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Common Rail

CR718 Universal Test Bench for Common Rail Pumps and Injectors. The LCD display shows the whole process of diagnosis. Includes more than 2,500 test plans. Allows to test injectors and pumps of CR systems. The system is suitable for working with common rail pumps and injectors Bosch, DENSO and DELPHI, pumps series CP1, CP2, CP3, HP3 as well as diagnose electromagnetic injectors. The bench is designed for testing of one injector at a time.

Computerized measuring system for continuous analysis of fuel consumption is used. Electronic fuel injection measuring system is obligatory for testing of modern diesel injection systems, ensuring a high level of accuracy of the measured value.

Universal test bench for common rail pumps and injectors by NANTAI AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd”, China. Newest, most functional manufacturer’s model.

Professional test bench CR825 allows you to test all modern Common Rail injectors, EUI / EUP CAMBOX and HEUI. The bench allows to organize a diesel station for repair and testing of all types of diesel pumps and injectors installed on diesel engines of cars and trucks, as well as agricultural and special equipment. The bench is equipped with a powerful inverter, with an order you can choose to install LG or TECO, in the basic set of the main drive capacity of 18.5 kW. Reinforced frame for testing different pump capacities and torques.

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The system is suitable for common rail pumps and injectors Bosch, DENSO, DELPHI, EUI / EUP CAMBOX and HEUI, pump series CP1, CP2, CP3, HP3, Testing of mechanical pumps VE, PE, pump VP37, pump VP44, pump RED4. Diagnostics of electromagnetic injectors. The bench is designed for testing one injector at a time.

  • Common Rail pump test
  • Test Common Rail injectors /Piezo injectors
  • Pump Parts Test
  • Nozzle Parts Testing
  • HEUI injectors C7 / C9 / C-9 / 3126
  • HEUI pump
  • 320D pump
  • Common Rail injectors coding

Professional test bench CR819 for testing Common Rail injectors and pumps, using imported flow sensor. The bench allows you to test all modern Common Rail Injectors Common Rail pumps, available to add the test functions EUI / EUP CAMBOX and HEUI. The bench allows setting up a diesel repair station for repair and testing of all types of diesel system pumps and injectors for diesel engines of passenger cars and trucks, as well as for agricultural and special-purpose machinery.

CR318S Universal Test Bench for Common Rail and HEUI Injectors. Improved bench design with sliding doors, provides easy and safe working process. The bench is designed for testing injectors of different brands, such as: Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Siemens, CAT, and hydraulic injector pump Caterpillar HEUI, C7, C9, C-9, C3126 / 3408.

NTS815A universal multifunctional diagnostic complex. This model of test bench is designed specifically for the most popular common rail systems. The test bench is designed for testing of pumps and injectors of different brands, such as: Bosch. Denso, Delphi, Siemens, CAT and others.

Tests of injectors (1 piece) Common Rail Bosch, DENSO, DELPHI, SIEMENS and piezo injectors.

NTS-300 Common Rail injector testing bench is equipped with an electronic system for measuring performance of tested Common Rail injectors made by Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens (including piezo). Equipped with LCD display, over 2000 built-in test plans. Compact size allows placement in areas with limited space.

Modern diagnostic stand with computer control for testing Common Rail injectors made by Denso, Siemens, Delphi, Bosch. than 2000 built in test plans for measuring performance of tested CR injectors as well as possibility to create own test plans.

Stand for diagnostic nozzles DTS-205 is designed to test the piezo and solenoid injectors DELPHI, DENSO, Bosch, SIEMENS. Equipped with computer with 19 inch LCD screen. than 2000 ready-made test plans, as well as the possibility to create your own test plans. Automatic tests, saving results, printout.

Professional test bench EUS9000L for testing Common Rail Injectors and pumps, EUI / EUP CAMBOX and HEUI injectors. Imported flow sensors are used for reading.

Denso common rail injectors. Assembling and disassembling

It can test all modern injectors and pumps made by Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Siemens, AZPI, CAT and others.

Designed for testing and adjusting of mechanical injectors, including double-spring injectors (Toyota, Mazda, Hino, etc.).д.).

Bench is intended for testing Common Rail injectors. It allows controlling pressure at the beginning of injection, as well as the quality of atomization, the amount of return and direct fuel supply to the injector.

The equipment is a set for measuring and step-by-step assembly of injectors. With the help of this equipment you can adjust the stroke of the rack for almost all Common Rail injectors by Bosch, DENSO, DELPHI, SIEMENS, CAT.

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Mobile CRS300. This highly professional equipment for testing and adjusting pumps and injectors system Common Rail (Comon Rail). Runs under the software on Windows XP operating system.

At the request of some teammates create the topic, where I will periodically report on the successes and failures!

