Circular from a circular saw with their own hands

Making a woodworking circular saw with their own hands

Many dacha owners and owners of private houses have faced the need to process and saw boards, plywood and other lumber. For such work will require a circular saw, which you can perform from improvised means is not difficult. Such homemade equipment will not be inferior to the purchased one in functionality and quality of performance, allowing you to save tens of thousands on the purchase of ready-made units.

How to make a circular machine with their own hands

Circular machine is a tool, without which no home craftsman can do without. This equipment is especially relevant for a country house or cottage. But it is not always convenient to work with a manual machine, and factory machines are quite expensive.

The way out of this situation can be the manufacture of this device with their own hands. The basis of this machine can be not only a manual circular saw, but even an electric drill or angle grinder.

Recommendations from professionals

Now you know how to make a machine from a manual circular saw, so consider the tips of the masters:

  • Before you use an electric saw on the machine, check the disk of the saw with a square, because some unscrupulous manufacturers put the disk not exactly the floor at an angle of 90 degrees, so that the cut ends up beveled.
  • If you plan to use a table for storing tools on it, then the size of the table top should be larger than 1 m 2.
  • Use durable and high quality materials to build the machine, because otherwise it will not last long.
  • The table can be supplemented, for example, craftsmen sometimes manage to attach a special vacuum cleaner or a wedging knife with protection for the discs, so that the remains from cutting wood and shavings do not fly on all sides.
  • choose in advance where to mount the table and make sure that the floor where the table will stand is perfectly flat.
  • If you have the skills and desire, you can make a folding table top, but here you will need to spend more effort, time and materials.
  • If the table vibrates or wobbles while working, you should adjust the height of the legs with the rubber.

Since the circular saw is an electric device, it is worth working with a specialist. Moving the switch to another location should also only be entrusted to specialists.

circular, their, hands

Compact table machine

Above mentioned how to assemble a manual circular saw. Now how to make it into a stationary unit. This process involves making a U-shaped bed from a pipe, as well as installing a cross arm. The lower ends of the structure should bend horizontally in the direction of the cut. They are attached to the table with bolts. Stability is ensured by additional supports.

Arm mobility is ensured by sawing the horizontal segment into two equal parts that are fixed between each other with clamps. The saw blade is secured to the vertical element of the bed with clamps.

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Basic materials and tools

To create a circular saw will require materials:

You can’t do without tools and materials:

  • jigsaw;
  • turbine;
  • an electric screwdriver;
  • screwdriver;
  • duct tape;
  • hammer;
  • wire cutters;
  • pliers;
  • tape measure and a triangular ruler.

Mounting the support legs

The legs of the table are made from bars of a suitable cross section (most often for this purpose the same 50×50 mm blanks are used). The height of the supports is chosen to suit the individual person, t. е. individually.

It should be taken into account the fact that it is more convenient to work on the circular machine when the table top is at hip level. The form of the legs before their final installation is adjusted, taking into account that they tapered towards the supporting part (the area of junction with the frame base must be greater than the area of support on the floor).

To increase the rigidity and stability of the structure, it can be used steel corners, which are pressed so as to provide additional “spacer” base. To fix them, special bolts with washers, installed with their heads facing outward, are used.

Makeshift circular saw with his own hands

Homemade circular saw is one of the most necessary machines for the home craftsman, especially when building a house or dacha. Branded stationary machines are very expensive, and for most home needs self-made uncomplicated construction of woodworking equipment will do. There are many ways how to make a circular saw with your own hands from a manual circular saw, angle grinder, an old electric motor and even a drill. What is needed and how to assemble a table for a circular saw with minimal cost is described below.

Construction of a stationary circular saw table

Stationary circular saw is designed to perform a fairly large amount of work. The design of the realized variant in two kinds is presented in the scheme below. It also gives the basic dimensions of the machine, which are recommended as a guide for self-assembly.

On the drawing the figures correspond to the following constructive elements of the self-made equipment:

  • 1. frame (frame);
  • 2. side panel;
  • 3. starting device;
  • 4. table height adjustment mechanism, 13. its stops;
  • 5, 6 and 7. two halves of the sawing table with the base;
  • 8. electric motor;
  • 9. motor mounting platform;
  • 10. pins (M10);
  • 11. saw;
  • 12. shaft;
  • 14 and 16 are driven and driven pulleys, respectively;
  • 15. belt;
  • 17. switch.

It is better to place the starting device in a visible place of the panel (made of dielectric material), so that there is free access to it. It is also recommended to equip the machine with an emergency stop switch. In this case it is convenient when it will be of large size.

Focusing on your own needs, you can improve the unit, making it with a planer or a planer. For this purpose it is enough to fix a drum with knives on the existing shaft, and in the table to make a slot under it of the appropriate size. This will expand the functionality of the created installation: to chip on it lumber, bevel and choose a quarter of the wooden workpieces.

If regular performance of carpentry operations on homemade equipment is planned, then it is recommended to equip it with a coordinate table with several guides. They need to be fixed at different angles. For productive work organization it should also be possible to regulate the speed of the electric motor and quickly change discs, if necessary.

Structurally, the homemade circular saw should not differ from the factory models. They consist of a supporting table, in the center of which there is a slot for the saw blade. In addition, the design includes measuring components, elements for fixing the workpiece and to ensure the safety of work.

