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Those who have worked with a hacksaw for several hours do not need to explain the benefits of the circular saw. straight and even cut sheet material or thick boards it can for such a time as a hacksaw will only begin to cut. However, such a tool will be useful not only in professional practice, and the demand for amateur circular saws confirms this: a good inexpensive tool will not burden the budget, but will always help in work. It is also important that the manual circular saws are safer than conventional circular saws, safety precautions in the operation of which you need to know like your own seven fingers. Best circular saws 2021. The beginning of 2022 are presented in our rating.

The main areas of application of circular saws:

  • Finishing and joinery work: cutting of sheet materials (laminate, chipboard, OSB, plywood) and thin boards (platbanding, linings, block-house, parquet).
  • Carpentry construction work: cross and longitudinal cutting of boards and boards up to 100 mm.
  • Heavy-duty work (log house construction, firewood preparation): cross and longitudinal sawing of logs and beams 100. 200 mm thick.

That’s why today we are going to look at several market segments. from compact models with small depth of cut to professional models that can cut thick bars with minimal time. What to choose when bypassing tool store shelves in 2022?

Design features of circular saws

First of all, it is worth remembering that the circular saw is designed for longitudinal as well as cross cutting of wood (wood materials), plastic, non-ferrous metals. High productivity, precise and fast straight-line cutting makes the circular saw is indispensable for a wide range of woodworking. roofing, flooring, furniture production, etc.д. With special circular saw blades the saw can easily copes with cutting of non-ferrous metal profiles that are quite often used in modern furniture manufacturing. Working with this tool is very easy, but it is extremely important to observe safety precautions. Careless operation, violation of operating rules can cost too much. Over the years the design of the circular saw has changed little. Naturally, the ergonomics of the tool has improved, the engine power has increased, weight has changed, but the biggest changes are in the saw blade. Over the last few years a large number of circular saw blades have been developed for the most varied materials. wood, laminated panels, aluminium, etc.д.

The design of a circular saw is very simple and consists of :

The body of the circular saw is most often made of abrasion-resistant, heat-resistant plastic. There are sometimes metal housings, but this is an exception to the rule. Considering the fact that circular saws often have to work in dusty conditions, many manufacturers pay special attention not only to cooling and ventilation systems of the tool engine, but also to chip removal from the working area.

This has a positive effect primarily on the health of the user, because the dust causes less damage to the lungs. All modern saws have the ability to be connected to a forced dust extraction system or an industrial vacuum cleaner with special adapters. Some manufacturers, like Makita (Makita), equip their products with a stationary system for chip and dust extraction. For example, the Makita 5017RKB circular saw with 1400 W power, 190 mm blade diameter is equipped with a special container for collecting sawdust that forms while working. Such system allows to remove more than 90% of sawdust, which is formed during the work. You must agree that this is a very high value.

Some manufacturers use quite unusual solutions not only to facilitate the work with the tool, but also somehow distinguish their products from the crowd. For example, the WORX company equipped their circular saw Worx WT431KE (power 1500 W, diameter of the circle 185 mm) with so-called “revolver handle.

The handle with a start button has a tilt angle of up to 60 degrees. This is quite an interesting and quite useful solution, as the operator can adapt the tool to his anatomy. It should be noted that this design solution is used only on WORX products.

circular, manual, choose

All circular saws are equipped with a collector motor with a power of about 500 W to 2.5 kW. Naturally the power of the engine will also have a major influence on the cutting depth of the saw. Also the engine power will largely depend on the speed. Recently, the speed of the circular saw blade on circular saws has almost doubled.

Some 10 years ago circular saws had speeds in the region of 2.5-3.5 thousand rpm.\RPM is, for example, the circular saw Makita 5143R with a motor power of 2.2 kW, blade diameter of 355 mm, 2700 rpm.\rpm. This saw has been produced by Makita for more than 10 years and that’s why we have used it as an example.

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Modern saws like for example Bosch GKS 85 circular saw with power of the engine 2,2kW, diameter of the saw blade 235mm, has already 5000 rpm.\minute.

