Concrete cutting tool. Advantages of diamond cutting

Cutting concrete.

When reconstructing the house premises, you often need to create new doorways, windows, and it is easy to obtain, when using the concrete cutter. To create these openings you can, of course, use a sledgehammer, but then a neat breakdown of wall sections is impossible to achieve. In addition, this method is rather labor- and time-consuming.

Cutting of concrete is carried out with special equipment, quickly and accurately. About the various types of equipment, methods of cutting concrete, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this method of cutting concrete walls in the article below. Online calculation of the composition of cement mortar.

What is diamond cutting of concrete

Diamond cutting of concrete. a highly effective method of creating various openings in constructions made of concrete or reinforced concrete. With this method you get an absolutely even cut without formation of any chips or cracks. Its speed is several times faster than the work performed with a jackhammer or peorator. In addition, the equipment used works without vibration, excessive noise and dust.

Diamond tools have great hardness, which allows you to use it effectively for processing concrete and stone

The main advantages of cutting concrete with a diamond tool:

  • Smooth even cut. This feature helps to significantly reduce the costs required for additional finishing of openings. No other modern method of processing is not able to provide such a neat dismantling on the contour;
  • High speed of cutting concrete and other materials
  • Comparatively low noise emission
  • no vibration. This is a very important advantage, allowing you to perform repair work even in old buildings, because it has no destructive effects on their supporting elements;
  • low dust level. Diamond cutting of openings in concrete is performed by two methods. dry and wet. When using the dry method, a special vacuum cleaner works in conjunction with the wall-cutting equipment. When the wet method is used, dust is mixed with water, which is used to cool the cutting tool.

Machine overview

Let’s start with drilling machines. Some of the best diamond cutting and drilling machines are traditionally made in Germany. Among the leaders here Eibenstock. For example, the company’s engineers have developed a unique stationary technology for drilling in reinforced concrete without using water as a drill coolant. True, it has not yet become widespread due to its novelty. Handheld devices are another matter.

According to the developers, the best option for plumbing work associated with drilling concrete is the model ETN 162/3 P. The maximum depth of drilling with this tool is 80 mm. And thanks to the powerful 2200-watt electric motor with a speed from 550 to 2700 rpm, the machine can drill holes up to 16 mm in diameter./min., the machine can drill holes up to 16 mm in diameter. The purchaser of this model will also be pleasantly surprised by the presence of an overload indicator and a service indication.

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Another German manufacturer of high-tech equipment Weber also offers high-quality machines with laser technology for cutting concrete structures. The most popular floor saws in this product line are. For example, a model SM62-2 is quite universal and can be used for cutting joints to a depth of 145 mm not only in concrete but also in asphalt.

The machine is equipped with a powerful gasoline 4-cycle Subaru engine, which allows you to accelerate the cutting disc up to 2830 rpm./minute. The motor has a special balancer shaft to reduce vibration. This reduces noise level and also prolongs the life of the cutting disc.

Now let us look at the equipment of the world famous company Husqvarna. The Swedish company produces a wide variety of machines for laser cutting and drilling concrete.

For example, the K2500 is considered one of the best in class handheld hydraulic cutters. Very light, maneuverable, but powerful and wear-resistant cutter. Emits almost no smoke and is almost silent during cutting. Works with standard 400 mm diamond discs. Maximum cutting depth of 350 mm.

The CS 2512 wire saw from the same company is also handy and functional. The machine is light but powerful. An excellent compact, mobile option for smaller, but especially time-consuming, diamond cutting tasks on reinforced concrete structures, including foundation cuts. 20 kW motor designed for continuous operation with great reliability.

The Swedes also make one of the most flexible wall saws in the world. The WS 325 is small, but highly efficient. Works with most hydraulic power packs on the market. Easy to transport and quickly set up in the workplace, thanks to its compact dimensions. Maximum cutting depth 400 mm.

Equipment for cutting reinforced concrete walls

Professional equipment for diamond cutting reinforced concrete is used to perform the processes described above. It can be both handheld machines, and wall saws, and drilling equipment.

All kinds of reinforced concrete structures can be cut with this technology. In this case it does not matter where the diamond cutting of reinforced concrete takes place. equipment allows you to work in apartments, industrial premises, outdoors. Using handheld cutters makes it possible to work in confined spaces, cut near the ceiling or next to another opening.

It is also possible to process load-bearing reinforced concrete walls. diamond cutting occurs without vibration, so there is no risk of destroying the concrete in the rest of the structure. Sawing with diamond tools produces a clean, even cut without cracks, potholes, or chips.

Handheld cutters

For small amounts of work it is more economical to use manual equipment. It can be used to make openings in the wall and partial dismantling. If you perform manual diamond cutting of reinforced concrete. the equipment can be with an electric or hydraulic drive.