So, I will not describe the prehistory, those who are interested and do not know can read here: http://autoclub-ssangyong.t=2010 Runs on a Windows XP operating system.php?t=86page=6 starting from post 73, and this thread is also linked:

So, the problem: to get the nozzle without damaging anything and, preferably, without disassembly and removal of the cylinder head. The nozzle appears to be 100% stuck! Because a year ago I could not get this 5th nozzle in Karsi, when they were pumping water out of the engine after water hammer, later on when I repaired the engine with removed cylinder head, I also could not get it, but to be honest I did not try that hard, it did not go after soaking, and to hell with it, I left it in the cylinder head, and then put everything back together. But now the situation is different you need to get!

So the first thing to do, wherever you go, in the garage to d. Vasya or an authorized service, they will tell you firstly to soak the injector at least a week with special liquids! I know Carsey recommends Liqui Moli rust remover with molybdenum, I bought it from them when I changed the 4th nozzle in Carsey about 2 years ago! But in my experience I like products Hi Gear (not advertising), so I personally use for soaping now a little something like this, costs something in the area of 250.

So, preliminarily remove the engine cover, I have nozzle died so dead, so I also otoedayut its fixture unscrewing mounting bolt foot, detach the fuel supply tube on the nozzle and the return tube, and also detach the electrical connector nozzle. Next, all the space around the nozzle cleaned with compressed air, wiped where we can different cloths and actually fill the nozzle well with grease, let it soak! I personally refresh the fluid almost every day, the old one is sucked out of the well with a syringe and the new one is added. I started soaking 23.07.2014.

In the meantime following RomanBT’s advice it was decided to start the process of nozzle removing by using backhammer. Constructing: I bought a 1 kg hammer (although you could find something suitable in the garage, but I thought it would not be odd that the old are all gone somewhere or crumbled, a few nuts M14 with a pitch of 1.5, several M10 nuts in increments of 1.5, some M10 screws. Weld two nuts M14 and M10, screw in a screw, in the middle of the weights reverse hammer is ready!

I started using this hammer to help with the soaking on Friday 25.07. Worked with it for about 2.5 hours to no avail, the next days fluid replacement. Today, 28.07, it took me two hours again. So far no luck, keep soaking. I will tell about the next steps in this thread.

Principle of Common Rail Nozzle Operation

Common Rail injectors are connected with high pressure fuel accumulator by thick-walled pipes, which can withstand pressure up to 2 500 bar. Common Rail injectors, by analogy with injectors on diesel engines with direct injection, are installed with clamping brackets in the cylinder head. Thus it is possible to install such injectors on diesel engines with direct fuel injection without any major modernization of the cylinder head.

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Necessary time of the beginning of injection and the value of fuel supply (injection duration) are provided by opening the solenoid valve of each injector through the command from the electronic control unit of the engine, which receives signals about the position of the crankshaft and its speed through the appropriate sensors. The injector consists of the following main functional units:

Nozzle operating principle

A. nozzle at rest B. nozzle open C. nozzle closed

fuel return line; 2. solenoid coil; 3. solenoid armature; 4. valve ball; 5. control pressure chamber; 6. atomizer needle cone; 7. atomizer nozzle orifices; 8. fuel withdrawal orifice; 9. high pressure line; 10. fuel supply orifice; 11. multiplier

Nozzle in “resting state” (Fig. А). Fuel is delivered through high pressure line 9 (see Fig. Fig. A) through the inlet channel to the atomizer of the nozzle, as well as through the fuel supply throttle orifice 10. to the control valve chamber 5. Through the throttle hole 8 of the fuel outlet, which can be opened by a solenoid valve, the chamber is connected to the return fuel line 1. When the restrictor orifice 8 is closed, the hydraulic force acting from above on the control valve multiplier 11 and the spring force (roughly, depending on models

30N), exceeds the force of fuel pressure from below on the cone 6 of the atomizer needle. As a consequence, the needle is pressed against the atomizer seat and tightly closes the nozzle orifices 7 of the atomizer. This prevents fuel from entering the combustion chamber.

The nozzle is open, the injection process (Fig. B). When the solenoid valve is actuated the armature of the solenoid moves upwards (Fig. 8) opens the throttle opening. Accordingly, both the pressure in the pilot valve chamber and the hydraulic force acting on the multiplier are reduced. Under the action of fuel pressure on the cone 6 the atomizer needle moves away from the seat and fuel is injected through the nozzle orifices 7 into the combustion chamber of the cylinder. The use of such indirect needle control is caused by the fact that the direct force of the solenoid valve is not enough to raise the atomizer quickly. In addition, to increase the trigger torque (to reduce the response time), intermediate pieces between the multiplier and the spray needle are used. elastic rods capable of shrinking and expanding. And to eliminate the phenomenon of “rebound” of the valve ball in nozzles, damping devices are used.

Nozzle closed/closed (Fig. С). When the valve is closed, the pressure above the cartridge increases, causing it to move downward and act on the spray needle through the resilient rod. The resilient pin (by straightening it out) increases the needle speed and decreases the lowering time. The needle can be fully retracted to cover the nozzle ports on the sprayer.

In more detail and clearly the principle of Common Rail injector operation is described in the animation “How the Common Rail injector works”, which is placed on our company’s website in the “Video collection” section.

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