Separately, it is worth remembering that cordless circular saws have appeared on the tool market. For example, Bosch has developed a whole line of cordless tools that also includes several kinds of circular saws with different battery capacities and capacities. Just recently introduced the Bosch GKS 36 V-LI Professional circular saw, which features the most advanced 36V lithium-ion battery packs with 4 times longer life. The saw has a disc diameter of 165 mm and rotational speed of 4,000 rpm. The tool weighs only 4.8 kg. Not only are there cordless tools for professionals, but there is also a full range of battery-powered tools for the home. Unlike many other tools, e.g. angle grinders, drills, peelers. Circular saws do not have a special lock that would keep the start button in the “on” position. This is caused by safety requirements.

Another interesting option appeared in circular saws. a laser pointer, which shows the directions of cutting material. If earlier sawdust in the course of work with a circular saw could fill up the marked line for the cut trimmer, now with a laser pointer this will no longer be an obstacle, especially since the dust extraction system quite effectively removes all sawdust from the working area. When choosing a saw you should pay special attention to its platform. Many manufacturers use a pressed table for circular saws to cut prices, but it is better to buy a saw with a cast aluminum platform for professional use. It is the only way to work with maximum precision. Such a platform is less prone to all kinds of deformations. Many manufacturers place special marks on the platform, which allow you to control the process of sawing material. This is a kind of sight, with which you can accurately perform the work of cutting materials.

circular, manual, choose

Circular saw

Another class of circular saw is the plunge saw. It is designed to plunge cut into the workpiece anywhere, not just from the edge. There is no lower automatic cover at all, and the blade is located above the base plate and lowers only when you press the “start” button. Naturally, the depth of cut is adjustable, often with a range of a few millimeters (DWS520K).


Submersible mechanism (something similar is implemented in the plunge-cutters) allows to perform local repair of roofing, to remove a few selective floor boards, to cut an opening in the table top. Grooves, slots, gutters can be made without much difficulty. To correctly work with sandwich and laminated materials. the upper layer can be cut through with a pre-cut to an incomplete depth of the workpiece, thereby eliminating the risk of splintering. All this is done not only perpendicular to the workpiece plane, but also with variable inclination.

How much do circular saws cost

Cordless circular saws are more expensive, because they allow a person to use all the benefits of the device even in the absence of actual electricity until the battery runs out. For example, a model from Bosch will cost about 30,000.

Small circular saws sell for 5 thousand, but the tool under a disk up to 190 mm for 10 thousand, large diameter from 190 mm from Makita. for 50 thousand.

Top 10 best models

Place Designation Price
Top 5 best handheld circular saws
1 Makita HS7601 7 000 ₽
2 Bosch GKS 190 8 000 ₽
3 Makita 5008MG 9 000 ₽
4 Interskol DP-190/1600M 5 000 ₽
5 Hammer CRP 1800 D 6 000 ₽
Top 5 best handheld circular saws with stationary capability
1 Bosch PKKS 18 LI 0 5 000 ₽
2 Bosch GKT 55 GCE 32 000 ₽
3 Hyundai C 1500-190 6 000 ₽
4 Bosch UniversalCirc 12 2.5Ah x1 9 000 ₽
5 DeWALT DWE560 10 000 ₽

Makita HS7601

Designed for making vertical and 45-degree angle cuts. Can work with wood, aluminum, plaster and other materials.

High performance is ensured by 1.2 kW power and 5200 rpm.

Model has maximum blade for straight sawing up to 66 mm, angle of 45 degrees. 30 mm.

Virtually silent saw. It can be supplemented with a vacuum cleaner for a neat and tidy workplace at all times.

Equipped with a 2.5 metre long cable that does not restrict the user’s movements.

  • Power 1200 watts;
  • Disc diameter 190 mm;
  • Cutting height up to 66 mm;
  • 45° tilt angle.;
  • Speed. 5200 rpm;
  • cord length. 2.5 м;
  • dimensions. 309x255x232 mm
  • weight. 4 kg.