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Tip! The largest (up to 480 mm) depth of cut can be made by cutters equipped with a hydraulic drive.

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Wall saws

This type of equipment is used when the power of handheld cutters is not enough. In addition, wall saws provide the highest cutting accuracy. When using this type of saws it is possible to make apertures in the wall thickness up to 900 mm.

Wire saws

To saw large parts of reinforced concrete, wire saws are necessary. This equipment represents a rope, on which there are segments with a diamond coating. To make the cut, the rope wraps the structure or passes it through the pre-drilled holes.

Tip! As a rule, wire saws are used for sawing foundations, bridge abutments and other massive structures.

Table saws

Table saws are used for cutting any hard building materials. For example, these saws are good for cutting ceramic tiles, bricks and any other material up to 370mm thick.

Drilling equipment

To cut holes with diameter of 25-1200mm and more diamond drilling equipment is used. The main working part is diamond core bits of different length (the depth of hole that can be made depends on the core bit length).

Machines for cutting joints

To perform road works and construction of floor screed special equipment is used. diamond cutting of reinforced concrete is used for forming expansion joints, opening of road or concrete cover. Joint cutting machines have different modifications, with the most powerful one it is possible to make a cut up to 580 mm deep.

Concrete cutters

When doing restoration and repair work, it may be necessary to remove the concrete cover without damaging the reinforcement. Concrete cutters with diamond tips are used for this.

Concrete breaker

This equipment is mainly used for dismantling works. It is used when there is a need to split a massive concrete piece into parts, or to break off small pieces of a piece. the use of diamond components allows this work to be done quickly, accurately and with minimal vibration and noise.

Atlas Copco TEX 230PE

The cost of services

What is the cost? Of course,

The price depends on the complexity of the work, for example, drilling at an angle is more expensive Source almaznik.ulcraft

The cost of services can affect the following factors:

Approximate price can be calculated by using an online calculator, but the exact cost is determined individually, after examining the premises, identifying possible nuances that can complicate and slow down the work.


Each file has marking on its surface that characterizes parameters of working blade. Let’s see these characteristics in details.

Shank type

Most of the manufactured saws have a universal shank. Some products are only suitable for brand-name saws. In order to make it easier to understand which tool is suitable for which saw blade, there is a letter designation.


The first number after the shank letter stands for the blade size. The next two or more digits indicate the specific instance size. Blade size is expressed in millimeters:

The letter after the number stands for the size of the teeth in ascending order. Let’s consider letters from A to D. The last letter characterizes the additional parameters of the blade:

  • F. bimetal working part;
  • O. narrow back;
  • P. precision cut;
  • X. progressive tooth pitch;
  • R. reversible teeth.
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This abbreviation means a blade made of high-carbon steel. HCS saw blades are used for cutting soft materials: wood-fiberboard, chipboard, rubber, plastic, aluminum, sheet metal or shaped metal. Wood saws have different tooth patterns. Most models are available in a standard version with the same pitch of the cutting elements. Variable pitch is used for surfaces with foreign objects, such as nails. The length of the working part is not more than 400 mm on average.

Blades available in curved and bent shape. Features of the product design to make through cuts in the material. Working saw blade length. 300 mm. The main producers of HSS blades are DeWALT, Metabo.

BIM blades are made of bimetal material. These saws are more durable, flexible and long-lasting. They are used for processing of different density materials. from aerated concrete to wood with nails.

HM and CV

HM saw blade is made of vanadium carbide alloy, CV is made of chrome vanadium steel. Both blades are used for cutting porous materials with high abrasivity or hard surfaces: fiberglass, ceramic, aerated concrete, roofing tiles, concrete, steel, fiberglass. CV saws are more wear-resistant than HCS.

Hole drilling

Diamond drilling equipment or wire saw can make holes of different diameters in the monolithic concrete (25-1200 mm). If the latter lies between 20-502 mm, the depth to which it can be drilled can be several meters. Diamond segments soldered onto the bit are used for cutting in circles.

Tip: After using this equipment, you can really save on downstream hole machining.

Advantages and disadvantages of the technology

Diamond cutting of concrete is popular due to the many positive aspects:

  • time is saved, t. к. the work is done quickly;
  • a wide range of equipment, which is equipped with a diamond cutting edge, which allows you to choose the right option;
  • it is possible to cut with a diamond tool by one’s own hands;
  • the accuracy of the cut, the absence of edges, for this reason additional processing of the joint is not required;
  • low noise level during operation;
  • low dust level when using wet cutting technology in concrete;
  • versatility. the diamond edge cuts all kinds and thicknesses of materials.

Because of these advantages, this technology wins over other methods, for example, if you consider plasma cutting concrete. The second option involves the need to use high temperatures. it is not always possible. Cutting with a diamond-coated tool is characterized by a minimum of disadvantages. There is a high price for the work (from 1000 to 12000 / pg. м).

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