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Before making, it is necessary to know the basic requirements of its components. It is important that they fit together not only structurally, but also in terms of technical parameters. For this purpose, you can take the diagram of a typical construction of a factory woodworking machine.

Completion of woodworking sawing equipment:

  • table. Must have sufficient stability, the surface of the tabletop is perfectly flat;
  • power unit. The main parameters of the electric motor to rotate the disc power and number of revolutions;
  • additional components. This includes stops for fixing the wooden workpiece, rulers for measuring.

The advantage of self-made models is the possibility to choose its dimensions, productivity and other technical parameters. In the process of drawing up a scheme of manufacture you can choose the optimal height of the table, the size of the table top, the characteristics of the electric motor. This is not what a hand-held woodworking tool has.

Циркулярный раскроечный станок. своими руками. Circular cutting machine with their own hands.

The requirements for woodworking discs depend directly on the parameters of the workpiece, the type of wood and the required speed of productivity. This is calculated on an individual basis.

Stationary machine with their own hands

For everyday or one-time tasks, a circular saw made by your own hands is quite suitable. Small sawing jobs do not imply heavy loads on the disk drive. The compact tool has small dimensions, which makes it possible to put it away after work in a certain place. An experienced carpenter will need to make a stationary circular saw of large dimensions.

Made stationary circular saw with their own hands will require precision, literacy from the master. The drawings presented in many types of literature will help in the manufacture of. It is worth competent and reverent to treat each node of the unit, because the circular saw is used at high revolutions with cutting tools.

Circulating table

The main condition for making a table is the selected material. It is recommended to use a sheet of solid steel, duralumin or silumin alloy. Materials such as moisture-resistant plywood, plexiglass and textolite require treatment and installation over galvanized sheet metal. The use of any material in the manufacture must meet the main conditions:

circular, their, hands

In cases where the conditions are not met, a handmade circular saw can stop due to a jammed disc or a broken drive. the consequences can vary, from a ruined part to personal injury.

Several options for making a circular saw table are known. Stationary tables can be sawn or made of two parts. The circular saw blade must protrude no more than one-third of its diameter.

Circular saw blade

The design of the handmade circular saw must contain a saw blade. The working surface of the disc is set to a third of the total diameter. For example, with a diameter of 210 mm, the disc should protrude from the table at 70 mm. Parts with greater thickness will require a powerful motor, from 1 kW. A miniature circular saw will not do the job.

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Splitting blade installed on some models serves to prevent short circuits and jamming while working. Located a few millimeters behind the saw blade teeth. You may also need this device for your own hands when making a circular saw.

Adjustable side fence

All types of work require a stop. The side stop is made of a solid piece of wood. In other cases, it is possible to make it from a metal angle. Location should be slightly longer than table structure. Installation of the stop is made with bolts. The template is installed between the table and the cutter, for accurate installation, better adjustment.

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The most critical part of the construction is the shaft that is installed on the circular saw. Made the shaft for the circular grinder by your own hands can ruin the design, cause injury. The reason for this is runout, which cannot be avoided when making the shaft by artisanal methods. Shaft making should be entrusted to a specialist with good turning equipment. Remember to have a cutter that needs a seating. Holes must be made symmetrically on the machine and machined.

Ready-made shafts are sold at specialized markets. Preference should be given to parts with self-aligning bearings. Otherwise, the usual mechanism can soon render the circular saw unusable.


There are several types of gears that can be used in the design of the circular saw, made by hand:

The use of belt transmission is considered the preferred option. Using a mechanism with gears can lead to jamming if a foreign body gets caught and cause injury to the worker. When selecting the diameter of the pulley, the maximum number of revolutions of the saw blade is taken into account.

The motor

Homemade machines are equipped in most cases with a motor from an old washing machine. The main features are an increased service life and efficiency. RPM of such motors is not high, which makes the work on the circular saw, assembled with their own hands safer, longer, has a positive impact on the result. Using a special three-phase motor implies a network of 380 volts. If such is not available, you will have to use a starting and working condenser, which leads to additional costs.

Circular saw with his own hands from a manual circular saw (marmot)

For a home carpentry workshop in addition to a quality table needs a quality circular saw, which can be bought or made by your own hands. How to make a circular saw at home? It is enough to have the simplest materials and a little patience.

  • Manual circular saw of the required power;
  • A sheet of 11-13 mm plywood;
  • Furniture bolts with head m-8;
  • Self-tapping screws and a 40×40 bar;
  • Wire, a switch (or automatic circuit breaker), and furniture rails.

Circular saw from angle grinder or circular saw

If there is no need to work with massive wooden workpieces, you can make a small stationary saw from off-the-shelf power tools.

Top 3 Circular Saw Projects || 3 Best Circular Saw Ideas

Circular saw

A handheld circular saw is an off-the-shelf and fairly safe tool.

Handheld circular saw on rails

There are two options for stationary use:

  • You can simply clamp the saw to the bottom of the table so that the disk protrudes over the surface to the required height. The difficulty is that the switch will not be available. Consequently, it is necessary to block it and duplicate the starter or remove the standard switch from the body of the circular saw. This is efficient, but not safe.
  • Another option is a sliding frame. From two parallel metal rails mount the base. A frame with rollers and fixed circular saw is installed on it.

the workpiece is stationary, and the circular saw, moving along guides on a carriage, makes cuts at the required angle. This uncomplicated machine can actually do wonders with small workpieces.

How to use circular saw as a circular saw you can see in this video

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