Bosch GKS 190

A blue model with a powerful 1.4 kW electric motor. Suitable for plastic, plywood, parquet and other building materials.

Tilt angle up to 56 deg and a disc speed of 5,500 rpm. Safety is ensured by a protective cover and motor lock against accidental start.

comfortable grip and a comfortable grip handle make the tool fit in your hand. The set includes a wrench, a 19 cm disc, a dust canister adapter and a parallel stop.

  • power. 1400 watts;
  • blade diameter. 190 mm
  • Cutting height up to 70 mm;
  • angle of inclination. 56 degrees.;
  • Speed. 5500 rpm;
  • cord length. 2.5 м;
  • weight. 4.2 kg.
  • easy to hold in your hand;
  • barely audible;
  • long cable;
  • suitable for work in the cold;
  • straight cut with adjustable marks.

Makita 5008MG

Circular saw with comfortable handle with rubber pads for easy gripping. The model is equipped with a 1.8 kW electric motor, which provides a capacity of 5200 rpm.

Cutting is performed with a disc with a diameter of 210 mm in a straight line and at an angle of 50 degrees.

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Maximum cutting depth of 76 mm. Saw is equipped with backlight, spindle lock and motor protection system.

Includes hex key, guide rail and saw blade.

  • power. 1800 watts;
  • disc diameter. 210 mm;
  • Cutting height. up to 76 mm;
  • 50° tilt angle.;
  • Speed. 5200 rpm;
  • weight. 5.1 kg.

Interskol DP-190/1600M

The tool with a 1.6 kW electric motor is suitable for sawing laminate, plywood, laminated wood and other materials. maximum cutting depth: 63 mm; ■ max cutting depth: 5200 rpm; ■ max cutting depth: 5200 rpm.

Turning speed of disc is 4800 rpm.

Adjustable cutting depth makes it very easy to work with the machine. Equipped with an accidental start protection and an ergonomic handle.

Work with materials is possible at an angle of 45 degrees. For convenience, connect a vacuum cleaner to keep the workplace clean.

  • power. 1600 W;
  • disc diameter. 190 mm;
  • Cutting height. up to 65 mm
  • angle. 45 degrees;. angle of inclination. 45 degrees;. angle of inclination. 45 degrees.;
  • rpm. 5200 rpm;
  • cord length. 4 m
  • weight 5.5 kg.

Hammer CRP 1800 D

Model with a powerful 1.8 kW electric motor, complete with a 21 cm diameter blade with a plant diameter of 30 mm.

With this tool you can perform a large amount of carpentry, locksmith and construction work.

You can cut material up to a depth of 70 mm at an angle of 90 degrees. Can be used for work with workpieces, sheet metal and profiles.

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Soft start makes the saw more comfortable to use, and the power-on lock makes it safe. Replacement carbon brushes for engine, parallel angle and hex key are included.

Top 4 cheapest mini circular saws

Worx WX527.9 0

Compact and powerful saw is optimal for various jobs in wood, metal, tile or plastic.

Effective in a wide variety of applications thanks to depth of cut adjustment and power capabilities comparable to more expensive models. Guarantees a precise and smooth cut.

Narrow body has rubber coating for secure grip and control.

Easy to use both indoors and outdoors thanks to battery operation. Lock-off switch protects against accidental starting, spindle can be locked for safe disc changes.

Also features built-in deep-discharge and overheat protection, ensuring long tool life.

circular, manual, choose

Built-in dust bag and connection for a vacuum cleaner keep the work area clean.


  • Design: manual;
  • Battery operation: yes;
  • Cutting height: 27 mm;
  • Disc diameter/seat hole: 85/15 mm;
  • Tilting angle: 45 degrees.

Worx WX527 2.0Ah x1

Handy, ergonomic battery-powered saw that’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Perfectly copes with the most diverse work and material. both wood, plastic or metal.

Cutting depth adjustment.

Cleanliness of the workplace will ensure a built-in dust bag and the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner.

Equipped with protection against accidental start-up, spindle lock, card discharge and overheating protection.

Batteries can be easily replaced by any similar brand devices.


