the model.

Since 1997, a new era of Tarpan motor blocks begins, due to the annual increase in the production rate and competitiveness of this brand.

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The model range of Tarpan motor blocks is not very big, including several models, which will be discussed below.

Tarpan 07 single axle tractor, as well as Huter, Profi, LANDER, Champion motor blocks is a fairly versatile device designed for plowing the land.

cultivator, tarpan, engine

In addition, using the attached equipment, this single-axle tractor can perform a wide range of works: ditching, transportation of various loads, mowing lawns, etc.д.

  • Type of engine used. 4-stroke, carburetor type;
  • Number of cylinders. 1;
  • engine capacity. 160 cm3;
  • power rating. 6 litre.с.;
  • start. manual;
  • tillage length. 1400 mm;
  • the width of the power tiller is 560 mm;
  • height of the walking tractor. 1090 mm;
  • total weight. 67 kg;
  • working width is about 70 cm;
  • ripping depth. 20 cm;
  • Fuel consumption. 1,1 l per 1 hour of work
  • fuel tank capacity. 1,1 l;
  • clutch type. V-belt;
  • gearbox type. geared.

TMZ MB 07 01

single axle tractor Tarpan TMZ MB 07 01 is the most oversized unit in the family of motor blocks Tarpan. Unlike other models, this single-axle tractor can be attached to the snow blower.


Tarpan TMZ MK 03 single axle tractor is considered one of the most common models in its class. The engine for the Tarpan engine can be very different (this information is specified in the model name, after the serial number).

In particular, it can be equipped with American BriggsStratton (BS) or Japanese Honda engine.

In addition, wanting to reduce the cost of the walking tractor, the manufacturer began to equip the Tarpan with the Chinese Champion G160VK engine, the power of which is 5.5 horsepower.

  • Type of engine used. 4-cycle, petrol;
  • gasoline brand. AI-92;
  • number of cylinders. 1;
  • engine capacity. 160 cm3;
  • power indicator. 5,5 l.с.;
  • start type. manual;
  • length of the walking tractor. 780 mm;
  • Width of the walking tractor. 700 mm
  • height of the walking tractor. 750 mm;
  • total weight. 45 kg;
  • working width. about 70 cm;
  • ripping depth. 20 cm;
  • fuel consumption. 1,1 l per 1 hour of work
  • fuel tank capacity. 1.1 l;
  • type of coupling. V-belt;
  • Gearbox type. geared.

This Tarpan single axle tractor, will be an optimal purchase for owners of small vegetable gardens. Quite small dimensions of the device do not allow them to install the entire list of attachments, so you need to take this fact into account when buying.

The Tarpan single axle tractor, the description of which we’ve just reviewed, allows mounting a wide range of attachments. This fact greatly expands the scope of the unit, allowing it to compete with many foreign models of power tillers.

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