Compressor from a Zilov compressor with their own hands

Preparing for rework

In the period of rapid development of automobile technology many people consider the ZIL 130 obsolete, and the equipment on it outdated. Masters turn to the compressor of this car brand for several reasons:

If the technician is going to use the product under heavy loads, it will be necessary to make more investments. Powerful unit will require the selection of an appropriate motor and receiver. It is necessary to foresee the cost of these parts and consumables in advance in order to meet the projected budget.

If you decide to modify any version of the compressor ZIL 130, you need to prepare the necessary tools:

Special machines can also be useful.

Should in advance to worry about the necessary parts for lubrication systems in self-made compressor ZIL 130. These include:

  • fluid container;
  • 5 mm thick sheet metal;
  • hoses;
  • rubber pads for cushioning the parts attached to the bed;
  • hose clamps for fixing the hoses.

The lubrication system of the homemade compressor for the ZIL 130 must be assembled from quality reinforced hoses.

Step-by-step instructions for making a paint compressor from a Zilov

Compressors are used to create a device that pressurizes air:

The device KamAZ has a good performance, is durable and reliable, but requires serious modification, and GAZ, MTZ. low-productivity. Therefore, many people choose a Zilovsky unit for making a device that pressurizes air with their own hands.

Let’s consider an example of such an assembly. Let’s take the ZIL 130 compressor as the base, propane tank of 50 liters. A 220 volt motor requires 2 to 3 kilowatts of power, with 3 phases it may be less. The frame is made of steel angle, for mounting we need bolts, self-tapping screws, sealant, clamps.

The first thing to do is to make a tray. For this you need a sheet of metal 5 mm thick. To avoid oil leaks in the joints of the crankcase with the compressor crankcase using paronite gaskets and sealant treatment. To prevent the unit seizing up during operation due to poor lubrication, it is necessary to rework the assemblies. To do this, you need to remove the head, take out the connecting rods and drill them together with the shells. The depth of holes should be 3 mm, diameter. 10 mm. This is enough to lubricate the liners. During operation, an oil mist is formed, which lubricates the cylinders. The next step is to make two threaded holes in the crankcase. Screw in the connector for oil inlet and outlet. The system must be connected to the painting area with a special pipe. The air from the device comes out strongly heated, therefore copper products are used for this purpose. If the compressor capacity will not be enough for the operation of the device paint sprayer, you can connect additional receivers. For pressure control on the air receiver a pressure gauge is installed. If there is insufficient and unstable pressure, the paint layer on the car body will be uneven. Overload valve can be installed in the receiver, which will protect the device in case of excessive pressure rise. Many craftsmen also install an air dryer. A special dryer (spirit unit) from a KAMAZ truck is used for this purpose between the compressor and the air receiver. Alcohol is used as a working fluid.

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For the motorist with a little experience in welding and locksmith work, make your own hands a device for blowing air on the basis of a compressor ZIL 130 is not very difficult, if you follow our recommendations.

Repair of assemblies

Separately, it is worth mentioning how the repair of such a unit in the appearance of any breakdowns. Noise or knocking, arising during the work of the compressor, or oil penetrating into the filled air tank can be indicative of breakages:

  • Cracks or chips on the crankcase block. Elimination of the breakage requires full replacement of the crankcase, when the damage is located on the walls. Or they are welded in a situation where they are on the mounting flange, and also have insignificant dimensions.
  • In order to check the tightness of the cylinder itself, it should be put in a water bath and then filled with air under high pressure. Blistering can be an indicator of damage. To eliminate such a failure, boring of the vessel and its subsequent honing to the right size is performed.
  • When the ball bearings are out of order, they are pressed together, and then replaced with new ones.
  • In the event that the crank pin of the shaft has more than 0.05 mm of wear indicators, a complete replacement of the crankshaft is required.
  • In order to repair the upper connecting rod head pressing of a repair bushing is required where a hole is made beforehand. Its diameter should be 14,019mm.

Компресор своїми руками (на базі компресора ЗІЛ 130) Compressor with your own hands

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The permissible repair size of the piston depends on the number that is stamped on the bottom of the product. Usually it is 04 or 08.

A special repair kit should be available in any workshop that plans to use such a product. This will allow you to quickly restore the performance of the unit.

compressor, zilov, their, hands

Compressor scheme

Practical option

Design based on a compressor from MAZ, ZIL 130. 157 has established itself as a reliable and effective device. The unit from these cars requires minimal rework with your own hands. From MTZ, GAZ low-productivity, and from KamAZ needs a lot of modifications. Receiver installed based on the needs for sandblasting. gas cylinder for 50 liters or finished from a car KAMAZ and smaller from ZIL, which already have the necessary holes.

Approximate layout device made his own hands, and the scheme of the pneumatic connection of the compressor is as follows. Receiver, in a horizontal position, is established on supports with wheels. On a piece of channel width of 200. 250 mm through paronite gasket set the compressor without the bottom cover. On the opposite end of the channel, through the profiled slots, mount the electric motor on the guide rail. Slots are necessary for tension of a belt which select a small section, so that power losses on a drive were minimum. A channel is fixed to the top of air tank, the distribution from compressor to air tank is connected from top and from the end, pressure gauge of pressure control is mounted, from the end overload valve and outlet connection with valve are mounted.