  • Design: Handheld;
  • Cordless operation: yes;
  • Cutting height: 27 mm;
  • Diameter wheel/tapping hole: 85/15 mm;
  • Tilt angle: 45 degrees.

Graphite 58G008

Powerful cordless utility saw will allow you to work on a wide variety of materials, including metal and tile.

Allows longitudinal, cross, straight, and bevel cuts. No tools required to adjust cutting angle and depth of cut. Accuracy is ensured by a bright laser marker.

The base and top cover of the disc are made of aluminum alloy, which ensures a long tool life.

Also, the model has a reduced noise level thanks to the clever motor and shroud.


  • Construction: manual;
  • Battery operation: yes;
  • Cutting height: 48 mm;
  • Diameter of a disk/seat hole: 150/10 mm;
  • Tilt angle: 45 degrees.


Affordable mini-jig saw for domestic use in Japanese quality and reliability. Among the advantages, users note the low weight, the optimal size, the comfortable rubberized handle, the quality of the construction and the housing, thanks to which it is possible to work in any environment.

Great job with just about any material. Motor brake and spindle lock act as protection.

Battery operated, runs on average 40-60 minutes.

Large angle of inclination becomes a distinctive feature, but the disadvantage is the non-standard diameter of the attachment hole. it is difficult to find a replacement disc.

Technical specifications:

  • Design: manual;
  • Cordless operation: yes;
  • Cutting height: 45 mm;
  • Disc diameter/seating diameter: 150/10 mm;
  • Angle of inclination: 56 degrees.

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Rating TOP-16 best models

In this rating we have collected for you the best models for price, quality and reliability.

If repair, construction of a house or bath require sawing a large amount of materials, a circular saw will greatly simplify the task. It can quickly cut wood, metal, plywood, chipboard, ceramic tile, pipes and other materials. Rating is based on owners’ reviews and includes models with maximum performance.


Saws with 18.5 cm disc is designed for processing large amounts of materials. It has a spindle lock, making it easy to change the blade.

Equipped with a 1.25 kW brush motor.

Connects to power grid with 4 m mains cable.

Wheel rotates at up to 4,700 rpm.

Safety guard on it ensures the safety of the operator. cutting depths depending on angle: 90 degrees. up to 65 mm. When cutting at 45 degrees it is possible to cut up to 35 mm in depth.

  • power 1250 W;
  • cutting height. 65 mm;
  • disc diameter. 185 mm;
  • RPM is 4700 rpm;
  • tilt angle. 45 degrees;
  • saw weight. 3.9 kg.
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Interskol DP-190/1600M

Robust tool with a 1600 W electric motor designed for cutting laminate, plywood, laminated wood, metal sheet and other materials.

Maximum cutting depth is 63 mm.

Squeak rotates at 4,800 rpm, providing a fast sawing speed.

comfortable to work with due to adjustable cutting depth. Model equipped with an anti-failure safety switch and rubber-coated handle.

  • power. 1600 W;
  • disc diameter is 190 mm;
  • Cutting height up to 65 mm;
  • 45° angle of inclination.;
  • 5200 rpm;
  • cord length. 4 m;
  • saw weight. 5.5 kg.

Makita HS7601

The tool is effective when working with wood, metal and other materials. Supplied with 190 mm diameter blade.

Cutting depth at right angles: 66 mm.

Model is equipped with a 1200 W electric motor and two ergonomic handles with anti-slip coating.

220 V mains/power supply, can be connected by means of 2,5 m cord. A construction vacuum cleaner can be connected to blow off the work surface quickly.

  • power. 1200 W;
  • Cutting height. 66 mm;
  • blade diameter. 190 mm;
  • angle of inclination. 45 deg.;
  • rpm. 5200
  • cord length. 2.5 м;
  • Size. 309x255x232 mm;
  • saw weight. 4 kg.

Bosch GKS 190

Circular saw from a proven manufacturer, equipped with a powerful 1.4 kW electric motor. Suitable for plastic, plywood, parquet and other building materials.

