Constant electronics for power tools with their own hands

Mini electric screwdriver with his own hands.

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It all starts with the gearbox and the motor.

It is better to take the motor at 3 volts to lithium battery (4.2 volts. 2.5 volts) without a voltage boost unit.

electronics, power, tools, hands

RPM 150. 300 rpm. Needed one lithium battery. I got a regular one. instead of the high current one. Battery charging board and DC-DC boost board.

I ‘blew it’ with the motor. The motor that came with the reducer was a high current and the boards just cut off. the motor could not start or the protection worked under load. Therefore, after trying motors from the stash. It turns out that I need a motor from a CD-ROM. Power enough for my purposes, it has low consumption, but it is 5 volt. Set the DC-DC to 7.5 volts and everything worked for my purposes.

I drew it in solide. As always with the first time is not quite as we would like it. The minimum size I got with this gearbox is.160 mm by 30 mm. This is the cylinder of the housing without protruding parts. This is the minimum size and it was a bit of a pain.

https://3dtoday.I don’t think I quite got the shrinkage of the plastic. Maybe you should have printed vertically. The most difficult part was the boring of the gearbox with the motor. In the end I bored with a shaft with a nozzle from an old blender.

Reverse was done with a simple switch without any relay. The relays take up a lot of space and the electronic circuit was too lazy to solder. Not so much soldering as etching the board.

The control buttons are in the middle, so you can grab the screwdriver with different grip.

The control is on the one button and the switch selects the direction. This method seemed to me the most convenient and easiest to implement.

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The screwdriver is for small screws and can’t compete with an electric screwdriver. Is it possible to make a electric screwdriver on dimensions even smaller ?- It is possible. I ordered smaller gears. But it will have to put a smaller battery and give up the built-in battery charger and voltage boost unit. And you have to hold it like a pen to write. Which is sometimes not very convenient.

For the money. You can not save money compared to the factory Chinese from Aliexpress. Just a handicraft for the sake of pleasing your own EGO and just for fun.

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Wiring tester tester tester tester tester tester tester tester tester tester tester tester tester tester tester

Historically, in the early days of electrical engineering, a tester was called an arrow combination instrument that included:

Then other options were added to modern devices, electronic thermometer, elements of light and sound indication, improved controls and application methodology. As a result, instead of the old arrow tester its modern analogue, the digital multimeter with an LCD for displaying readings, has replaced it. One of the functions of the tester is wire-clearing (checking the continuity of the wire).

C 4342-M1 Arrow Combination Meter. In order to wire the tester with an arrow tester you need to carefully study the capabilities of the device, how to connect the test probes and in what position to put the switches on the control panel.

Essential Tools that you will need for creating electronics projects!

Familiarize yourself with the discrete division of the scale, the controls and the scale are different on the devices of different models. Let’s consider the technique of wire-clearing on the example of the arrow tester C 4342-M1:

  • Set the batch switch of the measurement modes to 1 kOhm, some models have Ohm.
  • Turn on the fuse button, protecting the calibrated circuit elements of the device from improper connection. If live circuits are present during the continuity test.
  • Press the forward and reverse current measurement mode buttons, the two black buttons at the bottom of the control panel;
  • Connect the probe wires to the center and right terminals to measure resistance;
  • To check the efficiency of the device, connect the probes with each other, the arrow on the scale should move, from left to right, to the stop. Measurements are taken on a scale marked kOhm, second from the top. If the arrow moved to the right to zero, the instrument works.
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The merits of this tester are reliable protection and accuracy of measurement, but in the case of a wiretap, it works as an indicator device. Accurate readings are not required here, the disadvantages can be considered:

  • difficulty in setting the controls to the desired mode;
  • large dimensions;
  • Large measurement error when the batteries are discharged, the supply voltage must be between 3.5V and 4.5V.

Electronic home-made

The page contains articles with detailed descriptions and photos to help fans of electronic self-made tools. All products are invented, developed and made by the author of the site, including electrical schemes and designs.

One of the most effective ways to combat microbes, bacteria, insects, rodents and unpleasant odors is ozonation. Suggested construction of homemade ozonator, a calculator to calculate the treatment time. There is a short review of industrial ozonating machines and examples of practical use.

A schematic diagram and design for repeating a simple repeller of moles of your own design from simple parts. The circuit does not require adjustment, so it can be manufactured by hand by anyone.

The design of a homemade device for cutting foam plastic with a nichrome string is presented. Given options of electrical circuits for heating wires from 220V home network. There is a video of the machine working.

For drilling small diameter holes in the manufacture of circuit boards and other home-made items a tool is needed. The original design of a simple, small tabletop drill press is offered for replication. There is a video of its work.

For sharpening knives and drill bits, as well as giving shape to small parts made of any material, a design of a simple mini sharpening machine from a computer hard drive is offered. There is a video clip of the machine during the sharpening of the knife in the article.

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Shows the construction and gives a circuit diagram of ATU for car batteries. High efficiency, short-circuit-proof output, stable charging current over time independent of the degree of battery charge and its capacity.

What do you need a car strobe light for? Electric circuit diagram, principle of operation, construction and details of a home-made automobile strobe light. Instructions for tuning and operation.

Purpose of a car tachometer. Electrical circuit diagram, principle of operation, construction and details of homemade automobile tachometer. Instructions for setup and use.

To repair electrical wiring and check the serviceability of electrical equipment of the car it is much more convenient to work with a tester-tester, made by your own hands from only two parts, any LED and a resistor, mounted in the case of a ballpoint pen.

The proposed circuit and design of the homemade tester for testing twisted pair cable with LED indication is so simple that it can be made, even without knowledge in the field of radio electronics.

Here is a homemade circuit and design of power supply for quartz wall clock with pendulum and chime, made of standard pulse adapter, some diodes and resistors. How to install a sound switch and LED pendulum illumination into a clock with striker.

With just a few parts, you can assemble with your own hands one of the three proposed schemes of power regulators on the thyristor. One of them, does not create radio interference on the schematic level, with a detailed description of the principle of operation with oscillograms.

electronics, power, tools, hands

Electrical circuit diagram of the capacitive sensor for switching on and off the actuator. Principle of operation, design and details. Circuit Board Drawing.

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