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Select electric motor according to your needs. For 220 V mains the minimum required power of the three-phase electric motor is 1.5 kW, the speed. 1420 rpm. The required ratio between motor shaft and compressor pulley in this case is 1: 3. At higher outputs the ratio is reduced. the capacity is increased. For a 220V supply, 2.2kW is optimal. Using 380 V (3 phase) the power can be reduced.

External diameter of the pulleys of automotive machines is approximately 210 mm. In the case of a 1.1 kW motor with 80 mm pulley, the ratio is 210/80 = 2.6. The electric motor will operate at the power limit at 8 atm. A capacity of 260 l/min (maximum) is obtained at 2500 rpm on the compressor shaft. By changing the power factor, it is possible to reach 3,200 rpm. the maximum speed of the ZIL 130.

Seat Inspection

Saddle on the compressor ZIL-130 is installed under the blower. To examine it carefully, it is necessary to remove the front connecting rod. Then the piston is pushed out of the way. The next step is to undermine the protective cap. Its plate is secured by four screws that can be unscrewed with a wrench. Stopper in this case is screwed counterclockwise.

Then it remains only to reach the seat, which is fixed to the nozzle. At the bottom of the device there should be a gland. The plate is checked separately. It is also worth examining the upper part of the seat. It often collects soot. The body can be cleaned with petrol. In this case it is important not to damage the rocker.

Improvement of the compressor brake pneumatic actuator ZIL 130

A hole is drilled in the housing, 10 mm below the center of the crankshaft in a convenient location for the oil drainage. A thread is cut under the plug. At the bottom of the channel make a hole with a thread for the oil drain plug. On the opposite side of the pulley, a fitting with an oil-resistant hose or tube is screwed into the bearing cover and connected to a container that serves as a lubricant expansion tank and breather. Can use a clutch reservoir for brake fluid from VAZ. It is positioned opposite the cylinder head of the machine. To install the nozzle, unscrew the intake valve from the vehicle’s master cylinder.

Change the lubrication system of the crankshaft: drill in each connecting rod with bearing assemblies in 2 razrenkovannyh holes at the transition from the rod to the bottom connecting rod head. Drill one hole each in the connecting rod caps. The holes have a D of 3 mm, countersink 10 mm, the drilling direction is toward the center of the shaft. It will be necessary to disassemble the compressor. remove the head, unscrew the connecting rods. The resulting holes will provide the liners with lubrication by splashing. the cylinders are lubricated during operation by the oil mist that forms.

The unit’s unloader (bolt) remains the factory setting. it will allow you to adjust the pressure at which the unit will shut off. The discharge tube must be connected to the supply tank (if more than one). The pressure gauge and overload valve is also recommended to use automotive.

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To turn off the engine at idle compressor with your own hands, you can provide an automatic on-off. Between the discharge channel and the car unit pressure regulator will need to insert the threshold pressure sensor. stop switch VK12B from UAZ, GAZ, and so on. Its catalog number is 40P-37210010. The control scheme will become easier if a pressure sensor is found, whose contacts open when pressure is applied. To the compressor assembled by your own hands, worked more smoothly, on the pulley of the car unit should be installed balancing flywheel.

No cooling system is required for normal operation. the unit rarely heats up to more than 60°C when running at constant speed. On the car its working temperature is 90 ° C, but 120 ° C is not critical. In case of heavy use, you can make an evaporative cooling system. A container of 4. 5 liters is installed above the level of the head, the hoses connect to the compressor with the input-output for the coolant. This will keep the temperature no higher than 100°C.

Replace the gasket

To do it yourself, it is important to look carefully at the gland. As a rule, it collects a lot of soot. It should also be noted that the gaskets wear out due to overheating of the pad. This is due to clogged grooves. To fix this situation, it is recommended to unscrew the compressor protection cap. After that, unscrew the rings. Next, you only need to extend the rocker arm. The new pads are installed on a well-cleaned surface. The for new ZIL-130 parts are quite adequate.

Compressor lubrication system zil 130

Hello all! I began to remake his compressor and immediately decided to bore a connecting rod. Disassembled and surprised by the good condition of the piston. The crank pins of course starved. There are a lot of articles on the Internet about solving oil starvation by drilling the connecting rod. I decided to try this method. I took off the connecting rods and drilled three holes with a diameter of 3 mm. and the top made countersinking with a 10 mm drill. Then I reassembled it all in reverse order, replacing the head gasket. Let’s see what this improvement does. Well, ahead of the assembly of a new compressor and a new receiver!

Technical characteristics

This device has the following parameters:

  • Operating volume of the compressor is 214 cubic meters. See.
  • The cylinder diameter is 60 mm.
  • Piston stroke is 38 mm.
  • The capacity is 210 liters per minute.
  • Compressor capacity no more than 2.1 kW.
  • Maximum rpm is 2000.
  • The design uses liquid cooling.
  • Lubrication system connected to the engine is used.
  • V-belt drive is used.
  • Nominal shaft speed is 2000 and maximum speed is 2500 rpm.
  • The pressure inside the device is maintained at 740 Pa.

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