Powerful motor allows the blade to run at 5,500 rpm. safety of operation due to protective casing on the disc and locking the motor from accidental start-up.

  • power. 1400 W;
  • blade diameter. 190 mm;
  • cutting height. up to 70 mm;
  • angle of inclination. 56 deg.;
  • rotational speed. 5500 rpm;
  • cord length. 2.5 м;
  • saw weight. 4.2 kg.
  • easy to hold in hand
  • low noise level;
  • long power cord;
  • suitable for work in the cold;
  • clean cut with mark-adjustable cuts.

Makita 5008MG

Circular saw with ergonomic handle with rubber pads that eliminate risk of injury if tool slips out of hands.

Model is equipped with 1,8 kW electric motor with rotation speed up to 5200 rpm.

The saw blade has a diameter of 210 mm and is cut in a straight line and at an angle of 50 degrees.

76 mm square sawing capability; long cord; cuts up to 76 mm at right angles. Equipped with LED lights, spindle lock and motor protection system.

  • power. 1800 watts;
  • Diameter of disc. 210 mm;
  • Cutting height. up to 76 mm;
  • tilt angle. 50 deg.;
  • RPM. 5200 rpm;
  • Saw weight. 5.1 kg.

What brand to choose?

The most popular brands in the production of circular saws are considered the following:

  • Makita is a Japanese manufacturer with a wide range and recognizable quality;
  • Bosch is a time-tested German brand with a lot of fans;
  • DeWALT. Large selection of semi-professional and professional saws with good power;
  • Interskol. domestic brand with affordable price and quality materials of the body and parts.

Bosch UniversalCirc 12 0

Lightweight tool for home use. Suitable for sawing wood, plastic and other materials. runs on battery, which is purchased separately from the saw.

Can saw at an angle of 0 to 45 degrees.

Up to 2.6 cm at right angles, up to 1.7 cm at 45 degrees. Guide rail included in the set. disc diameter of 85 mm.

Safe handling due to accidental start lock and rubberized grip.

  • 450 W power
  • Cutting height is 26 mm;
  • disc diameter. 85 mm;
  • Diameter of the mounting hole. 15 mm;
  • cutting angle. 45 deg.;
  • battery voltage. 12 V;
  • rpm. 1400 rpm
  • weight of 1.4 kg.

Bosch GKS 12V-26 2/0Ah x2L-BOXX

Compact saw with 85 mm disc and high-capacity battery. Suitable for jobs in the workshop and in the field.

Powerful brushless motor drives at up to 1400 rpm and cuts at right angles up to 26.5 mm and 45 degrees up to 17 mm.

Compact dimensions make it possible to work with the tool for extended periods of time. Spindle lock allows safe sawing operations and easy tool change.

  • power. 450 W;
  • Cutting height. 27 mm;
  • disc diameter. 85 mm;
  • diameter of the planting hole. 15 mm;
  • 45-degree angle of cut.;
  • battery voltage. 12 V;
  • rpm. 1400 rpm;
  • weight 1.4 kg.

Makita HS301DZ

Compact model with 8.5 cm saw blade diameter for working with wood, plastic, PVC and other materials.

Right-angle cuts up to 25.5 mm, 45-degree cuts up to 16.5 mm.

The tool runs on battery power. Weighs only 1.6 kg, making it easy to saw in an upright position. Rubber-coated handle prevents the saw from slipping out of your hands.

Working zone blowing. Battery and charger sold separately.

  • power. 450 W;
  • cutting height. 26 mm;
  • blade diameter. 85 mm;
  • diameter of the planting hole. 15 mm;
  • cutting angle. 45 degrees.;
  • battery voltage. 10.8 В;
  • rpm. 1500 rpm;
  • weight. 1.6 kg.

Bosch GKS 12V-26

The model with the 85 mm disc is distinguished by its compactness and high performance. Disk rotates at 1400 rpm, due to which the workpiece is sawn to a depth of 26.5 mm at a right angle and up to 1.7 cm. at an angle of 45 degrees.

The package includes a universal disc, suitable for working with wood, plastic, metal, ceramic tile and other materials.

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