Convenient guide for the drill with their own hands

How to choose the material?

The choice of material for the stand is determined depending on the future functions of the resulting machine. If it is planned only to drill with its help, it is allowed to assemble the construction from ordinary wooden bars. If the stand should be more mobile and functional, then it is worth to make some parts from steel. The frame for the drill is traditionally made of either a wooden sheet with a thickness greater than twenty millimeters, or a metal plate with a thickness of at least ten millimeters. The specific choice of material and its thickness must depend on the power of the drill used. In addition, it can be strengthened with an additional layer of plywood of the required size. so the surface will be perfectly flat and more convenient for use.

The stand, on which the drill itself will be placed, is also made of either metal or wood board. In addition to the guides, a clamp must be created on it to hold the drilling tool. The carriage again can be implemented in wood or metal.

Such a system is usually equipped with both a suitable bed and a stand, and even a control mechanism equipped with a handle. The drill in this case will be moved by means of the handle of the enlarger, which should be rotated. Before use, it will only be necessary to remove the tank with the bulb and lens and install a drill clamp on the vacant space.

In addition, it is possible to create a machine tool from the steering rack. In this case the part is taken most often from domestic cars, such as VAZ, Tavria or Moskvich, and acts as a rack and lifting mechanism. The base will have to be made by yourself. The advantages of handmade construction are called a low price and availability of materials, which can be purchased at factories or even find on their own among the waste. previously used parts are not a problem. Among the disadvantages of such a specific machine tool are its unpresentable appearance, as well as not too outstanding accuracy.

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By the way, for making a self-made machine tool there is one important rule: the more powerful the drill, which is meant to be used, the stronger should be the entire auxiliary structure. In the situation where the stand is made of wood, you should understand that this material is quite weak, can deteriorate with changes in humidity in the room, and is often subject to the appearance of backlash

Making a stand for the drill with your own hands: instructions, drawings, video

Drilling is one of the most popular methods of quickly obtaining holes of different diameters. The process allows you to get a new hole in solid material (wood or metal) or to enlarge the diameter of an existing hole (reaming).

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Using a drill stand helps to improve the process, speeding up the result. Professional devices are expensive, cheap analogues are a waste of money, because they have a significant backlash, which gives inaccurate results when drilling.

Fixing the drill stand to the platform

Your design must be stable on the workbench. Will provide this stability wide platform, which is better to make from solid wood. Keep in mind: together with the drill the stand will weigh a lot, so the platform should not be less than 20×30 cm.

convenient, guide, drill, their, hands

Step by step instructions for the construction

The construction of the construction is not particularly difficult for home craftsmen who are at a basic level know how to handle tools. The fixture construction process consists of several steps:

  • Making the bed. It is made from a sheet of metal or particle board 100×50 cm in size. To ensure greater strength, two pieces of wood can be joined together Wood chipboard.
  • Fixing the racks and struts. They are also made from wood or metal, then fixed perpendicularly to the bed with welding or screws.
  • Mounting the carriage and rails. You need a holder to fix the drill. To do this, mount the carriage with the help of angles or clamps. Fix the rails, they will allow the drill to move in a vertical direction.
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Cheapness, availability and relative ease of manufacturing makes it a very popular option among home crafters

We must not forget that the stand for the hand drill is made by handicrafts, so it has some disadvantages

The presence of several holes on the auxiliary plates allows you to align the stand at certain angles.

Although the process of making a stand for the drill and has a certain complexity, but to cope with it can almost any homemaker. It is enough to study existing drawings or develop your own, and then all the work should be performed in accordance with the recommendations of experts.


At the stage of preparation it is necessary to make two basic steps. The first. to find on the Internet drawings of the most suitable design. The second. to prepare the required tools and materials.

For example, to create the simplest stand for the drill will be required:

  • Planks of wood, the thickness of which reaches twenty millimeters;
  • A wooden box of medium size;
  • furniture rails;
  • A rod with a thread, which is responsible for the possibility of movement in the construction;
  • approximately twenty screws and thirty self-tapping screws;
  • joinery glue.

In addition it is worth preparing a saw, screwdrivers, sandpaper and of course the drill itself.


To create some elements of the construction you need special appliances, which significantly increase the cost of the manufactured structure.

Usually, homemade stands for a drill with their own hands are limited in their functionality. For example, such designs do not allow you to make holes put at an angle.

over, to create it, you do not even need to leave the house, because, as mentioned above, the rack is made from improvised objects that are at home of every man.

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Stand for a drill made with their own hands

A simple self-made rack for a drill made with their own hands, a detailed description of manufacturing with step-by-step photos.

Hello all! I want to show a homemade drilling machine made from a drill. The machine is assembled from profile pipe, angle and sheet steel, in the manufacture of everything is quite simple.

convenient, guide, drill, their, hands

The carriage on the stand is moved thanks to a cable drive, everything works without any problems. If you are interested in the project, I suggest you study it in more detail.

Stand for a drill with their own hands (26 photos): drawings for creating a self-made frame

The presence of a drill stand allows you to significantly increase the range of applications of this device. By placing the drill on a special stand, which, by the way, is easy to make with their own hands, you can get a real multifunctional machine.

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Advantages and disadvantages

The most significant advantages of the homemade rack:

  • It is much cheaper to produce than to buy a production model.
  • The manufacturing material is junk, in fact.
  • Easy to find drawings and instructional videos.
  • It is possible to create a variant of design with improved characteristics.
  • To make some parts of the racks, you need lathes, welding and other equipment.
  • Because the components do not fit perfectly, there is often backlash, which is bad for the accuracy of machining with the fixture.
  • Limited functionality. With a homemade stand it is not possible, for example, to make holes at an angle.

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